Monday, August 17, 2015

If Liz Doesn't Save Becky This Week, Becky is Coming After Her! #BB17

The PoV ceremony was just held and as expected, Liz did not use the PoV, leaving Becky and Johnny Mac on the block for Thursday's eviction.

As the live feeds returned, we see Steve in the Have Not room with Liz and Austin, being comforted.  Apparently Becky unleashed some drama with the speech she made, saying something about how she kept certain people safe last week and now they need to do the same for her.

Liz:  She said, if you don't save me, I'm coming after you next!  But she'll be gone!

Austin:  Yeah, it doesn't really make sense.

Steve says most people don't even listen to the PoV speeches,anyway.

Julia comes in and asks why Liz doesn't go upstairs to the HoH room.

Liz:  Because I'm hungry!  I want to eat!

Julia says Becky went outside so the kitchen is clear.

Vanessa came in and gave Liz a hug.

Liz:  I don't understand why she mentioned me and my sister.

Vanessa:  Well, she took her best shot, and that shot was a threat.

Liz:  Well, she took one of our men last week...

Vanessa laughs about she and Shelli being one of "our men".  Liz thinks Johnny's speech was great and Austin loved it, too.

Vanessa told Johnny that she loved it and it seemed so natural. He said that the dentist chairs were more comfortable than the nomination chair, and that he didn't want to have to talk to Julie again.

Vanessa is going to make Johnny a "Sqwincher's Pop" to make him feel better.  Sqwincher's is a powder or liquid that the Have Nots can put in water to get additional nutrients.

Meg came outside and told Johnny that Becky didn't help her chances with that speech.  They made some veiled comments about how The Twins "had all the power this week" and there was an underlying understanding about that growing majority.

Johnny says he was really down the past two weeks after "losing his people" (people he WAS NOT even aligned with) and that he "almost doesn't care anymore".

(Hence, scarfing the forbidden cookies....)

Meanwhile Becky took off her earrings and got under the covers for a nap.

But not even 5 minutes later Becky appeared on the patio, greasing herself down with sunscreen.  I guess it's easier to go after people out there.  And certainly better for camera time.


Last night was actually super-boring, with not a lot of exciting stuff going on.

They made dinner last night and talked about a ghost story Audrey told them.  They also talked about how Audrey used to hog all of the chicken nuggets, so one time Meg and Jason got fed up and  cooked up all of the available nuggets to stop Audrey from eating them.  But before they could get to them, Audrey came out of the DR and ate all of the cooked nuggets on her way back to the bedroom.

And the nuggets are actually faux nuggets---a vegetarian item.  But they like them anyway.

Vanessa wanted to cook up a slop creation, and found ants crawling all over the supposedly clean pan.  She decided to give the pork chops another try, and sauteed up some pieces of pork with pickles and balsamic vinegar, Pork Fried Pickles or something like that. It was good, she said.

(Well, probably not good enough to eat if you aren't a Have Not.)

Steve cooked up some slop, while everyone continued to discuss Audrey.

The house guests managed to keep the Twin Twist information a secret from Audrey for about three weeks.  She only found out a few days before she was evicted, and they think Shelli told her.

Liz says Audrey then asked her point blank in front of a group of people if she had a twin.

Liz: I was like, oh my god-ah!

Then Julia told the story about how Audrey came out in to the living room dressed "as her twin" and how awkward it was.

(I remember that...)

Becky:  That's why no one wanted to tell Audrey about it!

They also discussed how Audrey was fixated on the Kathy Griffin phone messages.  The messages were already recorded and they were told they would be hearing them randomly based on the number they chose. but Audrey kept trying to read something into the individual messages.

Liz:  Yeah...just because Kathy Griffin said I have bad breath doesn't mean I have halitosis.

Becky:'d have gingivitis.

Johnny Mac corrected Becky, saying bad breath is halitosis, and gingivitis is a form of gum disease.

There is a light out behind the memory wall and it is bothering Becky.  They say it is obvious at night when all of the lights are out.

Becky: When are they going to replace that bulb?

James:  They're not. Budget cuts!

Steve has a rare conversation with Becky, talking about their mutual like for shellfish.  They both like lobster and shrimp.  Then Steve goes into a fairly elaborate story about how he went to Walt Disney World and there are two seafood restaurants behind one of the resorts.  Becky was looking around at this point, trying to get out of this somehow.

Steve:  One of the restaurants has a seafood buffet.  And they give you little buckets and shovels and you go over and just scoop up all of the clams you want.

Becky said that sounded good and wondered how much it cost to eat at the buffet.   Steve says he doesn't know because he was "about this high" when he went there.  He plans to go to Disney on his honeymoon.

(I heard Steve say weeks ago that he has never really handled money.  When he had a job last year he gave all of the money to his mother.  I wish I could say this surprised me, but it doesn't.)

In the wee hours of the night, Liz and Austin laid in the hammock and talked trash about Johnny Mac.

