Friday, September 18, 2015

The End Comes with a Sling Band and a Whisper. #BB17

Things are really winding down in the BB house, and in an attempt to give the viewers something to look at, the Producers of BBAD are trying to schedule activities to keep the house guests awake and alert during broadcast hours.

Like last year, they scheduled a little fan Q & A at the beginning of BBAD and the Final Three were ready and waiting at 11:00 pm when Steve got the call to go in the DR for a stack of cards containing the questions.

The questions were pretty standard...Steve read them, and struggled with the names of the fans, and then they took turns answering.  I noticed something...stick with me here.

One of the questions was "what three things would you take with you to a deserted island?".  I don't remember all three items, but I know Vanessa said she'd want spearfishing equipment, for entertainment and food, and also some sort of firestarter equipment, after watching Naked and Afraid so much at home.

When it was Liz's  turn, she said she would want "a Vanessa" out there with her, since it sounded like Vanessa would know how to survive.

***MY POINT***  Much like Big Brother, where part of Liz's strategy was to latch on to stronger people (i.e. men) to carry her through the game.  She said it in her pre-season interviews, and there is no shame in that, because she really made it work.

This is no surprise to Vanessa, of course.  She picked her people carefully this year, studying them first and watching how they interacted with others.

Liz also said that one of the first things she wants to do when the season is over is to go to Vegas with Vanessa, Austin and JuJu, and have some fun because she deserves it.  Vanessa agreed with that, saying she needed to relax and enjoy herself and spend private time with Mel.  Steve wants to visit his nephew Harrison, who was born in May of this year.  Steve hasn't met him yet, due to the BB casting process which prevented him from visiting.

What meal would they like to have as soon as they get out of the house?

*  Liz - any sushi..she is craving it and would like a big sushi boat.
*  Steve - steamed clams
*  Vanessa - healthy option would be a lemon vegetable soup she makes with Mel, or an unhealthy option would be pizza from Pizza Rock in Vegas

What is your favorite midnight snack?

*  Liz - eggs, prepared any way (**retch**)
*  Steve - Frosted Mini Wheats
*  Vanessa - salted caramel ice cream

They ended up going through the questions by 11:19 pm and that was it.  Vanessa acknowledges that BBAD will be three hours long tonight, and apologizes to the fans by saying that the competition yesterday really wore her out and she is healing.  She groaned as she stood up and suggested that Liz and Steve play Jenga.

 I'm sure they are all tired after being awake and alert for so long.  Long time fans will know that at this point in the game they end up sleeping a lot.  I think it is partly due to the pace slowing way down, and the stress lifting.  Because after the Part #2 HoH competition (probably Friday) there will literally be nothing for them to do until the Finale on Wednesday.


These pictures are a few days old, as you can see by who is in them (i.e. Johnny Mac).  I never posted them but better late than never, I guess.


Let me just say something.....some of you have been visiting me for years as we watch Big Brother together, so you probably know this.  I deal in facts here....I watch the feeds and generally post only things that I saw or heard with my own ears.  In the rare instance where that is not the case, I say so.

I don't tweet out outrageous comments to get attention, or post wild rumors to get followers or retweets.  I don't even follow many other BB live feeders, for the specific reason that it might influence my views or opinions.  I try to form my own opinions about the events and house guests and try not to make too many personal attacks or unfairly harsh comments.  (Although house guests like Frankie and Austin are fair game to me, since they brought it on themselves, and probably enjoy even the negative attention.)

Anyway, there is A LOT of misinformation being spread around out there, on Twitter and also on some of the Big Brother podcasts.  I often find myself talking back into thin air, when they say something that is BLATANTLY UNTRUE or DEVOID OF FACT.  I won't name names, but  I just want to say that will never be me.  It's lazy.

I used to travel over 45 weeks a year for my job, and I was sometimes frantic looking for information about Big Brother.  We didn't have Twitter then, or podcasts, so I depended on sites like Jokers Updates for my BB fix.  That is why I do this, so thank you for visiting and I hope to see us all back here next year.

OK.  After Austin was evicted, Steve was rattling around in the HoH suite and finally decided to come downstairs to sleep, with all of his blankies and pillows.  You can't really blame him....the whole house feels empty, but  I guess he could have invited the others to stay up there with him.

And these pictures were from earlier, after Steve broke down in tears after Vanessa won the all-important Final Four PoV.  Some people are saying that he claimed to throw the PoV, but I think he said he "blew it" and kept crying to his mommy and saying he was sorry.

Steve is 22, ya'll.  There is nothing wrong with crying, but this was on another level.  I watched the PoV on TV just like you did...I certainly don't think he threw it.  I think he blew it.

But if Steve did plan to lose, than shame on him.  Because that sucks.  I listened to some of Johnny Mac's Q & A after being evicted (Rob Has a Podcast) and he said one reason why he kept Steve in the game over Austin was because he thought Steve would have a much better chance to win that PoV, and keep it out of Vanessa's hands.

Johnny Mac:  I gambled, and I lost.

Steve starts to panic and then withdraw when things aren't going well for him.  So I think that threw him off in the PoV comp, not to mention Beast Mode Gay Basher Cowboy.  I was impressed with Caleb's gymnastics, if indeed that was him doing those flips.

Vanessa cooked for herself, which you rarely see.

Unfortunately, it was eggs.

You all know I love to report on the food they eat, but unfortunately for me this was a Season of Eggs.  I just can't stand the taste, smell (oh especially the smell) or even the thought of them.

I guess covering them with ketchup is one strategy for choking them down.

