Friday, July 24, 2015

If You Plan to Fail, Your Plan Will Fail, Apparently. #BB17

So there was a plan hatched today for someone to throw the BoB.  But it wasn't Johnny Mac.  He wasn't nominated, and doesn't expect to be on the block at all this week.

He didn't quite know what to do with himself today, so he said he wanted to "just sit and eat crackers".  So he did.  One after the other.  Saltines smeared with peanut butter.

James was playing the BoB with Liz, and he was supposed to throw it.  That planned effort, along with the opposing powerhouse team of Becky and Clay, seemed to ensure that James and Liz would stay on the block this week, paving the way for Jackie to backdoor Austin this week.

(If you are wondering why Austin is the target this week, you need to get up to speed on this.)

But you can see by Becky's face that that plan didn't work.  Liz and James won, even though Liz later complained that "James didn't do shit out there" and she had to "pull him around".


The teams were connected together somehow, and there was a wall between the teams, so they couldn't see the other team's progress.  It sounds like they had to find letters to spell out BB16 house guest names.  Shelli said that Clay and Becky "had Victoria", but couldn't find the "H to spell Christine".

Vanessa:  They both froze out there.

(I think it is more likely that Becky and Clay were not familiar enough with BB16.  It's one thing to cram a bunch of BB seasons a few months after you are recruited for the show, but that might not be enough to win a comp where you had to solve for BB16 house guests' names.)

Vanessa is upset that James isn't playing along with the plan.  He was supposed to lose, but he won, but unfortunately he is not acting happy at all, and this is being noticed.  He is off the block and won some sort of steak dinner, but he's down there acting mad.  In fact,  Liz thinks James tried to throw the comp, and Austin came up to the HoH and told Vanessa that people are acting weird and whispering downstairs.

Austin thinks something is up.  And that is bad news for Vanessa and Jackie.  They don't want him to suspect that he is the target this week.  They are both praying that Austin doesn't pull a chip tomorrow to play in the PoV.

Jackie:  You know he will, though.

Vanessa:  If he does, then I'll try to get him to throw it somehow, so someone else can win and take Clay off the block.  But he can't find out what is really going on, because he will beast it out.

Clay is very dejected.  He lost and it hurts.  I think he is the only house guest who has not been on a winning competition team.  He has orange paint all over his back, and purple paint is on his face.

Shelli:  How are you doing?

Clay:  I hate to lose....but I couldn't see over the wall.  We just had to guess at it.  It is what it is, I guess.

The competition was very close...Liz and James only won by a few seconds. Vanessa and Jackie could see both sides and Vanessa said it was so frustrating to watch.  She could see the letters that Clay and Becky needed.  Shelli tried to yell out for Clay to look for letters "on the sides" and Production had to tell her to "stop coaching from the sidelines".

Vanessa and Jackie were left alone upstairs and Jackie is concerned.  They need everyone to keep their shit together and keep the story under wraps.

Jackie:  Am I okay here?

Vanessa:  Yeah, I think so.  I am the one who is in the worst spot, believe me.  I will still carry out the plan that we had, but for me to put Austin on the block, I'm swan diving right into a pool of blood.  It's poetic, really, for me to have to do it.  But it's the worst possible outcome for me.

(She used a poker analogy for basically rolling along fine, and then the one card that will mess you up gets drawn.  But I forgot it already.  But I guess we get her point.)

Jackie:  We just need to stick together.  If someone runs their mouth, we'll just get rid of them.  We have the numbers.

Vanessa:  I'm so tired. I'm running on about two hours sleep.  I really need to sleep before I start talking to people or I might make a mistake.

They look at the spy screen.

Jackie:  I'm scared to go down there.

Vanessa, laughing:  I am, too!  Let's just go hide in a corner!

Production has already shut them out of the second HoH bedroom.  Vanessa tells Jackie that she can sleep up there if she wants to.

I think Jackie looks Egyptian here.  Her HoH letter was from her father, who is living in Colombia now.  He went to Las Vegas earlier this year for some heart surgery and had one of the best surgeons in America.  In his letter he said he is recovering nicely and thanked Jackie for caring for him after the operation.

Vanessa's HoH letter was from her mother and there were pictures of her mom and sisters.  Everyone said that Vanessa's mom was a Smoke Bomb and James said she might replace his crush on Meg now.

Vanessa:  Oh, I heard my whole life about what a MILF my mom is...but she's a very smart and wonderful person, too.

(I love the story where Vanessa's mom slapped Vanessa's teacher across the face!)

