Friday, July 17, 2015

BB: House Guests, It's Time to Get Up and Ruin Your Day. #BB17

OK.  Nominations were just held and the results are as follows:

HoH Liz - nominated Jackie & James
HoH Shelli - nominated John & Jason

But let's back up to an earlier time....just after BB tried to get their lazy asses out of bed.

Everyone got the wake up call this morning, and was told that nominations were about an hour away. Shelli is very edgy and tired, saying she got almost no sleep last night. She's really piling on the undereye concealer but I'm not sure if that is part of her normal routine or not.

(She didn't even think about going to sleep until a few hours ago.)

Both HoH's are busy at the mirror, but there isn't a lot of chatter.  Not tension between them per se, but tension in general about the entire situation.

Downstairs there is a lot of laughter as Meg and James scurry around.  Meg tells James that she is going to blame this on him, because she told him they should probably get some sleep because Friday was going to be a big day for both of them.

Does this even look like Meg Maley?  I saw this picture and was like "who the hell is that?"

Steve shows up and comments on how weird his hair looks.  James plans to cut it for him very soon.

And then Clay comes in, looking like shit, too.

Just kidding!  Clay has been up all night, too.  Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Meg can't even remember any of the three wake up songs, and no one else can remember them, either.

James reminds Meg that he called her a "Smoke Bomb" on the CBS live show.

James:  You have to retain your Smoke Bomb Status now can't be going to the nomination ceremony with a towel on your head.

Meg:  I can't believe you said that in your speech!  I might have to include 'smoke bomb status' in my vocabulary now.

Meanwhile, upstairs no one is having fun, or reveling in their Smoke Bomb Status.  Shelli is VERY stressed and is very perturbed that Clay didn't hear the "one hour" announcement.

Shelli:  That was 45 minutes ago!  It could be any minute now!

She needs to talk to Vanessa, because Vanessa helps her think through all of the possibilities. Like a good Pool Boy, Clay hustles right down there and tells Vanessa, who is in bed, that she is needed in the HoH Suite.

Vanessa arrives, and they get right to it.  Austin is there, too, so the entire Sixth Sense is present, except for Julia, who is sure to arrive sometime today to switch out with Liz.

Vanessa says her feeling is that each of the 4 people put on the block needs to be someone who they would all be okay with losing this week.

Vanessa:  Shelli this is your 2nd HoH, and you want to avoid the appearance of manipulating and fixing the competitions.  Austin can tell you how hard it is to try and fix the's better just to be sure all four people are okay to leave, and then leave one more target on the side to put up after the PoV if you get the chance.

Vanessa is pushing for Steve & Jason, and Jackie & Becky as the two sets of nominees.

Liz is worried about Jackie and Becky, saying that they will win the BoB for sure and then come after her.  Austin agrees, saying he "doesn't like that for her, either".

Vanessa admits that putting Steve up is a risk, because he knows so much right now about the twins and also how previous competitions may have been rigged.

Austin: Everyone knows about the Twins though....(he wants Steve OUT).

Vanessa, to Shelli:  It looks really horrible for you...(about the rigging)

There was a knock at the door and someone looks at the screen and sees that it is Audrey.

Shelli, in  a very loud voice:  TELL HER TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!  I'M ON FIRE RIGHT NOW.  Really I am.

Vanessa assured her that whatever happens, things are good.

Vanessa:  We have a lot of options...don't worry.

Austin with his victim showmance target, providing restraint comfort.

But after Vanessa left the room, Clay talked Shelli into trying to rig things, saying they could call on Johnny Mac to throw the BoB again.  Clay then scurried downstairs to pull Johnny Mac out of bed and out of the bedroom to have a talk with the Quirky Dentist.  The conversation felt rushed, and sloppy.

Clay:  Are you okay with this?

John, in a small voice:  I'm okay with it.

As Johnny walked back in the bedroom, he shouted in his mic:  NO!  GOD DAMMIT!  NO!

He went back and got in bed surrounded by stunned silence.

James:  You okay buddy?

Johhny Mac:  As okay as I can be.

Jason:  I feel sick to my stomach.

(Jason is probably worried about being backdoored, and also probably needing a cigarette since the backyard is locked down.)

The feeds go to highlights where we see things like this while the Nomination Ceremony takes place.

The highlights now feature Da'Vonne as a guest, and she can barely contain herself when she watches scenes of herself and Jason, and also Steve's pathetic attempt at twerking.  She is proud that her weave "was flawless" during her entire stay in the house.


OK.  When the live feeds return, after the nomination ceremony is complete, it appears to have been some time since they finished, and Shelli is taking meetings in the Lounge.  Or Hammock Room.  Whatever.

We see this, and we know.

Shelli is trying to pump him up, and is totally making it sound like she wants someone else to go home, implying she is ready to send Audrey out of the door.

They end the meeting on a high note, with Shelli "joking" that Jason will probably turn around and nominate her when he is HoH.

Jason:  Oh, I won't even long as Steve is here.....(Jason wants Steve OUT).

Clay dips his carrot into peanut butter and crunches it loudly.  He and Johnny Mac mutter about the deal with the devil that Johnny Mac just made with him.

