Friday, August 7, 2015

Worlds Collide at the Hearts of Reality Event in Orlando #BB17

Every year around this time, a cavalcade of reality stars converge on Orlando, Florida for a weekend of charity events and parties.

And photo ops, of course.  Let's take a spin and see who's there.

Rachel isn't playing around in her pictures.  Here she is with Janelle, her sister Elissa Slater, and Porsche.  Porsche looks different, right?

And look who's joined the group in this picture...Audrey Midddleton.  This was taken at some sort of costume party, so I assume that would account for Audrey's garb.  And Elissa's Minnie Mouse look.

It usually rains late every afternoon in Orlando this time of year.  A good steady downfall around 3:00 pm.  There is a torrent, then it stops and steam starts coming up from the highway as the sun comes back out.

Then it's on with your day.  Brendon is the the  picture this time with Rachel, Elissa and Porsche.

Oh yeah, that is Zach Rance over there on the left.

Zach was everywhere for awhile after BB16 came to a close, but now he's pulling back a little, which is probably a good idea.

Zach's bod look pretty good to me.  A lot of people are whispering about Zach.  But I think he likes it that way.

One of the big pieces of news coming out of Orlando this week is Zach's alleged feud with Evel Dick. Supposedly Zach was a guest this week on Evel Dick's sad pay-per-view podcast and Evel Dick didn't like Zach's attitude.

That's rich, right?  Evel Dick thinking someone else is nasty?  I didn't watch that show, but I did see this video of Evel Dick getting upset with Zach when they ran into each other later at one of the fan events.

***Spoiler Alert***  Evel Dick smashes Zach's phone.

Was Evel Dick nice to Donny during last summer's Big Brother season?  Does it matter?

I guess not.

Nicole and Victoria were there.  This isn't the first time Nicole has been down to Florida in the past year to see Victoria.

 Here's a big group squished together from a mishmash of BB seasons.   I see Cody, Adam Poch (BB13), Victoria, Casey from BB11, Amanda Zuckerman, Nicole, Derrick, and Jessie Godderz from BB10 and BB11.

Strange choice of clothing for Jessie, right?  He looks like he's about to bus their table.

Jace was there with Jessie in the weight room.

And here is Jace with fellow evictees Jeff and Audrey at the costume party (I hope.).

Jeff squeezing into a shot with the big dogs---Cody, Zach and Derrick, along with a few fans.

That may or may not be Russel Hantz on the far right. Or is that my imagination?

Because they do let Survivors attend the Hearts of Reality event, you know.  As proof, here is the famous Boston Rob Mariano, Courtney Yates, and Lex Van Der Burghe.

Yes, that is Lex....believe it or not.  He was one of the first heavily-tattooed people we saw on reality TV, but looking at him now you'd never even tell.  His tattoo level is probably just standard in comparison to today's crowd.  For example, I don't see any neck tattoos.

And here are Joe and Jenn from last season's Survivor San Juan Del Sur, really going all out for that costume party.

Joe and Jenn are an item, you know.   Joe's new season of Survivor All Stars - Second Chances will air the premiere right after the Big Brother season finale in September.

I Feel Like We All Need Take a Deep Breath With Vanessa. #BB17

The last seven weeks have been quite a rollercoaster for Vanessa Rousso.  She entered the Big Brother house a bit of a mystery, with a successful gambling career and a pretty high profile in the world of poker.

She had a reputation for flashy smarts.  She had an image.  I think we all wondered why in the world Vanessa would want to be on Big Brother.  She started out the season crying on the first night of the live feeds, but then settled down and got to work in the background, making connections and eventually making things happen.

But lately, we've all seen Vanessa run right off the rails in what looks like a paranoid frenzy of words and confrontations.  She seems to know all about the inner workings of the BB house, but seems to be overplaying almost every situation and has all but lost the art of subtlety.

Vanessa might be in a lot of trouble this week.  She's getting backed into a corner and may or may not have the tools to get herself out.  Shelli and Steve are on the block, but everyone including Vanessa knows that Vanessa is the backdoor target.  What if Austin wins the PoV?  He said he would use it to save her, but would he really do that if Becky tells him she will nominate Liz in Vanessa's place?

Anyway, a lot of things need to take place before we even get to that point. I just thought we should reacquaint ourselves with the Vanessa we never really knew at the beginning of this summer.  I think you will see plenty of flashes of the Vanessa we see everyday, and a reminder that she came in the house with a full, exciting life behind her.

