Wednesday, August 5, 2015

James Tweets: Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks #BB17

"Brass tacks" is James' new favorite phrase, after learning it from Austin this week. He keeps throwing it out there in funny ways, so I'm surprised he didn't find a way to work it in to his HoH Tweets.

Speaking of HoH Tweets, I heard Shelli and Vanessa discussing them, and Shelli told Vanessa that they were allowed to write five tweets. Vanessa says she was never told that, and had trouble coming up with material for just one tweet.

But clearly they let James to crazy here. I wish he would have revealed some info to us, but the process seems so highly chaperoned this year that I'm not even sure they would let him unleash some game truths.  Or even spoilers, for that matter, since CBS is clearly trying to get the casuals to add Twitter to their viewing routine by scrolling fan tweets across both the CBS and POP BBAD episodes.

They didn't even let James tag Taylor Swift in his tweet to her.

But I shouldn't complain because at least we're getting some HoH Tweets from someone other than Vanessa and Shelli.

Bespoke Burritos, Bad Attitudes, and Bad Acting #BB17

Last night Production brought in Chipotle for dinner, and the Have Nots were allowed to eat, too.  I can only assume this was the anticipated "Halfway Party", even though I don't think they shut down the live feeds to play music, and I don't see a sheet cake.  They do have booze, so that's something.

Look at Steve's grumpy resting face.  Do  you think he's happy about the Chipotle dinner?  Or sitting by Becky, who he is not a fan of?  (In early weeks, Steve told the live feeders that he didn't like how close Becky was getting to Johnny Mac, and knew she also had a connection with Jackie at that point, but I don't know if his reasons have changed lately.  He wants her out, though.)

I later heard Steve say that when he heard that Chipotle was being delivered, he knew that he wouldn't be eating.  Because Steve Moses has declared that he doesn't like food with flavor....only bland foods.
(I can't make that up, people. Nothing about Steve's life is spicy, tangy, or non-bland.)

Some house guests are chatting merrily, feeling the alcohol kick in after enjoying their dinner.

And some are not.  Specifically, Clay.

By the way, Shelli is aware that Clay has been quietly retracting his pleas for everyone to vote him out so Shelli can stay.  She can't really blame him, because she wants to stay in the game, too.  But the news stung when Vanessa told her yesterday.

Clay went outside and pouted on the hammock.

Then Shelli came out and they moved to a more comfortable spot for their "private time".  They chatted for a few minutes about important topics like what kind of hard liquor they like to drink.  Clay named a bunch of brand names he likes, but struggled to come up with "Pappy Van Winkle".

(Clay:  Pappy......Pappy...something...I don't know.)

Shelli likes Jack Daniels with Diet Coke and a squeeze of lime.  She says the thought of this drink reminds her of tail gating before  a college football game, which were some of the best days of her life.  She notes that Clay never really got to experience that, since he was a football player, but Clay indicates that the team had their share of parties, too.

Clay isn't exactly bubbly with Shelli, either.  I guess this whole competitive situation is getting to him.  The scene at the dinner table is bothering him, too.

Clay:  What the hell was that in there?

Apparently there was a sudden uncomfortable silence at the table that Clay is taking personal.

(Clay, dude you haven't spoke to anyone with anything longer than one or two syllables since Monday's PoV ceremony. You can't expect everyone to entertain you.)

Inside the group is talking about previous BB seasons.  James is clearly catching a buzz and is talking about having a passionate kiss on the live feeds like "Jessie and Shane".  Everyone tried to correct him, saying that it was Danielle Murphree he was referring to, not Jessie.  But James was stubborn about it.

James:  Don't ya'll remember the Zingbot coming in here and talking about Jessie's restraining order?

(I remember, James.)

Austin and Steve continued to berate James for being wrong, and then Vanessa and Becky chimed in.  And we all know this is probably fresh on Becky's mind since she just watched BB14 for the first time.  Meg never watched BB14, and admits it. They briefly discuss Frank Eudy, and what a good guy he was, and what a hard worker.

Note that James recently learned what the phrase "brass tacks" means and uses it constantly now in a funny way.

Meg wonders what would happen in the house if someone nominated someone by calling them a "Froot Loop Dingus" and they all laugh.  Then they discuss using a "Roses are Red" rhyme to nominate someone.  One of the Twins gave a shout out to Zach and then there is discussion about how close his home in Florida is to Miami.

The Twin knew, and said she applied to UF, too (Zach's alma mater) but she didn't get in.  Vanessa said her sister Tisha went to UF, too, and asked if The Twin applied to FSU.

The Twin, probably Julia:  No.  Tallahassee is just too far away and I couldn't deal with that.

Vanessa:  But didn't you go to New Orleans to go to college?

Julia:  Yeah.  But that's different.  That's out-of-state.

