Monday, July 13, 2015

Jackie Talks, and Actually Has Interesting Things to Say. #BB17

Jackie apparently has a lot to say if you can get her to say it.  But she needs some prodding...

One of the wake up songs was "Be Our Guest" from Disney, and the other was from Cher.  Austin thought the Cher song was "incredible" but Jackie said she didn't like it, and proceeded to tell Liz why.

Jackie:  It just brought back memories that were bad....I worked in Mexico City as a back up dancer for a Cher impersonator and it was just a bad situation for me.

Liz:  Really, it was bad?

Jackie said that she personally threw a number of "diva fits" during that gig, and ended up walking off the stage to the same song that BB played this morning as a wake up call.  (!)

Jackie:  I've never acted like that before, but I just lost it and refused to do certain numbers, and demanded to be paid in cash, too.  (ha ha ha)

Apparently the lady who was in charge didn't want to pay the dancers for rehearsal time, so Jackie always felt unprepared and does not like to perform if she doesn't feel prepared.

Jackie:  It was just a really bad scene.  I made the Cher impersonator cry, too.

Liz:  Really?  You did?

Jackie: Yeah, after I walked out she knew it was a shitty situation.  She was very talented, though, and it was just like watching Cher sing.  But I am very particular so if my costumes aren't right, or if I don't feel like I know what to do, I'm not performing.

Jackie said that the travel situation for shows like that can be really tough, and has a big impact on how you feel and also how you feel about the experience.  Austin has had to travel for wrestling shows and says the venues can really make or break how successful the show is.

Jackie still sees dancers who live in Vegas who were involved with that production, and they always say stuff like "remember that shit show in Mexico City?"  Jackie has also performed in shows for other impersonators for Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Brittany Spears.  Some of the dancers for the actual performers are involved with hiring dancers for the impersonators, so she's met some of them, too.

Liz was also very interested in Jackie's experience being a dancer for the Miami Heat a number of years ago.

Liz:  That must have been so fun, back when the Heat used to win games.

Jackie was a Heat dancer when they won the NBA championship.

Liz:  Oh, did you get a ring?

Jackie:  No, but we got lots of other stuff.

Jackie was a Heat dancer when Shaq was there, and got to attend the game where they retired Alonzo Mourning's jersey.  Liz seems to know a fair amount about NBA games and the players, and did some cursing about Lebron James leaving Miami for Cleveland a few years ago.

Liz:  The fans in Miami are so bad..if they think they are going to lose the game they just get up and leave in the middle of the game.

Jackie:  Yeah...I's rough to look up and see people leaving.

Jackie said that after you're danced for one season, the team considers you to be a "vet", and you don't have to go to the open call for dancers, or the first week of dance boot camp.  The vets attend the second week of boot camp, though, and perform alongside the new batch of girls to compete for a spot on the squad.  Some of the vets don't get a spot on the dance squad, so that is always a risk.

Liz:  Is the money good?

Jackie:  No...if it was it might be an easier decision to stay there, but it's a full time job for very little money, so I don't think could do that again.


This is Meg and Jeff this morning in the bed they share...she was teasing him about being a bad cuddler.

Jeff is under that blanket, saying to give him a break, because he's "having a bad week".

Austin and Vanessa: Is It Too Late To See Our HoH Room? #BB17

I know Vanessa and Austin won HoH about a million years ago (or Thursday night), but I wanted to do a little research about the items from home in their HoH rooms.  As you know, Austin and Vanessa came in first and second playing Gronk Pong during the live show, respectively, but Vanessa's nominations lost the Battle of the Block so she remains the HoH for the entire week.

Why do I care?  Well, I noticed a change in Austin this week.  Before, it seemed like he mentioned being attached to someone back home frequently.  I've never heard him talk about his girlfriend like other people do (exp: Vanessa), but I assumed Austin's Lady didn't want her specifics discussed on TV.  However, I have heard Austin allude to being attached outside the house, quickly mentioning that something may or may not be appropriate, and keeping an arm's length away from Trouble.

But things changed last week. Here are two specific examples:

1.  After the BoB comp, Austin was quite buzzed (along with everyone else) and he was extremely vocal about wanting to get with Jackie, and continued to pester Jeff for help with this well into the next day.  (See him with his hands on her here.)  The next day, Jackie told the other girls how creeped out she was by Austin, and how she had to sit his dark bedroom with him while he massaged her back for over an hour. (Did she really HAVE to do that?  He wasn't the HoH

2.  And you all know about Austin blowing a gasket after Liz chose to sleep downstairs with James in that crowded, stinky bedroom, rather than enjoying the relative privacy and luxury of Austin's HoH room.  You know, the one with the Fish Tank Table. (What a Sophie's Choice that would be, huh?)

So I wondered....did he hear something from his girlfriend, or NOT hear something from his girlfriend when he got his HoH room on Thursday night? Did Austin's outlook on his relationship status change in some meaningful way that we all need to know about?

I thought we would learn something from last night's CBS show, but all we really got there was a few camera shots of Vanessa's hot girlfriend.  And let's face it, that is what most of America wanted to see, along with the house guests.