Vanessa has a sister (Tisha) who is an eye doctor after going to the UF medical school.  They are planning her wedding to her long time boyfriend that she met in med school.  He is a podiatrist named John and Vanessa says they are a beautiful couple and work out together every day.

After Jackie left the room, Vanessa sat and thought for a few minutes before getting in to bed for some sleep.  Probably a good idea.

Downstairs James works on cleaning up his beard.  Vanessa had asked Clay and Shelli to tell him to start acting happy, and maybe they did.  He's pretty even-tempered, actually.  That is actually a map of South Carolina on his arm.  I heard someone, Jason, I think, say it was the most basic tattoo ever.

Austin says that everything this week will be just fine if "You Know Who" doesn't win the PoV.

(Austin thinks Steve is the target....but boy is he wrong.)

Liz is upset that she didn't get to color her hair during her brief time as HoH.  She says the last color job she had was poorly done, and she could see roots within two weeks.  Shelli agrees that it probably "wasn't blended well".

Austin met with Clay, and told him he would be safe this week, no matter what.  Austin told Clay about his suspicions that James tried to throw the comp, and thinks that "they" wanted the Twins out of the game this week.

Clay brushed that idea off, though.  He's a pretty decent liar, and Austin is a pretty self-absorbed person when it comes to The Twins, so that works in the house's favor right now.

Austin talks about all of the "beefcake on the roof tonight", and says that the "one who was hosing Jackie down was the man".

This is Clay's omelet that he's making.  I think the pantry is pretty sparse right now so they are looking forward to it being replenished tomorrow.  I don't know what all that stuff is on the omelet but James says it looks good.

Clay:  Those shorts I had to wear were so tight on my nuts...they really hurt.  I'm kind of worried right now.

Austin, maybe joking:  Well, if you want me to take a look later....

Upstairs Vanessa's nap didn't last long.  Shelli is assuring her that no one is talking smack down there.  Meg and Jason are up there, too, as well as Jackie.  It's a damn party up there, and James comes up and they laugh about how he was a deer in the headlights when Liz kept "hitting the button".

Vanessa:  No one is mad at you, James.

James:  Did you see me throwing paint everywhere?  The only thing I could have done is tackle her..

They had to spell Hayden, and Jocosta, too.  But "Christine" was the problem....they struggled with that.

Do You Smell Smoke? It's Just Judas, Blowing Up His #BB17 Game.

Vanessa has been busy with nominations and taking meetings this morning, so she finally got a chance to talk to Shelli and give her some blockbuster news.


Vanessa and Jackie are the HoH's right now, and even though they have barely had a relationship in the house, have managed to make a connection and are collaborating on the outcome of this week's eviction.

The plan at this point it to backdoor Austin, with a backup plan of backdooring Steve.

Jackie's nominations -  Liz and James
Vanessa's nominations - Becky and Clay

They have asked James to throw the BoB, and he has agreed to do that.  He is aware that Austin is the real target and both HoH's appear to trust James to carry out the plan.  If Austin wins the PoV (and saves Liz) then Steve will go up and out.

OK.  as soon as Shelli comes in the room, Vanessa sits her down and begins.  I can hear the HoH shower running,but I'm not sure who is in there.  They are speaking softly, though.

Vanessa:  You're not going to believe this....Julia just came up here and told me some things.  She is so mad at Austin for betraying their secret that she doesn't care who knows this.

(If you don't know, the Big Dummy told Jason about the Twins this week, including his plans to give Julia the boot so that he has Liz all to himself.)

Vanessa: Julia told me that Austin made that vote to keep Audrey...and he did it to cast blame on either Steve or Clay.

Shelli is silent, processing this.

Vanessa:  Are you with me?  He wanted to blame the vote on Steve or Clay!  And you know that big tattoo on his back?  The one that says J.S.?  I asked him the first week what it meant, and I should have known something was up because I feel like he gave me some bullshit answer.  But Julia told me that it stands for JudaS.....and you know who Judas is, right?

Shelli:  No.

Vanessa:  Judas!  The biggest traitor in the Bible!

Vanessa:  He's been going in the DR and saying 'Austin feels this, but Judas will do this" and that's been his whole thing this season.

Shelli is in shock, asking Vanessa to repeat things, like confirming over and over that Julia really told her all of this, and when she came up to tell her.

Vanessa:  She came up here right after nominations.  She's so pissed about what he did, and also pissed that she's on the block.

Shelli:  But why?  Why would he do all of this?