(Um, okay.  Whatever.)

Outside the talk turned to disappointment over their Chipotle food.  Each house guest put in an order for what they wanted, but it sounds like Meg was the only person who said her burrito was exactly what she ordered.

Meg:  I'd just like to thank whoever did was perfect....just brown rice, no meat, no cheese....

Becky, obviously bitter:  Well, I think cheese and sour cream are disgusting on a burrito, but they gave me the thing at like, 2:30 in the morning and told me to fill it out, and I didn't know....

(Production:  Fuck you, Becky!)

Austin:  Well, I don't like sour cream on my burrito, either, and it was all over mine, too.

James:  Well, we all filled out a 1,000 page application before getting on here, so they should know what all of us like and don't like!

Vanessa laid down and chatted with the Twins as they relaxed after dinner.  I did not hear any of them complain about their Chipotle orders, for the record.  Julia did, however, say that she was hiding from James, who gets "a little handsy" after having a few drinks.

Vanessa said he only had two full beers, but he's a little guy.

A Twin:  What the fuck-ah?  I have at least three beers before I get really buzzed.

They know they are supposed to meet with James about the double eviction plan but don't want to do it when James is drunk.

Austin came in and they had a whispered chat about the state of their group.  Vanessa overheard a conversation James had and thinks that the group upstairs is afraid of nominating any of the AusTwins because depending on the Jury, they could control two or three votes at the end of the game.

Vanessa:  That is why they want to keep Clay here...they want Clay to come after Austin so they don't have to!

Austin mentions how Clay is always glaring at him now, and hasn't spoken to him once all week.

(Note that Vanessa wants to be sure all three of them vote out Clay and keep Shelli, which is in Vanessa's best interest).

While they were whispering, Jackie walked through the room, cape flying behind her.  The group clumsily tried to talk at non-whisper levels, pretending to talk about something else.

Vanessa immediately jumped up and followed Jackie into the Have Not room to do damage control.  She told Jackie they were just talking about the meeting tonight they want to have to plan for the double eviction.

Back in the bedroom, Austin reached over and started stroking Liz's midsection.  As you might guess, she jumped up shortly afterwards and left the room.

Vanessa spent a few minutes fixing Steve's hair with some gel, while whispering to him that there would be a double eviction meeting held shortly that would exclude Clay and Shelli, Steve and Johnny Mack.  I think she said Becky wouldn't be there, either, but Becky did attend the meeting.

Vanessa paraded Steve around to get opinions on his hair.  Meg liked it.

Shelli liked it, and immediately started patronizing Steve, saying he looked just like Clay now.

OK Shelli, we get it.  You're kissing ass to get Steve's vote this week, but the baby talk voice needs to be evicted with Clay.

Upstairs Jackie was gleefully reporting how she busted Vanessa, Austin and The Twins downstairs.  Apparently she watched all of them go into that room and heard things get really quiet, so she decided to "be weird and go in there".

Jackie: And then Vanessa knew I busted her, so she ran after me and told me she told them about the double eviction meeting, but whatever.

Meg:  Yeah, but that is what they could have been talking about.

Jackie:  Yeah, but...

Jackie got called to the DR and immediately knew she was going to get in trouble for not wearing her helmet.

(Production:  Fuck you Jackie!)

As Jackie was getting up to leave she dropped her armor and broke something. Jackie bent down to fix it, with Becky's help, saying she could "fix any costume".

What were they all talking about in there?  Basically Vanessa....and how she needs to go.  They are on to her.

Meg Maley needs a bra, or some other clothing that can provide adequate support.  She does not exercise, does not eat well, and already has arthritis.  It is great to have a natural chest, but I have bad news for Meg about gravity.

Gravity sucks, Meg.

As a contrast, Becky has fake boobs that appear to be larger than Meg's, but she is able to support them and does not flaunt them on a 24/7 basis.

But on the other hand, Production fucked up Becky's Chipotle order tonight, and managed to get Meg's complicated Chipotle order correct.

So there's that.

By the way Becky is just CHOCK FULL of opinions now about how Vanessa really screwed her over last week.  She says she was getting very close with Jason, and it hurt her to be put on the block next to him.

(Was Becky getting close with Jason?  I never noticed that. But if she sat on the outdoor couch while he was out there smoking, he wouldn't just get up and leave the smoking section.  So maybe that spells "close" to Becky...having someone not immediately leave the area when she appears.)

Jackie came back upstairs quickly and told the group that the DR session was just a "friendly reminder" to wear her suit of armor at all times.

(Production:  Fuck you again Jackie!)

Jackie:  Well, if I win HoH, Vanessa is going up on the block, and she's getting evicted.  I have plenty of personal reasons for this, and I'm happy to take the hit for it.