But doesn't The Devil offer you goodies and prizes that you can enjoy at your leisure before snatching your soul into Eternal Damnation?  I don't recall hearing about any prizes or goodies.

When it's his turn, Johnny Mac visits the Queen of Darkness Shelli in the Lounge.  She tells him he can play hard or throw it, because she and Liz have options on either side of the nominations.  They started to end their meeting quickly, but then Shelli reconsiders.

Shelli:  We should sit here and talk for awhile, so it looks good.

Because The Devil Shelli has all the time in the world.


In no way do I think Shelli Poole is actually The Devil.  In fact, I have complimented her on her game and composure many times this season.  And I would like to be invited to any victory party blow outs held later this year for Shelli right here in the ATL.  And if not specifically invited, not barred or banned from attending.  Thank you.

Vanessa's beanie is probably about to blow off, after all the last-minute consulting she was dragged into the HoH to do.  All that good advice right down the tubes.  But Clay Honeycutt is smooth as silk...telling her that Audrey might need to go, or whatever lie he can come up with on such short notice.

This is a compliment:  Clay has turned out to be a HELL of a BB player and one HELL of a liar.

(I'm looking forward to ogling meeting Clay at one of Shelli's ATL post-season parties!)

Jason got back in bed and is saying that Shelli told him some important information.....two different people have been dragging his name through the mud and it's "GIVING HIM FIRE".


Meg:  Care to share?

Jeff:  Well, one of them is already gone...your husband....but the other one, I'll just keep that to myself, because it is GIVING ME FIRE!

Johnny Mac guffaws at that.  He enjoys Jason in the house, clearly.  He said before the game that he does not like the SuperFan persona, but surely Jason has won him over with his humor and devotion to his friends.

Jason:  Let's just say the other one is someone who has dragged plenty of people through the mud around here.....and I thought we were better, but apparently we're not.

Jackie, from across the room:  I get all the shit from what Jeff does, all the time.

Jason:  Well I don't feel bad about my goodbye message now...I left him a SASSY message.  I had just drank all that wine in the kitchen!  I knew I had to chug it because my glass wouldn't still be there when I got out of the DR.

The Show Was Live, But Some of the House Guests are Drawing Dead #BB17

In the hours after the live show ended, life in the BB house settled into an uneasy calm.  Quiet, with undercurrents of tension.  Shit is getting real now, and they all feel it.

BUT FIRST...before you ask.

Vanessa sat with Audrey and Steve, discussing the two extra votes to save James last night on the live show.  As expected, she is on the warpath about those votes, but has moved from anger into analytical observation as she tries to get to the truth.

Vanessa:  I expected 9-2, not 7-4.

The camera shoots a close up of Steve twiddling his hands nervously, but I was not quick enough to catch it. Did Vanessa see that?  It was clearly one of Steve's tells---I've heard Jason say that Steve was fiddling with his hands throughout the entire first week, but has calmed down with the passage of time.

Audrey is probably under suspicion, but she knows she didn't cast a hinky vote.

Steve is playing a dangerous game now.  I hope he's ready for what comes next.  It's fun for us, though, I'll give him that.

And I'm loving all of these non-unanimous votes.

I know some people are calling them Blonde and Blonder.  But if BB doesn't put some touch up color  in those HoH baskets, things are going to get rough.

Did you notice how humongous Austin looks on the live show sitting on the couch next to normal-sized people?  I spend a lot of time watching Austin, but I'm still startled to see him in that light.

Someone baked some cookies, that are in various stages of gooey doneness.  Vanessa came over and scraped up a hot ball of cookie and housed it.

Vanessa:  That is one good cookie.

These two girls will finally get some camera time this week, for better or worse.

Becky is one of the prime suspects for the hinky vote.  She didn't do it, but she is getting blamed for it.  And she'd better start shoveling the food in, since she has a very good chance of being a Have Not this week.  (Only 5 people in the house have not had the pleasure yet...)

Johnny Mac just knows how this is going to go down, doesn't he?

Jackie knows she's going to be on the Slop Diet starting tomorrow. So she's making some english muffin pizzas.  I think this is the point in the week when they run out of groceries, so they're trying to make do with what they have.

I later heard Liz say that english muffin pizza was better than she expected it to be.

Meanwhile Vanessa huddled with Clay in the bedroom, saying she would stake her game on her feeling that Steve did not cast the hinky vote.  They are under the impression that whoever did it was trying to frame Audrey, and she gives several examples of things Steve has said to her about not targeting Audrey right now.

But Steve did cast the hinky vote, as we all know.  And I think that he did that to target Clay, the Golden Boy, after overhearing all of the drama yesterday about Clay being 90%...he and John were sitting right outside the HoH door, and may have even conspired about this.

Remember when Vanessa later announced that whoever sits at the chessboard can hear every word said in the HoH Room?

Shelli Evicts Clay...Out of the HoH Suite For the Night #BB17

It's been a long night for these house guests, and they have gone back and forth, and forth and back, trying to think out every single permutation of nominations, as well as potential BoB and PoV winners.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to catch up on, but it seems that both HoH's agree that Jason or James would be a good target for this week.

