Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shelli Breaks Down - This Game is Hard, Ya'll #BB17

OK, so it was just a standard Saturday afternoon, and in the kitchen Shelli just suddenly started sobbing.

Shelli:  I don't know why I'm crying!

Like a secret service agent, Clay moves her quickly down the hallway to the bedroom.  I think Becky was in the bed, but Clay asked her to leave and she got up and scurried out.  But then I think she left her mic pack on the bedside table, so she had to run back in and get it.   She didn't even say anything to Shelli or was like she had to just clear the set for the main players.

Shelli said the game is so much harder than she thought it would be.  There is just so much commotion sometimes that she doesn't have time to think about everything.  She's not a mean person, and this game is requiring her to be who she isn't.

Shelli:  I just feel so bad about Jace!  My heart is breaking for him!  I have to say it.....I want to have him around!  Some of the people aren't so kind to me, so it might not bother me if they had to go, but I do want Jace here!  It's killing me to watch this..

You can see Clay's nail polish in these pictures.  He's murmuring all of the supportive things, saying he's had a bad day in the house before, and he knows how she feels.

Shelli knows how lucky she is to be in there, and she's grateful for the experience, but it's a lot harder than she thought it would be.  She starts to calm down.  Clay makes her laugh when he says there's no need to worry...he won't be getting rid of her for a few weeks.

Shelli:  I'm just older than a lot of people here, and I see things from a different angle.  And I just have a hard time with some of this.  And I don't see you guys (Clay and Audrey, maybe?) that much, so when I do see you and we have a moment, there's just a rush of information coming at me and it's a lot to take in..

They get up and get ready to go back out in the house.  Jeff came in and was rooting around in his BB duffle bag and he ended up ripping the handle off.  They joked about how strong he is and I don't think Jeff even knew Shelli had been upset.

When they walked towards the door Clay said they should try to walk out with a really sketchy walk.

Today, in the Backyard --Tempers and Nostrils Flare .. #BB17

Clay trained Vanessa, using that black band that belongs to Austin (I think.).  They did a bunch of glute work that Vanessa kept saying was "so intense".  She would laugh when he told her what to do and say, "oh, this is killing me...that side of my butt is so weak".

Jace was working out alone, and he is now aware that he will be going on the block.  He kept going over to Austin in the backyard between sets and venting about it.  Such as:

*  It's going to be so bad to be the first out...he just can't do's embarrassing.
*  Austin says he'll try to help Jace, but Jace really needs to talk to James and Audrey.
*  Jace said, Audrey has nothing to do with it.
*  Austin said Audrey has everything to do with it...she's running things this week.

Jace was running laps around the backyard, using the lounge chairs as hurdles.  He's breathing really hard and it is clear he is angry, blowing off steam.

Liz, calling across the yard:  Jace!  You look great!

He did drills across the yard with those bands on his legs.  It sounds difficult, if Jace is having trouble with it.

Austin is doing some sort of lower body and back exercises with the weights.  "Why is this so hard today?" he says.

Jace does it now.  His breathing is very loud in the microphone.

Jace, to Austin:  I don't even know what we can do...

He tried to count the people he though would vote for him.  He thinks he has Clay's vote but Austin basically has to tell him Clay is on Audrey's side.  Austin thinks Jace should threaten to blow up James and Audrey if they put him up, saying that they made a deal with him and they're already breaking it.

Jace:  Hey, where is everybody?

They look around.  They are alone out there now.

Austin:  What, is there a house meeting right now?

They are silent for a moment, and then continue working out.  Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, it may not be a house meeting, but it seems like a house party.  Here is Jason and can just feel a nap coming down the hall to find them.

See the chains hanging on the wall?  Well, Audrey said that at night, when she sees the chains moving, she knows Shelli is farting.  Someone calls it a Fartnado and they all laugh.

There's Meg, Clay and Shelli, giggling over Audrey's joke.

Somehow Becky shows up in the middle of that nap sandwich.  They think the live feeds must be boring right now.

Jason:  Well, if we're being boring now, they can just rewind to a time when we weren't being boring.


Steve sits nearby in the bedroom.  He has band aids on his knees from the competition yesterday and is scared to just rip them off.  They had to crawl around and grab letters to make words.  Steve won by spelling "trombonist".

Meanwhile, outside, Austin, Jace and Liz/Julia sit at the hot to speak with no one  out there to overhear them.  Austin is a trainer, and said he passed at least one client to his brother while he's gone.

