Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet Clay Honeycutt - It's Like Looking in Jeff's Mirror - #BB17

1.  Jeff starts doing his introduction about how he's live from the Diary Room to meet all of the BB14 house guests, and then tells us that he knows we didn't even hear a word he just said.

Jeff:  You're too busy staring at this guy!

2.  And Jeff is probably right.  It's hard not to stare at Clay Honeycutt.  He looks like the prototype of a Ken Doll, or maybe a department store mannequin.

3.  Finally Clay speaks.

Clay:  What's up ya'll?  My name is Clay Honeycutt and I'm from Dickensen Texas and I'm in grad school at Texas A&M.

Jeff: Texas A&M?  Wow.  So you're just in school right now?

Clay:  Just in school right now.

I need to tell you that Clay has a melodic voice, with a soft gentle Texas twang.  He doesn't need to speak loudly....he knows you're listening to every word.  And certain words sound very sensual when he says them.  When you hear him, you'll know what I mean.  Jeff and Clay are not really even saying anything right now, but it is downright fascinating.  I just listened to the above exchange TWICE.

4.  Jeff:'re having the time of your life down there?

Clay:  I'm having the time of my life.  I'm lovin' it.

Jeff:  Are you killin' it over there or what?  Are you single?

Clay:  I am.  I am.

Jeff:  So, what are you coming in the Big Brother house for?  To find a wife?

Clay says he's here to play the game.  I think he wanted to change the subject.  Once again, they had a conversation about absolutely nothing, and it was riveting.

5.  Jeff asked if he is a fan of the show, and Clay says he's a SuperFan, and he loves it.  Jeff was surprised.

Clay:  I was just introduced to the show this year and I love it now.  Someone told me about it,  but I'd never even heard of it.

(Don't even get me started on what Clay just said.  I don't think he's lying to us, I just think he doesn't know any better.  I don't think any of us thought for one second that Clay has spent one second watching the live feeds.  Or can you imagine Clay posting on Jokers?)

Clay:  If you can become a SuperFan in just four months, than I am one.  I'm addicted.  I love it.

Jeff, still reeling from this news, apparently feels the need to clarify:  So you just started watching recently?

Clay:  Yeah.

Clay goes on to explain that he was out in LA for an internship and someone saw him and thought he'd be good on the show.

Even Jeff is a little offended, I think.  Somehow we all just have to regroup and move on.  I guess we could just look at the pictures.

6.  Clay did say that he just binge-watched "like, eight seasons".  He is getting his graduate degree in sports management.  Jeff asked him if he played sports and then correctly guessed that Clay played football.

Jeff:  Did you play with Johnny Manziel?

Clay:  I did. I did.

Jeff:  Maybe he'll be watchin' you on TV now.

Clay:  Well, I hope he would.

7.  Clay really loves the social and competitive aspects of the game and wants to play as hard as he can, but doesn't want to compromise his values and integrity.

Jeff:  You never know what can happen.

Clay:  No, you never can..

Clay hopes that he's able to keep those values and avoid compromising who he is and where he's from.  He was raised a certain way, and both his mom and his grandmother are going to be watching.

Jeff: That's what I said...I would play like my mom is watching me....but sometimes it gets away from you.

Clay:  Yes, it does.

Clay says he'd never want to be hated by America, and it's not worth the $500,000.

Clay: You know, money is just money.  I'd rather be loved by America. I want to be loved.

Jeff:  That's what I said when I came in here......20 years's like looking in a mirror, talking to you.

Jeff puts his hand up like you see in the picture below and gets Clay to do it, too, and they moved their hands around like they were mirroring each other.

8.  Clay:  I wouldn't mind still looking like that in 20 years.

9.  Why don't they just blow each other?  I'm not kidding..if you added some music to the background of this "scene", it would totally seem like porn.  I keep waiting to hear a knock at the door and then see a burly pizza delivery guy on stage left.

10.  Let's see:  I need to speed things up:

*  Clay knew who the Zingbot is, but couldn't even venture a guess as to what the Zingbot might say to him.  He was totally stumped so they just  moved on.

But I think the Zingbot would have said:  CLAY---WHY DON'T YOU JUST BLOW JEFF?  ZING!.

