Monday, July 6, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 2 #BB17

Wil has plenty of material to work with this week, and he hasn't even delved into the whole Audrey fiasco yet (which feels like a million years ago already).  Maybe Wil is scared to really go there with Audrey.

The good news is that he doesn't need to, because he has all of this:

*  Da'Vonne counting and beefing with Clay.
*  Clay being a total ass.
*  Meg being totally Meg.
*  The Twins, who have aged 60 years in one week.

And Wil still hasn't even started working with Austin yet, either.  So much to look forward to....

Vanessa Takes the Hot Seat and Reveals Some (Half) Truths #BB17

Yes, Vanessa is being stealthy in the BB house, but she might be just a little too stealthy.  People like Jason, Jeff and Da'Vonne have been saying that Vanessa never talks game to them, and therefore must be up to something.

She's on some lists as an eviction target, but after Audrey and before Austin.  Meg says that Vanessa needs to go before Austin, because without her Austin will be a meandering mess and will need to make deals to stay alive in the game. (Meg is correct about that.)

So, in retrospect, Vanessa taking the Hot Seat last night was probably good for her game, and gave her some human moments with some house guests who haven't had too much personal chatter with her.

Jeff and Austin host the "Hot Seat" show, complete with interviews and live caller questions.  I usually don't like this sort of thing because it usually feels like a desperate attempt for attention by the house guests, but the Hot Seat isn't too annoying.  Although if Jace was hosting with Austin, things might be very, very different.

(And when I say this "sort of thing", I am thinking about cringe-inducing crap like BB14 Porsche playing the character "Elizabeth" in the back yard with Adam Poch, or that effing "Storytime" that Production nipped in the bud a few seasons ago.  Porsche actually thought casting agents were watching her....maybe they were, and that's not so good.  Just sayin'...)

OK.  So Vanessa...she says she's seen a few episodes of the Hot Seat, and she likes it.

Austin wondered if she has guys hitting on her when she's in the DJ booth.  Vanessa said that there are DJ groupies out there, but the women are more intense than the guys.  If they want to hear a song you definitely hear about it, and they will keep letting you hear about it until you play it.

Liz calls in as "Ellen" and says she used to date a DJ and its a crazy lifestyle, with all of the late hours.  How does Vanessa's boo handle that?

Vanessa:  Well, she usually goes to the gigs with me and hangs out in the DJ booth and starts fights...just kidding.  She's really secure and super hot...usually everyone is hitting on her so I don't have to worry about it.

The studio audience Ooohs and Aaaahs' over that.

"Ellen" had one more question---is Vanessa's girlfriend blonde or brunette?

Vanessa:  She has long black hair.

Jeff started talking about "Mel" and we got a brief FISH, indicating Mel may not have signed the waiver paperwork. (i.e. they can't talk about her by name very much on the live feeds....she did appear on the 2nd episode saying goodbye to Vanessa, but she was only shot from the back, so there's that)

Vanessa:  Well, I'll be brutally honest... for feminine women looking to meet other feminine women, it can be hard to meet them in person, because you just don't know who plays on your team.  So I actually met her online....on Plenty of Fish!

The crowd went wild at that.

Vanessa:  She actually hit on me first...she said to me online "you're hot", and she's the one who kissed me first, but after that I've been the guy most of the time.

The crowd liked that answer, too.

Vanessa:  She was going to school to be a DJ, which is what I do, so music was the big connection for us.  She actually has a tattoo down the side of her leg that says "music is the answer". She's a little younger than me...she's 23, but she's really fun loving and there's that side of me who likes to go out and have fun

Jeff asked if Mel was her first girlfriend, and when she had her first experience with the ladies.

Vanessa:  No....I had a girlfriend before that, but it was meh....not the healthiest experience.  I was about 28 I was a late bloomer.

Jeff asked her when she knew she liked women, if Vanessa felt comfortable discussing it.

Vanessa:  Well, I was always aware of what my family's expectations of me might be, what they might be okay with,  and that was always in the back of my mind.  I guess I used to think about it in my early 20's, but I just put it in the back of my mind and tried not to pay attention to it.  But as time went on, it became more difficult to suppress it.  I finally decided it was more important for me to be authentic than to to have everybody's approval.  It took me some time to get there, but I got there eventually.  It was a risk for me to come out to my family and potentially lose their approval.

The Hot Seat studio audience is enthralled.  They are hanging on every word.

(Not to harp on this, but it is important for you to understand that Vanessa Rousso is a Big Fucking Deal in the tournament poker world.  She is ranked #2 or #3 IN THE WORLD as far as female poker players go....not sure why they even differentiate between male and female poker players, but that's one of her stats.)

Vanessa:  I do find some men attractive, but I think I'm meant to be in a relationship with a woman.  I did have boyfriends, but I didn't have the kind of connection with them that I have with Mel.

An audience member has a question...he wonders what she likes best about being in a relationship with her girlfriend, and what's the sweetest things she's ever done for her.

