Sunday, September 6, 2015

The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same. #BB17

So I'm sure you know about the PoV drama that happened early yesterday afternoon.  If you don't know, by all means please get up to speed here.

The Twins had a good cry and some red wine, which led to a well-needed nap for both of them. In their absense, Austin took it upon himself to make dinner.  These are the plates for the Twins, which they did not get around to eating for a few hours.  Note that Liz's plate is on the left, with the chicken arranged in a heart-shape, specifically for her.

(And no, it's not a sign from above, like seeing the Virgin Mary on your french toast...Austin arranged the chicken that way.)

The Twins weren't interested in eating when they were first called to dinner.

Vanessa:  Well, that's strange. Because they really love to eat their dinner, don't they?

Austin: Yeah, that's what I always thought.

The house guests were pleased to learn that the backyard was open for them and made a lot of noise when they went outside, which woke the Twins up from their nap.

I thought this camera view was strange.  Everyone was going outside at the time, so things were shifting. What is the green section on the left?  Is that part of the behind-the-scenes action?  Or just the bathroom sink cast in a strange light?

Julia saw their plates, and laughed at the heart-shaped chicken.  They figured out it had been about two hours since everyone ate dinner, so I am really hoping the plates were stored in the fridge.  No way would they leave it out on the counter, would they?

LIz's response upon seeing the dish was to wonder why the piece of chicken was so "big and gross".

They ate and said the marinade was good.

Liz:  I swear. I'm ready to just leave now.  I understand how everyone else felt now.  I just want to sleep all week and then leave for the Jury house.

Julia: Don't say that.

Liz:  I love you more than life itself. (starts to cry).  I really do.

Julia, crying now too:  I just think we need to remember that we're sitting here crying in a parking lot. And look at us----I never expected to make Final Six.

Liz:  I know.  But we need to really think about this.  What we do now could change both of our lives. We walked in here, both as Liz, but now it's your time to shine.

Steve interrupted their conversation after coming out of the DR and went over to find pizza sitting on the counter.  (Yep, just sitting there.)

Steve finds that the center of the pizza isn't cooked property, and is still kind of frozen.  This leads him to believe that Johnny Mac is the one who cooked the pizza, and says he will nuke it before he eats it.

Right in the middlle of the sweet sentiments and the sisterly crying, Liz sees something on her plate.

Julia: Ewww.  What is it?

Liz:  It's an ant.  Okay, we're done.

But as you can see, Liz kept eating.  She had two or three more bites before spying another ant on her plate.

Liz:  Look, there's another one.

Julia:  Then you really should be mad at him again.  He tried to poison you.

I think Liz kept eating, and I didn't notice Julia feeling the need to inspect her own plate. Like those ants just happened to infiltrate Liz's plate, but not her own.

Julia did the dishes, in that dirty water that was already just sitting in the sink.  There was a brown tinge to the water.  You'd think they'd all get food poisoning or something, from the conditions.

The Twins went outside, where everyone except Austin was gathered.  Austin was in the DR for his long session going over the PoV competition, and I think his absence allowed the girls to try and blend back in with the other houseguests.  A sort of icebreaker, if you will.  They said it was cool out there, and they talked about some of the day's events.

When they walked outside for the PoV competition today, one of the Twins noted that the Bowlerina competition was the one that McCrae won, sending Amanda out of the game in BB15.

Johnny:  After you said that, I saw the two empty chairs in the back and I thought that McCrae and Amanda might come back in today.

Liz:  Oh that would be great, so Steve could get to meet McCrae.

Steve:  But then we'd have to deal with Amanda, too.  She really is a terrible person.

Vanessa  No one is really a terrible person.  You might not like the game they played, but they're not a terrible person. I didn't watch the live feeds, though.

Steve:  Amanda does appear to be a genuinely mean-spirited person.  She constantly trash-talked everyone, and antagonized people, and she was a bully, too.

Julia; Yeah.  Amanda's a bully.

Steve started talking about Muslims and Texas, and how the entire state is totally conservative, except for the Dallas area.  He also started talking about President Obama's purported ethnic background, and Vanessa had to tell him that was a very sensitive topic for them to be discussing out there.

Julia wanted to talk about how fine Jessie was.

Julia:  Oh, he's just my type, with all of those muscles.  He's a little short, though.

Steve:  Yeah, he came up to my chin.

John:  You'd be okay with that, though...

Julia;  Yeah, he'd be okay with me.  Is he married?  Is he single?  Will he be at the wrap party?

Vanessa:  Look at're in love.

Steve:  I can't imagine Jessie being married.

Vanessa:  Does he live out here?  Or did they fly him out here?  How old is he?  Do you think I have a chance?

And so on.  Julia watched BB10, but remembers Jessie being much younger.  They calculate that Jessie was Steve's age now, 22, when he was on BB the first season, and must be around 29 now.

The Twins slept together in the Comic Room, as planned.  But after the wakeup music this morning, this is the sight we saw in the Purple Room.

Yep.  From what I could hear them mumble, it sounds like they both went into the storage room during the first wake-up song to get fresh batteries, and whatever was said in there caused Liz to go back to his bed with him.

I'm hearing that Julia was urging Liz to pretend to get back with Austin, for game purposes.  I can only think she is trying to get him to use the PoV on her....I don't think there is much chance of that, but it would be fantastic if he did.

Liz really liked (likes) him, I think.  She kept saying last night that she was heartbroken in addition to being mad.  That would be a bad feeling to have, in addition to everything else going on with her right now.  (i.e. getting betrayed, being on the block, her sister being at risk, etc)



  1. Austin is no DUMMY he is totally playing this for the airtime and tactical advantages of being in a showmance (actually, both are). The fact that she openly stated they were done, and then he immediately wanted to make nice to get her into bed for some fingertime, is on him. She dumb at this point to think that he is seriously going to use it.

  2. Nice to know, the ants had a big heart.

  3. My brother has studied ants in the past, like bringing boxes to carpenter ant nests and stuff. He can look at an ant, tell you the type (fire, meadow, carpenter, etc), it's class (worker, gatherer, soldier) where its nest is and what it's doing. Not everyone knows that ants mate in the air during the flyoff. Yes, some ants fly. I used to not know any of this. It's quite fascinating hearing my bro talk about ants.

    Someone like Steve might enjoy such a conversations, others will just want to know what to do about them. Apparently if you communicate it to them in their ''language'', they'll leave. Forget about exterminators, get an ant whisperer. But please, call the Austwinators, they need extracting and fast.

  4. Steve, please backdoor Vanmessa, please!

    1. They should have backdoored Van and kepy Shelli that week. Vanessa is going to final 2 :( I hate it but no one will have theguts to do it.

    2. Well, you have to understand to Steve and Jmac, at one point Austwins were considering to have Van backdoored and she won that week. So they are now playing nice and working with each other still. Both Austin and Julia have said that they think she has gotten deals on both sides of the house. And Austin thinks they should go and ask JMac for a deal. Of course he will say yes. At this point he will do anything to get to the final three and lie to everyone.

    3. True. A shame we will not see her get evicted. It would have been epic to watch.


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