Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cleanup on Camera 4 - Is Making No Move Better Than Making a Bad Move? #BB17

They have been playing a lot of chess in the BB house in the last few days.  Last night Vanessa played John, and beat him soundly twice.  Shelli was sitting there, too, watching the game, and as it turns out, the dynamics between Steve and John, too.

She talked to Vanessa and Clay about it today, saying that Steve kept moving his hands across his face and fidgeting.  She said the movements seemed out of character for Steve, and then she noticed that Johnny Mac looked at Steve right in the eye, and did some of the movements back.

Shelli thought they might have some sort of signals to each other, the way Shelli and Vanessa agreed to do a "double blink" at each other when they are in a group and need to talk privately.

Vanessa asked Shelli to repeat all of that, and then said she may have noticed that too, now that Shelli brings it up.  Shelli plans to keep an eye on the two of them during the next few days while everyone is locked in the house.  Then Vanessa brought up something else...

Vanessa:  I listen when people talk about their favorite moments from past BB seasons, because there is a reason why they like those scenes.  Steve has talked a lot about BB3, where Danielle and Jason had an alliance where they sat and played poker together every day..

Shelli:  I thought it was chess.

Vanessa: No, they played poker, and Steve told me that was the only time the two of them ever spent time together, and that is where they ran their alliance.  No one ever knew, and they made it to the end of the game together without anyone knowing.  I kind of thought that might be the deal with Steve and John, playing chess together.  He tried to have that kind of relationship with Da'Vonne, but now that she's gone, maybe that's Johnny.

(Vanessa is right about Jason and Danielle.  There used to be a tiny table with two chairs in the bathroom, and that is where the two of them played cards.  No one ever suspected the two of them had an alliance, and Steve does talk about this as one of the best duos in BB history.)

Vanessa also brought up something else today about this particular chess match.  She used it as an example of John's shrewd social skills.

Vanessa: After I beat him Steve, who does NOT have good social skills, yelled out something about how brutal those two wins were, and the people downstairs wanted to know who won.  I hesitated to answer right away, because I didn't want to admit to it.  I caught John's eye for a second and he said, "I won one of them", kind of bailing me out.

Shelli:  You know how everyone always talks about how a BB player would be a "Dan"?  Well, I think if we leave John in this game too long, they might start saying someone is a "John".

Vanessa thought about that, and agreed with her.

Clay, in a crappy mood after a horrible night in the Have Not room:  Johnny Mac doesn't even know who Dan is...

Vanessa:  That we know, he doesn't.

Clay:  He's only seen one season of the show, and is only here for the money.

Shelli:  I think that's kind of weird, too.  Doesn't it seem strange that some random dentist who doesn't really watch the show would end up here?

(They are doubting John's story of how he came on the show....John is really a SuperFan but lied about it to everyone in the house.)

Clay:  He has $700,000 in loans to pay off.

Vanessa reacted to that, saying that can't be true.  Even if he went to Harvard for every year of undergrad and medical school he wouldn't owe that much, she says.  Clay said that maybe that dollar amount included John's house, too, and dental equipment but Vanessa is skeptical. The three of them think the double eviction would be a great time to take John out.

Note that Johnny Mac is keeping that chin strap.  I think it adds some flair and takes away some of the blandness, so it's a good idea for him.

Meg made some egg sandwiches for James, Jason and Jackie.  The sight of this, as well as even thinking about the phrase "egg sandwich" makes me nauseous.  So I'm only doing this part for you, my friends.

While this group was in the kitchen, the group playing chess upstairs started shrieking and cheering.   And Shelli was the loudest, of course, with her piercing squeal.

Jason:  I'm going to kill myself.

Meg:  I can't even pretend to be interested in that.

(Note that the shrieking was related to Vanessa beating Johnny Mac in the two chess games back-to-back as mentioned above.  She really trounced him good.)


The first sandwich was for James.  Meg tried to re-arrange all of the the components to get them in the proper order and ended up messing it all up.

James:  What the hell?

(This is one of James' catchphrases and makes them all laugh.)

James ate it anyway.