In the picture below, this is everyone rushing over to see Vanessa's pictures the second the HoH door was unlocked  Vanessa has been talking about her hot girlfriend (and uses that term, too) but I'm sure everyone wanted to really see it to believe it.  So they all ran over there and ogled pictures of Mel and also Vanessa's two dogs Bear and Maverick.

And Austin had some baby pictures of himself.  Yep.  And some sort of family picture with his sister cropped out.

Austin:  My sister doesn't want to be on TV.

No girlfriend pictures.  And I didn't hear anyone ask about them, either.  But maybe they were too engrossed with the hot lesbian pictures.

Jackie wanted to know where in Las Vegas one of Vanessa's pictures was taken.  Vanessa named some park where she and Mel like to visit, and then practically gave out the intersection where she lives.  Jackie said she lives just down the street and wants to come over and visit. (Just wait until she sees that big mansion, huh?)

Liz:  Oh my god...I'm obsessed with Bear!

Bear is a dog that Vanessa and Mel got as a couple about a year ago.  He is a mastiff and will not be full-sized until he is two years old.

Vanessa skimmed her letter before reading it aloud but Austin was the one who read his letter from his family out loud first.

Everyone gathered around to listen.

I don't remember who Austin said wrote the letter (or IF he said who wrote it), but it sounded like it was his mom or dad or sibling.  There was a lot of talk about weight-lifting and how many pounds someone was able to squat.  Or lift.  Whatever.  ***yawn***

Then there was one line that was of interest:  "Jen sends her love.."

Austin:  Oh...good.  I guess I haven't done anything wrong yet.

And that was that. No other mention of his love interest.  Not at all.

But I do love the sky scene on the wall...if I ever have a beach house that will be the theme in one of the bedrooms.

Vanessa:  I'm so happy!

In contrast to Austin, Vanessa Rousso does have an officially legitimate significant other, so of course her letter is from her girlfriend Mel.  Not her mom, not her sister, but Mel.  If Vanessa wins multiple HoH competitions, she may get letters from those people, eventually though.

She started to read her letter and her voice broke a few times, particularly when Mel mentioned the dogs.

Vanessa, reading:  Bear sits and waits by the door for his mommy to come home almost every day.  And Bear is sitting here now with his nose on my hand as I try to write this letter.

The girls poked through Vanessa's HoH basket like it was a shopping trip.

Liz:  Oh!  She got little face masks!  She loves her face masks!

Austin got four bottles of beer and said he planned to chug all four that evening. Austin's CD is from Clay Aiken and everyone made fun of Austin for that. Austin said Clay's music really touched him and that he was one of his favorite artists.

Vanessa's CD is Moby's "Hotel".  He is one of her favorite artists, she says.

I'm not familiar with "Hotel", but I used to listen to Moby years ago. "Porcelain" is probably my favorite Moby song.  I've never seen the video before's kind of trippy.  I went to Amsterdam for Thanksgiving a few years ago and my friend and I went shopping while we were tripping on brownies. We were in the back of a clothing store that had mirrored walls and a rocking sound system when Porcelain started playing.  I remember dancing around and having fun until the strap on my friend's purse caught on one of the racks of clothes and knocked it over.  And then she fell right along with it....

Just a Quiet Sunday Afternoon -- Jeff Scrambles, People Borrow Clothes, and Gronk Issues Party Orders #BB17

Johnny Mac, doing what he does best...nothing.  At some point he'll need to team up with someone, right?

Steve thinks he is in tight with Johnny Mac, but I think that is only because he has conversations with him on the patio sometimes.  Steve is very apprehensive about having conversations and seems to have a lot of anxiety around even making the most basic of pleasantries and small talk.  Those things don't exist for Steve Moses.

Way back on July 4th I listened in on one of their morning conversations.  They don't really talk game, but they talk about talking about game, if that makes sense.  For example, John told Steve that he wouldn't be hanging out with Becky very much in the next few days, because he was aware people were talking or joking about their "showmance".  Steve heard about that, too.

Steve:  I need to ask you...I need to ask you this about that same thing....did you hear anything about me and Liz?

Johnny Mac, trying to keep a straight face:  No...but...

Steve:  Is Liz flirting with Jeff?

John:  Yeah.

Steve:  Is Liz flirting with everybody?

John:  Yeah.

Steve knows that he takes some things too far in conversations, but doesn't realize it at the time.  They discussed John giving him some sort of hand signal when they were in groups to warn him about this, but I'm not sure if they actually put something together.

Steve:  I think quirkiness played a role in both of us getting here.

John:  Yeah.

So conversations like this one make Steve feel like he has trust and an understanding with Johnny Mac.  But none of us have no idea what is going on in Johnny Mac's head. 

OK..moving on to yesterday.

Now that Jeff is in Big Trouble, all of a sudden he's wanting to connect with Jackie. He asked her advice yesterday  before he approached Vanessa to apologize and Jackie told him to just be kind, and "think of Vanessa as a girl".   But then Jackie told him that she has heard some of the bad things he's said about her in this game.

