Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Which Twin Will Survive This Week on #BB17 ?

Supposedly the sisters are going to decide which of them will leave the house on Thursday night.  They actually don't get to vote ---the votes of Austin, Vanessa and Johnny Mac will decide who will be evicted.

Earlier this week, Liz was pushing for Julia to stay, saying that they were both pretending to be Liz for five weeks in the game, and now it's Julia's time to shine.  She also said Julia has gotten the "short end of the stick" in life, and wants to make that up to her.

Most of us assume that Liz is talking about Julia overcoming cancer as a child. That info is buried in her CBS bio....which does contain a few notable items.

1.  Julia is most afraid of "death, needles, and lemon seeds".  I think the lemon seeds may be an attempt at humor, but the first two items are pretty telling.  Surely Julia had to face hundreds of needles as a child fighting leukemia, with the fear of death lurking over everything.  An infant might not know what is going on, and might forget most of it, but a 6 year-old definitely would not.  And it couldn't have been an easy situation for Liz, either.  Her family also had another daughter, Angela, who was 10 months old when the Twins were born, so you have to admire their parents, dealing with so much, even without having The Big C strike one of your children.

2,  The last sentence of the bio is what grabbed my attention.  Julia never mentioned having leukemia in her Q & A, and we might not have known it if CBS didn't tell us in this last sentence.  I have heard two mentions of this on the live feeds...once when Julia was practicing her speech for the live show last week.  Liz was helping her create the speech, and suggested at one point that Julia say playing BB is one of the hardest things she's ever done in her life.  Julia verbally slapped her down by saying, "no, stupid, I had cancer".  Then Austin mentioned it in a conversation with Steve and Vanessa, but then immediately said he wasn't supposed to tell anyone, it was to be a secret.  I think Vanessa was stunned, but then said she didn't think the Twins were secretive people, so it might not be a big deal.  (Vanessa's ex-husband Chad died of cancer, so she certainly knows it is a big deal, but I think she was trying to help Austin out here....that is not a secret you should tell...)

3.  And again, in that last sentence of the bio..."she has the will to get to the end, with or without her sister".  I'm not so sure about that part.  As of last night, the Twins were asking everyone to vote out Julia, leaving Liz in the game since she has a better chance of winning it all.

Will Vanessa and Johnny Mac vote that way though?  Is it better for them to leave Liz in the game?

It might be better for Vanessa, because the Austin-Liz duo will still be a big target in the game. and might take some heat off of her.  And I've heard Johnny Mac say that if Liz was gone, Austin would team up with Vanessa to go go the end, so it might make sense for them to keep her.

Also, everyone knows Julia is the goat at this point...the "Victoria" to take to the end of the game.  Even though they all would like to do that, they don't want someone else to do that, so it's kind of a safe one will be mad about it.

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  1. Austin is a ginormous dummy. He is in for a rude awakening when he leaves here with all the stuff said on the livefeeds and his antics in the game.


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