 Vanessa:  I guess the thing that I like about her is that she's very affectionate.  When she hasn't seen me for a while, she runs and jumps up on me and wraps her legs around me and it's really cute.  I really like that.  As far as the sweetest...well, I'm planning something really romantic..

The crowd goes nuts, and someone yells "Breaking News", but Jeff has the surprising decency to say they don't need to go there and spoil any surprises.

Vanessa:  As far as what I've done for her....for her last birthday, I made it a full birthday week, and I took a calendar and had a different event planned for every day.  We live in Vegas, so there are a lot of fun things to do...we went to the trampoline park one day,  a comedy show another day and on the third day she got a was a whole week of fun.

Liz:  Guys, take note!

Becky:  I'm getting a girlfriend!

Audrey ("Pam") asks what the craziest things she's seen being a DJ is, and it takes her a moment to give a really interesting story.

Vanessa:  It's not a DJ story, but most of you know I lived in Paris growing up, and my sister and I started school when we were 5 or 6 and we were the new kids and would speak some English on the side.  There was a thing in the class where the teacher would put her hand on top of her head and all of the kids would do that, too, and that was the signal to be quiet.  But my sister and I didn't know that yet, so we giggled when we saw it..we didn't understand.  So I got in trouble..I'd never been in trouble before! The teacher took me outside on the playground and tied my shoelaces together, and it was raining.  I can remember seeing all of the kids faces pressed up against the window, watching.

The crowd is scandalized, but Vanessa says the story is just beginning.

Vanessa:  So after lunch, the teacher came to get me, but I couldn't stop crying.  I remember she took me in the Art Room, and there was a sink in there so you could wash your hands.  She was trying to get me to stop crying so she filled a cup with water and threw it in my face!  And then I kept crying so she slapped me!

The crowd is incensed.

Vanessa: But then I remember my mother...she's tall...about 5'10" and the teacher was pretty short.  So my mother goes into class and is talking to the teacher about it, and then she hauled off and slapped her,shouting "how do you like it when someone twice your size slaps you?"

The crowd loves the big payoff.

Vanessa:  But I have to say I love the French school's one of the best in the world but it is very strict.

Jeff:  Did you change schools after that though?

Vanessa:  Yes. I did.

In response to a question, Vanessa says the most beautiful place she's ever been is Monaco.  Her family took the train there for a 2-week vacation every year and the rocks and cliffs are magnificent.

Then Jeff asked about her previous professional poker player profession.  What were the challenges?  What about the risks? Why did she leave it as a profession?

Vanessa:  Well, you asked a lot there.  The big thing about poker is that you work for yourself.  You can sleep in and it's a free lifestyle, so I really liked that part.  But it's great when things are good, and you're winning.  It's exciting, and you do get that rush, and that is why people get addicted.  I don't have an addictive personality, so I just thought of it as a job.

Austin:  Wow.

Vanessa:  The part you don't see in the movies or on TV is that the downside is that when you work, you can actually lose money.  A lot of money.  It's not like when you don't work you don't make can go to work and still lose money.  I think as people get older, they become more risk-averse, and it gets harder and harder as you go.  You can have a bad week...a bad month...and it's highly stressful and that can't be healthy.  And beyond that...I did a lot of different types of gambling, but with poker this is most apparent.   when you have a good day and win, someone across the table from you loses, and that feeling kind of adds up in your soul.  In order for you to win, someone else in the world has to lose.  You're basically going through life looking for the loophole and exploiting it.  It's not fulfilling in the way that music can be.  With music, I can move people and make them's a much more rewarding way of life.  I did gambling for 2 years, to answer your question.

Liz:  Wow.

Jeff asked her how Big Brother correlates to poker, and she gave a really eloquent answer, saying life is a risk sometimes, and there is always a risk and a reward.

Vanessa:  But with this, I went into it thinking it could be a win-win, because if you have the right attitude, even if you don't win the money,you've still had the opportunity to learn about yourself and evolve to a higher level of conscientiousness and who you are as a person and where you're going in life so that can make you a winner.

The studio audience cheered and clapped.


Did you know that Vanessa appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?  She wasn't one of the models in the swimsuit "story", but she was there, all right.

Clean Up on Camera 2 - The Producer's Dilemma and House Guest Grooming Habits #BB17

Once again I have pictures left over from yesterday that I need to deal with.  So here we go.

Let's chat about Meg for a moment.

Meg is generally seen as a fun, peppy girl and is pretty popular with the fans of the show.  She is fun to watch and is the charming center of her little group of male worshipers.  (Of course, with James and Jeff in that circle, it is not hard to be the charming center..)

But there is an element of Mean Girl in Meg.  She clearly differentiates between who she thinks are the Cool Kids and Everyone Else.  Last week I heard her say multiple times that if she was a Have Not, she wanted to be a Have Not with the right people, so it would be fun.