Becky keeps her clothing in her drawers all neat and tidy, rolling up items and sorting them by color.  While she works she talks to Jackie about the upcoming double eviction.

Becky:  Steve would be the perfect target for that....he needs to go and you wouldn't really get any blood on your hands for that.

Becky says that she has her plan all set in case she wins HoH, but the problem is that you don't know who will be HoH with you.

I think it is important to note here that there is a decent chance that Jackie will vote for her friend Becky to be evicted this week.  In fact, Clay and Shelli might tell Jackie that they will vote that way if she does, and then actually vote for Jason to be evicted, so that Becky will know that Jackie voted against her and hurt their friendship in the game.

(Delightfully deceitful.)

Jackie forgot that Meg was making her a sandwich, so Jason had to come back there and get her when her food was ready.

Outside Austin taught Liz some wrestling moves.  It was fun to watch and Liz really enjoyed it.  He taught her a "Ground Hold", "Ground and Pound", "Clotheslining", and a "Body Slam", but admitted that he needed to work on his "submissions".

Austin said that they used to have co-ed practice in the WWE, and he's practiced with girls even smaller than Liz.  It sounded like a good workout and they were both breathing hard.

He also taught Liz how to put on a show with the moves, making sounds that simulated hitting, and stringing moves together into short routines.  She was really good at it (from my view, anyway) and seemed to enjoy it.

As the chess players and the breakfast sandwich eaters came outside, all of the guys thought it was cool that Austin was teaching Liz wrestling moves.

Jackie wanted to learn, too, and ended up doing a little routine with Liz where they took turns "slapping" and "punching" Austin while he faked dramatic reactions and falls.  Meg yelled across the yard that she could watch that all day.

I guess Austin had already taught Vanessa a few of the punching moves, because when they went inside later to start drinking their booze Vanessa and Liz did some of the punching moves.

Vanessa mentioned how tricky it is to stamp your foot at the right time to make it sound like a slap.

And the rest of these pictures are from this morning.  This is Clay Honeycutt waking up in his Very Bad Mood, enjoying a beverage.

Vanessa did her morning routine, too.

Liz was irritated that Production won't tell her anything about when she will switch with Julia.  They were supposed to switch earlier this week (Monday, maybe?) but the DR told her it won't happen today, and refused to tell her if it would happen tomorrow.

Liz has so much to tell this point Julia probably still thinks they are up for nomination and is not aware that she won the BoB.

Speculation from the internet community is that Production wants to wring the maximum impact from the Twin Twist by showing their meeting live on Thursday.  Maybe the two of them will get a chance to talk privately, but maybe Julia will just walk out of the DR and right into the HoH competition.

Austin thinks that the HoH will be something physical, because it wouldn't be fair if it involved some sort of questions that Julia couldn't answer.

Liz:  Both of us work out every day when we're sequestered so we'll be as ready as we can be.

Vanessa:  Did you notice how everyone was working out yesterday?  Everybody wants to win.

Later in the day Vanessa put on a little chess clinic for Johnny Mac, Shelli, Clay and Liz.  She played them, but described each move she made in advance, explaining why she wanted to do it and what her goal was.

And she still won.  She even pointed out that she has the same general strategy every time, and once you see it, you will know. (She "sets a trap" and everyone always walks right into it, she says.)  While she was playing Clay once she asked him, "are you sure you want to make that move?"  And when Clay said, "yes, I do" she put him in checkmate.  It was funny.

Shelli was very interested in learning, and asked a lot of questions along the way.  Vanessa told them that her father would hate the whole Big Brother concept, but ironically would probably love watching this part of the live feeds.

Vanessa:  I've only seen my father once or twice a year for my whole life, and all we ever did was play chess.

Liz, missing the point:  Awwww.  That's so cute!

Meanwhile, Jason and Meg slept the day away.

That's not the way to win, Jason.  I know you may think you went to bed with a plan in place, but people have been up all day plotting and scheming against you.

Maybe when Jason is invited back for a future season he can heed these important lessons.

