Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shelli Tweets.....Again. #BB17

So, are they not allowed to tweet or blog anything interesting about the game anymore?

This is all we get? Obsession with freakin' showmance names?  After the week they've had in there, you'd think she could come up with something a little more interesting and relevant.  After all, the SuperFans are the only ones who care about the HoH Tweets, right?

Oh, and if w'ere going to give Austin and Liz a showmance name, I like AusTwin better than her suggestion.

Scenes From Last Night - This is Why We Can't Have Nice Booze. #BB17

I only included the following picture because you can see Clay Honeycutt through the sliding glass door.  He's in the backyard juggling and there is discussion in the house about how Clay is already very good at it.

But then we see this....and we know that the booze has been delivered.  So there are two bottles of wine and six cans of beer for eight drinkers.  Plus, Shelli had a few beers stashed upstairs in her HoH that she was saving for a night like tonight.

(16 original HG - 3 evicted - 4 Have Nots - 1 Steve = 8, in case you'd like me to show my work)

I can hear Jason and Vanessa outside, jiggling the door handle to get inside.  Apparently Jason was walking by and heard the clink of the bottles hitting the counter and knew what was up.  Jason Roy knows how to find the boys AND the booze.

(Mommie Dearest reference, of course.)

As you might guess, there was screaming and much confusion as they realized what was in store and started divvying it up.  All of a sudden everyone was so interested and excited about everything.  There was no sipping, either.  It was like a race to finish and pour more.

I wished I had timed the drinking from start to finish, but it couldn't have taken longer than 10 or 15 minutes for all of the drinking to end.

Meg and Jason split the whole bottle of white wine, and both were feeling fine.

Jason:  Jason is feeling fine.

They begged Austin to describe his room to Shelli, since she missed it last time.  (The Palace of Wisdom he described earlier.)  Shelli was suitably horrified.

And Liz looks frightened, doesn't she?

Meg was probably the loudest, and all sorts of plans were made for the HG to visit her in New York.  She promised to take Shelli to all of the best gay bars and shows.  Jason says he will take the train down there if he has to.

Meg says all of her gay roommates will just have to sleep somewhere else during the visit.  I heard her murmur later to Shelli that she was worried they would hit on Clay because of the way he looks, and now they've seen him cook, too, on the live feeds.

Drunken plans were also made to visit Vanessa and Jackie in Las Vegas.  Meg loves to get out of NYC during the winter, and says January would be a great time to make the trip out there, and she will have no problems getting friends to come with her.

Vanessa:  Remember that you are going on the Gronk Party cruise in February.

Meg:  Oh, that doesn't matter.  I take lots of vacations....I'll go on the cruise, too.

Vanessa, admittedly buzzed:  Maybe we can go, too.  How much can the tickets be?

Meg admits the thought of the cruise actually terrifies her.  (I'll bet.)  She says her Gay Husband would be so irritated to go, and imitates him saying "Who is Gronk?" and its funny.

Vanessa said that Mel would be happy at home, watching Vanessa drink since she rarely does.


Glug glug glug.  Clink.

I saw Becky having an earnest-looking conversation with Steve in the backyard so I flipped over to see what was going on.

Get This:  Becky is going on and on about how UPSET she was watching Christine and Cody on BB16.  I mean, she says she could HARDLY WATCH the show, it bothered her so much.

(Guess who needs a beer?)

Steve:  Well, it's a good thing you didn't start with that season, then.

(Becky was recruited for BB from TINDER and had never watched it before.)

OK.  Enough of that.  Shelli described her jewelry business and gave the details for the fans, but told us it is closed for the summer but she will be happy to take our orders, even special orders when she's back home.

They wanted more booze, and sent Clay in to ask for it.  But he was told no.

Of course it was time for a Whackstreet Boys performance.


(Just so you know, the entire "performance" is about 10 seconds long.  Seriously.)

John is a Have Not and is the only member of the group who is not buzzed right now.  When he came in the room to perform, he said he just got out of the shower and put his pants on while he was still wet.  The HG agreed that Johnny Mac is becoming more and more like a real boy bander every day.

They gave an example of him hearing the girls yelling for him to walk over to them and how he just closed the door and walked away.