This 2012 video features Vanessa explaining to us what a "tell" is, and the information that provides to whoever is watching for them.  She actually mentions looking at the veins in people's necks to look for an adrenaline rush, which is what I heard her say about Austin....that she knew he was lying when she saw the vein in his neck throbbing.

This video is from 2014, where Vanessa is actively pursing her DJ career in addition to playing tournament poker.  She has on a new wave outfit, with new wave shoes!  We get to see her home studio, too.

And the studly hunk interviewing her is definitely flirting with her.  And she's kind of flirting right back.  Why not...he's hot.

And here's Vanessa in her first commercial.  No green beanie here.

Let me tell you something...those BB17 house guests would flip if they saw something like this.  Jackie might even be nice to her.

And this is a short video, but it is important to watch even if you aren't a poker fan, because we get to see a very familiar chain of behaviors by Vanessa.  I'l go ahead and spoil it by saying that Vanessa loses this hand, but the way she nervously babbles when it's over, and the small comments she makes to her opponent sound very familiar.   See if you agree.

(Oh, and the host says we all know that "Vanessa is Agressa".)

This video shows our Vanessa playing two hands with an "everyman" who flirts with her like crazy.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I have a new understanding of Vanessa after watching this.  Whatever happens to Vanessa this week on Big Brother, it will be an outcome that she is well-trained to handle.

And this is a 30 second video apparently filmed by some creeper who saw her Gallardo zipping down the streets of Las Vegas. He knows who she is, too.   It's kind of hard to believe our Vanessa would drive such an ostentatious car, given her relatively low-key style of everyday attire.

I listened to Vanessa talk recently about applying for The Amazing Race and nearly being cast---she was an alternate five years ago.  She told the others that she learned to drive a stick shift car, but did it only once, in case she needed those skills for the race.

Are Lamborghinis automatic?  

This is just a small sample of what is out there on YouTube featuring the many facets of Vanessa.  The funny thing now is that there are Big Brother clips mixed in with the other stuff.

And finally, just for fun, let's all remember what the late great Joan Rivers thought of poker players...a classic moment in Celebrity Apprentice history..

HoH Competition Aftermath - Wisdom From the Dentist, Paranoia From the Poker Player #BB17

A few hours after the live show ended, everyone had showered and is laying around recovering from the stress of the day and discussing their various aches and pains from the competition.

Steve Moses has some different aches and pains though...his wisdom teeth are giving him a lot of trouble.  Several of the house guests say that you don't have to have them taken out.

Johnny Mac:   You kids, wanting to keep your wisdom teeth.  Just get rid of them and be done with it.

Liz:  Do you know how to do that?

Johnny:  Yes, of course!

Liz:  But they might grow back!

Johnny:  Not true...and you don't need them to chew...they're tough to clean.  I know there are dentists out there who tell those lies to their patients, but they're a bunch of jerks...they should read a book some time and learn.  That's actually one of my pet peeves.  And what happens is that they are so hard to clean that they end up affecting the teeth next to them, and then they need to get pulled, too.

Liz remembers Victoria from BB16 being in immense pain when her wisdom teeth were coming up and down and she "PTFO" in the bathroom.  Johnny Mac loved "PTFO" and laughed at that.

(Passed The Fuck Out)

(I discussed Victoria's PTFO episode here.)

Liz said Victoria's face was so swollen and Johnny confirms that this is what happens.

Johnny:  But Steve's teeth aren't coming up and down...they're already there.

Liz:  What should Steve do?  What is there for him?

Johnny:  Amoxycillin (sp?)...he's got gum infection around the tooth.

Austin:  Well, let's take care of it!  We have a dentist's chair....

Johnny:  I need a temporary California dentists license first.

Austin got his wisdom teeth out when he was 18, and Liz had her's taken out, too.  Steve opened up wide and showed Liz.

Liz:  Oh my god-ah!

(It probably looks like a tooth, right?  Maybe with some red swelling nearby?)

Meg had a strong reaction to it, too.  She still has her wisdom teeth, and "joked" that her's are growing in sideways.

Austin said that the DR brought up the house guests' complaining that he eats too much and someone mentions Jason.  I guess Jason complained constantly about Austin making a meal out of a dozen eggs.  Production told Austin to shut up about this, of course.

Shelli is munching on a piece of pepperoni pizza and talking about Clay.  She says the two of them are definitely planning to visit Meg at Christmastime, mentioning that it's hard to find a place to stay there so having that hookup is crucial.

