Tuesday, June 23, 2015

OK, OK. I Guess I Have to Discuss the Disappointing Rumor. #BB17

I tweeted about this yesterday, but at the time it seemed highly possible that the rumors were a clever prank by some enterprising BB fans.  But since the evidence is mounting, I will discuss it again now.

(The link in the tweet.)


1.  CBS has a promotional "Behind the Scenes" video on their website featuring the 14 house guests introduced last Tuesday.  I'm not sure if you can see this link if you don't have CBS All Access, but you should try it anyway.

Basically you have Julie Chen, Alison Grodner, and Rich Meehan giving us semi-energetic quotes about how great this season will be, interspersed with video of the house guests vamping around on a beach-themed photo shoot.

And the post-it notes.  The damn post-it notes.  Each house guest was asked to write something, apparently, and held it up to the camera.  It was hard to read some of them, due to the ink colors used.  And some of them wrote with highlighters, which should not have been allowed.

Here is a message board with the house guest post-it notes.  There is a total of 16 post-it notes, not 14.  Take a good look at that bright pink post-it note in the top left corner.  We'll get back to that in a minute.

2.  Some of you know who @MissCleo is....he is famous in the reality TV world for a variety of things.  Before BB Production "smartened up", he was able to get a prime seat at the "secret" eviction near the end of the BB seasons, so we would all know who was evicted, even if the live feeds were blacked out in an effort to keep that info quiet.

(You can see the BB14 spoilers Miss Cleo released here.)

(And for BB13 as well, if you still don't believe that Miss Cleo has the juice.)

OK.  So the point is that @Miss Cleo has some inside connections at CBS, particularly as it relates to The Amazing Race.  He always seems to have the casting twist info way ahead of everyone else, and because of him I knew that Brendon and Rachel made it to the Finale on their season of TAR before they even flew home to California.

So if @Miss Cleo says that one of the blind date couples from last season of The Amazing Race will be on BB17, I have to give that rumor some serious consideration.

3.  For one thing, he told us so.  Because both of them had their social media accounts locked, and Jeff's brother even made kind of a major faux pas about how much detail he shared regarding his brother's schedule.

4.  If you don't know, the last season of TAR had a couples theme, which included four couples that were randomly cast as blind date couples.  They didn't know each other until they met at the starting line for the season.

CBS tried to play it like they did some shrewd matchmaking behind the scenes, but it became clear they cast for maximum drama rather than an E-Harmony type of situation.  For example, the Blind Date gay couple looked like blonde, slender twins.  But they both said later they told Production that they were attracted to big burly men.  (Why couldn't they find a big burly gay man to pair with one of them?)

One of the blind date couples was a Navy doctor and a nurse named Blair and Hayley.  They fought like cats and dogs the entire race, and became the breakout stars of the season.  Actually, Hayley was a real shrew towards Blair and watching him cower and try to keep a brave face while being screamed at was one of the best features of each episode.  Hayley reminded me of Jordan Lloyd's evil twin --she even has a southern accent (when she's not screaming). This is Blair and Hayley, or Blayley as they were known by the fans.

But the BB17 casting rumors concern Jeff and Jackie.  I think Jackie is a Las Vegas show girl, and Jeff works in Tampa.  They obviously had a big attraction to each other when they met, and ran a pretty competitive race, but I think their "blind date" ended when they were eliminated from the race.  This is a picture of Jeff and Jackie, who are both rumored to be in the BB17 casting mix.

5. @Miss Cleo has inspected all of those post-it notes I showed you a minute ago, and compared the signatures for someone named "Jackie" to the TAR team signatures on a TAR flag.  Apparently they match.

6.  And it seems like Jackie posted a tantalizing message on Instagram, complete with a "beast mode" hashtag.

7.  ***sigh***  I'm not crazy about The Amazing Race.  I watch it if there is a couple competing that I feel invested in (i.e. Brendon & Rachel, Jeff & Jordan, Rob & Amber), but other than that I have a hard time getting into it.  It's something I usually watch in the background, while I do something else.

I actually watched this season because Jonathon Knight from New Kids on the Block was a contestant along with his boyfriend, a personal trainer.  But I kept watching after they got eliminated because I liked to watch Hayley and Blair.

I wasn't that interested in Jeff and Jackie.  Just being honest.

7.  Why in the world would CBS act as if this is some big dynamic secret?  Like Jeff and Jackie ware some big celebrities whose identity must be kept secret?

***MY GUESS***

Maybe Jeff & Jackie had to compete to join the BB17 cast, maybe against another TAR couple like Blair & Hayley.  Or some other reality couple.  And maybe we will see that competition and all the resulting drama at some point during the 2-night premiere this week.

TAR has had a rough time with the ratings, and every year it seems like they are teetering on the brink of cancellation.  They even stopped airing it last season for a few weeks without an explanation (that I was aware of ) and no one seemed to care.  It airs on Friday nights now, which is a far cry from the competitive Sunday night time slot the show previously enjoyed.  That's TV Siberia, folks.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, and then do our best to put on a brave face and soldier on.  Also, Rob Cesternino did a post-season podcast with Jeff & Jackie, and I'm pretty sure they told him that they aren't a couple---the interest to have a long-distance relationship just wasn't there, apparently.


I know the BB fanbase has been chattering about this Tyler character.  Tyler this, and Tyler that.  Well, I don't care about Tyler.  I think we just don't have much else to talk about right now.  So this is all you'll get from me on the topic.  I'm sure you can use his name to search out the info you might feel you need about Tyler.  (But trust me, it's pretty boring at this point.)

I think Tyler had to lock up his social media after making some less-than-PC comments in last day or so, so if you really want to learn about this particular drama, @Miss Cleo's twitter account might be a good place to start.

The #BB17 Saga Returns (Triumphantly, I Might Add...)

Well, Wil Heuser (BB14) is clearly ready to go this summer, and has created a promo video to introduce the house guests, and to put Julie Chen on notice that The Saga will continue.

I can tell Wil is going to have fun with this cast, particularly Austin, Vanessa, and Steve.  He's already got them down cold.

And even though Clay hasn't given us much to work with, Wil captures his self-confident smirk perfectly.

It's a catchy tune, too.  Of course. We've come to expect that from our Wil.


To give you a peek "backstage" in Wil's life, the BB17 cast reveal was barely over when Wil sent out this instagram picture, showcasing what I'm sure is just a fraction of Wil's extensive wig collection.