(I love Jason, but after what I heard today I don't have much hope for him.  He needs to pull out a miracle tonight, but sleeping all day is not conducive to making miracles happen.)

Scenes From Last Night - The Nominees Compare Notes #BB17

Jason and Becky sat outside and had a chat last night.  For two people who are both facing eviction on Thursday night, they seem relatively calm and composed.

Becky had a dream that she left the BB house to go home for a visit.  In the dream she was confused, and wanted to know if she was still in the game, and when she needed to report back to BB.

Becky: And then I heard BB call Vanessa to the DR, and that woke me up.

Jason:  Well, not to be an Audrey.....but I had a dream about the Finale...and you bitches better not let Liz win this game, because when she did she was acting loud, ignorant, and ghetto about it.

Becky thought that was funny, but also probably a little horrifying.

Jason:  Well, if Liz wins, then I'm Miss Cleo.

Becky points out that people like Austin were cast because they are characters, and those people always end up staying longer than the real gamers.

Jason:  But I think Austin may be a bigger gamer than you think he is...he is just very selective about who he talks to about it.  That's why that time he talked to me I told everybody...he had never talked about game with me before.

(But Austin is lying about it and telling everyone it was a personal conversation "man to man".)

Becky is pretty confident that she's staying this week, and estimates that the vote will be 6-3.  Jason agrees, saying that Meg and James will vote to keep him, and then he might get the "random vote" since that seems to be the pattern.

(But Jason is working on staying...James talked to Steve about voting to keep him, Jason and Meg have been working on Jackie, and they also want to work on Clay and Shelli. But Becky is oblivious about this, of course.)

Jason:  If America gets to choose that extra vote, I'm sure they will pick me because I've been more outspoken and clashed with people.

Becky:  I was just talking to the fairies about this.....the vibe this year is that the vocal people leave, but the quiet ones stay.

Jason:  Well, it's really that the people who are in "their" way leave the game, because they can't manipulate those Day, and Audrey..and me.  I was hoping they'd cast some strong girls this year for a change, so I'm glad for that.

Becky:  That's why they came to Denver...they wanted girls who were strong and fit.

Becky said that reality casting "never" comes to Denver, but BB came to set up shop because they wanted girls like her.

Becky:  They saw my fitness pictures on Instagram and contacted me.

(I had heard they found Becky on Tinder, but this makes more sense, actually.)

Becky went inside for a minute and Jason talked to the cameras while she was gone.

Jason:  Why would these people want to keep a big, fit girl like that over me?

Becky put on a squirrel hat that was sitting on the table as they continued their chat. Becky said she hasn't been in the DR much this week, but mentions that Clay has been in and out of there a lot.

Jason:  That just proves he was behind all that this week.....but he's been in the DR more than anybody from the start of this.  Remember when Shelli got upset because Clay kept getting called in there the first week?

(ha ha ha)

Jason:  I don't think we have Team America this year, but if we did he is the kind of guy they would pick...also Vanessa, who is sharp poker player and is the Derrick this year, and also Steve, who is the oddball of the house.

They agree that Steve has been throwing the HoH comps, and also that James has, but he has actually been admitting that. They speculate that Clay has been throwing them too, since he hasn't won any HoH comps at all.  They both agree that once everyone knows that they are going to the Jury, they will start playing hard and try to win comps.

Jason:  It just pisses me off that here I am, someone who wants to be here and play hard, and I'm going home while these bitches sit on their ass all summer and take home $10,000.


Jason:  And it also makes me mad that part of the reason why they switched their nomination to me is that supposedly nobody cheered for Clay when he won the PoV.  Didn't nobody realize that we were trying to show some sympathy for you?

Becky:  Yeah...I was crying out there.

Jason points out that when he won one of the HoH spots the first week, he wanted to nominate Shelli.

Jason:  And now it turns out that my first instinct was right, you Ho. (Shelli, not Becky)

They both went inside, where a large group was discussing what they did for their BB intro theme--that little video clip where they are introduced as the cast.

Shelli went on and on and on,saying that "what they tried didn't work", and how if she had only had a mirror to look at during shooting, she could have figured out how to do it.  Someone asked her what the plan was, and why it was so hard.