(ha ha ha)

Meg also said she's been waiting to see Johnny Mac get mad about something, even these stupid performances, but he always keeps his cool.

John:  I love doing this!

Jason and Liz decided to split a beer and were all happy about it, whispering about being band mates and all.  They were having fun until Austin came over and towered over them, draining his own beer.

Then she had to go sit outside with Austin in the hammock.  I don't know how Liz does this.  I guess she knows that he will be Julia's problem on Thursday after the live show.

And speaking of problems, there is Audrey shrouded in her blanket, tapping lightly on the storage room door.  While she does this, there is IMMENSE DRUNKEN NOISE just across the room in the kitchen.  They didn't even acknowledge she was there, which is probably best.

They made her wait there for a minute or so, and then buzzed her in.  I think she went in there to get her suitcase so she could pack her things up.  I heard Austin say today that she already put everything in there and put it back in storage for Production to take it away.

(Both nominees have to pack, technically.)

Meg was all turnt up and started talking about the DR guys.  She said her favorite production guy was Heath, who stands on the roof during the outdoor competitions.  She wants to go in there and ask Heath for more booze, but Jason says Heath has "a real job" and doesn't work that late.

(Heath Luman is the guy who designs the competitions.  In other seasons they referred to him as "Heathbar Crunch" so as not to get in trouble saying his name.)

Someone said Heath is the "come get your costumes guy", too.  Meg says she "can't wait" to meet Heath after the season is over.

(I'm sure he can't wait either, Meg.)

Jason also asked Meg if her boobs are real (they are) and then confirmed the same with Vanessa before reporting all of the other girls have "breast augs".

Jason:  Did you hear me?  I just yelled across the back yard to Liz, asking for a price check on Breast Augs, and she said $4,500.  Jackie must be pissed about that...

People teased Clay and Shelli about their relationship.  Clay claimed it was all strategy and they don't really like each other, but of course he is kidding.  Most of the time they look pretty platonic, so getting buzzed is probably not the best thing for their game, because it's obvious that the dig each other right now.

But really, the two of them are very cute.

They went to sit outside on a chair that Shelli claims not to have used before.  Liz and Austin are still in the hammock across the yard and they called out Hello to each other.

Shelli, whispering:  Do you think she really likes him?

Clay:  I don't know...he might be growing on her..

***OK...HERE WE GO***

Shelli:  Oh, I love Jason. I wish we could roll with him right to the end.

Clay:  Yeah.  Here's the thing.  I think we could go to Meg and Jason, and tell them we're serious, that we want to go to the end as a Final Four.

Shelli:  If we weren't here right now, we would be making out!  Because I am DYING right now!

Clay pounding on his leg:  I KNOW...I KNOW....OH MY GOD.

Shelli:  I'm serious...I am dying right now!  I'm just watching you talk and I'm like, huh?

Clay  Shelli!  Stop that!  Big Brother, tell Shelli to STOP THAT!  Oh my gosh.  You ever have those's like one of those days times sixteen.

Shelli:  It's just one of those moments...

Clay:  Oh my god. I would rock your world!

Shelli cackles with delight over this.  (Really, who wouldn't?)

Clay:  You might really like me might be obsessed!

Shelli:  I might be obsessed already.

Clay wants to get back to game conversation.  Shelli repeats back what he said about approaching Meg and Jason.  Clay kind of practices what they will say, that they want to be "ride or die" and help each other get to the end.

Shelli:  When should we have this conversation?

Clay:  Well, not right now, that's for sure.  Let's start scheming tomorrow.  Stop staring at my lips right now.

(These two can't actually think they would take two well-liked people like Jason and Meg to the end of the game, do they? Because I know Jason and Meg are too smart to really want to go with them....)

Meanwhile, across the yard.....

Scenes From Last Night - Everybody Cuts Up, Audrey Gets Up #BB17

After their very non-romantic "double dinner date", Austin and James plotted how to get some things going on the podcast planned for later tonight.  The girls are hosting and covering undesirable dating dramas, and these two want some kissing to happen.

Austin:  Get us some booze, Big Brother!

Austin is using the straightener on his gross hair, so you know he's serious about this.

Steve jogged around the backyard, and couldn't believe that one of the cameras is following him.