*  Jeff asked Clay about his guilty pleasure, but Clay had no idea what Jeff just asked him.

    Jeff:  A guilty something you really like but are embarrassed about?

    Clay looked legitimately baffled and made Jeff explain it again and then said he didn't have anything like that, so they moved on.

(Clay doesn't like to watch professional wrestling? He can't say he dips his fries in mayonnaise?  You can't tell me he doesn't watch The Bachelor?)

* If Clay was a zoo animal, he would be a wolf. He says he loves wolves and he used to have one at his house.

Jeff:  You had a wolf?

Clay: I had a wolf.

Jeff:  Just like, running around your house?

Clay:  Just like that.  We've got raccoons now, just running around the house.

Clay explains that his mother does wildlife conservation, or something like that.  It's probably a ranch, right?  Not a 3-BR ranch house, but a real live ranch.  With a campfire.

I wasn't going to tell you this part, but at one point Jeff asked Clay if he walked the wolf on a leash while wearing no shirt.  Clay said something about having a flag wrapped around him.  I know they're talking about some damn movie, but I don't know and I don't want to know what that is.

* If Clay wins the money, he will use it to pay for grad school, and save the rest.  He's not in a big hurry to spend it all at once.

11.  Clay would like to thank us in advance for our support.


Look, people.  Every year we bitch about how there's not enough eye candy in the BB house.  There's not enough muscles, or not enough boobs, blah blah blah.  I've been guilty of it myself.  But if we want to have that, casting needs to recruit the lookers.

Sure we see BB fans in the house who are attractive enough, but for a stunner like this you have to recruit.  I'm sure we're all cute and fit and everything, but let's face the facts.  SuperFans of any reality TV show do not look like Clay.  Unless maybe it's The Bachelor.

At least Clay doesn't seem like an obnoxious braggart.  He's probably used to having all of the good things in life, so he doesn't need to point it out to us every five seconds.

He knows that we know.  But we know that he doesn't know what we're like----and that we will be watching every second, and watching, and writing, and discussing....Clay will be astounded by what goes along with being on the TV show.  I really think he will.  I hope his mother stays out of things, since he loves her so much.  Not unless she wants to see a bunch of dick pics.

Let's just go ahead and review some evidence of how perfect Clay's life is.

He's with a modeling agency in Dallas.  I think I saw this picture on his poster profile over on

Yeah, right.  Don't tell me you fell for that one.

C'mon.  Get the fuck out of here.

So Clay is going to dress up in a large sponge costume and flop up and down on somebody like Jason Roy to squeeze the juice into a large plastic pitcher?

Clay is going to wear a BallerinaTard and walk on his tippy toes?

Clay is going to split 4 beers and 2 bottles of wine between eleven people who all desperately need to catch a buzz?

I just can't  make sense of all of this.  I'll bet the BB UK viewers are just going apeshit over Clay.

I don't know what to think about Clay's game.  He couldn't even name one guilty pleasure.  I can't imagine someone like Clay ever getting the boot in the first week, but due to that maybe some of the gamers in the house this year would do exactly that.  They've got to know that if they don't strike fast, he'll be in a showmance and that will make it harder to get rid of him.

Shelli Poole better start weaving her spell on him as soon as she can, if she wants to convert.


Supposedly instead of an eviction the very first night, I'm hearing that the eviction will be held, perhaps live, on Thursday night, June 25th, the second evening of the premiere.  And then we'll roll right into an HoH competition.  And I think the live feeds will kick off after the west coast airing of that Thursday night episode.

My Point:  If this timing is true, whoever gets evicted first will never appear on the live feeds, unless they end up coming back in the house someday.

So even if we won't be too sad to see Clay get to steppin' before Jury, we need him to survive at least the first week so the live feeders can get busy trying to get the picture.  Even bare buns would be fine, but I know a lot of fans would want to get some poolside pictures of Clay, wearing flip flops.

That's all I'm saying.

Meet Steve Moses - He Won't Drink, Smoke, and Yell at Other House Guests Like Ian Did #BB17

1.  Meet Steve Moses, a 22 year old college student from Governeur NY.  He is currently studying audio engineering and music at Fredonia State (a SUNY school). Before he went to Fredonia he went to Cornell for two years to study mechanical engineering, but he realized he needed to get back into music so he switched careers and schools.

