Thursday, September 17, 2015

HoH Part I - Just Sitting Around at the Carnival. #BB17

As the live show ended, the Final Three stood and studied the memory wall, and discussed Johnny Mac's strange speech.  He said:  "If they came to watch him beg, they will be disappointed...the Arbiter".

Vanessa:  Who is the Arbiter?

No one knows, and of course they suspect Johnny Mac of even more shennanigans due to his strange words.

Vanessa:  He always gets cheers out there.

They think there was "something" about Johnny Mac...he had some sort of secret or special power.  It turns out The Arbiter is a character from the video game Halo 2.  I saw a video on You Tube of The Arbiter saying Johnny Mac's line.  It was weird as shit.  So I guess Johnny Mac sees himself as a "disgraced commander".  Or whatever.

They cracked open a good bottle of champagne that Big Brother laid out for them and made a toast.  Steve made a huge deal about how he would clink his glass, but would not drink, because they had a comp coming up.  Steve shouldn't have told them that.  Both of those girls said it was great champagne, and wanted to drink more, but Steve's warning made them stop and think twice.

The HoH Part 1 competition was supposed to start just after the live show ended, around 6:00 pm, but there was still hammering and banging in the backyard for hours after that.  They ended up starting the comp after 8:00 pm, and the entire BBAD episode featured them struggling to win.


Steve:  Hi Mommy!  I'm in the Final Three!

Vanessa: Hi Steve's mommy.  Hi my mommy.


I won't torture you like I was tortured watching this...Vanessa was the winner of this. Sorry Steve's mommy.

As the winner of the 1st part of the final HoH competition, Vanessa earned the right to sit out the second part of the competition, which will likely take place in the next day or so.  Then the two winners will face off live during the Finale to see who wins the final HoH competition, with the sole right to vote out someone who will join the jury almost immediately.

I started watching this competition on the BBAD show, and I had a hard time making sense of what was going on.  There is clearly a carnival scene, but what are they supposed to be doing?

I finally figured out that they are supposed to be riding on top of candy apples, with occasional dips into this vat of red goo.

And then they swing hard into a padded wall.  You can hear the thud of their bodies as they make contact, and sometimes you can hear the air get knocked out of them.

They're supposed to be swinging into a giant mouth.  And the teeth appear to be in pretty good shape, for someone who eats candy apples.  I don't think Johnny Mac would recommend eating candy apples.

At the time I tuned in, it didn't seem like any one of them was in better shape than the others.  Steve was doing a fair amount of talking, in kind of a fake, chipper voice.

Steve:  This is exactly what I've been asking for...a competition that isn't based on muscular endurance, but on how bad do you want it.


Steve:  It's gonna be a long night!

Some of the camera views aren't so good.  Like this one.  Vanessa is under this pile of steel, getting dipped into the red goo.  I heard her say later that the dipping part was her favorite.

There are some big tubs of popcorn on the left there, and I got excited when I thought I saw a beefcake standing on the sidelines.  See the black figure standing  at the back left corner of the tub of goo?

Turns out that is just a shadow painted on the backdrop.  It may be based on a real beefcake, but that is no beefcake.

Here is another frequent camera shot that is not so good.  After they get slammed into the Wall of Mouths, they were often hoisted high up, where you can see the top of the wall and the edge of nothingness.

I think they could have used something behind that, to jazz it up a little.  It was also very quiet.  I know that Production wanted to pick up anything they said into their mics, but it would have been nice to hear some carnival noises in the background.  You know, like some "step right up" stuff, or the sound of children screaming.

They got blasted with something that Vanessa thought might be powdered sugar, but it was probably corn starch.  Or carnival dust.  Who knows.

Based on what Liz just told Steve, they aren't sitting on candy apples.  They are actually "bobbing for apples".

In BB11, they had an endurance competition where they had to sit on those little wooden discs and spin in circles.  I remember the guys (Big Jeff, Russell, etc) saying that it was nearly impossible to stay on long, because the seating angle and the rope was so hard on their junk.  So we know genital pain will be an issue, probably complicated by all of the violent banging into the wall.

I heard both girls say later that their "vegetables" got wrecked, too.  Liz said she hopes that she can still have kids.

Vanessa:  I'm too old for this shit!

Liz:  Vanessa doesn't like carnival rides.