Austin:  It's probably illegal, because he's....(not licensed?) but  I told him to just have him do these things and then take the money and run.

Jace says he only trains during the week, and then works in a restaurant.  He says the clients can be a real pain, though, really flaky, so he wants to do less of it in the future.

Jace:  I want to get into......I don't know, more of the entrepreneurial stuff.

(He wanted to say acting, I think.....)

New Alliances, New Threats - Stuff You May Have Missed Overnight #BB17

Vanessa put a face mask on, while the other girls got kind of gussied up to go outside.

Audrey admitted she drank too much too fast, and felt the effects as soon as she sat in the Have Not room dental chair.  She want in there with Vanessa for an important one-on-one chat.  They were interrupted a few times and both of them covered up perfectly.

Audrey started the conversation by asking Vanessa what she thinks is happening in the house, which is kind of an aggressive way to start an alliance conversation, but Vanessa handled it well.  She said that someone is being targeted and it is starting to cause problems for them with the people they are working with.


Vanessa:  It's not you..

Audrey is glad about that, but Vanessa is careful not to mention any names.  She tells Audrey that she has been watching her, and thinks she is a strong player, with a great social game, and does a good job talking to everyone.

Vanessa:  I'd like to work with you...and if I offer you my's good.  I'm really competitive and I'm ready to compete, and when you tell me something, I'm a vault.  Really, you need to know that...I'm a vault.

Vanessa said she also trusts Clay, and also Shelli (clearly knowing that Audrey is working with them).  They both agreed that they could be a strong female pair and Vanessa said the game hasn't really had that in a long time...they could do a lot of damage.  You could kind of feel the energy flowing.....I think they both sensed the big opportunities here.

Audrey told her that she definitely feels that someone in the house is a threat to her.  Vanessa tried to guess but was surprised when Audrey told her it was Da'Vonne.  Audrey mentioned a situation where Da'Vonne flat out lied right to someone's face and didn't even flinch, so this worries Audrey. Vanessa said she was surprised to hear it.

(I think Vanessa has heard Austin say he thinks Da'Vonne is a poker dealer, so maybe she wouldn't mind someone like Audrey giving Da'Vonne the boot.)

(Also, Vanessa is good at getting info out of Audrey....can't say that about too many other house guests.)

They discussed Becky, and the fact that they don't really know what she's up to.  Becky's said and done some weird things, but Vanessa says some of that might just be her personality quirks.  But Audrey gave an example of how Becky created a reason why she needed Jace to leave the room and then once Jace left Becky let her know that it was a lie, so Audrey knows Becky can be sneaky.

Vanessa says that if they don't talk much the next few days, not to worry about it...they're still good.  And Audrey did seem into it.

***GET THIS***

Audrey, to Vanessa:  And it freaks me out the way you were casted!

FISH.  For about a minute.

(I think Vanessa saw today how Audrey handles situations where she feels she's being threatened, so she's forming this deal with Audrey so that Audrey won't make her an immediate target.  After what Vanessa said after her crying jag, I think she knows what Audrey's devious game involves...maybe she's ready to "be a horrible human being and win" now...or maybe she's making a defensive move and will let the growing Anti-Audrey crowd in the house take care of that little piece of business.  You can learn about that here.)

Later on, there were a lot of house guests exercising in the backyard.  Clay put Shelli to work doing some plank lifts and other evil exercises that we all know look easy until you get down there and do them.  That is Clay's rear on the left.

Shelli kept working out, even when Clay had his back turned.  So that's dedication for you.

Jason and Meg were laying in the hammock, calmly talking, And then I think Becky walked over there and James came over and jumped on top of everybody.


I guess it's humid out there, because Austin's hair is very curly.  Liz likes it and keeps talking about the new look.

This is Jason and Liz on the hammock.  He plans to really rock his crazy shirts and pins on the live shows, so we can all look forward to that.  Austin had him do some glute exercises in the last few days, and Jason says he saw his butt n the shower and can't believe it's his!

Later, Audrey sat with Shelli and told her about her conversation with Vanessa.  She made it sound like Vanessa could work with them (and Clay) and did not talk about any potential final two deals.  (I don't think Vanessa nor Audrey actually said "Final Two", but it was strongly implied.)

