Monday, August 3, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 6 #BB17

This is Wil's ode to Drunk History for this year.  At least, I hope he only does this once a year, for his liver's sake as well as our's.

It's creative and all, but the sound was so bad I found it hard to hear some parts, and then blasted out my eardrums in other parts.

We didn't even see the house guests until the 1:50 mark, but you do see them if you hold out long enough.

I do like the Wig Wall, so that's something.  And I look forward to the next episode, so that's something else.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Flag on the Field. Defense, Ten Yards. #BB17

So the PoV ceremony is over now, and James did not use the PoV, leaving Clay and Shelli on the block.  They tried to turn the tables by spilling their guts last night, but ultimately all they did is share confidential information which may complicate matters for whichever one of them stays in the game this week.

Apparently Clay demonstrated some unsportsmanlike conduct during today's ceremony.  Yep.  From the chatter I am hearing, Clay refused to even look at James as he conducted the ceremony, and may have made a statement that he didn't want to talk to anybody at all anymore.

Whatever he did, The Twins said their mother would have reached through the TV screen and smacked them both in the face if they acted the way Clay Honeycutt just did.

A Twin:  His parents are going to be spinning, watching that.

James left that ceremony and ended up chatting with Steve in the bedroom for a few minutes.

Steve:  I don't know how to handle all of this awkwardness.  I tend to just go into a room alone.  I've been spending a lot of time in the storage room lately, because no one goes in there.

James:  How would you feel to have to stand in front of all of that awkwardness and speak for five minutes?

Steve says people need to remember that they are just on a TV show in the middle of a parking lot.  It's not life or death, or even the Hunger Games.

James:  Yeah, people forget that sometimes.

Outside, the Twins discuss the situation with Austin.  No one is a big Clay fan out there right now.  Austin summarizes what he told Liz earlier about what Clay and Shelli told James, saying he thinks it was basically a ploy to get him nominated.

They plan to talk to Vanessa about who they should all vote out this week.  They are grateful to James for keeping them safe, and feel like James will know how they voted, so they need to be careful and discuss the vote with James, too.

(James has been saying he wants Shelli to be voted out, but Clay's behavior may have impacted that, along with constantly saying he wants to leave.)

The good news for Austin is that all of this drama has helped his relationship with Julia.  It's taken the heat off him and demonstrated that he's on her side, too, not just Liz.

Vanessa came outside and stood by the washing machine while Austin and Liz came over to fill her in on the latest developments.

Austin explained that James pulled him aside and told him Shelli and Clay threw him under the bus.

Vanessa:  Did he mention the alliance?

Austin:  No, he didn't specifically ask if that was true. He just said he wanted to let it go and move on and maybe work with us going forward.

Vanessa says she is so pissed, and then told them how Shelli and Clay woke her out of a dead sleep at 5:00 am to tell her what just happened.

Vanessa:  They were both crying, and they said they thought they may have done something bad.  They basically said they sold you out  (Austin) but said nice things about me.

Vanessa said Shelli told her she would tell her more details about the conversation with James later.  She wants to wait a few hours and then have that conversation before figuring out how they should proceed.

Becky came outside to the laundry area and immediately broke up the conversation, leaving Austin out there alone with her.  She was putting on sunscreen and started going on and on an on about the latest events while Austin just "uh huh'ed" and "yeah yeah'ed" her.

But even though Austin  clearly wanted to get away, Becky had some good points to make.  She said that Clay and Shelli were just throwing Hail Mary's to try and stay in the game, and Austin and everybody else shouldn't take it personally.  She pointed out that last week Jason did it to her, too, but she just tried to keep her mouth shut and not take it personally.

Becky: It's like if you corner a cat, it's going to lash out and swipe at whoever is there. It's not personal, you just happen to be the one standing there.

Austin sat with Vanessa in the bathroom and she said she was so mad right now and needed to vent.  She can't believe Shelli and Clay would blow up everybody's game after everything they've been through.

