Monday, July 20, 2015

An Unsatisfying End to a Day of Worried Speculation #BB17

OK.  So I'm sure you know the house guests have literally been waiting all day for the PoV Ceremony, but Audrey was M.I.A. for nearly 5 hours.  First she refused to get out of bed, (i.e. her Dental Chair) and then she went in the Diary Room and never came out.

Would she self-evict?  Was she hospitalized?  No one knew.

At first, this situation gave the cast a bonding moment, where they sat together this morning, waiting for the PoV ceremony.

Jason:  Every other week we've been a hot mess getting ready for this, but today we're ready and they're not.

So most of them gradually left the room in search of a good nap.  There was really nothing else they could do.

Steve Moses spent the afternoon having a really good conversation with Johnny Mac and Liz about all things reality TV.  They discussed previous seasons of BB, and Survivor.

And both Liz (really Julia at this point) and Johnny Mac really seemed to enjoy the conversation, asking follow up questions and getting into it.  Steve described how The Brigade broke Britney Haynes' heart, and how she said that she had ruined three months of her life only to go home empty-handed.

Steve said he understood that she felt she'd gotten played, but he would never feel like his time was wasted here.  He loves this game.

Johnny Mac told a story about how he left a Dan Brown concert as a storm broke out, and then he was stuck in a flood and had to abandon his car.

They also talked about Evel Dick leaving BB14 after getting his HIV diagnosis.  Johnny Mac says that you can't just tell someone they can't play the game because of that-----he knows the medical rules and you can't treat someone different if they have a disease.

Johnny Mac:  Ten years ago that probably would have freaked me out, but not now.....

(I think the problem is that Evel Dick didn't know he had HIV until told by Production.)

During the conversation, Liz recited the BB seasons she's seen...she saw BB2 "when it aired", then BB13 "with Porsche", BB10, BB15 and BB16.   Steve said that was a random assortment of seasons.

Then later they started talking about the Four Horseman and how Nakomis influenced the game, when Jase Wirey's name came up.

Liz: Oh!  Jase was the one with Holly!  I liked Jase.

(But Liz didn't say she watched BB5, which was the original Twin Twist season.)

Steve:  Did you see BB5 then?

***awkward silence***

Vanessa appeared from her nap and jumped in to the conversation, saying she watched all the seasons but can't remember names.  So she kind of bailed Liz out there, without knowing it.

Then this happened:

Vanessa:  So is she still in there?  Has anyone buzzed the door to get in?

Steve:  I have a bunch of times, but that was earlier.

Vanessa:  I need my meds, so I'll do it.

Suddenly they hear a door close behind the walls.

Everyone:  What was that?

Brave Vanessa gamely marches over to the door to investigate.

Jason and Meg aren't worried, or even aware that all of this is going on.  For all we know Meg is just an eager, slutty groupie who was hanging out in the lobby of the Whackstreet Boys' hotel.  Maybe the two of them are passed out on drugs.

All the kids are doing it.

Suddenly Audrey appears like an apparition, speaking to no one and making a beeline to the Have Not room, clutching a brown paper bag.  As soon as she's in there, she turned off the light.

It sounded as if she took the contents of that paper bag and spilled it out on one of the Dentist's Chairs.

I'm not saying it sounded like pills, but shit.  It sounded like pills.

And then that was it.

Just Another Awkward Monday. #BB17

Everyone is moving around this morning, probably dreading today's PoV ceremony as much as they are looking forward to it.  If you missed it, everyone but Audrey met last night for a House Meeting to discuss the plan to put her up during the PoV ceremony and then hopefully to vote her out.

I think Audrey was in the DR at that time.  I know she was in the house during the wee hours of around 2:00 am, because she reportedly had some sort of breakdown in one of the bedrooms.

I heard Jason telling the house guests that last night Audrey was laying next to James, and he rolled over to ask her what was wrong.  Audrey "took off her microphone" and then whispered that "it's chemical".  Jason said James didn't know what that meant, but Jason says no one would be allowed to come in the house if they weren't all together mentally.  Audrey told James that "they gave her Advil and it seemed to be helping".  Then the cameras realized we were all hearing too much about this, and switched to another room.

Note that as a Have Not, Audrey ended up getting in her Dentist's Chair eventually.


Before we get to the events of this morning, I have a few things from last night.

Liz and Vanessa sat and enjoyed some sort of snack that involved dipping and crunching. while quietly murmuring about what was going on with Audrey.

Liz (really Julia right now):  The thing is, the contract said that if you leave, they don't have to pay you any of the money.

Vanessa:  Well, I won't be leaving then.

Vanessa tried to have a quick word with Austin in the bedroom, saying that they need to keep away from each other for awhile, until "all of this dies down". (Audrey has been telling everyone about the alliances that Vanessa and Austin have together, and that they have a Final Two.)

