Sunday, August 16, 2015

PoV Aftermath - OTEV Was in the Backyard, and Boy Was He Hungry. #BB17

So you probably know by now that Liz Nolan won the PoV last night. And it was OTEV, too, with a food theme.


The live feeds were really weird yesterday.  The feeds went to Big Jeff highlights in the morning, and we all assumed that the house guests were doing the PoV player picks, which usually takes 20 or 30 minutes, tops.

But the live feeds were down for a few hours, and when they finally returned, everyone was sleeping, and it seemed like they had been sleeping for some time.  Liz was heard saying that "it usually doesn't take this long", before finally getting called to the DR, which signaled the upcoming PoV player pick ceremony.

Meg, Steve and Austin were picked to play the PoV along with Liz, Becky and Johnny Mac.

Meg was obviously stressed out about the upcoming competition. (Not.)

Julia was pissed-ah about Steve getting chosen to play. He always gets to play everything, she says.

Julia: If he wins, he better not use it, or else we'll put him up there.

(Not this week,you won't.)

Julia:  And you picked James to host....I know he hasn't hosted a comp yet, but we didn't discuss that.  I really wanted to play today!

Also, the Twins were not 100% happy with the HoH snacks in Liz's HoH room.

Liz:  I don't eat Oreos.  I didn't eat them last time, either.

Julia: And Lucky Charms?  Give me a fucking break!  What about some Kashi cereal or something like that?

Liz:  I know-ah.  Something healthy-ah.

(Liz's HoH CD is by Sublime.)

Steve taught Vanessa how to cook slop the crispy way, the way she likes it.  Johnny Mac hovered on the outskirts of the kitchen, watching and looking miserable.


Vanessa did try to include him on the action, saying that Steve was teaching her to cook something.

(The fact that he did not respond audibly may or may not indicate that they are being cordial after yesterday's blow out. Because Johnny Mac has never been a big communicator, you know.)

Julia went downstairs and made herself a tuna sandwich on what looks like pita bread and chatted lightly with Vanessa.  I could tell that Vanessa was DYING to talk game but was restraining herself.

I'm guessing that when the feeds were down, Steve might have told her that the AusTwins are talking smack about her, and were considering keeping Becky around in hopes that she would target Vanessa for them.  (They told Steve that, which was probably not very smart....)

Vanessa:  I think it might be OTEV today.

Julia:  No...that is an HoH comp.

Vanessa surely knew better than that, but didn't tell Julia she was wrong.  Instead they just chatted about it and then changed the subject.

Austin now sports white elastics in his hair and beard, courtesy of Liz.

(Because who else would touch all of that?)

There was a lot of horsing around in the kitchen between Austin and Liz.  I really am amazed that this group of three has not been targeted yet.  I think they should consider backdooring James this week, actually, because he is probably the only house guest with big enough balls to make a big move on them if he wins HoH.

Austin said later that he couldn't even look at Vanessa, because she just kept staring at him.

Johnny Mac prepared for the PoV in his own way, by going to Becky and telling her that he planned to throw the PoV to her, because he thought this was the only way that both of them could stay in the game this week.

(Johnny Mac was told by the AusTwins that he was not at risk this week, and they implied they would backdoor James, and maybe Vanessa. But surely he is smart enough to know this is not true.  Or maybe he's just ready to give up.)


OK.  I know everybody wants to love Johnny Mac because he has a funny voice and is quirky.  And it is certainly a novelty to see a dentist on TV doing something besides polishing molars and recommending Crest.  But let's review the truth about Johnny's game.

*  We had seen a boatload of alliances made, alliances broken, and alliances reformed again this summer.  Johnny Mac has not been involved in ANY of them.
*  Johnny Mac agreed to be the pawn on the block, and also to throw competitions, week after week in the first half of the game.  Even after he did this, he did not try to make any proactive deals with the people in charge.  Sure, he accepted an offer to keep him safe for a number of weeks, but he did not try to push any game agendas or make any sort of proactive moves in return.  In short, Johnny Mac was a doormat that everyone wiped their feet on before arriving at their real destination.
*  Johnny Mac made a fool of himself crying over Clay leaving, and even got into a big scene with Vanessa over something he told Clay.  And he WASN'T EVEN IN AN ALLIANCE with Clay.
*  In fact, after he told Clay something, Clay went STRAIGHT TO VANESSA with the information, which ended up making a big mess for Johnny with Vanessa.  Yet Johnny still MOURNED Clay after he left.
*  Johnny Mac thinks that he and Becky have some sort of tight bond, so tight that he is prepared to let her win this week's PoV.  But Becky has been bouncing back and forth between TWO DIFFERENT ALLIANCES, neither of which INCLUDES JOHNNY MAC.
*  Johnny Mac also has an awkward friendship with Steve, but both of them are unwilling to pretend that they are working together, thus both are viewed as loners, which is even worse than being a floater because they are seen as NOT DOING ANYTHING in the game.
*  People want to believe that Johnny Mac is some sort of scheming genius in this game, because it is disappointing and painful to admit that he has DONE NOTHING in this game.
*  Vanessa wanted to make an alliance with him and he SCOFFED at her.  Why not say yes, even if he doesn't mean it?  At least that would mean that she won't target him. All he had to do is say "OK" and go back to sleep in his Dentist's Chair.
*  A guy on Twitter yesterday was even trying to imply that by letting Becky win the PoV, Johnny Mac had some sort of brilliant plan in motion, like Dan Gheesling's funeral during BB14.  The only thing Johnny Mac has in common with Dan Gheesling is that they both SCREAM in the DR.  Dan had alliances and made moves.  Johnny Mac sits alone and stews in his own bitter juices.
*  But let's just imagine Johnny Mac sitting in the Final Two on Finale night, as the panel on the jury asks him questions.  Surely one of the questions will be, "why should I vote for you to win BB17?  what have you done to deserve my vote".