(Before everybody starts slamming Vanessa for being emotional here, understand that she needs to make sure Austin doesn't think she was behind what Clay and Shelli did.  She is worried that Austin and The Twins might jump ship to the other side, which would give them a big advantage, so she needs to read him and see if that is a possibility.  I don't think it is, but I think this is what Vanessa is doing here.)

Vanessa wanted to know what Becky was saying out there (see? she's checking up on him.) so he told her what Becky said about cats reaching out and scratching people.

Julia came in and told Vanessa about how she was in the dark all of last week, not even knowing that Liz won the BoB.

Julia:  So Liz is really upset over what Clay and Shelli told James, but it wasn't me...I wasn't even here!

Vanessa says they will know more later about what was said, and exactly who said it.  She also thinks James may change his mind about who needs to go home, if Clay doesn't even what to be there.

(But why would James want to keep a fighting cat in the house?  Why not keep the one who gives up and acts like a big, good-looking baby?)

The Twins are pissed-ah.

Austin came in with a new idea, that they should tell Clay and Shelli that whoever wants to stay this week needs to go upstairs and tell everybody that they made up lies as a last ditch effort to get James to use the PoV.

Liz:  That's a good idea.  But Clay doesn't want to stay-ah.

Austin:  Then Shelli needs to get up there and start talking.

James came in and they commented that everyone disappeared to take naps.  Austin said they need to have another podcast with James as his co-host, but James says no way.  Apparently Production confiscated his headset that he made out of foil, so he would need to make a new one.

Becky came in and said she'd been laying out "for an hour".

( Becky.  That was not an hour.)

Shelli has pulled herself together and is having a productive discussion with Vanessa.

Shelli:   I don't want to campaign against Clay, but I know I'm a better player for you.

She wonders if Austin will ever forgive her, and Vanessa says that of course he will, but she's going to have to "eat shit first".  Of course I will, Shelli says.

Vanessa:  I think the thing for Austin to do is to tell some bullshit story about wrestling and mention that Judas was his name, and say he didn't want to tell everybody about it.

Shelli: Did you tell him I told James about that?

Vanessa:  No, not yet.  But he needs to get it out there proactively.

Vanessa says that James did mention that he knew that they were all in some type of alliance and Shelli just nods.  (She swore to Vanessa that she didn't tell James about that.)

Apparently Steve is aware that Shelli tried to get him nominated, so Vanessa gives her some tips on what to say to Steve to patch things up and help him see that she can help him in the game, so he won't feel so alone.

Vanessa:  Steve is a mama's boy, so be aware of that.  He doesn't bond with Clay at all.  So that vote might be easy.  But with Becky?  I don't know if I'd even try.

Shelli:  I'm not happy with some of the things in this house, but in many ways it's making me want to play harder.  So that might be better.

Vanessa:  Oh, it will be better for you. What you have been trying to do is very hard, almost impossible.

(i.e. trying to keep a showmance safe)

Clay got called to the DR and Shelli wanted to wait until he was in there before she tried to go upstairs and talk to James.

(Vanessa advised her to go up there with an excuse of putting on makeup, so before you all start trashing her for piling it on today, understand that sometimes the reasons for it are strategic.)

But Shelli ran into Clay on his way to the DR, and whispered to him that James just listened to everything they told him last night, with no intention of making any changes.  He used this HoH very well, she says, because she put up a power couple and got everyone to turn against each other.  He also told Steve that they tried to target him.

Shelli:  He played this week very well.

Clay:  But I'm not going to put my morals aside...he got me out this week, okay, but I'm not going to play like that.

Shelli:  But I went up there and word-vomited all this stuff, and I shouldn't have done it.  He got me to do that.  I was sleep-deprived and desperate, and I made a stupid error.

Just Another Panic Monday - For Everyone But James #BB17

Yesterday Shelli finished her Knight's Challenge successfully, and began to tackle her next challenge, an even bigger project---trying to keep both herself and Clay in the game this week.  She basically had to take 24 hours off while she carried out her punishment--she wasn't even allowed to go into the house other than to ring her cow bell and make her required announcements.

