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Shooting the Breeze on the Last Night in the #BB17 House.

I tuned into the live feeds today, the day of the BB17 finale, to see this on one of the cameras.

What the hell?  I guess the camera guys have to have fun, too.  The live feed stream will end later this morning at a pre-ordained time, so I will flash back to last night while everyone is sleeping.

It's amazing how much food is still in the Storage room at this point. Do you think they just leave the packaged goods there until next year?  (The opposite wall has all of the produce displayed...pretty sure they trash all of that, or let the staff take it home.)

I know Becky said the Neosporin in the First Aid Kit was expiring soon...that stuff usually has at least three years to go when you buy it fresh from the CVS.

Steve says he was wrong about them being "debriefed" by Production before the Finale.

(Of course.  We discussed this yesterday.)

Steve asked Vanessa if he should wear these shoes with his khakis for the Finale and Vanessa had to express her answer in several different ways before he accepted the answer 'yes".  As you see Steve has shaved off his scruff, which I think is a good move, personally.  He was starting to look like a mug shot at the post office, actually.

Liz is folding her clothes the traditional way, apparently rejecting Vanessa's advice about rolling up items to be packed.  Liz actually has A LOT of clothes because Julia left her a lot of her things when she was evicted, since "Liz was going to be the one on TV".

Vanessa is considering not wearing a hat for the Finale, which she realizes might be strange since she wore a hat every day this summer.  Liz inspected her hair, which Vanessa touched up yesterday, and says the color looks good.

Vanessa still hasn't decided what to wear yet---she has it narrowed down to two outfits, with two different pairs of shoes, and says her choice will depend on how she feels in the morning.

Vanessa: You know, some days you feel fat and some clothes just feel better.

Liz:  I know-ah.  I'm hoping my blue dress works tomorrow because I've already packed everything else.

Liz thinks it's funny that all three of them entered the BB house on the "second" premiere night.  (I say "second" because I really think it happened on the same day of filming.)

Six of them stood outside on the front steps, and Steve entered the house in the first group of three with John and Becky.  Liz went in the house in the second group of three with Vanessa and Jason.

Liz:  I rode the golf cart with you two girls, and I was like, who are these pretty bitches?

Liz says she saw the girls for the first time when she got on the golf cart with them to ride to the set.

Steve:  Your experience was different than mine.  I sat with those two guys for about 10 minutes before we rode in the golf cart.  I learned their names while we were sitting there, too.

Liz:  What?  You got to talk to them?

Steve:  No.  Their names were on their BB bags.

Liz:  It's so funny that the three nerdiest guys in the house came in together.

Steve takes offense to that and Liz later amends her statement to say that Jason wasn't really a nerd, and they debate about how big of a nerd Jace may or may not have been.

In the picture below Steve is demonstrating the move he made for his intro sequence, starting off bended over and then arching up to push his glasses back in an exaggerated fashion.

Liz:  I think my mom is in a bar drinking right now.  And my dad is just waiting for her..he doesn't drink anymore, and neither does my big sister.  But then they will go out for a nice dinner and talk about all of us the whole time.

Steve:  And they'll tell the waitress.  And she'll pretend to know Big Brother when they tell her.

Vanessa:  Everyone has heard of Big Brother.

Liz:  But she'll be all about getting that tip, so she'll be nice about it.

Both of the girls want Steve to finish packing so they can play games tonight, like Pot Ball and cards. (I think Production has required this, so they are free to do rehearsal stuff all day tomorrow.)

Steve still has clothing items strewn all over the Comic Room and the girls say his mess is really stressing them out.  Liz came in the room and looked under the bed, expecting something to crawl out at her.  She and Vanessa found things in there that they know belong to James and Austin.

Liz:  This is a big mess-ah.

Steve:  I'm so scared about the Finale.  But not really...I just want to see my Mommy.

Liz:  Steve-ah, I hate to say this.  But your wife is not going to be okay with all of this.  She is going to have some work to do with you.  I'll bet your dorm room is a mess-ah, too.  You probably have your stuff draped all over a chair.

Steve: It's a desk.  I use my desk for that.

Liz:  You don't use your desk to study?

Steve:  No.  I do that at Mason.  (i.e. the music building)

(It's probably all "active" studying, right?  For his music major, since he's already past all of his basic studies classes?  Mason probably has all of the equipment and stuff.)

Steve opened the closet sliding door and his clothes were just thrown in a pile on the bottom.

(Liz is right.  What a mess-ah.)

Steve went in the bathroom, announcing he was going to blow his nose.  When he came out, Production had a surprise for him.


Steve:  I didn't do anything!  I didn't touch anything!

