Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yes, It Was an Ariana Grande Concert. Mark Told You So. #BB17

I do enjoy watching the Twitter scroll that rolls by next to the live feed screen. Yesterday morning I saw a tweet from Mark, who had been researching different LA-area events that were to be held last night.

Mark speculated that Liz may have won a trip to Ariana Grande's concert at the Staples Center.  Not only was this information juicy, it makes sense, too, when you consider who Ariana's half brother is.

So, while you were sleeping in yesterday, or waiting to get your tires rotated, Mark was doing some good old-fashioned investigative journalism.

And he hit pay dirt, because Frankie likes to announce his activities.  Like, constantly.

And this was enough for me....I just knew this was it.  Supposedly rumors are going around that someone from Production leaked the news, but that is incorrect.

It was Mark.  Mark is the leak.

As you know, the live feeds were down all day, starting at 9:45 am, and stayed down until after Liz and Vanessa returned from the show after 1:00 am.  I'm guessing that Production felt they needed that time to get the girls out of the house and in and out of the venue without being seen by any fans or even the concert crew.

Not because Liz or Vanessa is so famous now...they just don't want fans to see them and start screaming things at them, maybe telling them some deep dark secrets about the game that could compromise things.  But more importantly, they could not risk someone tweeting a picture or a Periscope of Liz and Vanessa.

Because you know how fast word would get out, and that could turn into a big fat mess.

The girls wore disguises...wigs and lots of makeup.  Liz got a tattoo.  Austin tried to scrub it off her arm later, and she was a big baby about the pain. She later told Austin that she would never get a tattoo on her arm..she would get it on her ribcage.

Austin:  You are not getting a tattoo.

Liz:  But why?  I want one!

Austin:  Because you have perfect skin.

(That is the smartest thing I've ever heard Austin say.)

Liz said at the event they had all types of salads, but she was disappointed that they only got one drink. (I'm guessing they were backstage, or maybe in a luxury box.)

Liz:  We saw another bottle of wine sitting there, and we asked them for it, but they didn't give it to us.  They didn't want us getting tipsy, particularly Vanessa, since she had to do the nominations when we got back.

Liz said they both enjoyed meeting Frankie, and after only a few minutes it felt like they had known him forever, he was so warm and friendly.  They also met Frankie's mom, and Liz got a thrill out of meeting Ariana.

Liz:  Ariana knew us, too...she said, 'you guys are in disguises', like she watches the show and everything.

Austin: Did he (Frankie) say anything about me?

Liz:  No....only that he'd like to see you without a ponytail beard.

I wondered what Frankie had to say about all of this...was it a magical night for him, too?

So, Frankie's head is in the clouds, and he can't wait until all of his followers can fully understand it.  I guess we can assume that he means after we see the CBS show on Sunday, where Frankie will be there in all of his glory, including his shorty shorts and spray tan.

But maybe Frankie's head is in the clouds because of this:

Don't you just love how Frankie takes a selfie with a Big Star but puts them in the background?  And he doesn't even look happy to be with her!

Well, we know Derrick wasn't there, because we have evidence that he was in Las Vegas with Vanessa's girlfriend. Interesting.


When the feeds came back, I think nominations had just happened, but I"m not sure.  We saw Steve up in the HoH with Vanessa, telling her that he thinks Johnny Mac already knows what is up.

Steve:  He said he was in I think he knows.

Vanessa:  How would he know?

Steve says they are friends, and he understands that she has to put him up, and is okay with everything.

Steve:  I'll just nominate you next week, though.

Vanessa:  Oh, you little stinker.

You may know that I hate eggs.  The thought of them disgusts me, actually.  So imagine how nauseated I was to see Austin cook up what must have been at least 5 eggs and then scarf it down.  He literally shoveled bites in so quickly that he was spooning in another load while the first load was still in his mouth.

He stopped in the middle to load the plate with cottage cheese, and then kept right on going.  The cameras closed in so we could enjoy the full horror, and hear the fork clanking on the plate, and Austin's chewing and swallowing process.

He even licked the plate before putting it in the sink.  At least he doesn't waste food.  So that's something.

But why the big hurry?  What else does Austin have to do?

Liz was in the bathroom complaining about how dirty everything was, just from one day with the three guys in there.

Liz:  Look at all of this hair!  Gross!

Austin:  That's not my hair.

Liz:  Yes it is!  If we're going to live together after this, something needs to change!

Johnny Mac approached them with an offer to throw the PoV to them, in exchange for their votes to evict Steve this week.  Austin acted like that was an interesting offer, and said it was so diabolical it might work.  (i.e. they would keep the nominations the same, but both Liz and Austin would vote out Steve).

Johnny:  I know I would go out third if I went to the end with you guys, but that's better than going out 5th now.

Johnny also admitted to throwing both of them under the bus last week, saying he had to do what he had to do.  I must note that there was frequent FISH during these conversations.  I don't think Production wants them to say much about where they were tonight or anything that went on until after the Sunday show airs.

(This is similar to last year's NFL trip.  The HG weren't allowed to wear their NFL jerseys or talk openly about it until after the segment aired.)

After Johnny left the room, Austin was kind of astounded, and had to explain what Johnny wanted to Liz, who had a hard time grasping it.

Liz:  Why would Johnny throw the PoV when he's on the block?  It doesn't make sense.

Austin:  Because he's crazy!

Liz:  Are we going to tell Vanessa?

Austin:  Yeah..when she's out of the DR we need to tell her.  But I might add a few things to it.

When Vanessa came out of the DR, they both acted like they had some big news to tell, kind of an "Awoo...woo" moment that you might have had as a kid.

Vanessa:  What happened?

Austin:  Taxi driver!

They started telling her, and we got FISH a few times.  Vanessa kind of laughed, but I know she will be thinking about this all night.

By the way, all Austin could talk about is how much he missed Liz today, and that it was way too long to be without her.

Liz:  Can we hear _________by Ariana Grande tomorrow?  (one of her big hits, but I forgot the name of it)

Austin:  No..I want to hear ________ (some other band).  I would really like to see some of the tributes to us that are out there...there will be a lot of videos people make as a tribute to us...from our fans.

Liz:  Well, we know Vanessa has a fan...after she got that shout out.


(Wow.  Wonder what happened with that.)

Austin got called to the DR, and Liz listened to the camera above her spin and focus.

Liz:  Today was epic!  Tune in and learn all about it.

Kind of a neat angle. Liz sleeping in a picture frame.  You know Julia is going to be PISSED that she missed out on the trip.  Once again, Julia got the short end of the Twin Stick.


  1. So veto is Tuesday night and they will evict upon the results. And then Wednesday leaves us with final three. I hope that one of the two noms win and then that leaves a great Tuesday night eviction. Of couse Van is not able to win an Hoh until the final that could be rewarding of course. Fingers Crossed.

  2. I think the Tuesday eviction may actually happen sooner than that, and that the feeds will be shut down again to keep things a secret, based on what has happened in past seasons.

    Or maybe the Wednesday show will be like that...not sure, but surely someone out there knows?

  3. The Live Feeds will be DOWN from Mon 9am to Tues 9pm... the Eviction will be filmed during this time and shown on Tues tv show...

    The Wed tv show will be LIVE showing us the Live F4 POV Comp & the Instant Eviction...

    Keep checking ur BB Twitter on Mon cause chances are that someone from the audience will Spoil on who got evicted...


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