While Austin was bent over whispering with Vanessa, Steve bursts into the room.  Vanessa tries to cover up by pulling him over and saying that she was just telling Austin that no one seems to suspect they are working with Steve, so they should be fine.

Then Vanessa tried to shut out things and relax, probably going over what she plans to say at the PoV ceremony.

Clay and Austin went into storage, where Clay oversaw the construction of some banana splits.  It looked like they keep the Cool Whip in the freezer, so Clay had to work hard to carve out a few spoonfuls for each sundae.

Clay:  This is about to be a Bowlful of Regret in just a minute.

The entire house, except for Audrey, played Charades in the living room, and appeared to have a good time.  I think they were trying to have a group event since theoretically they are all finished talking about the game until after Thursday's eviction.

I think Audrey was in the DR at the time, but she might have been somewhere else.  She was no where on the live feeds,   Here's the thing: earlier today I heard Jason say something about the "three hours she was gone" and then mention his "3:00 am DR" before the cameras abruptly changed.  So who knows where Audrey really was, or what she was doing.

This is Jackie playing Charades, which she seems to enjoy.

OK. Now on to this morning.  The PoV Ceremony morning.  While everyone else is ready for the ceremony, Audrey is her Dentist Chair like this.  I heard BB tell her a number of times earlier to go get her fresh batteries out of storage, but we had FISH so I don't know if she got up to take care of that, or if someone else did that for her.

Jackie got in her own Dentist Chair, staring over at Audrey, probably waiting for something exciting to happen.

Vanessa still keeps her clothes in the Have Not room.  She came in and changed her sweatshirt, adjusting her pants and footwear in silence.

Becky, who is currently a Have Not, came in the room making a fair amount of noise, maybe rubbing it in just a little about how happy she is today in front of Audrey.  Vanessa thanked Becky for curling her hair last night, saying she slept on it and it still looks good.

Audrey remains in her Dentist Chair, like this.

The camera crew watches Jackie put her shoes on and look in the mirror for the 10,000th time.

And then Jackie left the room so this is all they had to focus on.

Meanwhile, Austin is pontificating about different topics.  I'm sure he's waiting for the Fair Liz to switch out today with Julia, but they won't do that until after the Whackstreet Boys punishment is over. Because if they did that, it really wouldn't be fair.

He discussed travel with Shelli, who has only left the US once, to go to Jamaica.

Liz:  What was the occasion?

Shelli:  My honeymoon, but it wasn't a good and loving honeymoon.

She said there was a hurricane swirling around then,so they couldn't take advantage of all of the activities at the resort.

Clay really has done everything he can do for Audrey, he says.  Becky hopes that Audrey can get over this and have a few good days after this, and be the Broadway Show Audrey they know that has fun and laughs.

Clay: I don't think so...I think this is going to be it until Thursday.

Becky:  I don't even feel sorry about her little breakdown last night, because she didn't do it in the Have Not room while she was trying to sleep...she did it "in Vanessa's bed" because Vanessa has the PoV.  I'll bet if the PoV had already been played she would have had the breakdown upstairs in front of's all still a game.  At least, that's what I'm thinking.

John:  She hasn't talked to me at all after we lost the BoB.  I know she was going up to James and Jackie saying they had to win it, because she was worried about Liz being the HoH, but after it was over she hasn't spoken to me at all.

Update:  It seems there are some audio problems in the house.  Vanessa has already gone to the DR at least once to start the PoV ceremony process, but they had to stop and they told Vanessa they are working to fix the problem.

Will they have the PoV ceremony without Audrey?  Will they have it in the Have Not room so they can include her?

Right now everyone is assembled in the living room.  Everyone except Audrey.  We keep getting lots of FISH when they discuss the timing of it...

Whackstreet's Back All Night! (But Keep Your Hands Off Their Chicken Nuggets.) #BB17

Just minutes after the House Meeting ended, Becky started using the curling iron on Vanessa's hair.  People walked in and out and wondered what the occasion was.

Becky:  It's Sunday...

Jason thinks Production missed a big opportunity for comedy by not demanding another Whackstreet Boys performance right in the middle of the meeting.

Jason:  They should have called us to the Sky Bridge!

James did some sort of gross prank and neither Jason nor "Liz" (really Julia right now) wants to touch anything he's touched.  I think he's smearing honey on door handles or something.

Becky:  Audrey made it personal with me...she went after me personally, so she doesn't get another chance with me after that.  She went after my family, too...and she doesn't know anything about me!  My last name, or where I live....

Outside people congregated around Jason as he smoked. Jason started to talk about the things Audrey said about Becky, while trying not to say those things.  He said he warned Becky the first time he heard it, but then Audrey brought it up to him again, but this time making it sound like Jason was the one sharing the information.