Jeff points out that before they started just now, Steve was "very technical" in the DR looking at all of the sound and recording equipment.

2.  Steve describes himself as the epitome of a Big Brother SuperFan.  He watches the show, the live feeds, reads the blogs, YouTube shows... you name it, he does it.

Steve:  Every season, back to back. Just about anything you can do as a SuperFan, I've done it.

3.  Jeff, to us:  Because guys, he was very excited about going live in here, wanting to know when we went live.

Steve:  Yes.  Yes.  It is absolutely crazy that I'm here.  I never in a million years thought that I would have actually gotten cast.  But I'm here...

Jeff:  You're here!  You're home now!

Steve:  Yes!  I'm home now.  I'm in the Diary Room!  I've seen this chair so many times before.

4.  Jeff: Is it blowing your mind right now?

Steve:  Yes, a little bit.

Jeff:  Do you wanna say something to the live feeders?

Steve:  Hi Mom!

5.  Jeff is ready to get down to business and wants to know what Steve's strategy is.

Steve:  I think in life I've always been the cute little kid...the geek, the nerd....

Jeff:  You're right about being cute!

Steve, laughing:  Thank you.  I'm almost as cute as Jordan.

Jeff:  Oh, there you go!

(And that's how you do BB name drops, Jace Agoli!)

Steve:  So I think what I'm gonna do is play the innocent card, because it's not hard to do, it's already who I am.  I can fend off any intimidation and no one will find me a threat.  I think people will think I'm easy to manipulate, because I'll be super excited about everything that's going on. Someone can bring me into their alliance because they think I'll be super loyal and super loyal to the alliance.  Then I can ride that alliance and stick the knife in at the end.

Jeff:  Wow.

6.  Jeff: OK.  Since you're a SuperFan, I can touch on this....Ian?  You kind of resemble Ian and he won the whole show.  Do you think other people may have watched the show and get that idea about you?

7.  Steve, obviously prepared for the question:  I think the big difference between myself and Ian is that he was constantly trying to prove how cool he was.  I mean, he smoked some cigarettes, he drank a lot and yelled at people...

Jeff, shocked:  He did?

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Steve:  You will never see me yell at anyone.  I don't drink at all.  I won't touch cigarettes.  Ian tried to play up how he was a grown up adult.  I'm not going to do that at all.  I'm going to do it the complete opposite way.

8.  He knows the game will change, with crazy twists so he will have to be adaptable.

Steve:  I know that is Big Brother, and something crazy will happen the first night in there.

(No!  Please don't let Steve get Jodi'd, Alison Grodner!)

9.  Steve knows he will miss his family because he's never been away from them for so long.  He's already having problems with it, and things are just getting started.

Steve is single, but will not get into a showmance because it would complicate his game.  Emotions start getting involved and people see you as a threat.

Steve:  Well, you know, you experienced that and were on the block next to Jordan.

Jeff:  Yeah.  I thought you were gonna say I was in the Jury House, because I was. (twice)

Steve:  It just puts a huge target on your back and I don't want the emotional involvement.

10. Jeff asked Steve what the Zingbot would say to him, and specified that he had to do it in the Zingbot voice.

Steve, mortified: I have to do his voice?  And come up with the Zing?

Jeff:  Zing can just zing me.

Steve, immediately:  Hey Jeff!  I hear this house is equipped with some good technotronics!  ZING!

Jeff loved it.

11.  Jeff asks the dreaded Zoo Question.

Steve:  I think I'd be a monkey!  Because I would enjoy climbing around on things and swinging from trees.  That would be fun!

Jeff:  Since you're a SuperFan, you probably already know the next question I'm going to ask.  Would rather win and be hated by America, or

Steve, not even letting him finish:  Yes. I'm here to win the game.  I'm here to win the game, period.  And that's all there is to it.

12.  Steve's biggest accomplishment to date was probably getting into Cornell, an Ivy League school.  He adds that being a TA for a physics class as a sophomore was also a big achievement.

Jeff stumbles with the word "physics" but laughs about it and ask him how getting on Big Brother would compare to his other accomplishments.

Steve: Well, you really can't compare them because one is a professional achievement and the other is a personal one..

Jeff:  Well, duh!

