Tuesday, September 8, 2015

HoH Picture Day - A Tutu for You, Too. #BB17

Steve got his HoH camera this morning and it looked like participation would be poor for the picture taking session.

Johnny Mac reports that Austin and Liz didn't even want to be woken up---they said to just leave them alone.  He started putting the shades down on the outside windows alone, but Steve and Vanessa went over to help him.  It's really a two-person job.

Steve:  If they don't want to be in the pictures, that's fine.  It's not for us..

Vanessa:  But it sucks to be the HoH and no one wants to help you out with it.  I know, it sucks.  We'll just take the pictures...the Final Three.

Johnny:  I was in Hospice twice, and I got out of bed for pictures  (i.e. he was on the block twice on Picture Day)

Vanessa: Yeah. No one gave less fucks than you about the damn pictures.

Johnny:  Heh heh heh.

Julia ended up coming outside for the pictures, and posed with Steve for a good one.

John and Vanessa posed for one, too.

Vanessa:  Look how cute you look in this picture.

The camera apparently takes underwater pictures,and Steve wants to try it, but Vanessa doesn't think that is a good idea.  Instead, they tried to use the Panoramic option.

They tried a few times, posing for a picture and then running behind Steve to get on the other side of the panoramic shot.  They really had to hurry to get there but I think Steve ended up getting two shots that worked, one with Vanessa in both ends and one with Johnny at both ends.  (I think.)

Steve, with his trusty oranges.

And another with Gronk the Shark in the background.

Vanessa took one of the memory wall.

Johnny Mac wanted to try and get in the dryer.  Vanessa took a series of shots of him folding himself up to get in there.

Steve went over there and pressed some of the buttons on the dryer, and Vanessa had to tell him to stop.  (Someone has to be the adult around there.)

Once Johnny was in the dryer, Vanessa had him turn and wave at the camera and she said the pictures turned out great.

Then they posed by the sandcastle.  I think they did one pose with a "gangster look" and another with smiles.

They wanted to do something different, so Vanessa took a picture of them laying down on the sky bridge, looking down at her.  She said it looked like they were underwater.

Johnny:  I like underwater.

Then she took one of them leaning over the edge of the railing, looking thoughtful.  Vanessa said it turned out pretty good, and that the lighting looked different.

Johnny:  I like different.

Steve was more than willing to stop at this point.  He kept saying he was very tired and just wanted to go back to bed.  Having to write his HoH blog and his tweets was very draining, he says.  Vanessa wanted to do one of the "jumping" pictures because she's never done one.

Johnny was the photographer, setting up the shot.  Vanessa and Julia planned to jump off the nomination chairs.  Johnny asked them to count down for him, so he'd know when to snap.

He got it the first time and the girls said it was perfect.

Then Liz appeared holding her red tutu from the PoV comp, and said she wanted everyone to wear their tutu in a group shot.  They had to wait while everyone rounded up their tutu and put it on.  Austin wasn't excited about it at all so he took a long time getting it together.

Liz:  Johnny Mac's tutu is so rachet.

Johnny:  Fuck you!

Steve:  That was the appropriate response.

I think the tutus are cute.  On the girls, at least.

They waited for Steve to set up the auto timing.

And then Steve joined them, adding a ballet arm motion for special flair.

They took another, with everyone doing some sort of ballet pose.

And then Liz posed for a few smiley photos with Austin, her dirty boo.

They should have taken pictures of Austin washing his hands, or using some shampoo, if they wanted to do something different.....

Also, the Twins and Austin have been trash-talking Vanessa.  Julia says she has caught her talking to Johnny Mac a few times, and once when she walked in the room Vanessa changed the subject, complimenting Julia on her jeans.

Today they looked out of the window and Julia saw the two of them talking again, and said it was so sketchy.  In the middle of their chat, Johnny Mac came in the house and when he walked through the kitchen, they changed the subject.

(Hello?  They all do this!  Hypocrites aren't we all.)


  1. OMG Austin and Liz are saying "I love you." Bleh. I just can't believe she actually likes him. I think she just likes having male attention in the house and someone to pass the time with. He's just so awful and nasty.

  2. Austin made a comment to the Twins yesterday about how, if he wins the money, he will "obviously be spending it all on Liz".

    So maybe that (false) statement makes her heart grow fonder.

    1. It's hard to believe the twins actually went to university. They thought Sigmund Freud = Siegfried & Roy - lol. They're both completely gullible and malleable.

  3. Austin had a girlfriend at home when he entered the house(Jen), and apparently Liz also still has a boyfriend back home (Ryan...I believe his name is) who Liz claims to still like better than Austin. It's obvious easy girl Liz is just using Austin for the safety in the house. And Austin, well, he's letting the wrong head do his thinking! He has succeeded in humiliating and hurting his obviously now EX Jen. (what she ever saw in him is beyond comprehension anyway. He has no morals, extremely bad hygiene, and blames his "shady bad behavior" on his alter ego Judas. Apparently this guy is MORE Judas than Austin 99% of the time in his life anyway!) Both of the twins are such Air heads! They are also self-entitled mean girls. They think they are above everyone else! I have news for them, Meg is Cuter then both of them put together! Jackie is HOTTER than both of them put together. And the ONLY reason they have made it as far as they have, is because Vanessa manipulated people to KEEP THEM SAFE! The twin air heads have NO game! If they even HAD working brain cells, they would figure out, even Austin had been trying to get rid of them behind their backs! Austin just likes his romp under the blankets with Liz, nothing more. And I swear, if he walks around smelling his Nasty fingers on After Dark one more time, I'm going to Puke!

    1. What can one reply to this other than AMEN! ;)

      Pili (BBCan3) had more game than the Twins lol because her showmance was decent and she actually won stuff, even if she was alittle bit of an air head too, she was smarter than the Twins, that's for sure.

  4. I so agree. So sick of the twins! And Austin and Liz are gross.


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