Shelli:  I was supposed to spin, and spin like this, and then blow a kiss, and spin, and spin, and smile, and spin, and then spin some more.

I'm exaggerating a little, but Shelli was going on and on in a VERY LOUD way.

Jason noticed. But Jason kept his mouth shut.

Which is something Shelli needs to learn to do, because she is grating on everyone's last nerve in there.  And when you are considered to be part of threatening couple, you don't need to layer on other annoyances.  Repeatedly.  Repeated layering of annoyances.

Becky described how she "jumped" in her intro video.  (Which makes no sense to me at all.)

Someone wondered why she jumped.

Becky:  I was the hiker girl.

Someone was surprised that she didn't wear a bikini in the intro.

Becky:  HR wouldn't allow that.  (her employer's HR, I'm sure)

Liz: I wore a bikini.

Jason:  I'm surprised at that.

They all laughed.

Liz:  I think I'm the only one who wore a bikini, like Amber last year.  But I didn't know they were buying everybody else clothes to wear for it...I just wore my own bikini.

Becky corrects her, saying that they only replaced part of her outfit, since all of her own workout clothes were gray and black.

I noticed that Vanessa just laid back and floated to the outskirts of the group during this conversation, not joining in.  I'm sure she could have lied and said she was doing DJ stuff, but why tell a lie when you can just avoid the topic?

(Because she is shuffling cards in the air on her intro....)

Jason walked straight back to his bed, where Jackie was laying to nap.

Jason:  I can't stand these people!

Jackie:  They're so fake with the other's so obvious now that they just want to evict them one by one.

(She's talking about Clay and Shelli.)

While they lay in bed, the sounds of Shelli squealing and shrieking ring through the house.

Jason:  Clay told me that he didn't want me on the block and I said "OK sir...".

James came in and kind of joined in, but he seems wary.  James is a little thrown off this week, and isn't sure who his real friends are.  (Vanessa told James that his friends said some shit about him, but wasn't specific about it.)

But then he started pranking again, which is his favorite thing to do.  A few days ago, James put a large zucchini under Meg's pillow, and it has been on the nightstand since then.  James decided to put lotion on it, and then a condom, and then put that under Meg's pillow.

Jackie went and got some lotion, and tried to help him with it.

But there was way too much lotion and he ended up dropping it, laughing hysterically.

Becky happened to walk through right at that moment.

Becky:  What the hell is that?

James told her.

Becky:  You're rachet!

James wiped his hands off on a towel and then carefully put the defiled zucchini under Meg's pillow.

Sweet dreams, Meg.

Scenes from Tuesday Afternoon - A Day at the Breach #BB17

This first picture is actually from Monday night...Vanessa had made a promise to Jackie to give her a glass of her HoH wine, and that is not a promise that Jackie intends to forget.  So Jackie hung around downstairs to see if any booze would materialize in the storage room, and when it didn't, she went upstairs to collect on Vanessa's promise.

Vanessa happily poured Jackie a glass, and I think they ended up draining the bottle.  Vanessa kept inviting her to take another glass, and Jackie kept saying, "no...I couldn't..".  Finally Vanessa poured herself another big glass and Jackie accepted the rest of the bottle.

These house guests don't sip, they gulp.

And now we move on to Tuesday afternoon, when most of the house slept in.  Vanessa got her HoH camera and had trouble getting people to get up and pose for her.  At one point Shelli just took the camera and started snapping.

(Shelli loves to control the camera.)

I like Vanessa's shirt and wonder where she has been hiding it.  I think she is waiting in line for the bathroom here....apparently the HoH room was locked while Production put the computer in there for her HoH tweet session.

Get in line, dude.  Would you let someone like Austin break the bathroom line in front of you?

Me neither.  Hell no.

Becky says she has already laid in the sun for awhile, trying to work on her tan.

In the backyard Vanessa posed with Liz, with Shelli taking the picture of course.

Then Liz took over, directing a picture on the hammock.

After they took this picture, Shelli and Vanessa looked at it and Vanessa laughed.

