Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cody Said It Tonight - Even a Train to the Face Won't Stop Becky. #BB17

Of course, Cody was talking about this.

Jackie's bowl of oil looks competitive to me, but I haven't heard anyone call her out as being one of the front runners.

That's Jackie's bowl to the left of Johnny's, so to me the difference isn't huge.

Steve probably knows that if Johnny wins, he's probably good this week.  But if Becky wins, I'm not so sure.  Becky went off about how evil Vanessa was in the HoH room this week, but she flip flops pretty frequently, so I'm not sure which way she will actually go.

So far I haven't heard about anyone going for the $5,000 or the Never Have Not prizes.

Austin is covered in Crisco from falling so many times.  He's keeping up the chatter, though, and keeping things light.

Someone out there are only 4 guys now, and Jackie told whoever said it to "hush".

Someone also said that if Jace was there, he'd be flopping around everywhere.

Meg:  You know Production says we're not allowed to talk about Jace.

They all laughed.  You know that Jace's face wasn't even on the Halfway Party cake, right?  I think it was more a function of space, and not malice, but who knows.

You think Vanessa regrets getting into it with Johnny Mac a few hours ago?  He just stared at her while she challenged him, which seemed stupid at the time, but not such a bad idea now.

Someone mentioned that James doesn't have cocktails to drink while he watches.

Meg: Can you imagine how great it would be if you had beer?

James:  I don't want to hear about it Drunkie...I think we all remember what happened last time.

(ie. Meg got wasted during the PoV comp last week)

James:  I think Julie gave us a hint that someone from the Jury might get to come back.

Austin:  She did tell us that..someone from the Jury will come back.

Take a look at Becky's bowl -- she's really close--an inch or more above Johnny Mac.

We're going to have to listen to Becky Burgess babble all week, but maybe it won't be as bad as I think it will be.

Becky:  James, I need you to come Swiffer over here.

Everyone laughs.  They have to....because Becky is fast becoming the most fascinating person in their little world.

Austin:  Somebody's got to be getting close...

Meg:  Yeah...Becky is.

Austin:  Oh shit.

Ha ha. Then he catches himself and starts saying shit constantly, pretending it's some sort of pain issue, to cover up his slip of the tongue.  It's a pain issue all right...the Pain of Becky.

Lots of Long, Painful Losses. #BB17

The competition is well underway, with FISH occasionally so the house guests can receive direction and maybe rules clarification.

James is helpless, watching.  He gives out calm encouragement and cracks a few jokes here and there.

He told Vanessa that she, Shelli and Steve were all about even, but it is clear that Becky and Julia are now competing for the lead, about halfway in the competiton.

James just announced that Meg got her third cup and everyone laughed.  Austin remembered Julie announcing that Meg got a cup of oil in and Meg laughs, saying she will not forget Julie mocking her.

There was some issue with this lumpy thing on the ground.  Apparently they were told not to push off against it and Steve just realized that he was guilty of doing it.

There is Vanessa down there at the end.  Her balance is good.  Austin took a big spill and everyone actually stopped to ask if he was okay.  Well, maybe they didn't stop, but they looked over.

Julia is actually faster than Becky on the way back---she runs but has fallen a few times.  But Becky is steadier on her feet and her speed is consistent.

James:  Becky all that soccer came in handy.

A Twin:  And the skiing, too.

And then Julia fell, with a loud whap.  She got up and wobbled a bit, but then went back to her barrel to start the lap again.

James:  I'll have to massage that for you Julia, later tonight.

Vanessa took a hard spill, and Meg encouraged her to "scooch" if she had to.  I heard someone praying, asking for God to make it easier, and I think it was Vanessa.

James announced that it looked like a three-way tie between Johnny Mac, Becky and also Julia.

Austin reports that his toe is bleeding and we get FISH.  I heard him asking a few minutes ago if he could take off his shoes, but the answer was no.  Last year Derrick kept saying the shoes that BB gave him to wear were too short, and his toes were all bunched up.  Maybe Austin has that same issue this year.

 There's Johnny Mac, looking strong on the turns and gliding to a halt.  He's actually running to the barrel and making it look easy.  All of those Tough Mudder runs are coming in handy, it seems.

Julia:  This game should be called the Art of Scampering.

Becky: This game should be called Fuck My Life.

Everyone:  Whoa!

Austin just took another hard spill.

James:  There goes a knee replacement.

Austin:  I already had one!

Meg:  Austin do you want to hold hands?

Whose Tank Will Fill Up First? #BB17

This competition is a classic and there is a reason why BB does it every year.  Sometimes it is clear who the winner will be, but the agony of defeat is a show that never gets old on the faces of the losers.