The good news is this thing went on for HOURS.  They really stuck it out through the pain.  I think they all wanted to win.  And both Steve and Vanessa really need to win.  The competition ended up going nearly four hours, so at a certain point several hours into it, the contestants were required to sit directly on their apples, making things more difficult.

And they are much dirtier, as you can see..I think they were squirted with all sorts of gooey crap.  They are much quieter now, the carnival probably isn't so fun anymore.

Right as they slammed into the wall in the picture below, Steve's left shoe fell off.

How can your left shoe just fall off?  It shouldn't be a surprise that Steve wasn't long for his apple.

They swung across the yard, and right as they were about to get slung back across to the Wall of Mouths, Steve cried out, and there was a big splash of red goo.

Vanessa:  Good work Steve!

Steve's apple bobbed along without him.  You've got to know that Vanessa was ecstatic about this,   I think she is well aware that Steve does not plan to take her to the Final Two with him.  Steve said that to the cameras several times in the hours leading up to this competition, you know.

You could tell the crew really wanted to wrap things up after Steve fell.  The girls slammed into the wall even harder than usual, it seemed.  Maybe there was more momentum without the weight of Steve.

All Steve could do at this point is sit and watch.  And probably stress out, as anyone would probably do.  Especially Steve Moses.

Then, the inevitable happens.  Slowly but surely, the girls start talking, when they can.

Liz:  Oh-ah.  I just don't want to do this again-ah.

Vanessa:  The next one won't be like won't be endurance.

(It will probably be a competition where they will wear a harness and scale up a tall structure to put the HoH's in order for the season, like the last three seasons.  Derrick KILLED it last year against Victoria, Ian won in BB14, and Andy beat Spencer in that comp in BB15.  Andy actually had to place crabs in a net.  I remember that Spencer had to take numerous breaks --you need cardiovascular strength, as well as upper body strength to be successful in that comp.)

They slam into the wall again.

Liz:  Oooff.

Vanessa:  You don't understand Liz.  I can do this for another 10 hours if I need to.  I'm too old---it will take me too long to heal and I can't run around tomorrow.  I'm not coming off this thing.

Liz:  I know-ah.

You've got to hand it to Liz.  She's one tough cookie.  She's not just some Victoria up there.  It's been about 3.5 hours now.

You can see Steve's head in the picture below, so he's sitting where he can hear them.

Liz:  I have to pee.

Vanessa:  There's a toilet inside.  Do your muscles hurt?

Liz:  Yes-ah.  My vagina hurts.

Vanessa:  My muscles really don't hurt that much.  I'm in pain though, but I'm gonna endure.  Think about a nice towel, a hot shower, some Advil, some food, some massages...

Liz:  Booze.

(That champagne is just sitting in the fridge, calling her name.)

Vanessa complained about the wooden disc digging into her boobs.  They swung across the yard, hovering over the red vat of goo, where they might have more privacy from Steve.

Liz:  You know everything!

Vanessa:  What?

Liz:  You know everything...the days and the comps...I suck at all of that.

Vanessa:  It's not going to be like that.  If it were that, I would have dropped an hour ago.

Liz:  Then what is it?

Vanessa:  It's's running around.  All I can do is sit here and swing.  You have a way better shot in the next round.

Vanessa's voice is calm.  She knows it won't be long now.  All she has to do is pick her spots, and talk.  Make Liz feel okay about dropping.

They slam into the wall a few more times, and Vanessa tells Liz that you "just have to run around and put shit in order, and climb up a's a race".

Vanessa:  I'm telling you...I'm not falling off this thing.  You're going to ruin yourself for the next round...I'm not falling off this motherfucker.

Liz:  I know-ah.

Vanessa:  This is my only shot at the Finals.  I know that.  I'm not falling. I can promise you that.  You wanna go 10 hours?  We can do that...

Liz, defeated already:  Okay-ah.

Liz whispers something to Vanessa---I think she said she planned to fall.

Vanessa:  Don't fall here.  (i.e. at the tallest point)

Meanwhile Steve is analyzing the popcorn machine.  He has a tendency to give up on things when he's losing.  For example, he is famous for doing this in chess matches.

They swing across the yard, and there is a splash of red goo as Liz lets go and slips in  She's down.

Steve turns around, startled by the splash.  He wasn't even paying attention, apparently.