Liz wants to go, too, and says she's never been to New York so they might go, too.  Not sure that Shelli was happy about having a huge crowd, or if she knows that three is definitely a crowd with Meg.

The Have Nots are eagerly awaiting midnight so they can eat.  Shelli asked Julia if she plans on baking cookies for the occasion.  They admitted they did have cookie plans.

Shelli: You know...there are some M&M's in the storage could put a few of them on top of the cookies.

Julia: many?

Shelli:  About three...three bags!  Just sayin'...

Liz brought up Clay's sweet tooth, which was a pretty constant issue.

Shelli:  Yeah, he loves sweets.  That's why we're perfect.....

They planned to eat turkey burgers and steak at midnight, and Julia could hardly wait.  She was talking about how hungry she was in the middle of the competition, actually.  They can't imagine how hungry they would be if they hadn't been able to eat two different dinners this week.  

(Chipotle on Tuesday and the Halfway Party pizza and cake on Wednesday.)

In the bedroom Jackie and Vanessa had a low key conversation about the competition.  Vanessa knew that she would not be the winner of an endurance competition, so she tried to find other ways to win.  She scooped up some Crisco to put in her bowl of oil and Production had to tell her to stop and made her take a penalty of sitting out a few laps.

Vanessa:  They never said you couldn't use the Crisco, but they did say you couldn't carry any oil in your clothes or hair.

(Last year, the house guests scooped up "snow flakes"  for their bowls and got away with it, which might help explain this new rule.  It actually caused some drama afterwards, when Christine was suspected of whispering this tip to Nicole during the competition.)

Vanessa:  I'm not tired, I just feel stuck in one place.

Jackie agreed, and said it is a very strange feeling.  She thinks she has to wear her costume for most or all of this weekend, but isn't sure yet.  (One reason why I think she likes to lay in bed, so she can take that armor off.)

Then Jackie asked Vanessa if she could tell her what happened earlier in the day with the drama between Clay and James.  This was like pushing Vanessa'a "On Button" and she started slowly, building to full speed before being stuck on "Repeat".

It's really hard to follow, but basically she claims Clay came to her and told her that Johnny Mac said something to him about her and she should go address him about it.  I actually think I may have witnessed this conversation yesterday and tweeted about it.

So if I follow it correctly, after Vanessa heard this, she went to Johnny Mac and started making a scene about it, asking him over and over again to just tell her if he said it or not.  He just stared at her and never answered.  So then Vanessa went to Clay to shriek at him about it, and Clay ended up telling her he lied.

It's all stupid...all of it, but Vanessa really hammers the point over and over and over, saying the following repeatedly:

*  It was the most random thing!
*  Why Johnny Mac of all people? I haven't been gunning for him and haven't said one thing about him!
* It was so crazy!
*  I haven't done anything!

At some point Meg came in, and Vanessa pushed the reset button and went through the whole thing again!

Vanessa:  It was so know how someone is trying to explain something to you and it's just all scrambled?

Jackie and Meg:  YES.

They finally got to the part about Clay and James almost getting into a fist fight.  Jackie said she'd been involved in enough shit in the house lately, so she just stayed in the bathroom until it was over.

Meg:  Well, I was right here...right here!

Austin said he heard about it when Production came over the intercom.  To be honest, it was about as close to an actual physical fight as I've ever seen on Big Brother, but things calmed down very quickly...probably because no drinking was involved.  In other seasons, people got drunk and started some things they had a hard time coming down from.

Meg:  Today felt like a movie.  I don't even remember being here for most of it.

When they were alone, Jackie and Meg giggled about Vanessa.  Jackie did an impression of Vanessa freaking out that included hands held up like claws and squawking in a high voice.

Becky came in and got an ice pack and settled in to take a little nap before her next DR session.

Vanessa must think everything is sunshine and unicorns, having a smiley session with Steve to apologize to Steve for mentioning the Freaks and Geeks alliance in front of Shelli.

Vanessa:  I was just an idiot!  And I am exhuasted!  But I covered it up well..I told her you were thinking up names for an alliance with us.

She wants Steve to say he thought up the name Beauty, Freaks and Geeks for an alliance if Shelli asks.

Steve is in a lot of pain but Vanessa seemed too manic to notice.

Shelli  shocked the crowd by telling them being a mother has never been her #1 goal in life.  She says she's already been married and divorced, and if she meets the right person and having a baby happens, that would be great.