Johnny Mac, presumably: I've done NOTHING. Ha ha ha ha huh huh huh.

And even if Johnny Mac hands the PoV medal to Becky on a silver platter, I can assure you that Becky will never let him fill her cavities.

Becky told the other girls weeks ago that if they could only see the guys that she normally dates, they would not tease her about a showmance with Johnny Mac.  (Becky dates athletes like basketball players, and is down with the swirl.)


Vanessa prepared for the PoV by sitting and thinking.  I hope she doesn't think throwing some post-PoV ceremony tantrums will help her this week.  Although, the closer she gets to the end of the game, the others might be tempted to take her to the end, knowing everyone on that jury holds a big grudge against her.

And that's true, of course.  And the recruited players like Becky, Shelli and Jackie, etc. don't necessarily care about having a BB winner that played the game so hard that they all got played.


We see Steve and Johnny Mac in the bathroom with Vanessa.  They had to dig through blueberry pies to get the names to take back to OTEV.  Vanessa thinks that he can get the stains out of his shirt.

Upstairs in the HoH the AusTwins are talking about leaving the nominations the same, and voting Becky out.  They think this is the best option so that Liz doesn't have to nominate someone else and make any more enemies. Austin reminds both of them to be really nice to Becky, since she might be coming back into the game.

Liz:  Oh, I forgot about that.  Where is Vanessa right now?  Why isn't she coming up here?

Austin:  She's probably down there starting her Anti-Us campaign.  I'm sure of it.  She's saying we are a big threat of three.

They look at the Spy Screen.

Austin:  Oh, there she is, moping around the living room, worried about being the backdoor target.

Liz:  But we told her like eight times!  If she can't come up here to ask me about it...

Liz asked Julia to make them dinner, and tells her she put two packages of ground turkey in the fridge earlier today.  Liz and Austin tell Julia to mix in a chopped onion, garlic, and turkey bacon and it should make about seven burgers.

After Julia left Austin congratulated Liz, and said she was like a "Little Janelle" now.

They wonder if the live feeds are back on yet.

Austin tells Liz to hold up her PoV medal for us, saying that Janelle always wore hers for a few hours so that the live feeders would know who won.  Austin gives us a mini-summary of how things went during the PoV.

*  Austin says OTEV was "on a roll" and they had to bring him things..maybe making OTEV a sandwich?
*  Johnny Mac was out first (shocker).
*  Meg took a really hard fall and was out second with a face plant.
*  Becky was a real fighter and tried to take things out of Austin's hands --she lost out on the "Clay round".
*  It sounds like it was Austin and Liz in the final round, so he probably threw it to her --it was the "Jace round".

Liz says Hi to Jace and is sorry that his little OTEV song was about his picture being removed from the memory wall.  Liz says that this week it is a "Co-Veto" because Austin deserves it, too.

Austin:  A co-veto...never before!

(Like that won't make them a bigger target..)

Downstairs Becky says that "there were so many Becky's out there", but it was the former house guests that were hard to find.

Becky:  There were so many Liz, Meg and Becky's out there...I was sick of myself.

Meg had a hard time finding "Da'Vonne", and Becky couldn't figure out Da'Vonne's riddle.

This discussed Meg's faceplant, saying "Grandma takes a tumble" and James says they were all giving Meg hell out there. She got her monthly shot in her knee today so they think she will be okay with her knee pain for a few weeks.

Meg says she "saw stars" for a moment after falling, and Becky says she was sure Meg had a concussion.

James made quite a tasty-looking sandwich on crunchy-sounding toast.  They discussed how sneaky some of the players were, hiding stashes of names to use in later rounds.  Austin claims he didn't make any stash piles, but knew where the names were.

Meg:  I saw so many Jackies!

Becky:  In the pizza?  Jackie was in the pizza?