Austin:  Something is definitely up with him.  Why is he in the DR all of the time?

(He's probably talking to the BB counselor about his depression, or his pending punishment over eating those 3 1/2 forbidden cookies.)

Liz:  He has to go...he cannot win this game.

In the house, Steve has put on Clay's wig from his Clay Kobain costume and is hobbling around, imitating Grandma Meg.

Steve, in a Granny voice:  Oh  my knees!  Oh my knees!

Julia led him outside but almost as soon as he got outside Meg came out and screamed that Steve was an asshole and pelted him with two oranges, so he went back inside.

Johnny later told Austin that Steve went too far by talking about Meg's knees.  She has rheumatoid arthritis and just had surgery before coming in the house.  Apparently rheumatoid arthritis causes painful swelling and can eventually cause bone erosion and joint deformity, so Steve went too far by mocking her knee pain.

Liz claims that she didn't know that Meg had a chronic illness, and claims to know someone who "died from rheumatoid arthritis".

Johnny listened to Becky for awhile (talking...talking...talking) and said he wanted to go outside.

I'm pretty sure Johnny knew that Liz and Austin were out there.  They spent some time trashing Vanessa, going over the same little nuggets of information over and over.

Liz:  I didn't know any of that until Becky told me last week.

(Wasn't Becky trying to send Vanessa home last week, and isn't she trying to save her own ass this week?  It's kind of a conflict of interest, if you think about it.)

Liz wants to know how Becky is handling everything.

Johnny:  Well, last week she kind of went through a realization... when she heard the vote was flipping...

Liz:  She knew her ass was grass?

(Liz is so sensitive.  ha ha.)

Austin went off on a tangent, saying that he's had to be "Vanessa's bitch" ever since she gave him that Fast Forward pass the first week of the game.

Austin:  Then she won HoH, and then won it again, so I went along with it.  Vanessa didn't see me getting into a showmance, though, and didn't think she'd end up being a 4th wheel in everything.  Because I'm obviously going to do everything I can to protect Liz, and also her sister.  I've been biting my tongue about Vanessa for weeks, waiting for a chance to strike.

Johnny:  Well, when you watch the show, you'll see I've wanted her out for weeks.

(Actually, we won't see much of Johnny Mac on the show in the early weeks, other than agreeing to throw comps, which will not please the other contestants.)

(And I don't think Austin should keep reminding people that he has an unbreakable group of three, and that he was loyal to Vanessa until he had other people to work with.  I think he's dreaming if he thinks Vanessa will be the only target next week.)

Austin:  We just need to make her feel great this week...she might even throw the HoH and we can all get her out!

(Can you imagine the drama if Vanessa wins HoH on Thursday?  How fast will people like Johnny Mac run to squeal on Austin and Liz?)

Upstairs a group convened on the bridge.  This is where Meg was "isolated" during last weeks BB Comics PoV comp.  She says the chairs were uncomfortable but Steve pointed out that someone had to sit for hours in the Storage Room (Becky).

Because she was isolated there, she got to see various house guests go in and outside when it was their turn to compete, but wasn't able to tell from anyone's body language how things were going.

Meg:  The only thing I heard was some one from Production say "are you all right, Steve?"

Steve doesn't know what might have happened to cause that question.  Steve explained how this area was expanded this year to create the bridge.

Meg:  Next year I think they will make it more comfortable, so more people will hang out up here.

They decide that they need some soft couches up there, instead of molded plastic chairs.

There is a bar cart off to the side and Julia says everything on it is glued down---martini glasses and shakers and stuff.

(That wall really is crazy...with the stripes and also the diagonal rays shooting outward.)

Liz came upstairs and asked what Vanessa was up to.  Meg misunderstood the question and said that "she's going crazy about being on the block....on the block...she's on the block!"

Liz:  Vanessa? Or Becky?

Meg:  Becky!  She's going crazy down there.

Liz pulled them into the HoH room to discuss it further.  Meg reports that although Becky was told that she is safe, the last time Liz spoke to Becky about it, Liz told her that "she can always come back into the game" and that is making Becky extra-paranoid.

Liz asked Steve why Johnny is in the DR at least three times each day.

Liz:  Do you think he's America's Player?

Steve:  No...not to my knowledge. But if he was, I'm pretty sure he couldn't tell me.

Steve is positive that America is voting on something, and he imitates the announcer on the CBS episodes urging America to get involved.  Steve has examined each Have Not card that the HoH reads and the only one that says America chose foods for the Have Nots was the Grunge Cakes.

Steve:  The only thing we know is that America is voting on something every week.

(What about the fucking cinnamon rolls you ate on Sunday Steve?  But on second thought, Steve is a Have Not so he did not get to eat any of "our" cinnamon rolls.)

(And I hate to tell Steve, but America's Vote hasn't been mentioned on the CBS shows at all, that I know of.  The weekly poll is buried in the live feed section of the CBS website.  For trolls, by trolls, as it were.)