Shelli does a good job listening, but not having a motor mouth.  She reflects and you get the idea that she's thinking before speaking, which doesn't always happen in that house.  Shelli says she does trust Vanessa, and feels she's genuine.  She said she never trusted Da'Vonne and mentioned that first night when the three of them made a sort of deal in the bedroom.

Audrey and Shelli worked on making up a little story to someone who would ask what they were talking about.  Audrey wanted to say that they were talking about Shelli's ex but Shelli doesn't want to do that...they're still friends and he might be watching the feeds.

And get this....Jace virtually chased Steve into the Storage Room and was so aggressive and mean to him.  He kept asking Steve what he was up to, and if he had anything to tell him.

Jace: Who's been protecting you and not making fun of you?  I thought we were BOYS!

Steve:  We are!  What did you hear?  Who's been telling you things?

Honestly, this was painful to watch.  It was like Jace was acting in a bad after school special.  I expected him to steal Steve's lunch money at any second.

Steve  Where is this coming from?  I promise that anything I know, I'm going to tell you!

Jace:  I hope so....I hope so.

This little clip (around 3:37 am this morning) would be a great anti-bullying public service campaign.  I've heard the house guests "joke" about how Jace may be bi-polar, but I just thought he was a huge douche until I saw I'm not so sure.

Austin and Vanessa Compare Notes, and Austin Doesn't Believe Da'Vonne is a Schoolteacher #BB17

Vanessa and Austin are the only ones up this morning, and are laying on the lounge in the back yard

There are birds aggressively tweeting and singing in the background....they almost sound fake.  (I wonder if BB has a noise interference plan this year to thwart the drive-by shouters.)

Yesterday Austin caught Steve listening at the door and he ran into the storage room when Austin caught him.  Austin thinks he is spying on conversations for Da'Vonne.

Vanessa:  I don't worry about him...he doesn't talk strategy ever.

Austin:  Well, he's gotta be talking to somebody.

Vanessa:  He doesn't talk to me.  I tried to, I think he's a smart guy and I wanted to know what he's thinking.

Apparently Steve told Austin not to talk anywhere that the HoH spy cameras could see them, and Austin thinks that is shady.

Vanessa:  What about....what's his face...John?

Austin:  No...John's a cool guy.  I think we can trust him. Here are the people that I think we can trust;  Jace, obviously.  You can see him a mile away...he's not a shady piece of shit.  Clay is very trustworthy, and Shelli is very trustworthy.  Clay told me that, and he's not a liar.  And Liz....

(A major difference between Austin and Vanessa is that she reads people for herself, and would not take Clay's advice about trusting someone she is able to validate for herself.  She reads people for a living....)

Vanesssa, interrupting:  But Shelli talks to Audrey don't think that's an issue?

Austin:  No, Clay knows that.

(Who died and left Clay the boss of Austin?)

Austin brings up the issue of Audrey not trusting Liz after the "thing with Day" and wonders how all of a sudden Audrey is in charge of everything and trying to call house meetings.  He tried to squash it with Audrey and Liz, but he thinks Audrey might have an alliance coming for him.

Vanessa says she knew coming in the house that she would not be seen as a physical threat, but that her intelligence would be an issue.  So she's trying not to downplay it and be too obvious about it, noting that Steve tries to downplay his intelligence and it is obvious.  Austin says that is why he told everyone he has a history degree.

Vanessa:  But the thing with you is....everybody knows you're a strong guy.  Have you thought about maybe taking measures to downplay that?  In other words, what about faking an injury or something?

Austin thinks the Have Not beds might be great for that, since he is really in pain and limping around after sleeping on them.

Vanessa:  Look, I had a conversation with you on Day #2, and that's the only reason why I'm saying this to you...out of loyalty.  Because of what could happen..

Austin:  That's why I told everyone about my injuries.  They're real, but they're not as bad as they could be.  But after this bed...I think this is the way to start milking it (Austin says "hey bro" to a guy he sees on the BB roof.) because my back hurts, my head hurts..and I was thinking, what if my back gave out during a competition or something?

Vanessa:  And especially, what if something did happen to Jace?  That is something that you'd have to do...

Austin is totally clueless about Jace getting blindsided this week, and it sounds like Vanessa doesn't want to tell him.  (She doesn't need to, to keep him on her side.)