They saw a lot of Audrey's in that "difficult mixture", and James said there were a lot of James out there.  Becky thinks the right strategy would have been to hold on to names until one person went up to OTEV and then make the stash pile then.  (Because you have extra time to search.)

Meg thinks that sounds risky, but Becky says in the early rounds it would have been okay.

Becky says she feels relieved.  Austin went down to the bathroom and describes his strategy, which sounds like he went through other player's stash piles, probably Becky's.

Austin:  It was fun, though.

Becky tells Meg that the cameras are following her around like they are waiting on her to cry.

Becky: I just went to get some underwear...relax!

She says after Jackie left the cameras were dogging her, too, waiting for the first sign of tears so they could call her in the DR.

In the kitchen Julia and Vanessa both sing a little of the Kool & The Gane song "Get Down on It" and then ask if the live feeds are back on yet.   Steve says they may be, and then announces out loud for us that Liz won the PoV, and it was OTEV.

Steve:  Meg fell, but that was really the only drama.

Vanessa says someone else fell, too, but no one names who it was.  James tells us that he got to watch OTEV, and that he hosted the competition.

Austin went to the DR in his towel and Vanessa was surprised.  I have no shame, Austin says, and nothing to hide.

When he came out he tried to prank James by telling him the DR confiscated all of the Irish Spring, and they weren't allowed to talk about Irish Spring anymore. But he was kidding and the prank didn't even last 15 seconds.

Steve says he was really nervous for OTEV, and was happy he didn't go out on the first round.  Julia is working on her turkey burgers as you can see.

Steve was cooking up pork chops for the Have Nots but Vanessa declined, saying she's never really had pork before, but after trying one of the pork chops she realizes she doesn't like it.

Johnny:  Well, you tried.  That's all you can do.

James says he really doesn't like pork, either, unless it is smothered pork chops.

Back upstairs in the HoH, Liz is out of the shower and chatted with Austin about some of the things Becky did during the competition that demonstrated she doesn't trust them (about being the pawn).

Liz:  And Vanessa said...

Austin: Don't listen to anything Vanessa says anymore.

(Um...why would Becky trust them?  They are planning to send her home this week.)

Vanessa came up there, asking where is the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".  They hugged and cheered about both having 2 HoH and 1 PoV comp wins.

They did their little Scamper Squad move and Liz wants to know how things are going downstairs.

Vanessa:  I think John is more nervous then Becky, actually.

Liz:  I'm just so happy...I was praying...I don't want to get any more blood on my hands this week.

Liz:  I feel so bad for her, but hey she has the same body type as me and I don't want to compete with her.

(You know who else has the same body type as Liz?  Her frickin' Twin Sister, who is downstairs cooking turkey burgers.)

Vanessa tells Liz about a move that Becky made that looked like a professional athlete move, "jumping over the vault and landing on the thing".  Liz heard that Becky tried to snatch a name out of Austin's hands, but says Austin told her that they were joking about it downstairs.

Liz plans to tell the house that she can't even vote this week, and that the house can decide.

Vanessa tells Liz some new information that she just remembered, about Becky telling Shelli that she told James he should put up the Twins.

Vanessa:  I don't know if she actually said that to James, but that is what she told Shelli.

They discussed how Johnny Mac was the more workable player to keep this week, because Becky is part of two different groups.

Vanessa:  And can you imagine if Jackie comes back in here and gets together with Becky?  And Johnny Mac too?


Vanessa repeated the information she just gave to Liz, about Becky telling Shelli that she was pushing James to nominate the Twins over Clay and Shelli.

Austin, shocked:  Why would she say that?

Vanessa:  Because she said the Twins would be bitter on the Jury, and that is where her saying that they were too emotional came from, that she didn't want them together on the jury.  But that is what she told Shelli...I don't know if she really said that to James or not.

Austin went through his story about how Becky fought him for names during the competition.

Austin:  That proves she doesn't trust me, or Liz, or us.

Vanessa:  Oh're right!  You're right!

(Vanessa obviously knows that he has been mad at her, and is appealing to his ego here. Smart.)

Now Vanessa brings up how Johnny Mac is so weird after Clay left.  She reminds Austin about the time Clay volunteered to go up as a pawn instead of Johnny Mac.

Austin  Oh my god!  I remember that!

They think it is so weird that Johnny is so sad over Clay and think something may be up with that relationship.

After Vanessa leaves the room, Austin says that it is good Vanessa feels better now, and that they have to make her feel amazing the rest of the week.  They both mocked the new information about Becky that Vanessa "just remembered".

Austin: Yeah, we get it.  You want to bury Becky so you don't get backdoored this week.

Austin says everybody wants Vanessa out, so they are golden next week.

Austin:  Me and Julia don't even need to win HoH...I think we may be good.  But I don't totally trust that.

He thinks if they make Vanessa feel good about things, she might even throw the HoH competition.

(Next week is going to be good, too....)

I was almost finished with this post, and then I saw this.  Sorry Becky.