Friday, June 12, 2015

Before We Turn the Page, What are the #BB16 House Guests Up To?

In an effort to get excited about the upcoming BB17 season, I have just done a twirl on Twitter so we can see what some of the BB16 house guests are up to.  Because, once BB17 starts, we might not be so interested anymore.

That's just the way this goes every year.  Out with the old, and in with the new.

(Although, there is certainly a chance we might have some "old" in the BB17 house this summer.  I have had a very difficult time motivating myself to cover the new season, but I'm hoping to snap out of it soon.  Let's just say I may or may not feel better after seeing the reveal of the house guest roster, scheduled for later this week.)

OK.  Let's start with Nicole Franzel, last summer's sweetheart.

If you've been following Nicole on social media, you know that she seems to be deeply in love with Hayden, and they appear to have been together for real ever since the show ended.  Nicole has completed all of her schooling and certifications, and is now an official nurse.  I think she lives in Chicago now, where she recently started her nursing career.

This is a picture from Nicole's Instagram, at a Mumford & Sons concert with Hayden. I'm not sure, but I think I saw a mention somewhere that Hayden planned to move to Chicago, too.

Am I the only one who heard that?  Hayden has a college degree from a good school, and is actually sort of an intellectual, so I'm sure he can embark on some sort of meaningful career.  If he wants to, that is.
And here they are together at Reality Rally, which is a big event held annually in Southern California to raise money to fight breast cancer.  Damn Nicole's legs are skinny!  (Or if you read the Daily Mail, "Damn Nicole has some slim pins!")

Who doesn't want skinny legs?  I mean, other than Hayden.  This picture is also from Nicole's instagram.
 And while they're at it, why not socialize with her good buddy Christine Brecht and her hubby Tim?  This was taken in San Diego ---I think Reality Rally brought them all together again.  (also from Nicole's instagram)
Well, who the hell is this?

It's Princess Victoria, of course, living large in South Florida.  Of course I mean that Victoria is tiny, but she's having a grand experience, it seems.

You might recall that Victoria has her own photography business.  Well, that seems to be going gangbusters, and she also has some sort of beauty and fashion blog.  From the looks of her tweets, I think she gets promotional consideration or other sponsorship opportunities from a variety of beauty product companies.

She also gets invited to some exciting-looking events where she gets to stay in beautiful seaside hotels and eat exotic room service dishes.  Maybe she's working at the events.  Or maybe she's just living large.  In a tiny body.  Still with the big hair.
In any case, she seems to be very happy and is always pushing out motivational messages about being positive and making the most of your life.  Both of the above pictures are from Victoria's instagram account.  A few months ago, she posted pictures of Nicole visiting her in Miami, which was nice to see.  They splashed in the ocean and spent some time with Victoria's family.  I think they also visited with Zach, who lives about an hour north of Victoria, up the coast of Florida.

OK.  So...Zach.

I really don't know what to say about Zach, other than this was without a doubt the craziest BB post-season I have ever witnessed.  I try not to get involved....I really don't like to interfere with the house guest's lives after the show is over, and I certainly didn't want to associate myself with what went down with that whole Zankie business.

Hell, I had a hard time even figuring out what was going on half the time.  As best I could tell:

*  Zankie fans were positive Zach and Frankie were having a torrid love affair.
*  Zankie fans were positive Zach's mom was keeping them apart.
*  Zankie fans made Zach's mom's life a living hell while all this went down.
*  Zach has apparently visited New York a few times and even announced at one point that he was going to move there, but I don't think that lasted very long.
*  Zach still lives with his parents in West Palm Beach.
*  Zach did a series of You Tube videos (ZR Live, maybe?) and might still do them, for all I know.  I tried to watch a few of them, but to be honest Zach has nothing to say.  I don't need to see him sort his laundry or eat dinner with his grandparents, or to make a show of fellating a TV remote device.
*  Yes, I have no need for that. (Even though I watch the BB live feeds religiously every summer, where doing laundry, eating, or even fellating is something I document with minute detail on this very website.  But there's a difference, right?)

Lately Zach seems to be constantly making some sort of appearance on "YouNow", which may or may not be a competitor of You Tube.  I clicked on the link once, but left quickly when I realized I had to set up some sort of account in order to watch.