Liz shouts down the hall, "Ewww Steve".

Steve went over and washed his hands, doing a much better job than Austin did in this same situation.


They all laugh about that.

Liz enjoyed a snack, eating tuna salad on potato chips.  It sounded very crunchy.

Liz:  I can't wait to have a nice dinner tomorrow night!

(Not unless it's room service...because Liz will likely be sequestered in a hotel due to her press obligations on Thursday.  When Steve told her this earlier this week Liz announced that "they would need to watch her, or she's taking off".)

Steve kept sitting down in the middle of packing and both girls rode him hard, berating him to get up and keep moving.

Vanessa:  Whose HoH letters are those over there?

Liz:  Steev-ah.

Vanessa:  Well, put them somewhere please.

Steve started talking about how he never thought he would be cast again, for like the 1,345th time.  Every step in the process was assumed to be his last.  He says his parents rented a car for him so he could drive to an open casting call, and he went in there and filmed something for them and got a call a few days later.

He and Vanessa also discussed Frankie Grande.  Vanessa doesn't seem to understand why Frankie was so hated by the fans.

Steve:  I told you about the thread on Survivor was called "Frankie Grande is the Literal Worst" and it was very popular.

Vanessa:  Yeah, you told me.  I'm just not that type of person. I don't hate the players.

Steve:  I am more likely to hate someone if they are going up against someone else I really like.

Vanessa seems to consider this as a new idea, and ruminates on it for a few minutes, looking around the room.

(And probably doing the math for herself...)

Liz:  I think being here at this point is more of a thrill for you guys....

Steve:  Because you're new to Big Brother?

Liz:  No, not that.  But I was only here for half the time in the beginning.  I saw the outside world and I can't imagine being in here for all of the days like you guys.

Steve does the math and figures out that Liz has been there full-time since Day #37, and she has to be proud of the time she spent.

Liz:  Yeah.  We were supposed to switch that last week, but they were like 'Fuck it".

Liz and Steve threw the beach ball around and got pretty aggressive about it.

Steve:  By this time tomorrow, I'll be getting some nice hugs.  We all will.

Liz:  By this time tomorrow, I want to be drunk as shit.  I want a drink so bad, you just have no idea.

Vanessa:  Oh, I have an idea.  And I think I'm ready to just say fuck about beer and wine.  I'm going to want some real drinks.


Liz:  Oh!  I HATE YOU-AH!

Vanessa:  Did they just say Julia?

Liz:  They do that on purpose, to make me mad-ah.

(The crew LOVES Liz.)

Liz earned the nickname "Grabby Fingers" from Vanessa based on her actions with the card-playing in the last few days.  They love it now and all say it frequently, using some sort of Scottish-type accent and rolling the R's.

They are also joking about "Cashing that ticket" which is something Steve said that Liz made fun of.

What you see here is Liz guffawing after Vanessa makes a joke about "Grabby Fingers rushing to Cash that Ticket after the Finale" (alluding her her having sex with Austin after the Finale).  Steve went overboard with his comments about this.

Vanessa:  Steve.  We talked about you needing to read between the lines.  When you are talking to people and they start nodding, you can assume they get it...

Steve:  And I'll shut up.

Vanessa:  Yes, and I'll be providing more tips.  But watching people nod and then stop talking is really Reading Between the Lines 101.

Steve:  Unlike what you're doing right now...because I'm nodding.

A few conversational topics for the group:

*  They are surprised they didn't have one of the "stay up all night and listen" competitions.  Liz would have liked one like that that features zombies, and thinks she would have been good at it.
*  They also didn't have a "counting objects in the house" competition, and Steve recites the number of things in the room for them, which Liz says is weird.  Steve says Da'Vonne did a lot of counting, and never got to use those skills.
*  Vanessa wanted to have that comp when you have to guess how long an hour was.  She planned to use her heartbeat to count, but Steve says he already prepared for that, by using a song he knows very well.  (i.e. you play it in your head and calculate how many repetitions would take an hour, etc.)
*  Steve says he would like to get drunk with Jace, and the girls gave him crap about that.  Steve thinks they had a good rapport.  (But remember when Jace was bullying Steve hardcore?  That was so hard to watch.)
*  Liz thinks both Jace and Jeff will hit on Julia at the after parties, but Steve says he has dibs on Juju.
*  Liz is horrified when she realizes that they will have to see the Pre-Jurors tomorrow, and Vanessa says to prepare for some awkward hugs.  Liz says Da'Vonne will not be happy with her, and describes the joint good-bye message she filmed with Julia telling Day "see you never".  (Is Liz forgetting what she said in Jason's good bye message about living in a basement?)

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