And you can't expect Clay Honeycutt to carry out that operation independently.  Hell no.

As of right now, Shelli is putting on make up to get ready for a DR session.  I've never noticed this, but Shelli apparently puts powder on her shoulders and neck. I'm guessing it is some of that mineral powder to give her upper body some color.

The Twins are in there getting made up, too.  They are all quiet.  There is a bit of tension in the room, to be honest.  The Twins might have an idea that Shelli was up all night throwing out names, trying to put the heat on someone else.

And kudos for Shelli for playing this game hard.  She may be trying to save the wrong person, but she's not just laying back and taking it.  We all need to respect that.

Meanwhile James is outside talking to Austin, telling him he hopes there are no hard feelings after this week.

James:  I just hope we can start this game over, with no grudges.

Austin:  Well, that was my thing after last week. (Austin almost got blindsided last week.)

James:  I don't know how the rest of this week is going to go....I don't know what Clay will do, so...

Austin:  Hey I owe you a lot for this week.

(Basically, after many twists and turns, James will not be using the PoV in the ceremony later today.)

James went into the house where Julia and Steve were discussing the problems of cat hair.  Julia immediately included James in the conversation, asking lots of questions about his cat Gizmo.  James reports that Gizmo is trained to do his business outdoors, and will "poop in your bed" if you don't let him out when he wants to go out.

Julia, really laying it on thick:  Oh, I love Gizmo!

Austin took Liz in the Have Not room and told her what he just learned from James, that Shelli and Clay had gone to the HoH room last night (really it was early this morning) and "said a bunch of shit about them".

Austin:  Shelli and Clay told James that we have been pushing for him to be evicted, and that is why you nominated him last week.

Liz:  What?  Oh my god-ah!

Austin:  Well, he basically said he didn't care, because we didn't have any loyalties with him.  But he feels like he did with Clay and Shelli, so he feels betrayed by them.

Austin:  So he said I should maybe be prepared for Clay to come at me today, but that he, Meg and Jackie want to work with us going forward.

Liz:  Good. But I'm so pissed Austin.

Liz:  Fuck them.  I want Shelli out.

Austin:  I know.  I do, too.  But Vanessa....I knew it...I knew they would do something like this.

Liz:  It was too good to be true. How do we act?

Austin: Well, we go to the PoV ceremony, then we go to the hammock and make out.

Liz:  No, but for real.  I don't want to throw James under the bus for telling us all of this.

Austin: No, we won't even talk to Shelli and Clay about it. Just Vanessa...that's it.

Liz:  Did they try to get James to put me up?

Austin:  I don't know what the exact conversation was, but maybe.

(Shelli and Clay pushed for Austin to be backdoored this week.)

Liz:  Wow.  No wonder she was such a bitch to me this morning.  I said "good morning" and she just glared at me. I was like, I didn't do anything to you, you fucking bitch.

(What did I tell you about that tension in the bathroom?)

Everyone is scurrying around in the bathroom, getting ready to be locked outside while James films the footage in the house, preparing for the PoV ceremony.  Vanessa recites the dialog that she remembers having to say during last week's PoV ceremony, and James says that is a lot of talking.

James:  You can just read it, right?

Vanessa:  I don't know.  I had to do it a few times.  I seem to recall that they wanted me to memorize it.

James says he is so tired. He wishes he could take a nap right now.

Julia:  You can go to sleep right after, Jamesy.

Vanessa and Julia left the room right behind James, who went and sat outside to wait for direction from Production.  Meg came in to whisper with Jackie and was noticeably nervous.

Meg: I just feel bad....

Jackie:  Did you tell them?

Meg:  Well, I kind of hinted that James wouldn't use it....that's still the plan, right?  James isn't going to use the PoV?

Jackie:  Yeah, that's  it.

Meg:  It already feels weird in here. They already feel scary.

Jackie: I think their true colors will come out this week....they already are.