Plus, slipping and falling is really funny.

In the last year or so, a new wrinkle was added to this comp, allowing people to go for money instead of the HoH power.  Mike Boogie went for the money in BB14, and that was the week he went home.

Vanessa just asked James for an update.

James:  Becky is in the lead...Julia is second.

Austin says Steve is killing it.

Jackie wonders if the gas is really Coke, but Becky thinks it is just colored corn oil.

Some Becky ass-kissing is already taking place.  One of the Twins just told her she's killing it, and James has said "good job Becky" at least twice.

Austin:  I can't believe Becky hasn't fallen.

There is a fair amount of heavy breathing and occasional cursing from Austin.    Johnny Mac is steady on his feet and James just called out Steve for being sneaky.

Meg:  He's being really smart about it...I'm keeping an eye on him.

Let''s Play Fight! No, Let's Kiss! No, Let's Really Fight! And So On... #BB17

I don't know where today went, but I'll try to catch up now.  These pictures start late yesterday afternoon, when the Twins were shooting the breeze with Steve and Austin.  Steve AusTwin, if you will.

There was a lot of joking about Steve's love life.  He's been talking about his "number" but now he clarifies that his "number" refers to times he's kissed girls, not sex.

Julia says it's weird to hear Steve say "sex" but then he goes much more graphic and clinical with his terms.

Whatever he calls it, he hasn't done it and that's that.

The girls have a funny way of saying "Steeeeeev-ah" and he gets them to say it in unison and it is great. Steve needs to record that and use it as his ringtone.  And then get people to call him so he can leverage knowing them into instant popularity.  Who wouldn't want to befriend a friend of the Twins?

(Remember those "I know Judd" T-shirts from BB15?)

Liz wanted to do some more wrestling moves with Austin, so she beat him up and loved every second of it.  The sound effects of her making contact, and Austin's exaggerated reactions are really great to watch and something we have never seen on the live feeds.

(I don't think Jessie even knew how to do this stuff, actually.)

Julia says it looks so realistic, especially with Austin's hair flying around.

Austin:  That's why the hair is essential!  Now you know!

(But what about the beard....can't he shave that off?  Or at least lose the beard tail?)

You can see that Meg and James have joined the group to watch.

Meg:  I could watch this all day long.

And now Johnny Mac takes a ringside seat, too, and you can see Vanessa coming up on the right.

And now Becky and Jackie are watching, too.  Everybody but Clay and Shelli are there, and they're not participating this week, so it's a full house.

Liz has forgotten some of the moves, but Austin coaches her through them and they look pretty convincing to me.

I know I've scoffed when Austin mentions his love for gymnastics, but it really seems crucial in order to do some of these moves.  Becky encouraged them to practice some wrestling sequences and then do another performance for them.

Meanwhile, this is the scene with Shelli and Clay.  They did start kissing yesterday in the backyard, but it isn't anything too shocking.  Just a lot of smacking and smooching.

(Do you think Meg will go in for a kiss when Clay leaves tonight?  Or is she too scared of Shelli?)

These two know the cameras are trained on them---if you don't know, the house guests can see most of the cameras, but they can tell whether or not what they are doing is of interest by watching the cameras move around and focus on them.

They talked about their future dates in Houston.  Clay is going to take Shelli out to a bar where she will meet all of his friends.  They joke about how Clay will mysteriously cut the trip short if his friends don't approve of her.

(I'm guessing most of Clays friends already know Shelli very well, right?)

All of the kissing I've seen is like this.  On the scale of Brenchal and JeJo, they are somewhere in the middle.  Jeff and Jordan were never this mushy, to be honest.

In the last day or so I've heard the house guests discuss Jeff and Jordan's appearance on Marriage Boot Camp.  Someone saw a commercial or a preview and told everyone about it.  No one believed them at first so I think Steve had to confirm it before everyone accepted the news.

I think Becky thought it was Couples Therapy, but in the end they got the show right.  Steve said that Aubrey O'Day was on the show, too, and this made Austin happy.  He said Aubrey was his favorite on The Celebrity Apprentice and that she made the show worth watching.

While Clay and Shelli were in bed, you could hear the loud whoops and laughter from the living room as everyone enjoyed each other's company.  Some of the voices were more irritating than others to Clay and Shelli.

Shelli, after hearing James' voice:  It's like nails on a chalkboard, isn't it?

Let's contrast that wholesome image with this one.  Sorry if you're trying to eat right now.

Clay and Shelli had a long meeting in the Hammock Room.  They basically calculated all of the days and nights they've spent together, trying to equate it to a relationship in the outside world.