No one else could, either, particularly since so many of them were sitting right there on the backyard couches.  I heard Meg yesterday talking about how bad the couch smelled--she said it reeked of mold and other sour smells.

Vanessa:  Maybe we could take off the covers on the cushions and wash them.

Meg:  I think it's the cushions that stink.  Do they use the same couch every year? It smells like this has just been out here getting wet and drying, over and over.

Steve confirmed that much of the outdoor furniture is the same, with just a new covering on it.  He points out that after Ian "broke" the hammock they did have to replace that, though.  (And Ian complained on BB14 that Lawon (BB13) left suntan oil caked all over the hammock, too.)

They discussed their "rooms" at home.  Becky said BB made her take a lot of pictures off her walls before they filmed there---she had too many pictures of her travels, group pictures, etc.

James:  They made me move my Taylor Swift cardboard cut look just like it, Meg.

Jason: Meg, you look like cardboard!

Meg:  James I need to show you my pictures from Halloween last year...I was Taylor Swift and my friend was Lorde--we were pretty spot on, too.

Becky was a peacock for Halloween last year, and says her costume was beautiful.

Meg says some real weirdos have approached her in New York on the streets, but unfortunately did not elaborate.  

The Have Nots are really getting hungry, and all agree that the diet sucks, even though they have been gifted this week with Gravy and Angel Food Cake ("Grunge Cakes") from America's Vote.

James:  I ate a loaf of that angel food cake.

Becky, in a disgusted tone: Yeah.  I walked in on that.

They all laugh.

For some reason Johnny Mac decided to display Feats of Strength at that time.  Clay said his movements were perfectly synchronized.  Clay was impressed.

Becky came out with a full pound cake and sawed away at it with her fork before handing it to Jackie.

Becky: Here, have a hit.

They all laughed about the drug connotation there.

James:  Well, Becky is from Colorado.

Meg, cracking up:  Because Becky is such a pothead!

The conversation kind of dies down in an uncomfortable way.

Meg:  This is so weird!  Sitting around and trying to think of things to talk about!

Jackie and Becky started really working on that cake, carving it up and putting it away.

Jackie, after several minutes of solid shredding: I feel disgusting now.

Austin came outside and they immediately started quizzing him about what his room looks like.  He doesn't want to describe his room now...but he wants to describe a memorable room he once had.

Austin:  The walls were all black and red, and I had black sheets on the bed.  I had some quotes written on the wall, and my dragon stuff on the shelves.  I called it the Palace of Wisdom and that was printed on the walls, too.

Everyone ate that information up, but Austin says if he was decorating his room today, the colors would be more neutral.

(I should hope so.)

They discuss how gross and dirty the house is.

Meg:  Steve dropped the bottle of pickles on that kitchen carpet, so now it reeks!  And then he tried to stuff the pickles back in the bottle.


Shelli says that not only are things in the kitchen dirty, it all is just so gross-looking. (I knew she would start complaining about the decor in there sooner or later...)

Jason:  And why can't you people understand that we have NO DISPOSAL!  There is always food and gross lettuce clogging the sink....ugh.

Shelli knows she is going to offend some guys by saying this, but she hates how men have stuff left on their plate like remnants of food and ketchup juice, but they just stick it in the dishwasher anyway.

Liz:  Oh my god-ah! Look at Clay-ah!  He's guilty!

Meg:  At home, my roommate...

Jason:  Straight or gay?

Meg:  Gay!  He did a lot of research on this, and says that the dishwashers are designed to clean the dishes, so you shouldn't rinse them before putting them in there!  He's studied it on Google!

(Same planet, different worlds.)

Clay decides to really start sharing about the way things work in his home.

Clay: My mother does a HORRIBLE job loading the dishwasher!  It drives me crazy!  Stuff is stacked all over each other and it makes no sense!  And the top rack...oh my god..

Shelli:  I'm so surprised.

(ha ha ha)

Clay is just getting warmed up, however.

Clay:  And our towels never smell fresh. And at my grandmas, they are always so soft and fresh, so I said, GRANNY PLEASE tell my mom what you use, and how you do it.  And then I told my mom you have to only wash towels with each other!  And not with the pet towels!  Sometimes when I towel off over a shower over there, I get pet hair all over me.

Everyone:  Ugh!

