Saturday, June 13, 2015

Because Enquiring Minds Need to Know....Let's Chat About Caleb Reynolds #BB16

Yesterday I finally got off my butt and did some Big Brother posting in preparation for BB17, and soon found out that I was clueless about one of the juiciest pieces of gossip to-date this year.  In fact, I think everyone else already seems to know all about this, but here goes:


The facts, and a few of my opinions:

1.  There is a guy who posts on Survivor Sucks who has proven connections to production, and he has listed Caleb as one of the cast members on the upcoming season, which will begin airing on CBS early in 2016.

2.  The season will be the second Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season, and has already been filmed.  The cast left America for Cambodia on March 23, 2015, and started their long flights home after May 5, 2015.

3.  Take a look at the picture of Caleb above---does he look thin to you?  If so, that could indicate that Caleb did well in the game, going deep into the merge, burning thousands of calories.  But don't let ideas like that fool you....there is really no telling when Caleb took the picture, since he's no stranger to the selfies.

4.  The Survivor Sucks poster, known as Redmond, has proven himself with accurate information in the past, most recently announcing the candidates for Survivor Second Chances well in advance of Jeff Probst's announcement.  That season is filming right now, but will air as Season #31 on CBS in late September 2015.

5.  I fully expected Caleb to be a part of the Brawn tribe, but Redmond says Caleb will start the season on the Beauty tribe.  (Well, we know it wasn't Brains...)

6.  This is a summary of what Redmond has posted, and can be found on the Survivor Sucks website, in the "Season 32 and Beyond" section of the website. The thread is called "What We (Think We) Know".  In that section of the website, Caleb has his own thread, as do the other rumored contestants.

7.  Supposedly it was hotter than hades in Cambodia during filming, and a number of the cast and crew needed medical attention during filming.

8.  Don't bother scouring Caleb's social media accounts to see if he posted during the filming time frame---it is likely that Caleb had someone posting for him on Instagram while he was gone, and apparently his Twitter account was "hacked" and taken off line for some time earlier this year.

9.  Survivor Sucks tries to keep spoilers in a segregated section of the website, but surf the site at your own risk please.  It is going to be VERY HARD for the cast and crew of the season to keep quiet about everything for over a year....not that anyone wants to intentionally spoil things, but can you imagine if that were you, and you couldn't talk about your experience to anyone?  And now imagine that you are in the Final Three or Final Two....wouldn't you want to tell your boss to pound sand?  Or if you were booted pre-jury, wouldn't you be a little bitter about it and maybe let something slip about your Pre Jury Vacation trip?

10.  This is likely one of the reasons why even though S31 is filming now, it will air on CBS prior to S32.  Not only does Production want to build on the momentum they created on the S30 finale by announcing the S31 cast during the live finale, they know that keeping all of those spoilers quiet is going to be a bitch with all those former cast members tweeting and blabbing when they get home.

11.  On the BB16 live feeds, Caleb talked openly about how he wanted to be on Survivor, and how he has applied last year for the first Blood vs. Water season with his stepbrother, but was turned down by Production.  (That's how he was cast on Big Brother.)  He also said that as soon as the BB16 finale was over, he planned to find the right Big Cheese to speak with about being on Survivor, and planned to tell them he was ready to ship out immediately.

Don't believe me?  See this live feed update, about halfway down the page. (I love it when my time posting live feed updates is only half-wasted...ha ha ha.)  I find it important to note that Caleb is wearing Amber's bunny slippers as he chats about being a Survivor.

12.  Caleb had quite a Big Brother season last year.  His story arc was just crazy and ran the gamut from psycho stalker to a steadfast loyalist who played a big role as a soldier helping Derrick get to the end of the game.  I hope we see quite a Caleb Show on Survivor.  Whether you love Caleb or you hate  him, you have to admit Caleb is Good TV.  I hope he kicks some ASS out there, but refrains from killing any chickens, bunnies or piglets.

13.  I also predict that if Caleb has a good showing on S32, he might have a chance to come back in a future Blood vs. Water season, because he has a whole pack of brothers just like him, not to mention a KNOCKOUT girlfriend who seems tough as nails.

14.  That's her, Ashley.  And she's just as ripped as Caleb is.  They promote some sort of body building supplements together and are collaborating on that Bullies Reality TV show (with Derrick's dad Tim).

15.  Amber Who?

And to follow up on yesterday's post featuring a little gossip about Caleb, I have the following:


Derrick did some sort of chat with fans last week, and one of the questions he was asked is about his beef with Caleb.  As follows.

Note that Caleb denies that Derrick bought him a truck, and doesn't tag Derrick in the post.  But as I said yesterday, I believe that Derrick was trying to avoid the appearance of sharing his BB winnings with Caleb, so he said that his dad Tim bought Caleb the truck.  (Derrick probably gave the money to his dad to buy Caleb the truck.)  I also remember "Derrick's Dad" donating a large sum of money to one of the charities that Zach was promoting, providing further proof that Derrick was trying to avoid the appearance of sharing his loot.

I remember seeing social media postings that Derrick traveled to Texas with Tim to present the monster truck to Caleb, proving there was no beef at that time.  I'm pretty sure that Derrick went to a few events with Caleb after that, seeing some concerts or some such.  The beef happened later, and had something to do with Tim getting involved with Caleb's life.

Well, if Derrick's dad was buying a stranger like Caleb a big jacked-up monster truck, that would indeed be strange.  Note that Caleb stepped out of this part of the conversation.  Some of Caleb's Twitter fans tried to patch things up, but Caleb's not interested, apparently.

Caleb's last tweet is kind of garbled.  Is he saying he's not sure why Derrick and Cody followed him in the first place, or the fans who are bitching about it.  Note that Derrick and Cody still follow each other, and are still good friends.  I think Derrick visited Cody's family this week, in fact.

Caleb posted this picture of himself with Tim on instagram, saying he "don't care what anybody says, this guy has a heart of gold", using the hashtags #rideordie, #righthandman, and #2sexyfor2015.

Interesting, huh?