Saturday, March 28, 2015

#BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates - Saturday Afternoon

The feeds were down for hours today, and apparently some sort of competition took place, probably a luxury competition, because they are all chattering now about the "pool party" they are going to have tonight.

The Have Nots are hoping that there will be food they can eat.  Which of course there will be.  There always is...they don't want the Have Nots to keep laying around with no energy.  Although Godfrey has been working out with Graig, who appears to be addicted to working out any spare moment he can find.

Willow made a spectacle about herself today, about something really stupid.  She apparently has not been asked to give a DR session in a few days (or maybe ever?) and when she was called to the DR this morning and it was only to tell her to change her batteries, she started crying.

And I believe she broke down several times today about it.  She is now saying she "was a girl today" and the guys were muttering that she was being annoying, even though they admit they like her.  They think that BB might be trying to "break Willow down" and hope it is not their turn soon.


*  During the discussion above, BB asked them to stop talking about Production.

*  You might know that for some reason Graig is lying about his job, and has told everyone he works at Costco.  They bring that up occasionally, so they must be buying it.  For example:

Jordan:  Like, if we are talking about who has the most chemistry knowledge, that's Zack....or who knows the most about Costco, that would be Graig.

*  Kevin was joking that depending on how much booze they get at the pool party, he plans to kiss every girl in the house.  Johnny said if Kevin does that, he needs to kiss Johnny too.  Kevin laughed but said he could give Kevin a peck, but could not kiss him passionately.

*  Jordan is talking about getting really drunk tonight and doing a "RHAP Podcast" and says they plan to do that every day.  I think Johnny was the one who was agreeing to do that with him.  If you listen to Rob Has a Podcast, then you might know that Jordan is a frequent commenter on various podcasts on Rob Cesternino's podcast network.  So we know Jordan knows the game, but can he execute successfully?

*  They discussed how Talla and Gary got totally wasted in the BB house and want to avoid that.  But the guys admit it would be wicked cool to have a hangover in the BB house, too.

*  Zach and Willow sat together to quietly talk game.  Zach talked about some guy who was a dad and that no one wanted to put up on the block (Bruno, maybe?).  Zach also seems to think that even though they know Johnny is a threat, he might not need to be targeted too early.  They also muttered that everyone pretty much knows who is going home this week, even if they're not all saying it.

Willow:  She made her own bed....that's for sure.

(I'm assuming they are referring to Sindy, who may go up in Kevin's place after he uses the PoV to save himself.)

*  Sindy is being quiet, so maybe she has an idea about the way she is annoying everyone.  She is wearing a green bikini for the party and has a little matching skirt and is standing around posing and looking at herself, on the outskirts of a conversation between Johnny and Willow.  They kind of ignored her while Sindy shifted her weight from foot to foot, waiting to join in.

*  Willow has a cute long-sleeved white top on with little blue anchors.  It has a J Crew vibe about it.  She says she doesn't want to be the prettiest in the house, but she kind of hit bottom today and feels weird about it.  If she was watching at home, she tells Johnny he would be her favorite.

*  They had to play a game where they guessed certain things like, "who would be most likely to enjoy going to a funeral".  They report that Sarah took offense to this and yelled "What the fuck?"  I think Willow was voted "most irritating" or "most bossy" and that may be one reason for her breakdown today.  Oh, she thinks Production hates her because they scold her about sleeping, etc.  And they don't want to interview her in the DR, too.

*  She might have a point there.

*  The "backyard" opened and it looks like an indoor backyard, with nice clean fake grass.  For now.  So far.  If they get enough booze tonight that may change.

*  Britnee has two bandaids on each leg, one just above her knee, and one just below her knees.  Did she get hurt in a competition?  Or dis she slip when shaving?  The knees are the most dangerous place on the leg, you know.

#BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates - Saturday March 28th

The house guests are locked in AGAIN.  I have yet to see them frolic in the "backyard" or the hot tub.   (I say "backyard" because the entire BBCAN house is on a soundstage, so even the outdoors is indoors.)

I'm sure they built it that way to beat the harsh Canadian winters, but the bonus is that the house guests can't be the victims of SuperFan Drive By Shoutings. (Remember this from BB16?)