Clay: And the cups!  I've started taking my own cup home from College Station, because I don't trust the ones at home.  My dad feels the same way, so he will just throw all of them out, and buy new ones!  And none of our towels match...they're all different.

Shelli:  That's one of my pet peeves....I like to have different sets of towels for each room.

Clay:  And my mom doesn't iron...she won't iron.

Shelli:  My twin brother is obsessed with ironing his shirts with starch.  He'll be in there humming while he irons, and the starch sizzles...

Clay gets his jeans starched sometimes.

(Let's all remember that Mrs. Honeycutt is a vet who obviously has more on her mind than house cleaning or decorating.  But she could hire a house keeper, right?  Don't they have those where Clay lives?)

Meanwhile, Audrey Middleton is on the move.  She must realize that everyone is in the back yard and can move about freely.  She went in the bedroom and got her BB bag, throwing a few things in there from a drawer before schlepping it back to the Have Not room.

She got under the covers and I think she changed her shorts, or at least her underwear. I know I heard a zipper.

Then she ate an apple in a very noisy fashion.  We heard every chomp and chew.

(Would it kill her to talk to us?  She knows we're watching.  Why doesn't she speak to the live feeders?  It's just another reason for us to consider her wasted space in that house. She has provided a lot of action at times, but then NOTHING for the rest of her BB stay.)

She paced back and forth, breathing in and then breathing out through her mouth.  Very loudly.

(It kind of reminded me of my dog when she's trying to get ready to drop a doo doo.  I actually thought maybe Audrey was trying to get in the mood to visit the WC and do some business while the coast is clear.  But what do I know.  Then I thought she might be thinking deeply, trying to figure out what to do.)

But then I thought she might be putting on a show, because she got a blanket and kept pacing and breathing, while every camera in that room whirred and spun around her.

Audrey knows damn well this is footage for her exit episodes.  I mean, they have to show something to the CBS casuals to explain what went wrong this week.  Will they try to make it seem that she is deathly ill?  Or tell the truth, which is that Audrey is likely a Poor Sport Nutjob who is refusing to cooperate with Production or her fellow house guests?

We should have a better idea about how this will be handled by CBS on tonight's episode.  We'll probably see a version of the altercations she had on Sunday, and the House Meeting that was held later that night.

How they explain it after that is anybody's guess.

Then Audrey really kicked things up a notch by bending over and breathing deeply.  Is she trying to hyperventilate?  She even teetered for a moment like she was about to fall over.

(Let me say again that if Audrey was extremely ill, Production WOULD NOT ALLOW THIS DISPLAY without stepping in.  And as Becky pointed out earlier, Audrey ate three full non-slop meals yesterday...I know she had pizza, and omelet, etc.)

Another angle of this performance situation.

Then she laid down on the floor, just out of sight, between the chairs.

I'm sure those chairs hurt your back, especially if you're tall like Audrey, so this in itself is not that strange.  But of course, it's Audrey, so it's strange.  The whole thing is strange.

But I'm glad she didn't walk out of the game and mess up the agenda for the Thursday live show. At least, I hope that doesn't happen....

While Audrey was performing pacing, you could hear loud shouts and laughter from the kitchen.  Meg was yelling "fuck you" at someone and finally the cameras shifted. Apparently James did his "trash can prank" and scared Meg.

Apparently he also made some sort of Big Mess and they all went in search of the Clorox Wipes.

Steve:  James, did you hide the wipes?

James:  Hiding things isn't my style Steve.

They did find the wipes, and Jackie told James that she is so wiped out, she needs to take a nap for an hour or two, if possible.

James:  Well go do it...don't feel bad.

Jackie:  But I hate it!

(I think she was implying she didn't want to go into the Have Not room with Audrey.)

So James did her a solid and went in there to nap with her, too.  That is James in the middle of the shot pulling a blanket over him, and I think Audrey is laying on the other side of him..

As I paused my live feeds to post this, Jackie and James were talking about how hard it is to get comfortable in there, and how weird Jackie feels right now.

James:  Well, that's just the Have Not experience...with the food you have to eat and lack of sleep...

Jackie:  And feeling all that while you're in this game, too.

I did not hear Audrey respond, and didn't expect her to.  She's stubborn, and I think she'll stick this out.

We can if you can, Audrey.