Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Drive By Shouter Strikes Again. #BB17

Last night, the BB Drive By Shouter delivered a message to Meg, James and Johnny Mac as they played pool in the backyard.

You can't really hear the Shouter in this clip, but you can see the house guest's shocked reactions.  At this point, Production didn't realize what happened, but the moment has been scrubbed from the live feed flashbacks, probably to discourage more Drive By Shouting.  As soon as Production figured things out, an indoor lockdown was called and that was that.  The DR always strongly cautions them to not repeat what they heard, and it may or may not be correct.  But you can't unhear what you already heard, of course.


The incident HAS NOT been scrubbed from the live feeds, after all.  I listened in at just after 9:13 PM BBT with my wireless headphones and could hear the shouter, but could not distinguish the words.  James got it wrong, though, because the Tweeter above is the guy who does the Drive By Shouting, at least for the past two years.


It is important to note that Johnny Mac is one of the people who has secret deals with Austin and Vanessa, so he is probably a little scared of being found out.

I'm not sure that James and Meg can capitalized on this information, which is only partly true.  But the Drive By Shouter will certainly cause some drama, and perhaps a little chaos, which is always the goal.

The Big Brother house is on the back of the studio lot, and just over the wall there is a busy street and an apartment complex, apparently.  So it can be relatively easy for someone who knows what they are doing to pull a prank like this.

I don't like people on the outside messing with the game, but if it happens I certainly need to report on it.

Last year we had the same problem with the Drive By Shouter, and Frankie seemed to be his target.  You can see that here.

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