Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BB: Austin, You're a Dirty Bastard. #BB17

Things have been kind of slow on the live feeds, and kind of fast in my real business, so I skipped a day of blogging.  Sorry.  But I will try to catch up now, with the important things you need to know.


Yesterday afternoon, two events worth noting occurred. First, the PoV ceremony was held, with Austin using the PoV to save himself, and then Steve putting Julia on the block as his replacement.  As expected.

But the real news happened just before 3:30 pm BBT, when Austin went into the bathroom, and into the WC, closing the door behind him.

When he came out, he posed in front of the mirror for a few seconds, smoothing down his hair, and touching his chest and beard.  Then the Production crew, who presumably just couldn't take it anymore, pressed the button on one of their pre-recorded announcements.


Austin appeared stunned for a moment, then walked over to the sink and turned the water on for about two seconds, never even touching the stream of water.

Then the crowd in the kitchen started to react to the announcement, and realized that Austin was the one in the bathroom who got slammed by BB.

The Twins:  IT WAS AUSTIN!!!  EWWWW!

Everyone Else:  EWW!  EWW!!

(Pretty sure that they are all well-aware of Austin's filthy habits, right?)

Austin looks up at the cameras, laughing.

Austin: I am so done with these mother fuckers.  So done with them..

(I'm sure the feeling is mutual...)

Austin walked down the hall to the kitchen, where he was greeted with jeers.

Austin: I went in the bathroom to blow my nose..and then I was standing by the sink....(implying he was going to wash his hands)

Vanessa:  But now that they said it...(implying that she hoped to hell he washed his hands).

But he never did.  And if he was blowing his nose, I think that deserves a good hand-washing, too.  And let's not forget that BB already tried to let him know that everyone thinks he stinks.

I mean, they DREW THE STINK right on the comic!  What bigger hint do you need to know that America thinks you are a dirty bastard?

But we all know these people don't respond to hints about their behavior, or even blatant directives.  For example, remember when Johnny Mac told Vanessa that he doesn't like it when she "cries and yells at people"?  And then she got mad and stormed out?   And then the Zingbot told her that she's "played a masterful game..the Crying Game", and she has "cried" at least 10 times since then.

So, note for future BB players....you are what you are described as...so TAKE THE HINT!

OK.  Moving on.  I have some food news for you, because that is one of the information areas that I know we can all count on.  Food will be prepared and eaten, and I will comment on it if I see it.


They made oven fries again...here is someone peeking in the oven to see how the fries are coming along.

I don't think the fries are brown enough...a few more minutes are needed, in my opinion.

I actually make oven fries a lot in the wintertime, when I need warm comfort food.  I add chopped garlic and sometimes onion slices, since this is usually my main dish.  If I have company I get a little fancy, layering the fries on a platter with crumbled Maytag blue cheese.  There are never any leftovers....

The Twins also cooked steak and broccoli.  Usually at this point of the season they have the use of a grill, but there hasn't been any mention of a barbecue grill this year, that I'm aware of.

They sure like their meat cooked through, don't they?  I've actually heard Liz say that when she checks for doneness.

Vanessa tried one of the oven fries, but I didn't see her do any more eating.

They played Pot Ball later and you know the camera guys are bored when they focus on the memory wall.  But they tried to match the camera shots to the conversation.  For example, I think they were discussing the nominations this week, and the cameras showed us the key players in that at the moment.

Liz is probably leaving this week.  She told Julia that she wants her to stay and have her time to shine, but I'm not sure the votes will support that.  I've heard Johnny Mac tell Steve that he doesn't want Liz to go yet, because then Austin will need to bond strongly with Vanessa, and he wants Vanessa to be more loyal to him and Steve.

Will Austin vote out Liz?  He is indicating that he will follow the Twins's wishes, but has told Liz that she has played a good game so far, and she might want to just go for it, and hit the home run to win.

Austin also thinks that Liz will get America's Favorite...he's pretty sure of that.

There was some discussion of Meg not being present to oversee the Pot Ball game.  Note that they did just fine without her.