Jason:  So I waited until the music started...because that's when you know the live feeds are down, and I went over and told that shit to Becky.

Julia: Wow.  I don't even know what it was, but...

Jason:  It was some Season 15 type of shit.

(Basically, Audrey made statements to suggest that Becky and her family are racist, using a "black towel" that Becky was using as some sort of proof.)

Julia:  Do you think she'll get boo'ed?

Jason:  Well, I don't think people love her, but I think people love to hate her.  I don't think she will get total cheers, because I think she will get at least some jeers.  I think Day got total cheers and applause when she left because she went up against Audrey, and the fans liked that.

John:  Yeah.

Jason:  I told Shelli that people weren't cheering Day because they don't like her...they were cheering because she fought Audrey.

(Production needs to get Jason a job, because not only is he a BB historian, he understands how this all works, and what is good for TV. Plus, he'd be appreciative of the job and also fun to work with, too.)

Liz:  I know what Shelli means about not wanting to talk to Audrey, because she confuses me...she takes my shit and twists it and I'm like what?  Oh well, at least we'll have chicken nuggets now.

Jason: Yes, we will have chicken nuggets in the house.

Liz:  Do you see what she did before that competition?  She fucking went in there and ate the rest of them!  All of them!  And I felt so bad, because I should have saved some for Meg....I didn't even eat any of them!  There were only six of them left and she ate them all!  We should say something in our goodbye message about that.

Jason:   If they want goodbye messages like Jeff's from me, they better make sure Jason gets wine.  Because I had two glasses in me and I went in there and was mean as hell.

Note:  Johnny Mac's "chin strap" is drawn on there...he didn't have time to grow it like that, although I think they asked him not to shave that area while he is a Whackstreet Boy.

Julia:  The wrap party is going to be so awkward.

Jason:  But, if Jeff sees what I'm going to say to Audrey in there, he's going to love me!  I"m going to be like, listen you chicken nugget assed bitch!  I don't have a good nickname for her though...James calls her Medusa in there (DR).

Julia and John kind of groaned at that.

Jason:  But she was calling Mama Day "Mama Demon!"

Julia and John:  What?  Oooooooo!

Julia wanted to know how Jason knows that.

Jason:  I heard it from people that she told that to....Day is going to SNATCH THAT BITCH UP! But Day was calling her Slytherin in there...I haven't really called her anything but a foul-mouthed bitch.

Suddenly, over the loudspeaker you can hear the cheers of the crowd..and the announcer calling the performers to the backyard.  It's exciting to hear it.  The Whackstreet Boys stand up and start moving to the center of the yard.

Julia:  Again!  They love us!

John:  Can we crowd surf this time?  I really want to crowd surf this time.

Jason: Jason is doing this in slippers.

Julia:  Should I go get my hat?

Jason:  Yeah, go get your hat.  So they can't say, where's your hat?

They slowly get into position while they wait for Julia to return.

John, a broken record:  After we're done, can we get on the daybed and crowd surf?

Jason reports that the daybed is all wet.

A crowd of fans starts to gather in the backyard.  Meg cheers, saying "Yeahhhhh!"

John:  We have to kill this one!

Jason:  Jackie is such a stage mom.

(She helped coach them on the dancing, but I think they skyped in with a dance instructor to learn the routine)

Becky runs out to the yard, yelling "Whackstreet!".

Julia runs out to join them as the fans gather in the front row.  She almost drops her beeper and Jason asks out loud if he can take his beeper home with him.  As lead singer, (I assume.)  Julia calls a pre-show meeting to talk about jumping up on the daybed afterwards while Jackie hovers off stage like a real Dance Mom.

Jackie:  Let's all hit those poses!

They agree it's too wet right now to jump up on there, but Jason says they should "plan for the next one".

They get into position and then the music starts---its not very loud, and consists of just beats that the Whackstreet Boys occasionally say "oooooo  yeah yeah" to while they dance.  Like any good SuperFan, Becky dances along, knowing many of their moves...probably after watching their videos religiously.

But let's all just sit back and enjoy the show.

Julia takes a bow for the fans. You can tell she loves being a star.

Julia: OK...the 18th hour!

Jason:  We need to start switching it up at the end.

Julia: Yeah, we need some new poses at the end...

Jason:  Yeah, fuck you Lady on the Tape!  (ha ha ha)

Julia:  Maybe I'll do a cartwheel at the end.

Jason: There you go.

Julia:  Or maybe we can hold Jason up at the end!

Jason:  Yeah...I'll be in the center can hold me up like Jesus!

(How is this not the best punishment ever?)

They're all tired after the show, but they take a moment to practice their New Move.

Jason:  Let's try it from the spin.

These performers are certainly temperamental, but they are professional, too.  They take pride in their performance, but it's all about the fans.