Sunday, March 29, 2015

#BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates - Sunday Morning

Big Brother isn't playing around in Canada.  They expect these lazy kids to get up when they tell them to....and Godfrey is apparently used to slapping the Snooze Alarm every morning.

I think today is the PoV ceremony, so they are all getting ready, but they don't know the details of where or when.

OK...some tidbits from this morning:

*  Apparently Pilar and Kevin were kissing last night in bed.  Kevin was sleeping in between Johnny and Pilar and he was the Middle Spoon, so to speak.  I didn't see it with my own eyes, but apparently when Pilar turned her spoon around to kiss Kevin, Johnny was well-aware of the situation.

*  Anyway, my point in mentioning this is that when I turned on the feeds this morning, I immediately saw Kevin and Pilar in the kitchen, making awkward conversation while Pilar cooked some eggs for him.  Kevin is wearing a crisp plaid button-down shirt and may not be a morning person.  He is giving her short, one or two syllable answers, while she chatters on and on about her relative lack of knowledge making eggs.  I think he wanted his eggs over easy, or something like that.

Pilar:  Is this the way you want it?  Soft?

Kevin:  hmph.

Pilar:  But if I turn it over, it gets hard...hard, right?

Kevin: Just a little....for a minute.

And so on.  Pilar is not a good conversationalist, as many live-feeders have noticed.  She is cute as a button, totally cheerleader-like, but she is not someone who appears to have a lot to say, or a lot going on inside her head.  She did cheer when she flipped the eggs, though.

*  I like Kevin when he's being stoic and quiet.  It's a good look for him.

*  Kevin is yummy, in my opinion.  Eggs, however, are not.  The smell of them nauseates me, and the thought of that smell nauseates me, too.

*  Bruno sat on the couch with Jordan, Graig, Godfrey and Sindy and talked about his construction job.  It sounds like they can't do any building during the winter, due to the weather conditions where he lives, so he usually is the full-time dad while his wife works.  He said he loves it because he can bond with his children, and is used to the rhythm of working very long days during the summer, then doing virtually nothing the rest of the year.  Last winter his wife was on maternity leave, so his entire family was home together for months and he loved it.  Next winter, his older son (Damian?) will be in pre-school, and he will just be home with the baby (Dominic?) and he is looking forward to it.

*  One drawback, Bruno says, is that during the summer his wife wants to be outside to enjoy the warmth when she isn't working, but he wants to just enjoy the air conditioning since he is outside in the heat all day.

*  Bruno loves to see the buildings he has worked on and feels a sense of pride when he drives by, knowing he contributed to his community.  Not a day goes by when he doesn't drive by something he has built and he is very satisfied by this.  He's been doing construction for years.

*  During this conversation (and others), Jordan asks probing questions that are inquisitive but polite, getting the others to talk about themselves.  It's a good strategy, if indeed it is a strategy.  He has worked in Human Resources in the past, he says, and wants to get some sort of desk job when BB is done.

*  They are all sluggish today and Bruno wants to do some yoga if Graig is up for teaching a class.  He never did yoga before coming in the BB house but now he feels like he's addicted to it.  He wants to get his wife involved when he gets home, even if he is just watching the kids for her while she goes to a class.  It's a great date, too, Graig says, and encourages Bruno to keep practicing.

*  Godfrey entertained the guys by talking about life in Zimbabwe.  He said that if you have to sleep outside, you should lean up against the back of someone else, and sleep sitting up.  He explained that a lion will attack you when your back is turned, whether you are awake or asleep, so sleeping against someone will help improve your chances.  He has seen lions "in his backyard" countless times.

Godfrey:  If you're over there and you're not careful, you're food, man.

*  Godfrey says the worst animals are the hippos and the rhinos...."they'll kill you bro", he says.  He claims that hippos and rhinos hate each other naturally, and will fight to the death any chance they get.  He claims to have seen a hippo chomp down on a rhino to kill it.  He says if one of the adventure guides (or whoever) tells him a hippo is nearby, he leaves as fast as he can.  He was told from a young age not to even make eye contact with a hippo.

*  Godfrey says that when the hippos, rhinos and lions see you, they think you are out to get them, so that is why they are so aggressive.  But in contrast, elephants or giraffes are pretty cool, as long as you don't try to touch or get too close to their babies.

*** SIDEBAR***

OK, before we continue,  I feel like we need to look at some pictures.  After what Godfrey has just told us, how scary is this picture?  I mean, he sees us and is coming right at us...

And the hippo doesn't have many teeth, but I guess the ones they do have are some real killers.

Damn.  The San Diego Zoo has a spectacular Hippopotamus facility, where they have a big pond to swim in and you can watch them from a window.  When I was there the hippos did a few laps, and then one of them came right over to the glass, backed it right up, and then let loose a stream of poop right on the underwater window.  Children screamed, people ran...and now I think he or she did it on purpose, based on what Godfrey said.


*  Godfrey then gave some incredibly scary information about Black Mambo snakes.  He says that they can do a lateral jump and showed them how high he's seen them jump by lifting his had up way over his head.

Godfrey:  If you see a Black Mambo and you don't kill it, it's going to kill you.


OK, I'm going to have nightmares about this.  I grew up in the South, where it is hot and snakes are pretty common in the summertime.  Most of them aren't poisonous, but the ones that are (i.e. rattlesnakes) will not eff with you if you don't eff with them.

I literally told someone two days ago when I was walking my dog down a wooded road that if we lived in a world where snakes hunted us, and pursued us, I would never go outside.  So this new information about Black Mambo snakes excited about hunting us down is something I don't want to hear.

In fact, I had to pick a somewhat pleasant picture of the Black Mambo to post here.  Trust me, if you look you will see plenty of terrifying pictures of Black Mambos doing evil things.  No can do here.  Sorry.  This is bad if you see this....RUN.

*  The Have Nots are trying to make Sriracha cookies and they had mixed results.  Needless to say they were very spicy.

*  Pilar loves the smell of cigarettes, but says she doesn't smoke.  Kevin thinks it reminds her of her dad, and she agrees.