Showmance couples do this every year---comparing the time spent to the time that is usually spent casually dating someone.

I've been meaning to mention the little tables in that room.  They appear to be made from cabinet doors, with the handle right in the middle.  I'm not sure about the color or the style of the base, but I think I like that concept.  I went to someone's beach house one time and they had converted an old door to a coffee table, and left the door knob and hinges on it.  One of those old doorknobs made out of was very cool.

More of the kissing, now a regular feature of their time together.  Clay said Shelli always had the best breath and is amazed by it. That is a first for my live feed watching.

They discussed how awkward everything is right now, and Shelli says they need to remember that for the future---that the nominated people feel alienated and they need to keep that in mind and try to help.

(Not for nothing, Clay has alienated himself by popping off at James and refusing to speak.  I guess he thought he would never go on the block this season.  I know they feel betrayed by James, but they felt differently about it when they were the betrayers.  Don't hate the house guests, hate the game.  Since Clay is a "SuperFan", he should know that, right?)

Who knew James was such a big flosser?  Meg says he's flossing all of the time in there.  They think the dental floss is kind of cheap and flimsy, but it gets the job done.

James thinks he might have a cavity, and tells Johnny Mac that his dentist said they should keep an eye on it.  Johnny came over and took a look, and said that indeed looks like a cavity.

Liz:  How can you tell?

Johnny:  Because it's rotted....huh huh huh.

(Johnny Mac told Big Jeff that everyone likes to talk about their teeth, whether they know it or not.  I think he was right...)

Andy Warhol used to call this a "champagne chin".  It's more likely a "Cheetos chin" this summer, though.

The group (everyone but Shelli and Clay) went bowling again, but over the weeks they have gone from cereal boxes to empty soda bottles, and they now wrap their grapefruits with foil before they start throwing them to minimize spewing and leakage.

Meg still keeps score with cereal.  It loos like a complicated system to me, but they all understand it, apparently.

Liz and Steve were on a team--Team Stiz.  And Becky and Johnny Mac were on a team---Team Beej or BeeJay.  And Meg and Austin were a team as well---Team Ma.

They took turns narrating the action and also doing live reads for their sponsors, which are hilarious.  As usual, Irish Spring soap has remained a loyal patron, joined by frequent ads by Swiffer and Coke.

These Twins are so much fun.  I don't know how we got by without both of them being in the house.  They are just jolly and light and keep everyone laughing with the way they say things.

Austin is usually the one who sets up the pins and then holds up the pillow as protection when the grapefruit is thrown.  The bottles make a satisfying sound when they make contact.

Johnny Mac is pretty good and the girls tease him about lying about being a dentist, saying he's really a professional bowler.

Meg is the butt of a lot of jokes, and loves it.  For the Swiffer commercials, Austin makes a short promotional announcement, and then adds it is fun for grandmas and Meg.  Then later, he changes it to say "Meg sold separately" and it really is hilarious.  Sometimes Austin then reads the Spanish wording on the back of the package and I laugh at that, too.

It's Becky's turn to bowl now, and Meg announces that they have no life.

Becky:  It's a great life!  What are you talking about?


Becky:  Whoever loses has to eat Audrey!

(i.e. her face from the Halfway Party cake)

Meg:  No!  We're saving that for Dare Night!

(ha ha ha)

Austin said everyone is scared to eat Audrey's face in case they get a spell put on them.

Julia throws the grapefruit hard and everyone notices.

It's time for another Swiffer break, and Meg complains that it makes the floor too slippery and is messing up her game.  They think the switch from oranges to grapefruits is probably the reason though.

When Austin does the commercial for Coke, he says "Coke---I can't feel my face when I'm alone with you", and I can't believe that the FISH don't appear.  (Coca-Cola would not like that endorsement...)

Julia went through her clothes to find something to wear for the live show.  She explained that their mother had to buy a series of matching outfits because apparently Production wanted them to be able to switch out during every live show.  They had those athletic outfits with the purple tank tops we all saw, but also a few really cool dresses that the girls all loved.  One was a strapless royal blue dress that one of them plans to wear soon.

Liz wants to to go Abercrombie when she gets home.   She hasn't shopped there in a long time but Becky has convinced her that the clothing in there has changed and is new and fresh.  Becky also said that Hollister is basically the same thing, but 25% cheaper, in order to be affordable for younger girls.

Julia says these dresses are pretty on the hanger but aren't very flattering to wear.  She says her mom did a good job with the shopping, though.  I think the Twins were already in sequester, so their mom had to shop without them and Production did not reimburse her for any of the clothes.