If you know what this "Wake Up with Zach" show is all about, please let us all know.

OK.  Moving on.....

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Frankie Grande, who has been frantically working and also working it from the moment he was released back into the wild by the BB production team.  I'm sure I'm missing something, but here is what I recall:

*  Frankie did a run on Broadway in Rock of Ages (now closed, but not Frankie's fault.)  Many of  Frankie's BB16 cast mates made the trek to Manhattan to see the show.
*  In fact, on Frankie's first night, there was so much audience interest in Derrick, Cody and Zach sitting down in front that some of the fans shoved aside the Rock of Ages cast members in an effort to take selfies with the BB16 crew.  Or something like that....
*  Frankie wore a crazy Halloween costume based on his Flamingo character in that BB16 competition where they were all depicted as cartoon characters.  I think the costume was mostly painted on and gained Frankie some national attention for the effort.
*  Frankie and some of his friends visited DisneyWorld and the Zankie World was abuzz about Zach joining them and showing up in Frankie's selfies.  Apparently though,  Zach blew them off and did not show up, which was blamed on Zach's mom by the Zankie fans, of course.
*  I really wanted to write about this when it happened, but DID NOT want said Zankie World descending on me like a pack of social media buzzards.  So I didn't make a peep about it.
*  Frankie is now rolling out some sort of one-man show that will be touring the country.  I'm guessing it involves singing and dancing and maybe even a few of his "characters".
*  Frankie will be a judge on the upcoming season of America's Dance Crew, which plays on MTV, I think.  JC Chasez was a judge on the show at one point, so I watched it back then and will likely watch it again to hear what Frankie has to say to the young hopefuls.  Also to see if Frankie tries to steal their thunder and make it all about himself.  Just being honest about that.
*  Frankie also has some sort of one-episode show coming about about social media successes and goofs---maybe on VH1?  I'm guessing whatever it is will be back for more episodes if it works, and if people watch it.   After all Frankie is a Social Media Mogul.
*  Oh, and Frankie's name was on a can of Coke, and Coke tweeted about it.  That's actually kind of a big deal.

Well, what about Derrick, you might be saying?

Well, Derrick is back to being a police sergeant, and also makes appearances at charity events and sometimes on the morning TV news shows in Rhode Island.  He is gracious and poised at these events, and represents the Big Brother community well.

Derrick doesn't leave us much to gossip about, which is probably just the way he likes it.

Everybody knows I dig Derrick, so I'll just move on to Cody, the other half of The Hitmen.  And what has Cody been up to?

By the way, how long does Cody's CBS contract tie him up?  Why wouldn't ABC take a good long look at casting Cody for The Bachelor?  I can see it....

Cody has apparently been booking modeling gigs left and right.  And why shouldn't he, looking like he does?

I looked at that guy's twitter bio, and apparently he is some sort of legit photographer and not just some random guy with a smartphone.  This next one was tweeted by Cody's agency.

I don't know who will be in the BB17 house this summer, but I think I can guarantee everybody that no one will be as photogenic or ripped as Cody.  Or Boo, as I often referred to him.

Cody did an episode of Frankie's You Tube show, or whatever it is.  Look at Frankie, trying hard to keep up. You can just see him straining his abs, while Cody is just chilling.

Cody and Derrick also did a "Funny or Die" three-part series mocking their Big Brother experience.  Maybe it's just me, but I never really think anything is very funny on that website, and I certainly don't want to die, so I stopped watching half-way through the first episode.  But it looked like they were going to portray Cody as never saying a word, with Derrick doing all of the talking.

Which is kind of funny, after all.  Cody is a good sport about the whole situation.

OK, I need to wrap it up, so I will chat about just a few more BB16 folks.  Of course, everybody loves Donny, right?

(***Spoiler Alert***  Not everybody....)

Here is Donny, presumably at the aforementioned Reality Rally, with his cast mate Christine and BB15's Spencer Clawson.  Christine must be a very forgiving person. I guess they all forgive and forget at some point, which is admittedly a healthy and productive way to experience life.

