Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Becky Tweets: Shoutout to 'Rado. #BB17

Is camping intense?  I don't understand that part, but everything else is pretty straightforward.

I heard Becky say she's never used Twitter before in her personal life, so that might explain the lack of hashtags.

What a Tangled Web For Steve. #BB17

Last night the Goblins gathered in the Have Not room to review their plans to vote to keep Vanessa this week.  The name "Goblins" isn't really an alliance name as much as a name for their little gang of house guests that they made up themselves.  Everyone in the house knows that name, so it's not a secret. (Like "AusTwins")

(And the decision to switch up their vote was hatched the night can see that here.)

Meg:  It's so clear that Shelli doesn't get along with anyone who is considered a threat in here.

Jackie:  Yeah.  I know I don't talk much, and that's scary to her.

James is preparing to take a shower, and admits he hasn't taken one in almost two days.  He is eating  a piece of their Have Not buns, and leaves a small triangle on his dentist's chair.

Meg:  What is that?  Why do you always leave little pieces of bread around here?

James:  I'm working on it...I'll eat can count on that.

They have all been discussing all of the shady information that has come out about Becky in the past few days.  Jackie realizes that Becky change where she sleeps so that they don't sleep together anymore, and that Becky has no apparent intention of sending Shelli home.

Meg:  Well, Jason told me that he used to talk with Becky late at night about the game.  And she told him that she was friends with you, but drifted apart from you in the game.

(I actually heard Becky tell Jason that.)

Jackie:  Well, if she's not talking to me about the game, who's she talking to?

Meg laughs about Becky telling her weeks ago that she wanted to "get dressed up and ready" to sit and talk to Jeff.

Meg: Who even thinks about getting hot in here?  I only get ready and put on make up when we're going to be on TV.


Jackie:  Well, I get ready everyday because I'm on TV, not because I'm going to sit in the hammock with Jeff!

They laugh about what a weird pairing those two would be.

Meanwhile, in the comic bedroom, Vanessa is very animated, chattering happily about her game plan for the next few weeks.  (What a difference a day makes....)

According to Vanessa, the next three targets for their new group are Becky, Steve and Johnny Mac.  Vanessa laughs about how Becky only covered her own ass with The Goblins for the specific lies that she thought Vanessa would bring up, but Vanessa has so much more dirt on her.

Vanessa:  And if she had only been apologetic and not such a bitch to me, I would be civil to her.  But now I am ignoring her whenever she tries to talk to me or comes in the room.  I just turn my head.

Julia:  Yeah, I saw that.

Vanessa tells Julia that Becky approached her with the idea to form an all girl alliance, but did not want to include The Twins because they are too emotional in the game.

Vanessa:  And she told me that she wanted both of you and James out, and needed Clay in the game to take out Jackie...she had no idea that I had been working with both of you, Austin, and Shelli and're about four weeks too late, honey!

They laugh over that...but I think Vanessa needs to remember to act sad if she wants to pull this off.  It is obvious that she has a new outlook and that something is up.

Now they bring up the same Becky Topic that the Goblins were Becky likes to get all fixed up for the guys.

Julia: She told me that when a guy's in charge around here (i.e., not often..) she'll put on her makeup, her mouse slippers, and start cooking in the kitchen!

Vanessa:  Cooking in the kitchen...ha ha ha.

Vanessa then starts talking about Steve turning on her.  (i.e. he told her yesterday that he was working with Shelli and Johnny Mac.)

Vanessa:  Steve is a wolf in sheep's you know that expression?

Julia:  Yeah...he's smart as shit!

Vanessa:  Well, I had his back but I will not carry him through this fucking game.  He turned on me and I don't take that.  And the funny thing is he told me to my face that he was working with them.

They both mock the way Becky talks to everyone and how fake she is.

Vanessa:  I fucking hate phonies...I can see 'em a mile away and I hate them.

And at the same time, in the purple bedroom, Shelli is putting work in, trying to make sure Steve is a solid member of her team.  Shelli does the math for Steve, saying that she wants to work with Becky, Johnny Mac and Steve, so they will have a group of four against two groups of three.  (The Goblins and the AusTwins)

Then Shelli starts laying it on thick for Steve, telling him that Becky told her how much she really likes talking to Steve now, and has enjoyed getting to know him better.