Steve admits getting on the show is a huge deal, and winning it would be the best of all.

13.  Jeff invited Steve to address the live feeders, and tell them anything he wants them to know.

Steve: Thank you for your support. I'm so thrilled to be here. I never thought I'd be here.  I know exactly how you feel because I'm the one who is always sitting there waiting for the cast reveal.  It's so weird being on the other side of this..thank you, thank you for your support.  I really appreciate it and I hope I can do you proud this summer.

Jeff: Oh!  I love the energy buddy.  Good luck! I hope I don't see you again until the end of the summer.

14.  Steve:  And good luck to you on your engagement!

Jeff, surprised:  Oh, thank you.

Steve:  Congratulations on finally going through with it!

Jeff:  What a cutie!

15.  For the record, I don't think Steve meant to be shady with that last comment there.  But it was kinda shady anyway.


Well, I don't need to tell you that Steve Moses is a breath of fresh air.  Jeff felt that way, too.  I think he was almost tearing up when Steve was describing his life as a SuperFan and how truly excited he was to be there.  After all, Jeff hears so much fake bullshit every year from people who just want to be on TeeVee.

I'm glad there are people like Steve out there who are ambitious, well-spoken, thoughtful, and not afraid to be themselves, even though it's probably not the easiest thing to do sometimes.

From his CBS bio:

I'm not surprised by the genius part, nor the virgin part.  Steve has plenty of time in life to get laid.  I like how self-aware he seems to be, and I think his overall strategy is solid, particularly since it's not too specific.  He's not quantifying alliances or talking about throwing challenges, he's just settling on an everyday persona that will be easy to execute, and then he'll be patient and wait.  I'm sure he'll be geeking out over all of the cameras and rigged equipment, which will add another layer of credibility to his plan to just be there for the experience.

Sounds good to me.  But I hope he doesn't get totally screwed in the beginning of the game by the first eviction.  He comes off as mature and genuine, which should help him make those all-important first connections with people.  He's young, but so is everybody else in there this year.

I feel like Steve is one of our own, and we need to pull it together and root for him, as well as trying to help him out whenever America has a voice in the game.  But Steve needs to follow-up, of course, and do some great SuperFan things for us like talking out loud when he can and describing what happened in the house after live feed blackouts.


Here are some great moments of Ian Terry drinking and/or or yelling at people.

1.  After BB14 ended, Real Networks (remember them?) flew Ian, Frank and Dan out to Seattle to film some post-season segments.  After the first day, Frank and Ian went out to dinner, and Ian got so sick the next day that he missed most of the live event.  In this recap of the event, this issue is discussed, and then Ian shows up in person near the end, but I just laughed out loud at least 4 times when I re-read some of the things that Frank said when he was being interviewed.  I just love Frank and when I read his quotes, in my head I still hear them in his accent.

2.  This live feed recap made me laugh too, but for different reasons.  During BB14, in the days after Dan's famous "funeral", Jenn City won the PoV and took Dan off the block, and Frank told Britney Haynes to take a seat in Dan's place.  Ian was livid because he thought he was best friends with Britney and felt just as blindsided as she did.  During the previous week, Ian and  Frank, who was dressed as a giant carrot at the time, had stashed away beers every day and after the PoV ceremony they planned to get Day Drunk together.  But as you might guess, Ian ended up drinking alone in an angry fashion.

Meet Jace Agoli - Down For Some Tasty Waves, Just Learning About #BB17 and Having Some Food

1.  Jeff sat down with Jace Agoli in the DR to meet him and get the scoop for us.  I have to say I'm not digging Jace's look here.  What is with the heavy leather jacket and the weird hat?  It's late June in California--- he knows he's doing a media junket today, right?  And will be photographed and videotaped all day long?  And that when you Google his name to look for images, pictures from today may be the first ones you see for many, many years.

2.  But only 10 seconds into the interview, I forgive Jace already.  Because Jace is a cool, cool cat.  And I love that he's born and raised right here in the ATL but does not have one of those southern accents that make us all sound uneducated and stupid.  You know, with the poor grammar and all.  So, if you're keeping score at home (or where ever you may be), we're three for three on the Georgia BB17 house guests being articulate and intelligent.  Jace grew up from Dunwoody, which is a suburb just north of the city on the east side.  I'll just go ahead and call it upscale. I mean, it's certainly not downscale, by any means.

