Thursday, September 10, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Someone's Hopes are Getting Smashed. #BB17

This is the classic "egg and chicken wire" comp, but the twist is that they have to work in an arc, going over their own heads, rather than just right in front of them.  There is also a luxury trip out of the BB house that someone can win, but putting an egg in that prize slot could cost them the competition.

The competition will end as soon as both the HoH title and the trip have been awarded.  The trip has to be NFL-related, right?  Since CBS has the rights to the games?  Janelle got to attend a live taping of Two and Half Men during BB6, and the audience all yelled stuff to her about hating the Nerd Herd.

Just saying.

And the live feeds come back immediately.  With such a low-tech comp, they shouldn't need too much interaction from Production.

They work quietly.  You can hear Austin breathe and do a little cursing, talking to himself.

Austin is the first to get two gold eggs, I believe.

Liz is struggling, but is very quiet.

Soon Vanessa has two eggs, too.

And the cameras close in, to be sure we know that.  Steve announced that Liz finally got her first gold egg.

(So it is safe to say Liz ain't winning this one...)

Then, just moments later, Vanessa has three eggs.  And she is also quiet, concentrating on her little gold eggs.

Austin says he fucked one up, and this is getting hard.  Johnny made a comment about having bloody fingers, which might mess up his bowling league activities.  Liz announces when she got her second egg  and Steve makes the official announcement seconds later.

John, Austin and Vanessa are all tied with three eggs.  Vanessa handles her little egg carefully.

And then she has four eggs, in the lead by a few minutes.  And then she has her fifth egg, half the way there.

Meanwhile Austin says his shoulders are killing him, and Johnny says his are, too.

Vanessa:  My shoulders are fucking killing me.

The cameras show us that Vanessa lost a golden egg, probably her first egg, during the live show.  This is likely what allowed Austin to take the lead at first.  He's cramping up, he says.

(I wonder if Julia squealed on Vanessa to John on her way out of the house like she planned to?  Austin urged her to do it, but to make sure it didn't get traced back to him and Liz.)

Yeah, like Vanessa wouldn't figure that out.

Ha ha ha.

Steve makes the cheesy announcement Production says in his ear:  A lot of gold is falling under this rainbow!

Steve:  Vanessa makes her 7th egg!....Is it seven?

Vanessa: I don't know...

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