(Did you see that TAR Road Block where they had to cook and eat an entire ostrich egg?  I'm still reeling from that.)

Steve got some play toys from production.  I think he's mixing a Jenga game here with some Lincoln Logs, or something like that.

Liz made a salad, and reminisced about all of the great salads that Austin made her this summer, saying he put grapes and bananas in with the greens.  I heard Austin give his dad credit for his salad-making skills. I think his dad worked in catering, or something like that.

(And the Twins' mom owns a catering company....)

Vanessa did some dishes.  Look how empty it is in there.  It's just a soundstage in a parking lot.

Needing an activity, Liz set up one final game of Sling Band.

Both Liz and Vanessa enjoy shooting the "tight blue band".  Here it is, sailing through the air.

And here is Steve, shooting the same band.

Liz:  Steeev-ah.  Stop-ah.  You're stretching it out.

Johnny Mac, with the green head band.  Becky may have slowed them down by snatching up a handful of their headbands, but she didn't put them out of business.

(You can actually see Becky grab the headbands on the CBS episode, as the four Jury members head to the backyard to "fight" for the chance to come back in the game.)

I don't understand the scoring process, but Vanessa ended up blowing the others out of the water in Sling Band. She was way behind, and then she started shooting the head bands like she just didn't care.

Vanessa:  I'm just winging it now.

Liz: Oh my god I hate you-ah!

Vanessa made this shot over and over---the blue head band on the little blue plate.  It was worth 25 points, and she started hitting it over and over, a well-timed lucky streak.

Steve was freaking out that Vanessa wouldn't tell him who she was voting out with her PoV.

Vanessa:  Don't you just enjoy a little mystery?  And not knowing what is going to happen?

Steve, miserable even though he is HoH:  No, I don't.

Johnny came in and looked inside Vanessa's mouth, telling her she was an obvious "grinder" because her "lowers were worn down".

(I used to grind my teeth in my sleep.  It's hard to stop doing that without a mouth guard, apparently.)

Steve stressed.  Johnny Mac napped.

And smirked.  If you came here expecting to hear him beg, you will be disappointed.

That's what The Arbiter told me.


  1. Not sure if the first one went through so I will say it again. You have kept me extremely entertained this summer. I will definitely be back next summer.

  2. Saw this on a message board..."What didn't make the show was Austin refusing to leave and insisting Vanessa change her vote after it had been cast."...Any truth behind this statement from watching the live feeds? Figured this would be something that was blog worthy, but seeing as nothing was posted here I'm not sure what to think.

    1. This is kind of what I was talking about in the post above. Yesterday one of the Big BB Tweeters tweeted out that Julie Chen said that about Austin. But then I heard on RHAP that they listened to the same interview, and that is not what Julie said...she supposedly joked that they might have to "get the hook" on Austin.

      I haven't listened to Julie's Jeff interview yet, but that is apparently where the rumor originated.

      I think it's just another example of someone trying to get retweets by exaggerating or making shit up, and then people spread that around. Soon, we'll hear that Austin slapped Vanessa or something.


    2. Actually Julie FIRST talked about it in an interview with ET

  3. Hi, I've really enjoyed all of your posts. They're very descriptive and give us non feed watchers a really great summary of all the daily goings on in the house. Thank you for taking the time to watch the feeds and recap for us! You're my first go to place to read what's happened each day! :)

  4. I so appreciate your blog and the way it is laid out and written. It is so easy to read and full of all the important points throughout the season. I love how you report on the food they eat and how they stuff their faces all summer long. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and say have a great time off. Until next year! =)

  5. Thank you for the articles, I believe they are the best around, very well written!

  6. I have enjoyed your blogs this year. I am an addicted live feeder and when not watching I read about big brother. I've appreciated your perspective. Looking forward to next summer. Thanks for blogging!

  7. Isn't an arbiter like an attorney? I understood Johnny Mac's statement as that he knows he's getting evicted but he is not going to beg. I think people misunderstood this statement. Thanks for your blog, really enjoyed reading this summer as I don't have the feeds. Looking forward to returning next summer :)

    1. Yes, but more like a judge. Here's an excerpt from a Q & A session with him: What was up with the Halo quote of, “If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed,” in your final words before you were voted out?
      That’s what the arbiter says. In Halo, one of the bad guys’ general is about to be punished by becoming the “Arbiter” which is like a suicide mission. There is a crowd of the covenant watching to see him get sentenced to be the Arbiter. It’s a line he says right before the sentence is passed because he feels like he’s done the best he can do. He is going to just accept his fate.

  8. Glad I found you. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for your pov and all the info and pictures. I appreciate all the time it must take you to keep us all up to date. Great job!

  9. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to BB fans. I did not purchase the live feeds this year because of the way CBS was charging for these "feeds". You had to purchase "CBS feeds" instead of only BB live feeds, which, of course, were more expensive. Turns out, didn't need the live feeds because of this very website. Easy to navigate, and just user friendly all around. I can't wait to get back on this website next summer for BB18! Again, thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

  10. I found your blog at the beginning of the summer and quickly added it to my list of daily readings. Thanks for the hard work, I love your whit and sense of humor. I'll definitely be back by year!



  12. I appreciate you and the work you do to keep us informed, thank you! See you next season! ����������

  13. I am so sorry I did not find your site at the first of the season. I really enjoy it and find it easy to get through it without so much "fluff". I will surely remember it for next year. Thank you .

  14. Thank you! Even if I had the feeds I wouldn't be able to make out what they are saying unless they yell. I am hard of hearing so reading your words here really helps me A LOT. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! xoxo


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