But how to get there?  And how does Audrey fit into this?  And if she doesn't fit into this, how do they handle that?  Jackie is a name that is on everybody's lips this week, too. She is sure to see some time in the nomination chairs, but I think her loyalties will be tested as they try to figure out what kind of game she is running.  Or not running.

Oh, and Becky is in the house, too. Lest we all forget.  I did hear Vanessa make a strong case earlier about how strong Becky is in comps, and how that could wind up being a problem.

The weight of the world is on Shelli's narrow shoulders.  And I have to say she is making the ATL proud by not being afraid to play this game, nor to win competitions.

And she snagged the hottest dude, too, but her behavior has not been slutty in the least.  If you just saw these pictures, you might think it was Days of Our Lives or something, or maybe even the Red Shoe Diaries, but it is actually much more wholesome than that.

As a matter of fact, while Clay is sighing and smooching Shelli (Shelli insists any real kissing will take place outside of the house.) she is reciting her options, and fretting about the possibilities of failure for each.

Shelli is thinking Steve is someone to consider getting rid of, and is still not in favor of eliminating Audrey, or even putting her at risk.

Shelli:  If I had to backdoor somebody, I would rather choose Austin over Audrey, because we know he's not trustworthy.

(Now THAT would be a story for this week.)

Clay really likes Johnny Mac, and would like to bring him into an alliance with the two of them and Vanessa, but Shelli's not sold on the Johnny Mac idea.

(Let's face it, with these genes, their kids won't need a lot of discount dentistry or orthodontics.)

Shelli's eyebrows are worried, too.  She is just as focused and intense in this game as Vanessa is, but in a softer, more gentile way.

They realize that tomorrow will be a busy day, with the nominations and BoB.  Shelli is worried about what time it is, and steps outside the HoH suite to check the time on the clock, peering over the railing.  Liz is already tucked in for the night in her half of the Suite---Shelli is in the second room with the Fish Tank Table, and has to walk through Liz's room to get to the door.

Shelli: It's 5:00 am, and I need to get my two hours of sleep, so I think I'm just going to lay here and listen to my music and get some rest.....alone.

(Cue the suspenseful music as Days of Our Lives goes to commercial...)

Shelli softens the blow by teasing Clay that if he stayed up there with her, she would only be "googling" his gorgeous face (really Shelli...his face?) and would not get any work done.

Clay:  That's okay.  I understand.  I'll just evict you next week!

So you'd think this is a romantic clinch, but the whole time Clay is murmuring nomination possibilities to Shelli, trying to get a last word in about what she should do.  Shelli is smart, so I know she's already considered the fact that Clay might be sleeping in the Dentist's Office this week, starting tomorrow night.  And that might be the best place for him, since Jackie, Becky and Audrey will all be in there, too.  He can keep an eye on things.

(Production might flip the script on their Have Not plans though....using a competition to choose them instead of their "who hasn't done it yet" approach.)

Yes, Shelli would surely be staring at Clay's "face" all night.

(As a contrast, anybody remember watching Brenchal on Showtime's version of BBAD?)

How great is this picture?  I'll just go out here, on a high note.

PS:  What are we calling these two?  Is it "Shlay"?  I like that better than "Clelly".

Audrey, to James: You Look Like Garbage #BB17

I have a lot of work to do with regard to last night's live feeds, but I just found a fun little moment in the storage room with Audrey and James, a little after 4:00 am.  The two of them don't seem very worried about their safety this week, and they even seem to be focusing on next week.

Audrey:  When you're in there with the guys, don't make it obvious....just see what they are thinking about for next week.  Don't just say, how do you guys feel about Audrey.

James:  Yeah, I know how to start a conversation.

Audrey doesn't want James to quote her, because "it wasn't told to her", but she thinks Jason "or his team" will be the targets this week.

(I don't like to use symbols to express myself, but :(    :(   and :( )

Audrey:  I think we should just be the Fun Bus this week...maybe if we get in some garbage bags somebody will come by and pick us up.

They laugh, and immediately start ransacking the storage room, looking for the Hefty bags.

The big black Hefty's are right there on the counter, so James gets in one of them.

Audrey steps back after re-arranging the plastic bag, saying "you look just like garbage!", and tells James several times not to tell anyone about this.

(Isn't this dangerous?  What about good old-fashioned suffocation?)

James:  Production is probably gonna pick me up and throw me out of here!

(ha ha ha they really might do that)

James wants to get in his Hefty bag in the kitchen, but Audrey says it would be much more believable in the storage room.

James:  But I might be in here for three hours before people come in here to talk about game!

but also:

James: If I'm in the kitchen Becky might try to take me out...because she's always cleaning up shit in there.

James:  This is my new camo!

Audrey reminded him not to tell anyone about this.

Note:  After the live show, James kind of jokingly told Audrey "thanks a lot" for telling Julie Chen and all of America that he is a slob.  Then he told the bedroom crowd that at home, he is very clean and is almost obsessive about it.

Johnny Mac:  Really?

James:  Yeah, I'm looking at this like being on a vacation.