Shelli:  She told me how she talked to you the other night about your family...and how much closer to you she feels.

Steve: But Becky wants my vote now.  (ha ha ha)

Shelli:  That's how this game works, Steve.

Shelli continues on, reminding Steve that she has been his good friend from the beginning, talking to him about his brother and really putting on the guilt for him to vote to keep her.  She says that Austin should be targeted next, and that the Twins won't be too upset to see him go, and after that they can work with the Twins because they will do whatever they are told.

Steve had to hear that part a few times before he understood that he would be included in that group.

Then Shelli went a little harder, mentioning Vanessa specifically.

Shelli:  Steve, you know from watching this show that there are people who just seem to stay out of trouble every week, and slip by, and then at the end everyone is wondering why that person is still in the game.  You know she's that person.

While they were whispering, Julia came in the room and they started awkwardly saying that "it's getting small in here".  Then Shelli called her over for a question.

Shelli:  Listen...if you won HoH would you do the same thing your sister did?

Julia: I don't know...I wasn't here. What did she do?

Steve: No, don't put her on the spot like that Shelli.

They made small talk with Julia, and she left the room.

Shelli:  Do think she will scamper back and tell Austin that we're in here whispering?

Steve: If I lose you in this game, I'm fucked.

(Steve is cursing now?  Is that new?)

Shelli: Well, there would only be two floaters left.

Steve: Floaters?

Shelli:  Well, loners, not floaters.  That's what they're calling it now.

(Shelli also says that she prefers "The Gremlins" rather than "The Goblins", because it is funnier to her.)

They had an awkward hug that Steve held for just a beat too long, if you ask me.

Julia did indeed scamper over to Liz and tell her what just happened.

Liz:  Don't give Shelli any more info...she's trying to use it against you.

Julia: Yeah, she's gone.

Liz left for the kitchen and Julia came out of the room doing a few celebratory punches and kicks.

Then Julia reported back to Vanessa what was just said, and under her green beanie Vanessa is all ears, soaking up the information.

Liz is finishing dinner and Julia is still pissed about Shelli questioning her like that.

Julia: It's so hard for me not to say "Sneaky...sneaky...sneakly".

Liz, in a warning tone:  Juj......

The dinner looks great, but I'm not sure what it is, exactly.  She appears to be putting cheese on something---garlic bread, maybe?  Or maybe those are potato slices?

Steve goes outside and when Meg starts to strike up a conversation with him, he announces that his head is swirling about "home stuff" and wants to go sit in "his room".  After he left Meg said that he just doesn't want to be seen talking to them at all.

Becky:  He's being pulled in both directions.

Meg:  But no one cares.

Jackie: It's starting! And it's not the witching hour yet!

Meg:  You have to wait until after bowling on Wednesday for that.  It's too early!

It's time for James to pull a prank, and he picks up a cricket and threatens Meg with it.

Meg: James!  Don't!  I've had a rough couple of days!

They joyfully discover that there is booze in the storage room and Becky wastes no time popping the top of a beer.  The Goblins are upset because they aren't allowed to drink.

(They also thought there would be another fast food delivery tonight, but unfortunately that was not the case.)

Shelli and Vanessa grab the bottle of white wine and fumble to open it.

Vanessa:  We're on the fucking block!  We deserve this!

Vanessa has been reading the Book of Job and says it is really a good story and she is enjoying it, even though it is sad that she's been sitting alone, crying and reading the Bible.

Vanessa:  If my family sees this, they will die.  But it is a good story...things actually happen!  I thought the Bible was just preachy stuff.

Johnny Mac silently rinses a bag of green grapes.  He's a smart guy and has to know that Vanessa Rousso is up to something.

Everyone loves the dinner and Meg says the string beans look amazing.  I heard the Twins say earlier that they are running low on food this week, because Austin is not a Have Not.  Apparently last week there was plenty of food when he wasn't able to eat it.

Liz:  And we eat a lot, too. And we've been cooking every night.

Austin puts away big bites of the chicken.  On the memory wall, James continues to point defiantly at whoever gets to sit there.

I see a sad scene of Steve laying in the hammock and Johnny Mac standing there, talking to him, so I switched camera views to listen in.  Steve is reporting that his tongue is covered with canker sores.