3.  Jace moved out to California in the last few months and is working as a professional trainer.  (So....why the heavy leather jacket, Jace?  Why not let us sneak a little peek-a-loo at your arms?  Let us see the goods, Jace.)

(You get 10 points if you know that "peek-a-loo" is from Raising Arizona.)

Jase describes himself as an "adrenaline junkie" and will do anything to get that fix.  He says he surfs, he skateboards, he "obviously" snowboards, he's jumped out of planes...whatever..  Once Jace "went down 16 stairs on his skateboard".  Or something like that.

Jace also says he "makes music".  (I've already heard that Jace "raps".  I guess that's the same thing.)

4.  It looks like Big Jace is going to embrace Big Jeff in this next picture, And it looks like he might go in for a kiss, too.  And Jeff looks kind of into it, doesn't he?

Nah....Jace is just a talker who waves his arms around a lot. Which I appreciate, because it's hard to get a good variety of pictures when they both have to sit on their marks in there.

5.  Jace says he's a big fan of Big Brother.  Do you think that's true?  He twice mentioned Jeff "being a legend", and then asked where Jordan was, grinning like he was proud of himself for knowing her name.  A little too proud.  I think he even asked us, the camera, if we knew what a legend Jeff was.  (Bitch please.  Who do you think you're talking to?)

Using the word "legend" sets off my bullshit meter, because another house guest who has apparently never watched the show also described Jeff as a legend. (See:  James Huling)  Me thinks the P.A. who mics them before coming into the DR tells them that they are about to meet a Big Brother legend.

6.  When asked what he is leaving behind to be on the show (really, "da show"), Jace said he's giving up living in a house a block away from Venice Beach.

Jace:  It was a tough was gonna be my first summer living a block from the beach, too.  But I think I'm coming into something much greater.

Jeff:  Oh man!  Well, there's a pool out there!  (i.e. in the BB backyard)

Jace:  I know!  I'm stoked!

Jeff:  Who knows, we might get some crazy weather and you could catch a wave back there.

(I make fun, but I do love Jeff and his random Chicago moments.)

7.  Jace tells Jeff that he never gives up, and then proceeds to name a list of bones that he's broken, including his jaw, BOTH shoulders and BOTH feet, which have been broken FOUR times.  In fact, he says that when he broke his jaw (right side) while skateboarding, it was apparently hanging in a couple of pieces.

Jace:  My retainer fell out, but I got up and finished the trick.

(I'm going to need to see those X-rays, Jace, before I believe all of that. But how fun would it be if Jace was a male Danielle Murphree, telling lies and tall tales all summer.)

Jeff:  What if you get thrown out of the house, would you give me your pinky finger if it meant you could go back in there?

Jace:  I'd probably give you my pinky and my index finger.

8.  Jace says he's very confident, and is bringing a lot of courage and strength into the house.  He's also "super personable" and has determination, which is going to be a deciding factor in winning this game, he thinks.

Jace:  The power to push through when everything else is coming down on you...well, you know, you've been in here three times?  Is it two or three times?

Jeff:  Counting today, it's three.

Jace:  It's going to be a struggle, but I think I can make it to the end.

Jeff sees the "game time" Jace come out just now, and says it was like a switch that went off.

Jace: On and off, all day long.  It's game time baby.

9.  My Jace, what big hands you have.

10. Jeff:  You're obviously an outdoorsy guy, and you can talk to different people.  What's your strategy going into the house?

Jace:  To be honest Jeff, I don't think there's any one aspect to winning this game.  I think it's a social game, it's a competitive game, and it's also interactive between you and the other players.  So I think if you can combine all three and make sure you're not just playing one aspect, you can win.

Jeff:  I should of talked to you before I went in there.

Jace:  Ha ha ha.  We'll see!  We'll see how it plays out.

11.  Jeff wonder if Jace has any downfalls.

Jace:  Well, the downfall is really an upfall, because you have to expect the unexpected.  You can't go into this game with an attitude that something can't can be backdoored...anything can happen so you just have to be mindful that this is a game.

Jeff:  You're very one with yourself.

Jace:  Yes, I am.