Austin says that he was sitting right there when James and Audrey told Jace he was safe this week, because he would go after Da'Vonne next week.  Austin thinks it would make them look like pieces of shit if they went back on their word like that.  (Sounds like Austin thinks they are going to backdoor Jeff this week.)

Vanessa:  It's going to be really hard if Jace is sitting on the block next to's a terrible situation.  Did you guys have a deal?  Or just a conversation?

Austin thinks Jace made a solid deal, a deal that should not leave the room.  But then he says that the whole thing felt phoney to him.  They both agree that for someone small like James, getting rid of a bigger guy like Jace or Jeff would be a good move, to improve his own chances.

Austin:  I don't understand why Day is playing so hard this week.  And she kind of showed her hand to me this week.

Vanessa: Day is weird..

Austin:  She lied and told Audrey that we said a ton of shit about Audrey...but we didn't...but I'm 100% certain that Day is not a freakin' school teacher, so she's already lyin' about that, and I caught her in two things now...

Vanessa, possibly trying to change the subject:  Oh...speaking of that, did you hear the thing with Steve last night?  He said he's an audio engineer and was talking about using Logic, the program, and that he uses it on Apple.  But I said, like, there's no way you can use that software on Apple....I'm an expert on this dude, I know everything about music software.

Austin:  But how does that.......

Vanessa: It got super awkward...he got really weird...

Austin:  Of course he did.

Vanessa:  So later I told him, I wasn't trying to call you out, but that was really weird.  It was the strangest thing to lie about. And he was like, it really was an Apple, and I was like, there is no such thing as ProTools


Austin: Oh c'mon.

Vanessa gets up:  I hate you right now, Big Brother!

(Maybe Steve was trying to test Vanessa, to see if she's really a DJ?)

Bits and Pieces From Last Night #BB17

Jason, Da'Vonne and Meg sat in the backyard and seemed to have a good rapport, saying they trusted each other and enjoying the conversation.  Jason and Da'Vonne were venting in a hilarious fashion, while Meg laughed and laughed.

Meg and Da'Vonne told Jason about the High Rollers, and then they all discussed strategies to get Audrey out of the house.  Da'Vonne says that Austin, Jace and Liz just saw how Audrey is, paranoid and confronting everyone, and she can't believe that none of them seem to want to take action on her.

James:  Everybody just wants to save their own ass!

Da'Vonne asks Meg what she's seeing and hearing, since she's talking to everybody in the house.

I think Meg gave her an answer that wasn't really an answer.  She said that people are worried about people they trust turning on them so soon in the game.  Jason is tired of people who come on this show just to get more followers.

Apparently Jace told the group he wants to get more followers on social media this summer, to promote his music.  He also said that he thinks he can get through the entire summer without being on slop.

Da'Vonne:   Joey did it!

They all laugh.  Da'Vonne tells them that "that group" knows that she's always watching and listening.  So Da'Vonne started a little conversation with Vanessa, saying that she feels like no one likes her in the house today.  Vanessa immediately said she felt that way yesterday, and they started to chat about it.

Da'Vonne:  And I knew that would happen, so I could talk to her and they would start talking across the room but I was watching and listening the whole time.  I hate to play her (Vanessa) like that, because I really like her, but I don't totally trust her......something about her...

Jason:  Uh huh.

Jason says the best time to get rid of Audrey is a Double Eviction and they all agree.  Apparently Audrey said something to someone about not being nominated because of her trans status.

Jason, into his microphone:  Can we have an early Double Eviction please?

Da'Vonne:  And if we get rid of Shelli, then Audrey won't have that place to go to...

Jason:  Oh, Shelli's not making it to Jury..

Da'Vonne:  Oh, no.

They started to talk about how Audrey wants all the camera time, and clearly wants to get attention, but then Meg kind of nipped it in the bud by saying she respects Audrey's platform and courage.  Of course they all do....but it stopped them from discussing how Audrey obviously is hyper-aware of the cameras.

Da'Vonne is having some skin problems in the house.  She usually just washes her face with hot water and doesn't wear any makeup.  Jason has some facial cleanser (Cetaphil?) that he wants her to try and promises that her skin will look better tomorrow.

Jason:  It won't be gone, but it will be bettah.

Meg went inside and Jason planned to smoke a few cigarettes.  Da'Vonne wondered if he wanted some quiet time and Jason was like, WTF would I do with privacy?

Jason:  And the one thing that I told these mother-effers is that I don't want to be in the house with people who just want to be famous!