Donny is working as a janitor now, having lost his job in landscaping.  No word on whether he is currently Kelly Pickler's janitor, though.

And Donny also met Mike Holloway, recent proud winner of Survivor 30.  Mike sure cleans up good, doesn't he?

Or maybe everyone looks clean next to Donny.

(Ha ha, couldn't resist.)

And Beast Mode Cowboy has certainly been busy in the past year.  By all accounts, Caleb is still doing personal training.  And maybe even training other people.

Caleb got involved with this reality show about bullies, but there must have been some sort of scheduling or contract snafu, because he tweeted that he didn't actually appear on any of the episodes this season.

Did anybody watch this show?  Or have anything to say about it?  Please share, if so.

And Caleb fell in love and has apparently been with this young lady for quite some time now.  This is from Caleb's instagram, and her name is Ashley.  She seems to be into the same things as Caleb....working out, hunting, beating up maybe she is Caleb's match made in heaven.

And when I mention Caleb's "match made in heaven", of course I have to mention Amber.

Amber is apparently still modeling, and visited Australia recently to take some pictures.  She lives in LA and her roommate is none other than BB15's Judd Daugherty.  Yep, ole Judd.  I guess they have that Tennessee connection.

Not sure what this is all about, but it sounds interesting.

Or maybe she's plagerizing the lyrics of some country song.  For example, there is an old country song about "when your phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's me".


OK.  Two pieces of gossip, and then I'm out.

1.  Last fall, it was reported that Derrick's dad Tim bought Caleb a monster truck.  Both Derrick and Tim flew down to Texas to present the truck to Caleb.  I think it was a surprise.  I actually assumed that Derrick bought the truck, but announced it was from his dad to prevent any sort of Big Brother prize-sharing violations.  (For example, two players can't agree to split the prize money, even though Mike Boogie and Will did that very thing.)

Well, I don't know what the hell happened in the ensuing months, but Tim is now apparently "managing" Caleb's "career" from Rhode Island, as clearly evidenced by the contact info on Caleb's social media accounts.  (Tim owns a rare coin shop in RI.)  I read on Survivor Sucks that Derrick isn't speaking to his dad anymore, and I thought that was total bullshit.

But Derrick confirmed that on a recent podcast with Rob Cesternino, and also mentioned that he's not currently in contact with Caleb, either.  I have to conclude that Tim must be some sort of shitbag.  I mean, right?

(And he might not be a good manager, either, since apparently Caleb's "Bullies Reality" appearances got messed up.)

But what do I know..

(***UPDATE***  I missed a big piece of gossip here.  Shame on me!  Please read this.)

2.  The talk about Amazing Race was all over the internet at a certain point, and I'm sure you can get up to speed about the whole thing if you try.  (Survivor Sucks for all the dirt, as usual.)

OK, as best I can tell The Amazing Race is filming the next season now, and tried to include a BB16 duo on the show.  From what I could tell:

*  Zach and Frankie were approached for the show, but Frankie turned it down.  I have heard that Frankie was upset about this, but had an ironclad contract for his one-man show discussed above, and could not get out of it.  I'm guessing that Frankie is actually producing his own show, so maybe he didn't want to lose money by cancelling appearances or losing deposits.  I mean, surely Frankie would want to be on a prime time network show again.  All of these cable TV and internet appearances are great, but a CBS season is a different story.  Or maybe Frankie didn't want to appear with Zach.  Who knows?

*  Next, the producers approached Cody to appear on The Amazing Race as Zach's partner.  Cody turned it down.  I have no scoop about why he might have done that.  Maybe he didn't want to miss any episodes of The Bachelorette, or the upcoming Bachelors in Paradise?  Who knows?  (If you do, please share!)

*  This led TAR production to approach Devin to appear as Zach's partner.  Yes, Devin.  From what I could tell, Devin said yes, and plans were moving forward, but then production put the kibosh on that idea, and neither of them are in the mix anymore.  Some say that Devin ruined it by tweeting about it, and some say Zach blabbed too much about it on his little internet show.  But maybe TAR production saw some BB16 footage and got scared?  (For example, remember this?)  I'm sure they didn't want some sort of international incident to occur...