She clearly did not want someone like Steve in there with her. I don't think Meg has been nice to Steve every day in the BB house, from what I've seen and heard.  And guess who's in the Have Not room with Meg this week?

* James  (check, on Meg's Cool Kids clipboard)
* Jason  (check, check)
* Steve

Now, I don't think Meg would ever speak to someone like James in her daily life in Manhattan, unless she needed him to hand her another napkin or maybe get out of her way.  But he's in her Cool Kid Club at the moment.

Yesterday she sat on the outdoor couches with James and they discussed how hellish life in the BB house would be without your friends.

James:  If you go home, I just want to go out right behind you.

Meg:  Yeah. Can you imagine being in here without your friends? What would we do all day?

(Boredom was one of Meg's chief pre-season concerns when she chatted with Big Jeff.)


This week, we still have the whole Last Laugh twist ahead of us.  Today is the PoV ceremony...I'm guessing the phone will appear at some point after that ceremony, and then the phone calls from Kathy Griffin will begin.  We all know that the 7th caller will have the Last Laugh by negating three of the voters on Thursday night's live show.

I'm not someone who wears a tin hat and bitches and moans about Production conspiracy theories, but I do realize that they can time Kathy's 7th call based on who happens to be standing near the phone.  And this is where the dilemma comes in.

Earlier this week Shelli was planning to put Liz on the block during the PoV ceremony.  And we all groaned at that.  Because even though Da'Vonne is Great TV and we all love her, there is no way they would try to save her and sacrifice the Twin Twist by sending Liz home.

But Shelli changed her mind after realizing that enough of the house guests were wishy-washy on Liz to provide the possibility that they could be persuaded to keep Da'Vonne and give Liz the boot.  So now Shelli is planning on nominating Meg Maley.

Yes, Meg Maley.

I'm sure Production loves Meg, and all of her funny moments in the house (She's a Friend of Frankie for god's sake!), but I think they'd rather have Da'Vonne in the house since she presents the opportunity for arguabley the best DR sessions of all time, as well as explosive conflict with the likes of Audrey, Shelli and Clay.

You know what would be the most interesting outcome this week?  If Jason won the Last Laugh, because Meg and Da'Vonne are both his girls in the house.  I've heard him say that although he loves Day, he knows she may need to leave this week.  But he said that in front of Meg.....he might feel differently if he can be the one to save Da'Vonne.

It's always good to leave a bigger target in the house, and Day might just be that for Jason.  But would negating three votes be enough to save Da'Vonne this week?  I think it might, if they have enough time to work the votes.

Steve's grooming habits were a topic for discussion yesterday.  Becky was talking about her hair color, saying she used to spend a ton of money on hair color and/or highlights.  She claimed that she would no longer be doing that, planning to just "let it go gray whenever that will happen".

Steve then shared that he has a "blonde spot" on the back of his head, and says he can't remember which of the guys told him to stop shaving in the BB house.  I think he said this is the first time he's let his beard grow out, and he wasn't sure how long he would keep it like this.

Clay immediately jumped up and gave Steve some Important Advice on how to start trimming it so that he could keep it long term.

Clay:  We can go do that now!  Want to go do it now?

Steve:  No.  I don't want to go do that now.

This led to a very detailed discussion of Clay pointing out exactly where and how Steve should shave now....something about shaving his neck up to a certain point.  Clay pointed out the exact point where Steve needed to shave, and Steve proceeded to ask him for clarification at least three times.

If Steve Moses wasn't Steve Moses, I would have thought he was effing with Clay and making fun of the advice.  But of course Steve was just being earnest and triple-checking to make sure he understood the instructions.

Then the topic returned to Steve's blonde spot.  Becky has seen it, and she says it's no big deal.

(By the way, that is the real deal maple syrup on the counter...not a cheap imitation-flavored variety.)

Shelli Poole had to come over and inspect Steve's head to see for herself.  She tousled the back of Steve's head and then pronounced it to indeed be No Big Deal.

(Does anything feel better than someone running their fingers through your hair at a random point in your day?)

Liz was talking to a small group in the backyard and had a wardrobe malfunction.  She knew it immediately and made the mistake of alerting the live feed crowd while it was happening.

So, that's out there now. But it wasn't too bad.  I don't post that kind of stuff here, but it's out there.

I don't think The Twin cares too much, but she clearly tried to mitigate damages.  I guess she will need to share this information with The Other Twin when they switch places in the DR this week.  Because you can't have people talking about a Nip Slip and "not remember", right?

Meanwhile Audrey was having a different type of wardrobe malfunction, wearing that hideous top.  Maybe she borrowed it from someone, but it was still a big fashion crime.  If Kathy Griffin hadn't either quit or been fired from E!'s Fashion Police (depending on who you ask), her first phone call may have been to demand Audrey cease and desist from wearing that unflattering rag.

And while we're talking grooming, Vanessa discussed her "flat" hair with Audrey yesterday.  She does need some lift and volume at the top, right?  But maybe a bandanna and sunglasses would take care of that.