Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 11 #BB17

Wil took a week off, but is back in top form with this one.  Sit back and enjoy the following exciting and hilarious moments:

*  Julie Chen is busted by a nun for sparking up a doob in the girls' bathroom.
*  Mr. Pectacular frolics in the backyard wearing his tutu.
*  Steve's mom has been busy doing laundry and scrubbing Steve's play toys.  (I nearly spit out my coffee every time Mrs. Moses appeared on screen.)
*  Vanessa strikes a hard bargain for her vote.
*  Meg got a little crazy upon arrival at the Jury house.
*  Kim Davis got the boot.  (Wil lives in Kentucky, so her story is particularly relevant for him.)

I feel like that "outfit" that Julie wore on the live show last Thursday was a gift for Wil.  Why would Julie wear that?  It looked like she was wearing sweatpants under a dress from the preteen department.

Can't CBS afford a stylist?

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