Sindy is a major chatterbox and needs to calm the fuck down, in my opinion.  She is safe from eviction this week, of course, but my advice would be to try and sink back into the background instead of running her yap so much.

You know, like pestering Bobby about why he nominated her the first week.  (The week when everyone nominated two people, so she should leave him alone.)  He told her it was nothing personal, but he "had no other choice".

Various tidbits:

*  Britnee (I think) went on and on about how she thinks guys with imperfections are like, so sexy.  She described imperfections as "scars, and other stuff like that". They discussed Johnny Depp and River Phoenix and how he died outside Johnny's club the Viper Room.

*  Pilar makes good salads, apparently, and the girls on slop want her to make them a salad when they are allowed to eat real food again.

*  Sarah seems to know a lot about Will Smith and how he did or did not get along with some woman who was on one of his TV shows. Oh, they are talking about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. One of the girls suggests we all google "Fresh Prince of Bel Air bloopers" for like, the funniest stuff ever.

*  I have never even seen one episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and not even one blooper from the show.

*  The hammock has already been broken, by Jordon I think.  Did The Brick make that hammock?  They wonder if the hammock repair is what is going on in their backyard right now.  (Surely they would just replace it, right?)

*  The heating system must be cranking on High today, because half of these kids are laying around with bare feet and tank tops, and the guys frequently are shirtless.

*  I guess I should tell you about the "Chop Shop" alliance, which includes Graig, Bobby, Bruno, Zack and Ashley.  I have to say that Ashley is doing very well in this game, staying low and making inroads with the Power Males.  Smart.

*  The Chop Shop has special hand motions that they you can look forward to seeing that.  And they are frequently congratulating themselves on how well they're doing in the game, and how awesome they are.  ('s always awesome when someone in your alliance is the HoH...)

***FUN FACT***

In the early days of BB15, Howard Overby (who?) was talking to Spencer Clawson about their new alliance The Moving Company.  Howard actually told Spencer that he thought The Moving Company would become a legendary Big Brother Alliance, and that they would be invited back in future seasons to compete in some sort of All Star Alliance season.

I would not believe that if I hadn't heard it with my own ears, but I did hear it.

The Moving Company, of course, is a legendary alliance, but not for the reasons Howard may have hoped.

My Game Plan for Big Brother Canada Coverage #BBCAN3

I think most of us can agree that watching Big Brother Canada can be a little after much ado (or about four days of ado) I have decided to cover Season #3, which looks to be a great season.

However, I'm not going to torture myself by trying to cover it the same way I cover Big Brother USA.  I'm not going to try and illustrate each post with pictures.  I might not even take any pictures of the live feeds.

I'm just going to write some lengthy chunks of updates, old school-style.  You know, like reading Jokers back in early seasons of Big Brother USA.  I will have the live feeds running during the day when I'm working, and will describe newsy little tidbits of information that catch my attention.

That will include game spoilers, mundane conversations, descriptions of the food they are eating and how much, and other minutia that strikes my fancy.

You know, the usual.  Just without pictures and the full scale coverage I typically provide.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I will proceed.

Right now the live feeds are down (sponsored by Ramada Worldwide), but I did do a little feedwatching yesterday.

Bobby won the HoH competition that aired at the end of Episode #2.  He nominated Kevin the energetic poker player and Britnee, the plus-size model.

You might also need to know that Keven is playing the Everybody's Buddy bit a little too hard, too early.  People like him, but also know that he wants to win, and realize he is going to be a big threat.  In short, I think Kevin needs to calm down.

Anyway, Kevin immediately started spreading the word that Sindy was trying to put together a girl's alliance and told Bobby that she was "throwing his name around".  Bobby took this under advisement, and said if he won the PoV, he might consider saving Kevin from the block.

But this didn't matter, of course, because Kevin won the PoV.

Who will Bobby nominate in his place?  Will he try to target a physical threat?  Or nominate one of the girls who is irritating people to stay on everybody's good side?

I've heard that he didn't want to make waves so early in the game.  Why win HoH if you don't want to make waves?

Johnny might also be in trouble, from some of the chatter I've heard.