Friday, August 14, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 17 The Saga: Episode 7 #BB17

I don't know how I missed this earlier in the week, but this week's episode is one I will gladly watch twice.  It's a very special episode that features the following:

*  An emotional live speech by Shelli.
*  A riveting argument between The Twins over who is a bigger bitch.
*  A special cameo appearance by none other than Elissa Reilly. (the original "Oh My God-ah" house guest).
*  A tender goodbye between Clay and Shelli.
*  More #BBScandal from our favorite New Yorker, Meg.
*  And a kicking dance number, with all of the house guests getting down.

Enjoy friends, and thank you Wil.

Double Evictions, and Troubled Convictions. #BB17

What to do...where to start after a night like that.

Right when the feeds came back last night, when the live double eviction show was over, the house guests seemed shell shocked by the evening's events.

Liz:  It feels so empty in here right now.

Note Austin's grubby paw on Liz's left knee.


Liz won HoH later on in the evening, so unless something else really crazy happens, Austin will continue to paw away at Liz until further notice.  (The competition somehow involved emojis with former house guests' faces on them.)

The first part of the live show went pretty much as expected, with Shelli being evicted instead of Vanessa, but I didn't expect it to be a unanimous vote. I guess it just goes to show you how completely ineffective Shelli's last-minute campaigning was.  It seemed insincere to the Goblins, and she even made the statement to James that "he was lucky" she was talking to him about it.

Becky told Shelli earlier in the week not to do anything, just to sit back and let it be "her show" for the week.  If Shelli is angry about anything, it should be whatever part of herself thought it was okay to do that.  Shelli was a pretty hardcore player ever since the season began, so she picked a bad time to stop playing.

James and Meg are sad over losing Jackie, of course, and Meg seems sort of numb by her experience being put on the block by Steve, the unlikely HoH for that nail-biting double eviction.  James is being a good sport, saying that people did what they had to do, and that everybody has to make tough decisions in the game.

Julia is wearing one of the dresses that their mother had to buy for them once they were in sequester---she had to send them five matching outfits so they could switch out during the live shows. But of course they only did that once, for the first live show.

Meg is upset that neither of the girls got to see goodbye messages tonight, and they discuss how close the PoV competition was at one point.

Vanessa brings up Steve saying on the live show that his apparatus wasn't working correctly, so he couldn't even get one of the three balls in place.  We got FISH for a few seconds while this was discussed.

(I heard Ian Terry talk about this matter with Rob Cesternino on RHAP last night.  He said that the house guests are given instructions during the commercial break, and specifically mentioned the PoV he won in his season on double eviction night.  They had to move a little wooden shark through a maze, and he says Production told them that if they "broke their shark" by moving it too roughly, it was too bad, and they would be out of the competition.  Ian felt that Steve probably tilted his board too much, or did something else to make it not work properly.)

Of course, Steve may have been just saying that....I doubt he had any intention of winning that PoV, because I think he wanted James, Meg or Jackie to win it so that he would be "forced" to put Becky on the block.  We all know Steve hates Becky, but he likes Johnny Mac and I think he was trying to put Becky on the block in a manner to save that relationship.

Meg:  We can't even sad eat right now...

(Meg and James had to wait until midnight to eat, after their Have Not week officially ended.)

Meg:  All I want is a huge turkey hoagie, with peppers and everything.

Becky looks almost catatonic, doesn't she?  She really owes Johnny Mac, big time, and I hope she makes it up to him somehow.  And Johnny Mac seemed so sour and surly on the live show, asking Julie Chen "what do you want?"---what the hell is his problem?

He seems less and less like a dentist I would trust. He seems on the brink of a nervous breakdown on the live feeds, to be honest.

Meg:  What just happened?

Becky:  This is Big Brother.  We have to Expect the Unexpected.

Thanks for pointing that out Becky.  What would we all do without your shrewd insights about the game?

Austin thought he might be getting backdoored by Steve, saying he has no idea what is going on in Steve's head.

(And have you EVER seen a double eviction where NO ONE approaches the HoH winner to advise them or try to make a deal?  That was so weird...even if no one wanted to talk to Steve, he could have tried to make his own deal with someone, to further his own game.)

Steve didn't even talk to either Meg or Jackie about the nominations, Meg says.  According to Austin Steve just said "I'm good...I know what I'm going to do".

Austin tells Becky that they just need to compose themselves to get ready for the next HoH comp, and they talked about what the competition might be.  James joined them, too, and they mentioned "keeping this group together".

Here's your hoagie, Meg.  Because I think this is as close as you will get to it tonight.

The Twins finally had a private moment with Vanessa and had a quiet celebration, hugging and jumping up and down.  I think Julia was twerking, too.

Liz had personal issues with Jackie, so I know she's happy about what happened tonight.  I think Vanessa would have preferred Becky to be evicted, but Jackie might be the next best thing in her eyes, since Jackie definitely had it in for her, and she knew it.  Vanessa says her head is spinning after everything that happened in one hour.

Julia mentioned Meg complaining about Steve not talking to them before the nominations about it.

Julia:  What do they expect?  They never talk to him at all in here!

Austin came in the room, too, and they started studying the days to get ready for the next HoH competition.

Steve saw Johnny and it was awkward between them, too.  For some reason Steve started suddenly referring to his "friend Kevin" and told some story about walking back to the dorm.