Shelli:  But you might think I'm 33 so my clock is ticking so I can't wait to get pregnant, but that's not the case.

Everyone liked that answer, even if they were all shocked.  They all thought that Shelli was the perfect wife and mother type.

Shelli:  All of my friends are married with kids...really cute kids.  I go over there and play with their kids and then go home to Rango.

Shelli also has a white cat named Lily that an ex-boyfriend gave her as a gift.  He gave her the kitten and they broke up soon afterwards.  Note that Shelli is just sliding back into the environment in the house, making normal conversation and being friendly.  Too bad Vanessa is not able to do this naturally...because Shelli is really good at it.

They don't understand the prize structure of the competition, and knew it was the first year that they had this format.  Apparently all three prize balls were in the same barrel, so the only way that different people could have won is if a few people were neck-and-neck at the end, but everyone would have wanted to grab the HoH ball.

(Or if several alliance members were together at the end and decided who needed what prize.)

They think the rules will be different next year. 

Julia never learned what happened at the BB Prom they had in the first weeks of the game.  Everyone described who the couples were, how Da'Vonne interviewed everyone as they came down the stairs, and what their talent was.  Julia says Liz never told her all of that, so she would have been screwed if the topic had come up when they were switching out.  Someone asked Liz if Austin was her Prom date.

Liz:'s kind of a sore was Jeff.

They describe how Austin was Jason's date, and how they twirled around with Austin lifting Jason up in the air.

Julia: Oh that is so cute-ah!

They told her Audrey was in her bed that week and didn't want to go to Prom, which left Jace without a date so he didn't go, either.  (Jace should have gone stag and stolen someone else's date.  That's a classic prom scenario.)

They talked about who kept falling in the competition, and Steve stubbornly refuses to admit that he ever fell.  He does admit, however, to sleeping on the floor of his hotel room during the BB casting process.  He doesn't know why he did that, and claims to have never done that before.

Well okay.  Right.


At about 3:35 am, James got called in the Diary Room, and apparently found an America's Player card waiting for him in the chair.  The video was showing FISH, but there was an audio slip of the following:

James:  What? America's Player card?

BB Voice:  Congratulations!

Then back to FISH.

***sigh***  Not this again...

And the Reign of Becky Begins... #BB17

OK, so Becky won HoH, and also had time to go for the other two prizes, too, since she was way out in front of the pack.

When the live feeds come back, I was surprised to see Becky in the Have Not room, chattering a mile a minute with the Twins.

Julia:  Becky you were skiing down that lane....

Liz:  But Julia you were in second.

Julia:  But the difference was that Becky never fell.

Becky:  And Johnny was going faster than me in the beginning, but but he was losing a lot of oil.  And I watched you Julia...the way you were pouring and you didn't lose anything.  So I learned from that.

Becky:  And I was at the rock bottom of my savings, after having the accident.  And now I can pay off my debt and have some money to fall back if I need new tires for $750, I don't need to freak out.

Julia:  No more Abercrombie!

Becky:  Oh no, I'm going back there!

Julia:  Oh.

There is a lot of energy in the room.  Austin came in and joined the conversation, and I heard Vanessa come in, too.

Then the cameras go to the kitchen, where there is an eerie silence.  Isn't Becky part of their group now though?

Meg chatters about being hungry, and wanting to cook something.

James asks how Johnny is.

Johnny:  Oh, I'm okay.  I'm just trying to feel what hurts right now.

James:  Steve really put it all in perspective when he said we're just all in a parking lot.

Jackie:  We really were in a parking lot tonight.

You'd think Johnny would be happy, since Becky is his girl and he can still play for HoH next week.  But I guess he's so heartbroken over Clay leaving....I don't get it.  I really don't.

I honestly can't stand looking at him now.  He was such a poor sport and a quitter parading as a selfless giver.  I thought Julie Chen really stuck it to him with some hard questions about how he felt about Shelli, quitting the game, and also Meg drunkenly accosting him.

Clay said if Shelli wins BB, he feels like he won, too. I'll bet.

Time will tell about Clay, and I predict the story will be all too familiar.

Shelli needs to suck it up and move on.  And not cry all the time and talk about him.

Move on Shelli.  You need to start that process now.

I think Vanessa and Shelli have volunteered to be Have Nots, but I'm not sure.

***UPDATE*** Now I'm hearing that it will be Jackie, Meg and James.  So who knows, really.