Jackie: I know you want to let everyone know we are two separate people in I understand that, but I feel like we are representing TAR coming in here, and it just looks bad....and none of these people are your friend.  None of them.  Do you understand that?  I'm the only one who is really your friend.

(Jeff has talked all kinds of trash about Jackie, including intimate details of their previous relationship. And as far as friends go, you have to be a friend to have a friend, and Jeff threw all of his friends under the bus this week.)

Clay's profile in the house has dropped like a rock since he and Shelli left the HoH suite last week. That exactly what you want to do after an HoH week...just fade back into the scenery as best you can.  You can see Jeff going out on the patio in this picture....he was preparing to go upstairs to apologize to Vanessa and was walking around nervously.  Jeff went up there initially, but Vanessa was busy with someone else and asked him to come back in a few minutes.

So Jeff went outside and started bogarting more of Jason's cigarettes.  Once Jeff goes up on the block, I think Jason should just allocate a few smokes to Jeff...maybe 2 or 3 a day and then that's it.  Because there is no one for Jason to bum smokes from around there, so he's on his own in that area as well.

(Also, how charitable can Jason feel when he knows Jeff threw both him and Meg under the wheels of his Blame Bus?)

Clay came out there, too.  At this point no one knows or even seems to suspect that Clay and Shelli are working with Vanessa and Austin.  So Clay can just kick back and listen to what everyone says about them, above suspicion.

James has been wearing Liz's Cat Hat nearly nonstop for the last day or so.  So I guess she's going to write off that hat.

(I was surprised that the CBS show let us know that Vanessa "can't stand James....she really can't stand him" without giving the casual viewers some hints as to why this is the case.  Basically James is just as misogynistic as Jeff is, and when the two of them are together, it is exponentially worse.  And he makes the worst comments about women in the house and seems to have zero awareness of it.  For example, during the first week, a bunch of people were congregating in one of the bedrooms.  Audrey got out of bed to leave the room, and James loudly said "Audrey has a fat ass!".)

Jeff sat up in the HoH and tried to defend himself.  Vanessa listened, and let him speak, but she wasn't having it.

I think Jeff made some veiled threats about other people in the game threatening Vanessa, but he is clueless to the fact that these people are aligned with her (i.e. Shelli).  So, Vanessa will win this battle, but we will need to keep watching to see how the war shakes out.

The twins are beautiful.  Obviously.  One of them told Vanessa that they were signed by the Wilhelmina modeling agency right out of high school but haven't modeled much since they went to college.

She and Austin were talking about Jeff...she won't miss Jeff at all  when he's gone.  But will she miss her Cat Hat?

Shelli and Clay talked about Jeff, too.  They are surprised that Jeff was so sloppy about throwing out names to protect himself.

Shelli's wearing Clay's clothes now.

But whose thigh high socks are those?  They don't seem very Shelli-like to me.  In fact, they seem more Las Vegas than Atlanta, so maybe they belong to Jackie.  Or maybe Becky bought them in the teen section of Hollister with her employee discount.

They had to have a Gronk Party in the kitchen, so everyone gathered in an attempt to get turnt up in order to please Gronk.  They started off with music, and ended up with just a metallic-like beat with a few chants of "Gronk!  Gronk!  Gronk!" mixed in.

Is this yet another audio issue?  Or is Production planning on layering in the music if they show this on the CBS show?  I'm certainly no audio engineer, but maybe they wanted to clearly hear the house guest soundbytes instead of covering them up with EDM.

Can you see Liz holding up the lemon with the kitchen tongs?  That must be a Miami know..Fruit in the Air and all that.

At one point Gronk called out "c'mon Liz" (obviously pre-recorded...) and Becky must have been LIVID about that.

Jason has clearly been to a few parties in his day.  He knows how to wave that fork around like a pro.

And can you be a successful music engineer if you have no rhythm?   Not throwing shade...just asking.

FYI---in case you don't know, the HoH bathroom door has been removed this year, so the amount of privacy that you can get in there has been drastically reduced. It certainly isn't as bad as the BB Canada house, where the HoH toilet is partitioned off WITH A FREAKING CURTAIN, but it certainly looks like a step in that direction.

Vanessa Pays Tribute to her Ex-Husband #BB17

Vanessa has talked about her ex-husband, Chad Brown, on the live feeds a number of times.  She has brought him up in several conversations, quoting advice he gave her, and the positive impact he had on her life.

(On one occasion, she described how Chad taught her to be a better loser, an important skill for a poker professional.)

According to Wikipedia, Vanessa met Chad at the finals table at a 2006 poker tournament, and they were married in 2009, and amicably divorced in 2012.  Chad passed away in July 2014 from a rare form of cancer that impacted fat cells in his abdominal area.  In August 2014, Vanessa helped organize a poker tournament benefit in Chad's honor, and hoped to have a similar event annually, in conjunction with the kick-off of the annual World Series of Poker.

(Will she miss the event this year?  Maybe she can tape a message from the DR to pay tribute.)

The video below shows footage from the event, and features Vanessa from beginning to end.