Speaking of true colors, look at Shelli's face as she listens to Vanessa give them a little pep talk about how to work the game this week.

Shelli saw James talk to Austin this morning, so she's pretty sure that James told Austin that she and Clay sold him out last night.

(Shelli seems to think that James told Austin because he might be nominating him, but James was just informing Austin, to try and squeeze the last bit of game that he can get out of his HoH reign this week.)

Vanessa says Austin is a very forgiving person, and he forgave her after she almost blindsided him last week.

Vanessa:  He knows it was a game move, and he knows no one in here is perfect.  None of us are, and we're trying to do the best we can.  Even after this, we still have a chance to win.  Next week it won't be another endurance, and that is where they had the best advantage.  When you talk to Austin, he will understand, and he will forgive you and we can move on.

Shelli:  But do you think I should talk to him, even if James uses the PoV?

Vanessa:  Yes! That's the whole point of this!  We can't let James throw all of the punches.

Clay:  ***mumble mumble mumble***

BB calls James to the DR, signaling the beginning of the PoV ceremony.

Shelli:  Honestly, I don't even know what to say.

And we go to FISH for the ceremony.  Note that Vanessa was mainly addressing Shelli, expecting Shelli to be the one to survive the live vote this Thursday.  But do you think The Twins will vote to keep her at this point?

I don't.  If Vanessa wants that she's going to need to work hard for that, because she needs 5 votes to keep Shelli, and that might be a stretch at this point.  Shelli's sweet Southern exterior was merely flaking off, but now there are some big cracks and she may be ready to shed it entirely.

Fun to watch?  Yes.  Fun to play against in the BB house?  Not so much...

(I don't want to brag, but several of the predictions I made last week in my Post-Jason Blindside Pep Talk are coming to fruition.)


And speaking of last night, Shelli and Clay first pushed for James to nominate Steve, and when that didn't work they went upstairs at around 4:00 am and basically spilled their guts about Judas.  They blew James' mind with that, making a case for what a liar he is, and how he can't be trusted.

The talk went on and on, with Shelli doing most of the heavy lifting for Clay, of course.  Finally James asked them to leave so he could talk it over with Jackie and Meg.

Jackie wasn't impressed.

Jackie:  We didn't learn anything that we didn't know before.  If we don't evict Shelli, then we need to evict Vanessa.  We need to get one of them out, because they are in charge here.

James:  I gave up $5,000 for this!  I have to get out a big one!

They turned on the Spy Screen to make sure Clay and Shelli weren't lurking outside.

They discussed all of the options, and realized that if Austin was such a big threat, then Vanessa should have backdoored him last week.

James: If I change the nominations, then I will look like a big pussy!

But a few minutes later he said he would put Vanessa on the block.

Meg:  Are you joking?  Really?

James:  Do I have a jester's hat on my head?

He finally admitted that yes, he was kidding.  The girls prepared to go downstairs and asked for some direction.   James said it was okay with him if they gave Clay and Shelli the heads up that James would not be using the PoV.

(James is using his HoH the right way...not only is he targeting a big adversary, he's trying to get all of the information he can while he still holds the power.)

In the bedroom, Clay and Shelli told Vanessa what just happened, that they threw Austin under the bus with James.

Vanessa:  Did you tell him about our alliance?

Shelli:  No!  Are you crazy?  No!  Are you mad?

Vanessa: did what you need to do in this game, and I respect that as a game move.

Meanwhile Meg and Jackie blow off some steam in front of the memory wall, pointing, snickering and laughing.

 Sidenote:  Becky is getting PISSED over how nasty the kitchen is this week.  She says that no one with punishments wants to clean the kitchen, so she and Johnny Mac have spent hours trying to keep it clean.

(Vanessa I can understand, since she had to shine Jackie's armor all night, but apparently The Twins are who Becky is really mad at.)

Apparently those two girls are so lazy that they just open up lollipops and leave the wrappers and candy sticks laying out on the counter.