The cameras love to serve up shots like this, with both the real person and the memory wall picture in view.  At around this point in the game, Austin got called in the DR and then Julia went on an unprecedented Pot Ball run, sinking shot after shot.  She was in The Zone.

Vanessa said it was an amazing run, and Julia said maybe James was jinxing her, and now that he's gone her true talents can shine through.

These are the actual balls used for Pot Ball.

Steve was very happy about replacing Meg as score keeper for the game.  He gathered up the necessary cereal to prepare for the game with glee.

Vanessa:  Look at Steve...he's so happy keeping score.  He's in Nerd Heaven over there with his score board.

And here is Steve's scoreboard.  I think the line with all of the wheat chex indicates Julia's hot Pot Ball streak.  She really went on a tear, but I have no idea if she ended up winning or not.


They AusTwins made dinner last night, too, and it was Taco Night.  Liz cooked up a heap of shredded chicken, and also added onions and peppers.  In the picture below, Austin is squeezing a lime into the mixture for her.

Liz:  Austin is making it rain!  Good job Austin!

(So......all of the filth and grime encrusted on his grubby paws is showering down on the taco filling?)

And I guess Liz has totally forgotten her (awesome) anger at Austin after the PoV this week.  She HATED him after that, but appears to be a very forgiving girl.  And Julia too, which is even more surprising.

Liz:  I'm totally wifey material...you know that!

Austin:  Yes, you are!

Liz: Thank you.

Julia:  You two are so cute.

Julia made her famous guacamole again, and said it was the best ever, as it included garlic and tomato.  They also discussed Becky's strict judging when they played BB Chopped.  Austin mentioned them "trying to poison" Becky by putting the pistachios in the dessert, since she was allergic to them.

Liz:  Let's hurry up and fix our plates, before the leeches come in here.

Julia:  It used to be the Goblins, but now it's the leeches. Watch Vanessa be the first one in here again.

Liz:  Yeah.  And then they offer to help, now that everything is finished.

Julia:  They can do the dishes...that is how they can help.

Austin wasted no time loading up his plate with four corn tortillas, heaping them high with the shredded chicken.

Liz likes flour tortillas, and fixed herself two of them.

Liz:  Austin...I can't believe you are getting four!  You usually get three!  You're not leaving any for anyone else!

Austin:  So?  I don't want to.

Julia:  I just want the three of us to eat the guacamole I made...it is everything.

Liz:  Everything.

Austin does what he can to be sure there will be no more guacamole left for the leeches.

Austin added shredded cheese to his tacos, too, sticking those dirty fingers right in to the plastic bag.  If germs were stained a color, say blue, you would see blue blotches all over every damn thing in that house.

Liz went to the back door to let everyone know that dinner was ready, but Austin berated her, telling her to just come and sit down so they could enjoy the meal together.

Austin:  C'mon. It's our  last supper together.

So Liz sat down without calling the leeches in and got to work on her first taco.

Meanwhile in the backyard Vanessa was working out and talking to Steve and Johnny Mac.

Johnny was eating something out of a bowl, and went inside to put his dishes away. When he opened the sliding door he turned to Vanessa and Steve to let them know that "dinner was available".

To their credit, neither one of the "leeches" made a move to go inside.  Instead,Steve and Vanessa had a  chat about the game.

Vanessa:  Don't be nervous Steve.  We're going to Final Three, and I'm doing everything in my power to get you there.

Steve:  But why not Final Two?

Vanessa:  If we both get to Final Three, you know that one of us is winning the comp...and then we'll be Final Two.

Steve:  I hope so, because I need you there.  I've looked at the numbers....

Vanessa:  And you need me to win...I know.  Everyone hates me.  But that's okay...$50,000 is better than nothing.  And I might come to you with an investment idea and ask for some money.  I have some really good investment ideas.

Steve:  We can give gifts, but not cash.  The first thing Derrick said to Cody is that he had some nice Christmas gifts coming..did you know that?

