Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Does Les Moonves Think About #BB17 ? (Hint: He's Not Happy...)

Les Moonves is the Head Poohbah of CBS, and the husband of Julie Chen.  Vulture, which is an online partner of New York Magazine, did a great in-depth article with Les this week.

You can read the article in it's entirety here.

But here is what Les had to say about this year's Big Brother cast.  It's short, and not-very-sweet.

I'm going to take a guess at who the disappointments are, based on the way players were expected to play coming into the game, and how they ended up performing.

1.  Da'Vonne - such a big personality, and a super fan, but had little strategic abilities.  Even though she was the first one to realize the Twin Twist, she made no effort to use that information to advance her game, unless you count trying to threaten Julia after already telling the entire house about the secret.  And let's not even get into how she wasted the Kathy Griffin phone call advantage by cancelling votes that didn't even matter. (I'll bet Kathy was pissed, too.) With such great DR sessions, I'm sure losing Da'Vonne so early in the game was a major disappointment.

2.  Jason -  here was yet another super fan, with a big personality and sense of humor, to boot.  But Jason didn't make much of an effort to make allies on all sides of the house, and rarely even went up to the HoH suite to use his social skills to his advantage.  And he just gave up during his last week.

3.  Clay -  do I even need to tell you why?  No one respects a quitter, and you'd think a college athlete in a sport as competitive as football would know better than to do what he did.  I think Clay was scared to try to stay, and lose to Shelli.  And this didn't help Shelli in the end, either, because Shelli clearly expected Vanessa and roll over and die the following week, too, when she was on the block against her.  Shelli barely did anything to secure her position until it was way too late, but I don't think she was a disappointing casting choice overall.  She played hard for the rest of her time in the house.  Too bad Clay didn't.

4.  Meg -  Les was well acquainted with Andrea Boehlke's fighting spirit, but apparently none of that rubbed off on Meg.  Meg came into the game promising to surprise people by being ruthless behind her smile, but of course she mostly napped, which didn't surprise anybody.  Even after her friends left one by one, she still didn't feel the need to make any strategic moves of her own.  They knew they were taking a risk casting someone with obvious physical difficulties, (Meg just had knee surgery, for god's sake.) so I think they were really relying on Meg's purported wily social skills and determination to win.  Nope.

5.  Jeff and Jackie -  We saw Julie Chen grill Jeff when he was evicted about Jackie treating Big Brother like a pit stop on the Amazing Race.  I'm picturing Julie and Les sitting home watching Big Brother and cursing at the TV screen, as weeks went by without Jackie playing the game.  I don't know if you remember this, but all Jackie was known for in those early weeks was standing in front of the mirror.  Luckily, Jackie got fired up after Jeff left, and put up a good sassy fight, but I don't think it was enough for Les to be happy with the pair that Phil Keoghan stuck him with...

6.  Johnny Mac, maybe.  They gotten some good DRs out of Johnny this year, but he just laid around like a crusty lump of old toothpaste for well over half the game.  The fans love him, so if Johnny is on Les' shit list, it can't be too bad. And maybe he can redeem himself now, but being flippant to Julie several times on the live shows probably made Les want to slap the smirk right off of Johnny's face.  Just a guess.


How could I forget Audrey?  I'm sure Production was PISSED at the way she stopped playing after she got backdoored, not even attending the PoV ceremony and taking to her dentist chair.  Based on this, I would now replace Audrey on the list above, probably swapping out for Johnny Mac.

My list might be wrong, but by the process of elimination, Les can't be unhappy with Vanessa, Austin, or the Twins.  For the Twins to make it this far in the game together though, Les might be disappointed with a few other players, but with one Twin in a showmance with Austin, and the other hating Austin, he can't be disappointed with that casting decision.  And Austin "ruined his life" to be with Liz....you can't beat that type of entertainment.

Poor Robyn Kass is going to get slammed on Twitter about Les' comments....scroll back up and look at that picture of Les.  Would you want to sit across the table from him if he were unhappy with you?


  1. Great post and reflection on the article. I agree with you 100%!

  2. I have to agree with the list except for John. Not a fan, but I think he's been entertaining to a lot of people, so I don't see why Moonves would be disappointed with him. People are rooting for him, including my husband who only watches the show. How can be a fan favorite be a disappointment?

  3. Maybe they can stop recruiting players, and pick people who know the show.

  4. I honestly think Clay rolled over and died like he did because he didn't want to spend the rest of the summer sitting the the jury house. I'm sure he knew whoever didn't go the first week would go shortly there after except they would be stuck in jury all summer while the other one got to enjoy their new found fame. I think his chivalrous act was just that, an act.

  5. Yeah Anon, I too think Clay jst wanted to be back home, watching the show. Knowing he might not make it to the end, there were probably better perks from going home than going to jury. Also, he said that Shelli was the fan. If he was a recruit, then it makes sense to let the fan stay and it's a kind gesture.

    On BBCan3, most of the houseguests were fans. Some were lesser ones or recruits, but the majority were there to play hard. Even the Sleeping Giant Godfrey woke up and gave some of the best POV and live show speeches I've seen since BB7. Everyone had something people loved and something people hated. Except perhaps for Pili, who was the Meg of the season. But even Pili WON an HoH and PoV. So that has to count for something, right? From the start you had players playing SO HARD that they got evited but everyone else was playing hard too. It was great and the whole cast had something to bring, even Pili, because the showmance was cute. The season of 3, what 4, showmances.

    So all that to illustrate that I don't get CBS with casting recruits. It bores me and frustrates that people are so clueless on the show.

    Anyway, rant over. Btw, when did people need to ask permission to evict someone?


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