Vanessa:  He told me that he plays the villain for wrestling.  I should have known he'd play the same role on TV with us.  I've been trying to get your attention to talk to you, and Julia has been trying to get the two of us alone to talk but it's been hard.

Shelli:  Remember that first week when I said we needed a signal in front of a group of people to tell each other that we need to talk?

Vanessa forgot, but Shelli reminds her it is a "double blink" that they need to give each other when they have an urgent need to talk.

Vanessa:  Believe me, he's not thinking with the right brain.  Julia knows that he's been saying that she needs to go to Jury so Liz will pick him instead of her.  She said Liz doesn't even really like him, so she's pissed.

Shelli:  Yes! And they're freaking Twins!  They have each other's back!

Vanessa:  Believe me, I'm going to give Jackie some fucking poetry to say when she puts Austin on the block, in her backdoor speech.  But if Austin wins the PoV, then Steve has to go, because we need the Twins to come in here.  Keeping them is good right now, it's good to have them in our back pocket.  And they love you too, Shelli.

Shelli:  Yes. I want to have them here.

Vanessa:  And that will give us an extra week, too, while they are both here.

The two of them are still reeling from this news, and keep repeating certain things and laughing, glad to have figured it out.

Vanessa:  Who knows what he's been doing in here?

Shelli:  I know!  All last week when I was HoH I was telling Clay I didn't trust Austin, and that we had to watch what we say in front of him.  Remember when you were up here with me and we were talking about it?  And then he came in and I just sat there, not talking?

(Yes Shelli.  We remember that.)

Vanessa:  My girlfriend told me that I trust some people too much.  I guess she was right!  And that whole Judas tattoo...damn.

Shelli:  But he walks around here so peaceful, and so graceful.  Which is it? Is he Namaste or Arrrrrrw (making a monster noise)?

Vanessa, laughing:  I don't know!  I like him as a person, but in this game.  He's a man, at the end of the day, and not thinking right.

Shelli:  He's a wild card, a loose cannon.

Vanessa:  I've already forgiven him for shit he's done, because I thought he was just too emotional.  I should have known, because he walks out of here and starts spinning things like he's saving people, like a hero.

Shelli wants to tell Clay all of this, but Vanessa tells her to tell him privately---it would be too risky for the three of them to meet.

Vanessa: Remember in BB10 when that guy (Old Jerry) called that other guy (Dan Gheesling) Judas?  Because he lied and turned on him?  Judas is the biggest traitor in history...and that's his fucking nickname!  It's scary!  It gave me goosebumps!

The Twins are switching soon, so they plan to meet with Liz and tell her all of this.

Shelli:  Julia will tell her when they switch!

Vanessa:  No, Julia's instinct is not to tell her in the DR, because she will get mad at Austin and either say something about it to him or give it away by her actions.

Vanessa says Clay needs to be primed to "beast this shit" (the BoB comp) and then I think they plan to sit down with Liz after that and explain that to her.

Vanessa:  I just can't get over the J.S. tattoo....I knew that explanation didn't make sense.  Have you noticed that tattoo on his back?

Shelli:  No...I haven't paid attention to any of that...I know he has claw marks on his neck..

(ha ha ha)

Vanessa: He does. But on his back he has this big floral thing,  with wilderness, with a J and an S back to back.  He told me it meant Just Slumber but that didn't make sense with his wrestling background.  It fits in with his whole dark side...


Vanessa:  He doesn't even think about this game.  He's too busy thinking about who he's going to hook up with in the Jury.  Well good luck with that, because you might not even be there!

***giggles from the two girls***

Shelli may wait to tell Clay until after the BoB.  They want him to be in warrior mode with no distractions.


BB10 had a number of classic moments, including the one Vanessa referred to above.

Old Jerry blew up on Dan Gheesling, and called him Judas on live TV.  Enjoy this blast from the past.

Vegas is In The Household This Week. The Head of Household, That Is. #BB17

The first set of pictures shows the house guests getting ready for the live show on Thursday afternoon.  Clay set up his little barber area and did a great job cutting and styling Steve's hair.  I think Steve also groomed his beard a little bit, or maybe Clay even did that for him.

It's all a big improvement.

So far, we can't find anything Clay Honeycutt can't do well.  He also cut and styled Johnny Mac's hair, too.  I noticed that neither Johnny nor Julia had to wear their Whackstreet Boy hats on the live show.

Maybe they wanted the fans to see Johnny Mac's stylish new hair cut.  Who knows.