Vanessa:  What did he give him?

Steve didn't know.  But I think Derrick paid off Cody's student loans, or put a big dent in them, since that is what Cody repeatedly talked about all summer.  To be honest, Steve thinks he is a Big Brother expert, but he doesn't know everything, or even close to it.  He knows the stats and who won what, and voted for whom, but he doesn't know the people very well.  I've heard him make a number of errors in his comments about the BB players.  The people part is a blind spot for Steve Moses.

One example is that last night Steve was saying that the person who leaves first every year is the person who plays too hard, and makes too many alliances.  He discusses BB16's Joey as someone  who tried to put together an alliance and ended up being the first booted.

Johnny:  And what about BB15...wasn't it the surfer guy?

Steve:  David Girton?  Yeah.  But he was the person who had the best social game, and was friends with everyone, so that is why he was a threat.

(No.  That is incorrect.  I heard several house guests say they voted David out because he was the easiest option.  He slept all day, and never bothered to have conversations with many of the girls like Helen or Candice.  So it was easy for everyone to get rid of him...he have very few ties in the game.)

Austin:  That guy?  David?  I met him...he's a weird dude...yep...a real character.

But Steve JUST CHANGED THE SUBJECT without asking Austin about meeting David.  What the hell?  Austin met David through his work hosting the AfterBuzz BB15 shows, so I'm sure he would have had interesting things to say.  And you know that David got a job with TMZ and moved to LA a few weeks after being evicted, right?  That blonde guy with long hair named Max had just left TMZ so maybe David was supposed to be his replacement.  But after a week or so David moved back home to San Diego and tweeted that life in LA wasn't want he thought it would be.

So...wouldn't you want to hear what Austin had to say about David?  But Steve didn't ...he must feel he already knows all of David's BB stats, and nothing else matters.


The talk turned to Da'Vonne, and Steve says he made a deal with her on the first day.

Vanessa:  You know she told everyone about that, and totally ratted you out, right?

Steve:  I know that.  That's why I voted for her to leave.

Vanessa:  But you know she told everyone that you would be her rat, and would be her eyes and ears for everything that was happening around the house.

Steve:  That DID NOT happen.  We never talked about that.

Vanessa:  But that's why we always talked about you scampering....and being sneaky!

Steve:  I can't believe that....that was NEVER discussed.

Vanessa continued her strength training for a few more minutes.

They are all expecting that "shovel and seed" competition to come up soon, maybe as this week's HoH competition.  They think Johnny Mac might have an edge, but Vanessa says she might do well, too.

Vanessa:  I'm the shortest person now, at 5'7" I'm the shortest by at least 2 inches, so I have a lower center of gravity.

Steve:  But do you have good balance?

Vanessa:  Yeah!  Didn't you see me on that circle thing?

Inside Steve went over his new information about Da'Vonne with everyone, and was shocked when everyone confirmed it.

Johnny:  Da'Vonne tried to make a deal with me, too!  She pointed at everyone on that wall and said, what do you think about HIM?  And HER?  And said she wanted to go all the way to the end with me!

The Twins later laid in the hammock and talked with Vanessa.

Vanessa's stomach was upset because she took her acne antibiotics on an empty stomach. She forgot to take them for a few days but her skin is starting to break out again so she got back on the meds today.

Steve came back outside and weirdly got under the hammock again to rock it for the Twins.

He wanted to know which Twin was on which side and they thought that question was weird so they didn't want to answer.

So Steve peeked to see for himself.

Turns out he wanted to hold hands with Julia, which is what you see him attempting to do in the picture below.

Later it was just the Twins and Austin out there, and they discussed the game.  They girls think Austin will be there at the end of the game, and he discussed how he thinks Vanessa might be throwing the next HoH, because if Steve or Johnny Mac win, they will likely go after another one of their group.

Austin:  I don't even want to talk to her about it....because she gets so angry...

Liz:  And she cries...she gets angry and cries.

Austin:  I get scared of her when that happens...I don't even want to deal with that anymore.

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