Vanessa:  Shelli you sit like a girl....I sit like a guy!

They both laughed. It's true.

As they walked across the yard, they discussed posture.  Vanessa said her mom was a model, and was constantly nagging her about standing up straight.

Vanessa:  We had to walk with a book on our heads to practice.   My mom was all about good posture, but I didn't get those graceful genes.

Here is a picture of Johnny Mac and Austin playing air guitar.

And here is Liz and Johnny Mac reprising one of their Whackstreet Boys poses.

Later the group had a "Beach Day" out by the pool, pretending they were at the beach.  Johnny Mac thought it would be nice to have beach sounds piped in, like waves and seagulls.  He admitted he hated seagulls after one took his peanut butter and jelly sandwich one time.

Meg hates the seagulls, too, saying they have taken her food before, too, and that "they are assholes".

They talked about the old Nickelodeon shows like Are You Aftraid of the Dark, Salute Your Shorts and other classics.  Meg says some of those shows terrorized her and that they could never be shown today.

Austin remembers how Nick used to let viewers choose the next show by "turning some dial", and also described Stick Stickley, who was a sort of mascot for the channel.

I heard Jackie tell Vanessa that she brought in special "hi def" makeup to wear this summer, and was relieved to find an extra package, since she thinks she will need it now.

Does Jackie have skin issues?  I've never noticed that, but I have noticed that her makeup looks heavy at times.  But good for her for preparing....if you don't know BB USA rewired the entire house before BB16 to facilitate broadcasting in high definition.

 When I took the next few pictures I didn't realize there was part of a tax spreadsheet in part of the frame.  Sorry!  That's what happens when you multitask.

Liz wore this hat and bounced around in the pool, up and down, up and down.

You know Liz (and Julia) do not get along with Jackie, right?  There is a lot of tension there that Vanessa describes as "female bitchiness".  Vanessa saw an example of this when Jackie was trying to talk to her in front of Liz, and Liz made a "Um Hmmm" sound that was clearly confrontational.

Jackie told Vanessa later that she was PISSED about that, and almost bit back at her, but somehow restrained herself.  Vanessa told Jackie that Liz comes out with some really funny zingers sometimes when you least expect it, but Jackie didn't seemed convinced.

Vanessa also told Shelli later about this, saying that if Jackie had some power in the house, it wouldn't be hard for them to push her in the Twins' direction as far as nominations go.

Shelli:  Yeah...because we never want to be the ones to target them...

Vanessa:  No!

You'll notice that Jason seems to be taking the afternoon off.  He didn't go to bed until after 6:00 am, so it's not really unusual to sleep in, but I'm sure the live feeders would like to have more time with him.

Meg eventually went to roust him out of bed, telling him he's not wearing a "cloak and sunglasses" this week.

And there is definitely a plan in place to get the votes to keep Jason. It is going to take some work, but it can happen.  But Meg can go ahead and do some work on his behalf.  She doesn't have to wait for him to get up to try and plant some seeds out there.

Just sayin', Meg.

Everybody liked Shelli's swimsuit.  I don't think she has worn it before.  Shelli was rather pushy out there by the pool today...I've not really noticed that before, but it was very obvious today.  She cut off  and ended several conversations by interrupting and overtalking.  I know people notice that, and they are going to talk about it later.  Shelli needs to start laying back and blending in, and that won't happen if you boss everybody.

For example, they talked about their favorite subject: booze.

Meg:  Oh..summer shandy is so go...


Johnny Mac:  I love pumpkin beer.  Last October I bought two cases and it lasted until January because...


At this point I noticed that my pictures were messed up and fixed it.  Finally.

Liz would have normally switched out with Julia by now, so there is some speculation about why there might be a delay.  Some people think that if Julia was in the house for the live vote, she might vote to keep Jason, where Liz is definitely anti-Jason.

Assuming Production would prefer to keep Jason in the house for the entertainment value and also due to his popularly, this is something we need to keep an eye on. Because a later Twin switch might leave Julia in there for the live vote....or maybe they won't switch at all....who knows.