I want to point out that Audrey has been wearing this "outfit" since at least Sunday afternoon.  When I took this picture, I wasn't sure that she would rally and try to pull it together or not.  I heard Vanessa in there at one point giving her a pep talk and a gentle shove in the right direction.

Audrey had been "joking" about making a bitter speech, and also singing the "Is This Real?" number with new lyrics about Shelli backstabbing her, and also James and Vanessa lying.

Vanessa:  Look, your family will be watching!  America will be watching!  Make them proud! You're not crazy know you can do this.  Now where are your eyelashes?  Go get them!

Also, Audrey had been informed that she would be getting a Penalty Vote for breaking the Have Not rules this week.  She violated many of the rules from what I saw....eating real food, taking ONE hot shower, turning off the lights in the bedroom, sleeping on the floor, etc.

Audrey was not happy about this, and tried to blame Becky, saying Becky was the one who brought her pizza.  (James made the omelet after she ate the pizza.)

I heard Becky tell everyone last night after the live show that every time she went in the Have Not room to get clothes or something, she would switch on the light and Audrey would reach up and turn the lights back off.  They would go back and forth like that until Becky would give up and try to grab things in the dark room.

The house guests couldn't believe how ridiculous that was, and went back to that story a few times, laughing about it.  But they all said Audrey went out with class, and they liked what she had to say.

And here's a little treat for some of you.  Right after the live show, Clay took off his jeans and carefully folded them before putting them away. He didn't seem to be in any big hurry to put his tired gray sweatpants back on, so I didn't feel guilty about capturing the moment.

Jason was upset about coming so close to winning HoH, but ultimately losing to Vanessa.  He really teetered on being a crybaby about it, to be honest, and immediately started dissecting Vanessa's choices from a Knock Out perspective.

Jason:  Why did she pick me and make sure I wouldn't be HoH?  (i.e. Vanessa got to select who her opponent would be, as well as the other group of two who would battle for the other HoH position)

Jason also says he discussed this very competition with Vanessa earlier today, and studied with both her and Meg.

Jason:  That's it.  Jason's not helping anybody anymore.  And not telling anybody anything.

But it wasn't even 10 minutes later before Jason was describing in detail competitions from the past.

Jackie is super-excited about being HoH, of course.  You might have noticed she was wearing Meg's pants on the live show tonight--those faded tie-dye type of pants with the elastic waist.  Jackie told another interesting story about her work that I haven't discussed yet this week.  I think she told the story on Wednesday night.

She and another one of her girlfriends were hired to work for a magician.  I heard her say the name but couldn't really confirm that I heard it correctly through Google, so I won't name him.  There was a part in the show where Jackie and the other girl would suddenly appear at the back of the audience, waving and smiling.  I think it was the end of one of the illusions or something.

To get back there, they had to stand on some sort of little platform that would be lifted hydraulically up to the back of the audience.  She says they had to run and hurry to get on the platform, and they had done this little trick dozens, or hundreds of times.

So this one time, the last time she was in the show, they ran and got on the platform, and the hydraulic lift started moving up.  Then they saw that no one had opened up the doors in the floor, so they were slowly being lifted to their death, getting crushed between the platform and the floor.

Jackie:  We were screaming so loud and so scared!  The only thing that saved me is that the doors in the floor hadn't been latched.  I was able to bang on it and get my side open.  My friend was just crouched down, screaming, so I beat on her side until I pulled it up, too.  We were just screaming and crying and it was horrible.

Wow.  That was Jackie's last night on that show....

Meg had to laugh at her horrible performance in the HoH competition. She said her legs were shaking, she was so scared.

Meg: I sucked!  My brothers are going to be relentless about this, calling me a loser!


After the live show, Vanessa immediately started trying to bond with Jackie.  She knows Jackie is harboring a grudge against her for backdooring Jeff, and not having the stones to get rid of Audrey that week.

(Steve told her this a few days ago.)

Vanessa and Jackie had a good talk in the Hammock Room, giggling and celebrating, and even gave a little shout out to Vegas Magazine, saying they should be a cover story this week.

Vanessa:  They couldn't pick two chicks that are more different from each other!

They agreed not to backdoor each other this week, and high-fived on both making the Jury and how great the women in this game are doing.  Jackie pointed out that they live five minutes from each other in Vegas, and will be friends long after Big Brother is over.

Vanessa, really laying it on:  And good for you.  You came in here with a huge target on your back from TAR and you killed it!  You killed it!