Da'Vonne:  And I said that people who annoy me are people who can't be seen and not heard!

Jason ended up smoking a bunch, defending himself by saying "I was trapped inside for days, what do you want from me?"

Meanwhile, up in the HoH Audrey put a hurtin' on a container of hummus with Stacy's pita chips.  Clay and James were up there, too, and also Jeff for some period of time.  James told the group that his "type" of woman would be a cross between Shelli and Meg.

Audrey:  That's a good mix, because they are both so pretty and bubbly.

Jeff:  Um...what it is, is that Shelli is the beauty, know what I mean?  But Meg has a better personality.

James then compared Meg AGAIN to Taylor Swift and listed the reasons why:  her pale skin, her red lips, etc etc etc.

(Earlier today, I heard James tell Becky that if she "wanted cuddle time", to come back up and see him.  Becky made it down those spiral stairs in record time...)

And here's Meg, laughing as she hears James' plan during the PoV ceremony.

Apparently Jace has been "singing" in the house, and one of his songs talks about having long hair.  James plans to say "long hair, don't care, Jace, sit your butt in that chair".  He wanted to say "ass" but knows they will be on TV.

James also wanted to do the gator chomp "for his boy Zach", but Jeff told him that was a Florida move, and that the Clemson folks wouldn't like that.

Jace came up to the HoH and once again showed how he has zero self-awareness or ability to read other people.  I'm not sure who he thinks is going on the block on Monday, (I think he thinks Da'Vonne is getting backdoored.) but he went on and on about how next week, no one he knew thought of Audrey as a target.

(Jace.  Get real bro.)

Audrey just kept eating, and eating.  (Must be nice to be tall and snack with abandon.)

Then Audrey went downstairs and broke in on a conversation Steve was having with Shelli, regarding force and matter as they relate to physics.  To her credit, Shelli appeared interested and engaged in the conversation.  However the BB cameras were not.

What is this monstrosity in the bedroom?  I wish Shelli would let loose verbally on the furnishings in some of these rooms.  Because that "decorative item" is just butt ugly.

While everyone else is in bed, James decides to get some ice cream (double vanilla) and Jace hovers around, saying he's about to go to bed for the third time tonight.

Jeff came in and muttered that "Steve wants to sleep in the bed with me tonight".

Jace:   Absolutely not!

 I love pictures with the memory wall in them.  They have such a nice light to them.

I thought Jace was going to start talking analytically about the other house guests on the memory wall, but I was mistaken.  Instead, he wanted to put on another "show" for us, introducing James as being "country, and I'm from the country too, except I don't have an accent".

Then he asked the live feeders to follow James on social media and asked him what his "Insta" is.

James was confused for a moment, and then he figured it out.  When he started to say it, the cameras abruptly moved to the dark bedrooms.  (ha ha ha)


Here are some pictures I took in the last 24 hours that I didn't post for some reason or another.  Might as well do that here instead of just deleting them.

Da'Vonne apparently made some "Slop Brittle" for the Have Nots and this is Vanessa giving it the thumbs up, saying that brittle got her through the night.

Jace and Vanessa had a heart-to-heart in the Have Not room.  I think he was kind of upset about his relationship with Becky and was getting some advice from Vanessa.  She told Jace that she would never be the one to talk shit about someone...that's just not who she is.

I don't remember much else, but I know I wanted to get some pictures of the Have Not room with the lights on.  I know it gets cold in there at night, but I think I could catch some Zzzz's in those dentist chairs.

But only because I would fit in them, and there would be no fear of pending dental pain.

Audrey is never not talking  She just loves the sound of her own voice.  I'm waiting to see her having fun though, or having a light moment with the other house guests.  So far she's 110% game.  And that is tiring for me as a viewer, so I can imagine what it would be like for the other house guests.

Becky isn't in the live feed spotlight very often, but I did see her here giggling as she got into bed.  With Jackie, I think.

I heard it discussed on an #RHAP podcast that Becky told the group she had been "hit by a train that messed her face up".  She also apparently said that there was some pending legal action so she couldn't discuss it much further.

Did you hear Becky talk about that?  I did notice that in a few of her DR sessions, I could see what I thought were some facial scars.  I knew it wasn't plastic surgery, so I wasn't sure what to make of it.


I've got Becky's train wreck story right here.

I think that's Julia, not Liz.  But their voices sound just alike.