Steve, woodenly:  Good job girls.

Vanessa:  YES!  Thank you Liz.  Thank you.

Steve congratulates them and comes over with towels.  I'm pretty sure Production set him up with an earpiece as soon as he was on the ground, because the things he says sound forced, scripted.

Vanessa: This is crazy...crazy.  it's insane.

That is supposed to be cotton candy to Liz's left.

You can see from this angle that it is really just rolls of cotton batting, or maybe even insulation, wrapped into a small tube.  You know, in case you ever need to decorate for a child's party.

Steve clutches his souvenir from the competition, a laminated card with instructions for the comp, probably.  Steve told Vanessa later that over all of the years that he dreamed about being on this show, this was the comp he thought about, that he wanted to play.

Steve:  It was just like the one from BB14.

Vanessa:  And Dan won that?

Steve:  Yeah, but both Ian and Danielle threw it to him.

(Yes, they did. They were sitting on fishhooks, bobbing in the water.  I much preferred their set.  They also had thunder, rain and lightening, which complicated matters.)

Hours later the girls drank the rest of the champagne, and Vanessa explained what she could about evicting Austin, saying that she really wanted to get Johnny Mac out, but he won the PoV.

Vanessa:  If I didn't do it, I might be the one who felt like a fool, going to the end with a couple.

Liz said she understood, and that she was glad that Julia let her stay in the game, because she has the will to win.  Liz really wants there to be two girls at the end.

Liz:  I know how girls are....and those girls in there are going to say, oh no, I don't want that bitch to win.

(i.e. if either one of them is sitting in the Final Two with Steve.)


The HoH Part #2 competition was held two days later.  You can read about that here.


  1. I was watching the 2015 WSOP Main Event last night and the commentators mentioned how Ness Reilly (one of the few female players left in the game) met her husband at Vanessa Russo's 2012 July 4th party. I gotta say it's so weird to hear her name mentioned on the poker circuit now that's I've seen how she is on Big Brother. I wonder what all her big time poker player friends think of her and all her crying, assuming they watch BB of course.

  2. Hey!

    That is so interesting. I'm sure they will probably call her a crybaby or something, but if she wins she will have the last laugh, I guess.

    I've enjoyed watching poker late at night but I end up falling asleep during the commercials.

  3. Liz can just kick back and wait for her money, because it looks like she is guaranteed at least second place. Will she spend it all on Austin because she loves him so much, or did that just go one way? Speaking of Austin, does anyone remember a deal where he promised to forfeit Final 3 in exchange for letting him stay long enough to get to jury? (That was the week Jason was evicted) He said it was all because love is more important than money so he wanted to spend more time with Liz in jury. It's funny to hear how bitter he sounds now, and I haven't heard any players mention this deal.

    It would have been funny if John had won BB without ever winning HoH (would that be a new event in BB history?) but I still don't understand why he was such a fan favorite. My vote for favorite would be for Jason. I think technically Vanessa deserves to win the game, but it just messes with my sense of justice that she is already rich and famous. I don't think Steve should have been cast, considering some of the things he has said, but since he is there, I'm rooting for him.

    1. I think that the Final Two don't get their stipend money (app. $1,000 per week that they were on the show and in the Jury House), since they can be classified as prize winners, rather than paid performers. (Not sure that is the only reason, but I've heard the don't receive the stipend.)

      So, Liz's expected $50K prize would only be around $25K after federal and California state taxes. (Florida, Liz's home state has no state income tax, but since the money was earned in CA, she has to file a CA tax return for 2015---they all do...).

      I don't think Liz will spend one penny on Austin, if she only wins $50K. Based on what she has said, Liz is of the opinion that men will spend money on her, not the other way around.

      No shade there....just the truth. As a young blonde twin, the world is her oyster. And from what I've heard, her family isn't too keen on her showmance with Austin.

      Dr. Will never won HoH, and the PoV didn't even exist in BB2, and he managed to win. But those days of frill-free BB playing are long gone.

  4. One thing I'll say about Johnny Mac - he was an enigma up until the very end. I rarely had any idea what was going on with that guy, even watching the feeds, and Vanessa couldn't read him either, which led to so many priceless conversations between those two! Loved watching him play (?) but glad he's gone because I don't think he deserved the win, and he potentially could have won had he brought the right person (Liz) to F2.


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