Meg's chest, always on display.  Surely Meg knows she is flashing us, right?

Meg is saying that she just can't evict Clay...blah blah blah.

(Right Meg, we got it.)

Both Meg and her tits plan to nominate Austin and Steve if she wins HoH, and then put up Vanessa if someone uses the PoV.  She says she is scared of Vanessa in this game and Becky chimed in that Vanessa has made a deal with everybody to keep them safe.

(Becky might be speaking the truth, but no one really respects what she has to say and will likely not quote her unless it benefits them.)

That must be a blankie from home, right? That James got in his HoH basket?

I'm not flashing back to watch that, though.  And CBS didn't bother to show us his HoH room reveal, either.

Austin came upstairs and they greeted him warmly, even though they were talking trash about him just moments before.  Austin says the vibe with Clay is strange, and his relationship with Johnny Mac is strange, too.

(Vanessa and the AusTwins plan to push for a Clay-Johnny Mac nomination during the upcoming meeting.)

Everyone agrees that Johnny's attachment to Clay is strange, and they mention him crying after the PoV competition when James won.  But he was kind of drunk, they say.

Becky is all "Clelli this" and "Clelli that" as she says Shelli and Clay have been kind to Johnny Mac, and he really likes them.  Becky just loves to talk, ya'll.  The CBS viewers might not know that, but the live feeders are becoming well-aware of how Becky loves to take the stage and give her opinions.

Everyone:  Yeah yeah.  Um Hm.  O-kay.

Vanessa joined the group and James went to summon the Twins to start the double eviction meeting.  Someone wondered what Clay and Shelli were up to, and Vanessa said she thought they would be outside together for a while.

Jackie:  I don't give a fuck.  One of them is going home and everyone knows it.

(Jackie:  Fuck you, Clelli!)

Everyone looked at the Spy Screen and laughed as they watched Julia walk by the kitchen and grab Liz's shirt to pull her upstairs.  They are all becoming experts on the Twins' personality differences and are enjoying it.

But of course, Austin is sitting there with them, so what else are they going to say?

Once Liz and Julia arrived, they got down to business.  Basically Vanessa led a discussion about why Johnny Mac and Clay both need to be nominated, and everyone agreed.

But of course, Vanessa's enemies want her out next, along with Austin.  And of course Vanessa is planning for Clay to hit the bricks on Thursday, so everyone is lying to each other.  But does either side know that they are being lied to right now?

That is the question.  Well, one question.  The only real answer will come on Thursday when the new HoH is crowned.  People on both sides of the house will scramble like rats if they think they will be the next target.

They also discussed the vote this week---James clearly thinks everyone in the room will vote out Shelli, and various comments were made about Shelli being a huge target.

Vanessa:  But I already promised Clay that I would vote him out...I'm worried he will hold it against me if I don't do that.

James agreed that Vanessa can go ahead and vote for Clay to leave, but Vanessa wants to expand that idea.  She thinks that everyone has made different connections with Clay and Shelli, and everyone should do what is best for them personally.

(Vanessa is clearly greasing the skids to pave the way for a flood of votes to evict Clay.  But I think things are going to get so bitter and explosive that it won't matter what is said now.)

Also, it is obvious that Production gave them some news from the outside world.  I think the house guests were told that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are getting divorced (who cares?) and that Donald Trump is leading the field of Republican candidates for president.

Austin brings up The Donald and they all have a good laugh.  He brings up a random moment from the last season of The Celebrity Apprentice and Meg can't believe he knows so much about it.

And back outside, the lovebirds are aware that the cameras are focused on them again.  The meeting upstairs has basically adjourned so the cameras go back outside.  Clay and Shelli giggle about how much the cameras seem to be focused on them.

I'm glad this crap is getting split up. It's starting to make me nauseous.  I think Clay is a big phony, after watching his actions this week.  I think this may be one big audition for Clay Honeycutt.

You know his nickname on the Texas A&M campus was "Hollywood", right? And "Clay Honeybuns"?

This is an excerpt from the All American Football Studs website, along with lots of pictures of an even-younger Clay.


As soon as James and Jackie were alone in the HoH room after the double eviction meeting, Jackie exploded about what Vanessa said about everybody voting this week based on what is best for them.

Jackie:  Fuck her!  What the fuck is that!  She just can't fucking be an individual and fucking do whatever the fuck she wants with the vote?

Just then, Vanessa knocked at the door and came in.

(ha ha ha)

Vanessa wanted to talk about the vote and they went through all of the info again.  Vanessa asked if Shelli and Clay tried to throw her under the bus, saying that would help her decide.  James said no, that didn't happen, so Vanessa left the room saying she would consider changing her mind about the vote.

Jackie, softly this time  Shit.

(So....yes I think Vanessa knows not all is well with her new "alliance".)