Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Golden Geese Were Busy This Week, Laying All of These Eggs. #BB17

The skies are getting dark in the BB backyard.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac both have 7 eggs, Austin has 6, and Liz has 4 eggs.

Steve keeps having to go over and count the eggs...he can't seem to remember where they stand.  Vanessa dropped one when she was halfway over the rainbow and said "Fuck!"

This is Johnny working on his 7th egg.  They all get comfortable letting the egg drop on the way down, saving a few inches of work.

Steve calls out the score.

Austin:  Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

Johnny:  Don't count your eggs before Steve the Leprechan counts them..because he might take them away!

Liz went for the Luxury egg--you can see it over there to the right.  That was the right thing for her to do...she clearly wasn't in the running to win HoH.  If she can take a guest, that means Austin will get to go, too.

This is Austin placing his 7th egg.

Meanwhile Vanessa is going for her 9th egg. She said earlier today that if it looked like it was down to the two of them, Vanessa might throw the HoH to that still an option?

Would Vanessa still do that?

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