John:  Oh, you have those?

Steve:  Yeah, and I've had them often in my life.  They don't bother me, but they bother "them"...they think I'm not speaking clearly so they got me some prescription medication for it and I'm taking it now.

(I looked up the following info for us..I don't think the sores are contagious, but really who knows?)

Inside the dinner is going well, and the alcohol is starting to kick in for some of the house guests.

Becky likes to drink on an empty stomach, to maximize the effects.  I heard her say that she planned to chug her liquor drinks at the Outback Steak Dinner first, and then eat so she could catch a buzz.

We haven't seen this very much this season...a big family dinner. Except for Steve, that is.

Shelli told the story of her pink hair...on the first day in the house, they got sprayed with red paint in the first HoH competition.  Because Shelli's hair is a weave of some sort, it dyed parts of her hair pink.

Shelli:  Obviously, the people who came in with me knew that, but no one told the next group of people.  When I told Jeff about it weeks later, he said "oh, I thought you were just a girl with pink hair".

Julia:  Yeah..I thought you had pink tips!

Everyone laughs at that and Julia said at least the paint hit her in the right places.

Jackie talked to James for a minute in the Have Not room and said that with the new information that she's hearing about Becky, some things are starting to make sense.

Jackie: Becky didn't talk to me for a week, so it's all coming out now.

They discussed how Jackie was friends with Becky, and also Clay and Shelli.  Once Jackie brought Becky into her relationship with Clay and Shelli, Becky "went rogue" with them.

James: Yeah, she said she was glad you brought her up there with you because she had been wanting to work with them.

They want Becky to think they are still on her side, even after voting Shelli out, so they are planning how best to communicate the news to her and what to say going forward.

(Basically, they are telling Becky that they want Shelli out first, since she can win comps, and then get Vanessa out second in the double eviction.  But the real plan is to put Steve and Johnny Mac on the block, with Johnny Mac being the real target.)

Steve might feel badly that Vanessa is so bubbly and fun tonight, since he knows that even if he did vote for her, she's leaving the house on Thursday.

(No, Steve. Feel free to start worrying about other, more pressing issues in your game.)

Vanessa is doing the dishes and says she is happy to do so, since she never cooks and knows that Liz slaved away for hours cooking that great meal.

Vanessa:  I'm happy just to not be reading Job right now.  It's a nice break.

Vanessa even squirted down the counters with cleanser spray, so she takes pride in her cleaning work.  And she's got a buzz, too.

(I like to get buzzed and clean, too, sometimes.)

Meg reports that she went to Catholic school, and this is new and exciting information for James.

James:  Oh, is that when you started wearing those thigh highs?  Those Catholic girls are the baddest of the bunch, at least the ones I knew.

Outside Liz and Austin take a break before dessert by sitting in the hammock.  Liz wanted to sit facing the other direction, but Austin said his voice is too loud so she needed to sit closer, so they could be sneaky.

They are very impressed with Vanessa's turnaround this week, and Austin says she's really good.

Austin:  Seriously, I wouldn't want to be on the block next to Vanessa..would you?  I'd feel more comfortable being put up with one of the Goblins.  They're more our speed.

(ha ha ha)

Julia came over and said she likes to give them space, but needs to climb in with them so they can catch up on the plan this week.  They think this Thursday is going to be really awkward, and want the conversation with Becky to tell her who is going home to be held after the "second HoH lockdown" to minimize overall discomfort.

Austin:  So get your hair did early on Thursday.

Yes, that is Austin's nasty foot just inches away from Julia's face.

They also discussed how they think both Steve and Johnny Mac are sneaky bastards, since they are both called in the DR so often.

Austin:  They must be up to something, because why else would Johnny Mac be in there so much?  He hasn't won anything lately, and hasn't been HoH.  Getting called in there so much is really putting his game out there, to me.

They think the only reason why Steve won that PoV is that he couldn't see what scores the other players had since they played individually and were isolated.  The Twins think he probably tried to  throw it, but Austin says that he was probably scared he would get found out this week, so he had to play hard to win.

Austin: And he was called in the DR three times today!  You know he's up to something!

(It was probably the canker sore issue--seeing the doctor and then coming back for meds!)

