Monday, March 30, 2015

#BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates - Sunday Evening & Monday Morning

I just started doing these damn updates for the season, and I'm already behind.  Here are some tidbits from late yesterday and earlier today that I haven't had a chance to share yet.  Please note that I am trying to learn everybody's voice  so I know who said what in big groups or even small groups.  I can't just stare at the screen while the live feeds are on because unfortunately I need to earn a living.  (For the US version I watch a lot of pre-season interviews that help me identify everyone's voice, but I couldn't do that for BBCAN.)

*  Sindy was indeed the PoV replacement once Kevin took himself off the block.  She was very down about it and appeared to be shocked.  She sat and pouted at the kitchen counter with Britnee (also on the block) and then started trying to work people to get votes.  I think she thinks she has the votes to stay, but I think everyone wants her ass out of there.  I'm sure her stellar performance in the HoH competition didn't help her case much.....she was a beast up there teetering on the ledge.

*  But of course, whoever leaves this week has a chance to return, and if Sindy has to compete for it, I think her chances are good.

*  Sindy's selling point to people for keeping her was that if she stays in the house, she will be a target next week, and then the next week.  And if she aligns with people, they know she will put it all on the line to win HoH to keep them all safe.  And she pointed out that Britnee won't win anything, and is a "nothing" in the game so far.

*  If Jordan had to pick former BB player to hook up with, he would choose Nicole from BB16 because she seems approachable and is the right age range for him.

Jordan:  Plus, she said she thought Ian Terry was cute, so I figure that gives me a chance.

He contrasted this to a girl like Janelle, who is in another stage of life now (i.e. older) and wouldn't give him the time of day.

*  Jordan put on quite a little show yesterday with all of his Big Brother knowledge, including performing a spot-on imitation of Jeff and the "Dumbledore Incident". (If you don't know, you can learn about that here.)  I think Johnny may have been the one chiming in with him, but they went on and on talking about minutia about seasons dating back to BB2.  On the one hand it was impressive, but on the other hand, it was way too much in my opinion.  He should have pumped the brakes on that, but it's too late now.

*  Hey Rob Cesternino:  Jordan would be a worthy competitor against Ian for BB Trivia.

*  Johnny and Kevin lay on the couch together "cuddling", but this is totally different than last year's Zankie crap.  For example, girls always pile on in a big stack of people (Sindy, Ashley) unlike BB16, where most of the cuddling was done in private.  You know, like in the HoH bed in the middle of the night.

*  They were sitting in the living room, relaxing, when all of a sudden a pipe that ran along the ceiling dropped down about a foot and water started pouring out of it.  The people on the couch were like, "hey, look at that" and then Sindy yelled "Big Brother....come in here!".  Someone else said "there's another one over here" and yet another house guest said "that's not good at all".  Then the feeds went down for what I think was a long time.

*  This morning Kevin was doing laundry in the backyard with either Jordan or Johnny and I noticed that on the ground right in front of the shiny silver washer and dryer is a HUGE floor panel advertising "Oxy Clean", with I think some additional information about the product.  Funny.

* Sindy hit up Jordan ("JP") for a vote this morning, and made it sound like she has the votes to stay.  JP said all the right things, saying that he would vote to keep her unless the majority is voting to evict her, since he doesn't want to hurt his own game just to save her.  She said she understood and bopped on out of there.

*  Then JP immediately told a bunch of guys what just happened, and they all laughed about poor clueless Sindy.

*  Sindy is toast, I think.

*  One of the Have Not girls (Naeha maybe?) said she is having some digestive difficulties and got approval from BB to have coffee in hopes of "moving things along".  She was super happy.  They must have had to let all the Have Nots have coffee now, too, because Britnee is drinking some and saying she's so happy to have it.  She has two days left as a Have Not and thinks she can make it now.

*  Graig went off on a little tangent with another guy (Bobby maybe?) about how he can't stand Naeha.  He also wants Johnny gone and claims he thinks Johnny should get evicted first, but he "fucking can't stand" Naeha.  He says there is "just nothing there."  (Maybe Naeha's Resting Bitch Face is intimidating to him.)

*  Graig is going to be fun to watch when he's on slop and on the block.  Production might want to schedule some additional security that week, because he seems like a volatile dude.

*  The Chop Shop is very self-congratulatory and the number of members seems to grow every time I hear them discuss it.  They feel they are "golden, dude", and "good for weeks", and so on. Sort of like The Bomb Squad, maybe?

FYI The Chop Shop is the nickname for the Atlanta Braves stadium, so I keep waiting for Production to tell them they can't use it or something.  I know no one in Canada cares about the effing Braves, but still...

*  They got a jump rope today from BB and you'd think they got a pass to DisneyWorld or something.  I've never seen so many fit house guests who seem committed to working out every second.

*  This morning I was wrapped in two sweaters here in Atlanta at my desk, and most of the guys were lolling around the BB backyard wearing shorts, no shoes and no shirt.  I'm guessing I couldn't hack the weather in Canada long-term.

*  Godfrey made a disparaging comment about the nutritional content of Twistos, and the feeds were immediately cut.  (ha ha ha)