John:  Well, you go get your head right, or whatever.  What do you want me to say to people...that you didn't want me to use the PoV?

Steve:  That is the truth, so yes, please say that.  Can I ask you...are you throwing these?

Johnny indicated that no, he was not.  (i.e. the HoH's)

Steve:  Can you please win HoH for me right now...please?

(If Johnny threw the next HoH comp last night, he's going to wish he didn't, because Liz is going to put his butt on one of those nomination chairs....)

James walked through the room and thanked Steve, presumably for not putting him on the block.

Steve:  Can I....can I give you a hug right now?

Steve:  I know I need to talk to you guys right now..but I can't really do that right now, but I will..

James: It's okay.  Everybody needs to just take a break and calm down right now.  I just wanted to thank you, from me.  When ever you're ready.

Then Steve "pulled a Steve" by asking James a complicated and confused set of questions about how he should approach the others in James' group.  Should he talk to them together?  Or sepearately?  Or would they like that?  Would they not like it?

James tired to sort through it and finally said not to do anything right now.

Steve, pacing and mumbling:  I've never been so angry right now.  I did not want to win HoH.  I just want my basket and letters.

Becky walked through the room,and Steve told her that clearly they need to talk, but neither of them are capable of doing that right now.  (Speak for yourself, Steve.)  Then Steve asked Becky for a hug, and about 20 seconds later asked if he could have another hug.

Becky was a trooper and let him hug her twice.


There was a lot of drama in the hours just before the rehearsal and live show.  It was hard to get a grip on the entire situation, but I heard Vanessa telling Austin to remember that James and the other Goblins were not really on his side, and would be after them the first chance they got.

Austin blew up on her and said he was sick of her telling him what to do, and left the room in a huff.

Julia sent Liz after him, to try and calm him down and figure out what was going on.

Vanessa:  Why did he do that...I've been working with that guy for, like 59 days now, and he's been nothing but cool with me the whole time.  What is going on....

There was also an issue with Austin coaching Liz for the upcoming HoH comp, and they caught him giving her the wrong answers, so I think that was part of the scolding Austin got, or believes he got.

Vanessa:  Do you think he's in a plan to backdoor me?  And he's picking a fight to make it easier to do that?

Julia:  I'm telling you.  I don't like Austin, and I never have.  I say that in every DR, that I don't trust him and I will never forget what he did to me.  Do you remember what he tried to do to me?

Vanessa:  I remember.  I think that he doesn't want Liz to win HoH tonight, and he's going to throw it so the others can get me out.  I don't think Liz knows, though.  I think we just need to figure this out later, and get through tonight first.  I'm going to apologize to him and then forget about it so he doesn't try and switch the vote tonight.

Liz came back in the room and said everything is fine now, that she was able to calm him down.

Of course, Vanessa had a mini-meltdown over this pending betrayal, saying that she just can't stand this part of the game, trying to trust people who screw her over.

Liz:  Listen to me!  I have him on a very short leash and if he tries to do anything to you then I'll tell him WE ARE DONE.

Meanwhile, Austin tries to look pretty for the cameras tonight.  By the way he has been salty about the BB Comic featuring him as the Barbarian.  The comic mentioned his foul odor, as you can see below.

There was actually an awkward moment just after the live feeds came back after the BB Comics PoV competition where they were discussing this, and they kind of said Austin got the worst comic, kind of a raw deal.  (I mean, they DREW the STINK on there, too, in case you can't read the words!)

But  I just listened to Jason's recent hour-long interview with Spencer and McCrae (on You Tube) and he confirmed that Austin did have a foul odor.  Of course Jason is kind of biased, but out of all of us, he is the only one to have actually experienced the beast that is Austin.  Also, did you notice Austin's bare feet on the live show?

Also, Spencer, McCrae and Jason all talked about how much that bathroom STINKS, particularly in the first weeks of the game, with so many people using it before the HoH room is made available.  Jason said that Steve also kept taking off his wet swimsuit in there, so the floor was wet and he was always so grossed out, wondering if that was water on the floor or something else.

So just ponder that horrific information for a moment, and be glad for the privacy of your own home.


I just surfed around and clicked on different times overnight, and Steve was there every time, wandering around and talking to himself, and us sometimes, and his Mommy, too.  And humming, too, in a very self-conscious and tuneless manner.

Steve constantly whispers and mutters, carrying on a conversation with perhaps an invisible friend, perhaps to himself, perhaps with us, all at the same time. Within all of that verbal tangle of crap, I was able to understand a few short sentences.

Steve:  I'm sorry I let you down, Mom.  I shouldn't have done that.

Steve: I did not want to be HoH.

Steve:  I'm guaranteed to be in the house.....what is it, day 57?.....let's see...64...Monday..Tuesday....Wednesday......I'm guaranteed to be in the house until Day 71.


Steve:  People like me.  I'm a likable person.

There is going to be a HUGE gulf this year between people who watched Steve on the live feeds, and people who just saw his antics on the CBS show.  There really is NO comparison, and if you don't watch the live feeds you really have no idea about what is going on there.

Even after watching the live feeds, I really have no idea what is going on there.  But trust me, it is weird.

Choose Wisely America, Because This is Important. #BB17

Time is running out live feeders, for you to make an important decision about the house guests's future.

It's a close election, people, so make your vote count.

Oh, and fuck you too, Production team.