There is a gold halter top with an attached chunky gold chain that Becky really liked and wants to wear for a live show.  Becky also begged Meg to style her for an upcoming show, and was experimenting with red lipstick but says she can't pull that part off.

Hmm.  What must Julia be thinking here?

I don't remember exactly what was going on here, but I know Shelli is fed up with everyone scurrying around and whispering all the time.

Early this morning, Liz was trying to sleep in her dentist chair and the Tattooed Hand kept getting in her space.

Meg went up to the HoH room to grab a space on the bed before this morning's lockdown and was glum about the day's prospects.

Meg: I'm not happy about today. I feel like it's going to be a big lose.

(She knows Clay is likely going home, and that the odds of her side winning HoH are slim.)

As they prepared for the live show, Meg went and sucked up to Shelli, asking Shelli how she should vote, and assuring her that she really liked Shelli and meant her no harm this week.

Within minutes, Clay was scoffing about this conversation, saying Meg was trying to cover herself  in the game after Shelli stays.

I had a hard time keeping up with all of this, but apparently Johnny Mac has decided to play the game, and is doing so in what may be a stupid manner.  He tells Clay that Vanessa is the one who suggested that Clay and Shelli go on the block.

John also told Steve that he doesn't like the way Vanessa blames things on other people, and if he wins HoH he will put Meg and Liz on the block, and backdoor Vanessa.

(Will Steve share this with Vanessa?  She's already said that Johnny Mac and Jackie are her targets, so she must already sense this.)

Vanessa ended up asking Johnny point blank several times if he said that to Clay, and Johnny just sat there and stared at her.  It didn't look good, but he did it.  Just sat there.  For some reason he is a total stan for Clay and Vanessa said the only thing that would make sense is if they were related to each other, or gay lovers.  (!)

The Twins feel all of the tension in the house and Julia says she is scared, and is going to hide in the Have Not room.

Liz:  Austin will protect us.

Julia:  He better.  I know he was talking a lot of shit about me before I got here.  But I don't want to be here without you.  The reason why I've been enjoying myself here is because I get to be with you.

They say that if one of them is evicted, the other might just have to walk out, too.

Then shit got really interesting.  Vanessa went and told James that Clay is telling people that James told him that Vanessa is going after Johnny Mac (I think that was the issue.)  and James got all riled up.  He marched across the house in a very purposeful way, going into the bedroom where Clay was laying up.

James:  Clay, I don't know how much longer you have in this house, but while you're here you need to keep my name out of your mouth.

Clay:  Shut up and get the fuck out of here.

James:  You're a coward!

(Yes, a coward and a quitter.)

After James walked out, Clay said James had "little man syndrome".  Well, stuff started popping off with Vanessa and Johnny as described above on another camera, but when I came back to this bedroom James was walking back in there, and Clay jumped out of bed and came over to James.

James:  Oh, are you going to get up in my face now?  Are you going to hit me?

Clay:  I will!

And you can see his finger pointing in James' face.  Clay started telling James what he should not be doing, and James turned his head over to the left, and then we got FISH.

Whew.  Sometimes the most exciting things just come out of nowhere.

When the cameras came back Austin was in the room, and I think BB asked him to monitor the situation.  Everyone tried to be calm and just speak normally.

But then Vanessa came in the room and confronted Clay.  Oh boy.  Apparently she heard him and Johnny talking in the middle of the night, with Clay talking about Johnny voting Shelli out.

Vanessa: I heard him tell you to keep pretending to be down and mope around, but that you could count on his vote!

(i.e. proof that Clay is trying to get votes for Shelli to be evicted)

Clay ERUPTED at Vanessa, saying something that sounded like "GET THE FUCK OUT"  and for a moment I thought he might lose it and hurt her.  Vanessa asked Shelli if she believed her, and she said she did.  Vanessa said she didn't know why Clay was trying to protect Johnny Mac, and Clay admitted that he just felt like lying and didn't have to explain it.

(It was all very confusing so I can't be totally clear on this, but trust that things in that house are at an all-time tension level and we will learn more on Sunday's CBS show.  Or by listening to them talk on the live feeds.  Whatever.)

After Vanessa left the room, Clay started getting pissy with Shelli, saying why did Shelli believe Vanessa over him?  I wish I could say Shelli told him to go home to his real mother and cry to her about it, but she didn't.  She started trying to smooth it all over and calm him down because Shelli has skills like that.  She can pacify people when she wants to.

(Yes, I'm picturing Clay Honeycutt with a pacifier in his mouth.  Ha ha.)

I don't think Clay is who we all thought he was, after seeing him this week.  Maybe he's just stressed out and in a bad mood, but when his dark side comes out, he is a different person.