Vanessa made cookies from some sort of no-bake recipe that she had rolling around in her head, using oatmeal, peanut butter, and a few other items.  She brought the plate into the backyard to share, and used the opportunity to go over to the Goblins assembled by the hammock.  They have been trying to get together for a meeting but Vanessa says it is so hard to get a chance for all of them to talk without everyone staring.

Then Vanessa sat down and started unloading all sorts of info about Becky, with specific conversations that Becky had with her in the HoH room about how Becky was "so glad to be part of their group", and how she "had been waiting for it to happen for weeks".

(I can actually swear like Vanessa does about this, because I heard Becky say that myself.)

Vanessa:  No one forced her to do anything, or to agree with anything.

Now Vanessa recounts the conversation she had with Becky when Becky talked about the importance of having Generals.

Vanessa:  She said me and Shelli would be her generals because she trusted us the most, and that we would be the only ones she shared everything with.

The Goblins hung on every word.

(Once again, I did hear Becky say this, too.)

Later, Meg and Jackie were folding their laundry when they saw Steve go over and lay directly UNDER the hammock, while Vanessa laid alone in the actual hammock, the "normal way".

Jackie and Meg whisper, and turn to stare at the developing weirdness of Steve, which frankly makes Ian Terry's hammock usage look as normal as apple pie.  (Ian actually BROKE the hammock after rocking too hard for HOURS.)

Meg:  Oh, I don't even care anymore.

Vanessa tells Steve that he is interrupting her quiet time, and how would he like it if she barged in on his private time like this?

Steve continues being weird, putting several items against Vanessa under the hammock for her to guess.

Vanessa:  An orange?  A smelly shoe?

and later

Vanessa:  Steve.  You're touching my butt, Steve.

Becky's HoH Blog: Gather 'Round, Peasant Friends. #BB17

Becky already recited parts of this letter word-for-word on the live feeds, but here is her HoH letter in it's entirety.

Hello Outside World!

Oh, how I have missed you :) It’s jury time!! Can you believe it?! We are all so excited here in the BB house, we would jump for joy, but our legs are still too sore from the HoH competition. The slip 'n slide competition was brutal but fun! I think Steve and Grandma (Meg) are still finding new bruises. Luckily, potato rolling has picked up in popularity amongst the other Houseguests and its magical healing powers are giving us the ability to walk again. In combination with Austin’s yoga classes, we will all be better in no time.

Winning HoH this time around is definitely different than my first win. I feel the stakes are higher. I am ready to make a big move this week and take out a strong competitor that would ultimately change the game if they were to remain here. 

I won’t lie, I’m nervous to take out my target. I can hardly sleep at night! This will be my first big move of the game and I think it would be hard to win $500,000 without taking risks, sobring it on!

As HoH, I have definitely enjoyed my perks, like a fridge full of kale, a basket of granola, and my One Republic CD. :) But I don’t allow all of these luxuries to get to my head. I take walks to the Have Not room and visit my peasant friends in their dentist chairs. Hahaha! Meg, James, and Jackie are the funniest Have Nots yet. The sunglasses and beach towels are too much!

One other important part of being HoH is the letter from home. It’s hard to explain how much it means hearing from my best friend, Lindsey. The outside world truly seems so far away, even my dreams take place in the BB House, but seeing pictures and hearing stories from home help to remind me why I’m here and what I am working towards.

Thank you, Lindsey

Hey Live Feeders! Thank you so much for the inflatable shark. We have named him Gronk (because he likes to party) and he is fitting in well. Gronk enjoys tanning in the pool during the day, late-night hot-tubbing with Johnny Mac, and has even been known to take a selfie or two when the camera is around.

We love to know that we are being watched and supported by Live Feeders and fans! There are so many times we feel isolated in here and run out of things to do. When you guys send us fun tasks to complete or give us a new toy, it makes our day.

Thank you. We love you guys

Last but not least, to everyone back in Colorado! I miss my beautiful state so much! The first weekend in August, my family has always had a tradition of going camping with a big group of our soccer friends. Almost 35 people are in our group and we create a small city of tents near Buena Vista, Colorado. Right now, I would be hiking to the lake with my dog, cutting up firewood, and spending time with my family.

I am sad to not be able to hike any peaks this summer, but I am willing to give up the mountains in a heartbeat if it means living in the BB house!