I think the girls are going to try and let Jackie be the final HoH this week, and her goal will be to either evict Steve or Austin one way or another.

(Austin is on everybody's shit list now.  Revenge will be such sweet justice.)

But Vanessa is pretending to Jackie that she's not sure about Liz being a Twin, though, saying she might try and ask her about it.  That is a dangerous game, because Jackie is a lot smarter then everyone originally thought.  Even though she's still not sure that Liz is really two separate people.

It's so obvious, really.

Prepare to Cringe: Austin Confides in Jason About the Twins. #BB17

Everybody already knows that I think Austin doesn't have the sense god gave a milk cow.  In other words, Austin is a Big Dummy. But he was especially stupid this week and did something that I'm sure he thinks is very cunning and conducive to romance, but in all likelihood will see him getting the boot this week.

It happened on Wednesday night, so it may be old news to some people, but I want to feature it here because I expect this to play a role in this week's drama.

Oh, and I also want to be sure the situation is properly documented so it can be reviewed for years and years when we want to "remember Austin".

A little before 10::00 pm BBT, Jason went into the empty bathroom to wash his face, and was innocently splashing when he heard Austin make a growling noise behind him.

Austin: I've been wanting to talk to you.....

Jason:  About what, sir?

Austin:  Just a couple of things....

Jason:  That's what my mother says when I'm in trouble.

Austin:'ve been wanting to tell you that, like your PoV speech really struck a chord with me man....I don't know if you know how much of a SuperFan I was.

Jason:  No, I think I get it. I thought you were just downplaying it for whatever reason.

Austin:  Seasons 6 through 15 I live nuts. I was like, barricaded in my room.

Jason:  Just last year...

Austin:  Yeah, just last year I didn't watch.  It had to do with my girlfriend and bullshit.


(And his "girlfriend" has apparently made it clear that she DOES NOT want her name, or maybe even the idea of her mentioned on the live feeds for all to hear.  Maybe there are even legal documents....restraining orders....but maybe I'm just over-exercising my imagination like Austin does..)

When the FISH finally stop swimming:

Austin:  I don't know...but from what I'm told when the music is on, I've been told things, and she's been wanting me to fill her in on things, but when the music stops, she won't say a fucking word.

(Obviously talking about Liz clamming up for the live feeders.)

Jason:  Uh huh.. yeah.

Austin:  And it's weird...I just feel kind of caught in this...I don't know's just such a weird thing for me man...I'm starting to have feelings for someone a lot...

(I think it would be weird for Austin NOT to have weird feelings about someone, from all of the stories I've heard him tell....)

Jason, realizing he's in the Right Place at the Right Time now:  Well, you and the other one have a lot of you know their names?

Austin:  Yeah...I do.

Jason, going in for the kill:  Is this one Angela?

Austin:  No.

Jason:  But is the other one Liz?

Jason:  OK.  So this other one is just.....

Austin:  I could tell you this stuff, but don't tell anybody...I don't want to get fucked.

(But I think you do Austin...I think you do and I think that fantasy is the problem here.)

Jason:  No, I won't tell anyone...I've just been calling them by every name in the book.

Austin, whispering:  Julia.

Jason, nodding:  Julia.

(You can almost see the yellow feathers poking out of the side of Jason's mouth.)

Austin indicates that he doesn't have much of a connection with Julia.

Jason: Yeah...this one is different.  When we were naming them we called the one you like Helga Pataki, and the other one was Cruella, because she was a whole lot less friendly.

Austin:  Oh, so you see it too.

Jason: Oh yeah.  Their personalities are a lot different.


This is Helga Pataki from the old Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold.

And this is Cruella DeVille who was the villain from 101 Dalmatians.  She wanted to make a coat out of Dalmatian puppy fur!
And this is a Dalmatian, while we're at it.


Austin:  I really want to develop something with the other one, but it just sucks because every three days I just get really depressed.  It's like the weirdest fucking showmance in history.

Jason says he thinks he has the switching schedule figured out, and knows Austin does, too.

FISH on that.  No discussing of that is allowed, apparently.

Austin:  I'm just like, is she really liking me like I'm liking her?

(I feel like someone needs to express this at this time:  AUSTIN IS A FUCKING WEIRDO.)

Jason:  You guys looked really cute last night.

Austin:  That's been one of my favorite nights in the house yet...I just want to get to fucking jury with her.  And I told you I've been wanting to talk to you, about this stuff.

(Austin and Liz got tipsy last night, and he tried to separate her from the herd in the hammock like a wounded gazelle.)