(Uh....I listened to this part twice, and Jeff was too dazzled and confused by what Jace said to realize that Jace didn't bother to answer the question.  But I think that was definitely a prepared answer.)

12.  Jeff:  What would you rather be, a loser who is loved, or a winner that everyone hates?

Jace:  I'd rather be an evil dick, and win the game!

Jeff:  Oh, you're dropping all of the names!

(A true SuperFan would never do it like that.  This isn't Big Brother Canada, Jace.)

13.  Jeff asked Jace the stupid question about being a zoo animal.  By now, even Jeff seems tired of this question, and has been apologizing in advance to the house guests before he asks it, saying it's a "silly question".

Jace:  Well, I think most people would know from looking at my mane that I'm a lion.  I'm king of the jungle, man!

Jeff bro'ed out with Jace over that and I think they even high-fived or something,

14.  Jace addressed us as the interview came to a close.  He told us that without us, the show wouldn't be a reality.  He knows we believe in the show, he'd like us to believe in him too, and together we'll all make a good show.

To be honest, Jace said a lot of stuff, but I think that basically captured it.  He also found an opportunity to drop Derrick's name, and told us that Derrick "played an incredible game".

Jace would also like to let us know that the ocean is wet.  Just kidding about that part.


Well, I like Jace.  How can you not like Jace?

I think he'll be a lot of fun to watch on the live feeds.  But partially because I'm not sure he will know much about the live feeds.  He may be that guy who thinks he can change clothes with his back to the camera and get away with it.

I wondered how someone as young as Jace can be so confident and glib.  You can hear self-help phrases in just about every little speech he made just now.  Well, I think I found his dad---who is a doctor specializing in holistic medicine who also hosts a radio show.  Jace is probably a chip off the old block there.  I also found his little sister, who seems like a sweet kid.  They lead a nice life.

Yes, Jace has a mugshot, for two counts of disorderly conduct.  That could happen to anyone.  I'll bet he was skateboarding in the SunTrust parking lot or something.  Shit happens,  All the time.

And here's a few pictures of Jace that showcase a younger, presumably less-disorderly Jace.

So Jace really does skateboard.  Here is a video of a young Jace doing his thing. I think Jace was around 16 at the time.

And here's a video that features Jace's rapping.  He comes in just after the two minute mark, so you'll need to hang in there and keep listening to hear him spit some rhymes.  Or whatever the kids are calling it now.  

OK.  So about Big Brother...

Jace is going to be easy to live with.  He's not going to be "the problem".  But this season looks a little different from the last few seasons, because the buff, bro dudes are in the minority.  I have heard several of the house guests say that the big strong physical threats needed to be voted out first.  The fact that guys like Jace will probably be outnumbered from the start might actually spare them from an early eviction.

I have  a feeling there might be teams this year at some point....I would think you'd want to keep some muscle on your team.  Right?

And Jace is obviously a bull shitter.  He hasn't learned to be a really smooth bull shitter yet, though.  That takes time and practice.  So it is kind of obvious when he's laying it on thick, spouting some really corny lines.  That might get him in trouble.  Because I think there are some really smart people in there this year.  (And one or two imbeciles, of course.)

Jace will get some showmance action, of course.  Maybe he'll even have a few bitches fighting over him, due to the relative scarcity of desirable targets.  That would be fun, too.  I don't think we've seen something like that since BB5, when two of the Four Horseman had some strong words over Holly the blonde bimbo.

I'd like to see what Jace can do in there.  And speaking of BB5,  I'm thrilled that at the very least that we might be able to get the taste of that "other" Big Brother Jase out of our mouths and memories.

***FUN FACT***

BB5 Jase Wirey used to be a total fanboy over Brad Pitt.  I actually heard him with my own ears say on the live feeds that he knows Brad and Jennifer Anniston (married at the time) were big Survivor fans.  So if they're Survivor fans, they must be Big Brother fans.  And that means they probably watch the live feeds.  And if they see Jase on the live feeds, maybe Brad would cast him in a movie as his double or something.

Ha ha ha.  And when he came back for All Stars BB7, he even had an alliance with Diane Henry called "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", after the Brad Pitt movie with Angelina Jolie.

Look at poor Jase Wirey, already getting hit with Jace Agoli's shrapnel.  It might be a long summer for him, too.