Jason:  Yeah.  We were all wondering what was up with your girlfriend.

FISH on that, of course.  But I wondered about that "girlfriend", too and tried to do a little research myself.  Austin's behavior now would certainly seem to directly contradict what he told Big Jeff during his pre-season interview.  He told Jeff that he was attached and planned to be faithful this summer. I think he planned to win Big Brother, too, for that matter.

When we return from FISH, Austin is telling Jason that "this one" (i.e. Julia aka Cruella) doesn't compete very will and Jason agrees that Liz looks like she is in it to win it more.

Jason:  Well, we haven't really seen this one do too much, though.

Austin:  And the other one is a better Whackstreet Boy...she came in her and was just like..(snaps three times).

Jason:  Well I went in the DR and told them I knew, and they said no, but I said I would swallow my tongue in front of America if that girl was just one person.  Day is the one who figured it all out.

(And Day should have kept that info to herself, in my opinion, instead of blabbing it all over the house, and she might still be in the game.)

Austin:  Well, Jeff told me.  I didn't know until Jeff told me.  I was such a trusting person that I never thought of this.  I realized that for three days I was attracted to her, and the next three days I wanted to talk to Jackie.  I didn't understand why.

(Vanessa is really the person who told Austin.  Jeff is just a "cover story", and a weak one at that.)

Jason says in BB5 the twins both came in the game after the fifth eviction, so it might be the same this year...or maybe only one will stay in the game and go to Jury.

Austin:  I wouldn't be mad about that....

Jason:  No, because you like the other one!

Austin: I want to split, I don't want to say that, but I want to take Liz to Jury with me.  This is a scary week for her, that's for sure, because with Audrey out of here she's the next big mystery.

Jason: I don't think anyone is really looking at her, they don't seem to see her as a threat, but if you think nobody's looking at somebody maybe everybody's looking at you, and you're the next one out.

Jason discusses the house idea that if both twins don't come in the game, then an evicted house guest will come back, which no one really wants to risk.

Jason:  And Jackie was the biggest skeptic about all this...and I get to fart in her mouth if both twins come in.  I want to leave her in long enough to do that...and to prove I'm right and win that bet.

Austin wants Jason to know that the "girlfriend stuff" isn't really real, and he would appreciate it if Jason could tell everybody in the house about that.

FISH, of course, potentially sponsored by Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

When we return Jason begins to brush his teeth, maybe to get the taste of Tweety Bird out of there.

Austin: But with the two of them in long as they are both in here she's always going to pick her sister over me.

Jason, with a mouthful of toothbrush: Uh huh...naturally. And having both of them here could hurt both of us.

Austin:  And getting rid of one of them is like an extra week for all of us.

Jason:  But if we get Cruella out, is your girl, like, mad?

Austin:  Is she out, too?  Is that what you mean? I don't understand.

Jason: No, is she like, out for revenge?  That's the tricky part.

Austin:  You know, at this point, I think it depends on who does it.  Like, if Jackie did it, I'd say so because there's a little jealousy there.  But if you did it,.....

Jason wants Austin to stop talking while he rinses and spits.   He doesn't want to miss of word of what Austin has to say about all this.

Austin thinks that once both sisters are in the game, Liz will want to play her own game, and might even be better off playing without her.

Jason:  Just like you here without Jace.

They end their talk with a little handshake and Jason assures him "you don't need to worry about me".

As they stroll down the hall Austin does what I think is a sure sign of guilt in someone---nonchalantly whistling and humming as he walks down the hallway with Jason, who immediately went outside to smoke.

And who wouldn't want to have a smoke after eating Tweety Bird?

And then the Big Dummy goes over to Clay in the kitchen to talk.  Not about snacks, or their workout routine, but to make an excuse for what he was talking to Jason about.

Austin:  He was just like, telling me he knew about The Twins and it wasn't like, malicious or anything. So I just like said that I'd like, heard those rumors but I didn't really know.

Clay just kind of stared, probably in disbelief that Austin was discussing this with JACKIE RIGHT THERE.

(This is like coming home to your spouse after cheating by telling them, "Hey!  I was NOT cheating tonight.)


Jason told Meg about this....and Vanessa...who told The Twins....and Clay and Shelli.....

So don't be surprised if Austin gets the boot this week.  Which would certainly be poetic, especially with both twins in the house at that point.  And then Austin can go home and "barricade himself in his room" and watch the live feeds, and hear both Twins mock him and Liz say how skeeved out she was by him.

I'm excited about this... aren't you?