Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And With That The Live Feeds End. But Did They Begin Yesterday, or a Million Years Ago? #BB17

BB gave them the wake up call today and for once I don't think anybody needed too much prodding to drag their butts out of bed.  Liz went right to the kitchen and started making a huge breakfast for herself.

Liz talked to the live feeders a little, saying Good Morning and that the three of them were so excited to see their families and "get out of this bi-otch".  She offered to cook for everyone but no one wanted to eat a big breakfast.

Vanessa got coffee while Liz's pans started sizzling.  She made some hash browns, bacon and an egg.

Liz commented that at the beginning of the season, she was really worried when she heard there was an eight-person alliance.  She thought she was a goner.

Vanessa:  I know.  I was really worried, too.

Steve:  But that worked out good for us.  Thanks Shelli!

Steve points out that Shelli wasn't in the eight-person alliance because "Da'Vonne didn't want her in it".  They listed the members of that doomed alliance as Audrey, Clay, Da'Vonne, Jeff, Jackie, James, Meg and Jason.

(Kind of funny, huh?  Because most of this happened before the live feeds even came on for the first time.  I don't think I ever really understood why Shelli wanted Day out of the game until just now.)

Vanessa:  It's kind of funny when you think about the huge impact Shelli had on the game in the early weeks, but she just barely made the Jury.  Getting in that showmance did that to her.

Steve:  The showmance?  You think so?

Vanessa:  Yes.  After that both of them were so paranoid, worried about who was out to get them.

(And Shelli and Clay started doing a lot of double dealing, and congratulating themselves on how great their games were, even though they had a HUGE target on their backs.  That was a bad omen for them in the game.)

Liz said she and Austin were never like that and Vanessa agreed.

Liz:  Of course we took longer to get together.

Vanessa:  But you two were never really on a rampage to find out who might be against you.

Steve accepted a piece of bacon from Liz and went back to the Comic Room to look around one last time.

The room still looks like a mess, but I guess Steve was satisfied that he removed everything that he needed to get out of there.

You might know that ever since Steve won the HoH Part #2 competition, he started badgering Vanessa about when the two of them would sit down with Liz to tell her about their Final Two deal, and to let her know that she would not be going to the Final Two.

But Vanessa wasn't very gung ho on that idea, for various reasons, so they never did.  But Steve was just dying to do this, and he knew the live feeds would disappear soon, so he sat down with Liz while she chomped on her breakfast to have a chat.

(Note that Steve has NO INTENTION of taking Vanessa to the Final Two with him....I think he just wants to have some defining moments on the show.  I really think there is no chance Vanessa will get to the end unless she wins the Part #3 comp herself.  But that's just me, and several thousands of other fans who think that.  But Steve also wants Liz's vote if she's on the Jury, and he's sitting next to Vanessa, or perhaps a unicorn.)

Steve:  I just want to let you know that everything I've done in here hasn't been completely...I've been honest with you and there's never been a point when you've had to doubt me because you know where I was.


Liz:  **chomp chomp chomp**

Steve:  Do you have anything you want to say to me?

Liz thought for a minute and ended up agreeing with him, saying he warned her before he put her on the block with Austin, and he's been a straight shooter with her.  (So funny that she has NEVER asked him to take her to the Final Two if he wins tonight.  I mean, WOW.)

Liz:  Good luck on that scale tonight.  **chomp chomp chomp**

Steve:  Yes.  I'm nervous about balancing on it.  I think it sways as it moves, and I've been worried about it.

Liz wondered what the house guests did at the end of the live feeds last year.

Steve:  I didn't watch it, but I think they just sat around and said thank you and good bye and all.

Liz:  How do you know, if you didn't watch it?

Steve:  I read it somewhere.

(Did you read it here, Steve?)

After hearing this, Liz decided to get creative, by writing "Bye" out in chocolates.

Liz:  Live feeders this is my gift to you.  I don't know how you watched us all summer but you did.  You know how much we all love chocolate!  Chocolate wars was our favorite thing, but they didn't want to show that on TV....we wanted to talk about it during our "reflections" but they didn't want us to.

As she finished her project we had a quick FISH and I knew that Production told all of them to get in there to wind this up.  Steve tried to move a chocolate but Liz caught him and yelled for him to put it back.

Liz:  This has been a once in a lifetime experience.  Thank you for watching us. We love you!

Steve gave a rambling speech about how much he enjoyed being on the other side of the live feeds.  He wants to be the example for us because he's a nerd with poor social skills and if he went to a casting call and made it on the show, we can too, and he'll see us all next year on the other side of the computer.

Vanessa:  I hope you weren't too bored with us this summer.  I know it looked like we were sleeping a lot, but we played our butts off every single day, and we all worked so hard to play this game.

Steve: Except Jason...

(What the hell?)

Liz makes a little heart with her hands and it feels awkward, with all of them just standing there, not sure if the cameras were still active, or if they were free to leave.

Liz:  And I want to say that even though we're the Final Three and we're competing to win a half million dollars, at the end of the day we still kind of like each other.

Steve, pointing at Liz:  Well, except her.

Steve:  Get your life!  Go find your mama!

Steve:  Oh, and the most important thing....

All Three of Them, in Unison:  Follow @NikolaPoe!

Steve:  Or @NickLaPoe...whatever it is.

(They've been confused about this for some time now.)

Liz urges us to follow her and Vanessa and gives out their Twitter handles, and says to follow Steve "where ever he is".

***hashtag #awkward***

Liz:  I'm really happy with my exclamation point.

Vanessa, moving off camera:  Look at Steve...he's trying to move the know he wants to.


From the kitchen, I think Vanessa thinks the cameras may be offline already.

Vanessa:  I got up in the middle of the night and ate a hamburger!

Liz: Yeah.  I saw your plate and fork.

Vanessa:  I just really love your turkey burgers, and I didn't think you were going to eat it.

Liz:  No, thank you for finishing that up.

The camera swings over and they know they're still live.

Liz:  And don't forget to watch the Finale.  It's on tomorrow night at 6:30.

Steve:  That's 6:30 on the West's 9:30 on the East Coast...that's late for a BB finale.

(I think they will watch the Finale at 9:30 on the West Coast, too, right?  While all of us on the East Coast are already drunkenly passed out in bed?  Because I don't know about you, but I will start my own Party Process during Survivor, and will need to pace myself...)

We hear BB come on the intercom and tell them to go up to the HoH room for a lockdown.

Liz:  Oh...we need to get the cards...

She starts scrambling around to grab things---not sure what the "cards" are but they are going to use them during the lockdown.  Maybe they can start writing thank you notes up there or something.

Vanessa dutifully trudges up the spiral staircase, saying "I'm sad" in a small voice, and also that she feels confused.  As she opens the HoH door, the live feeds end.

**UPDATE**  I just realized that Liz was grabbing the deck of playing cards to take upstairs.  Duh. I've only been watching them play cards for like, five days straight.  I must be getting stupid.


It always feels so strange when it's over.   Like we've been watching them for years, or maybe just a few days.

I would like to thank the house guests for putting themselves out there like they have this summer.  I know it must be terrifying to do this---you'd never catch me on the other side of the cameras.  (Although I have actually toyed with the idea of applying for Survivor, because I think I could be good at it, but the thought of one of those gross food challenges puts me right off that idea.)

And thank you to the house guests' families for letting them do this. If you are a BB SuperFan, please consider applying for BB18 so you can represent our team next summer.

Be ruthless.  Be dastardly.  Be honest in the DR.  Be brave.

Or as Orwell the Night Owl says:  B BAD.


  1. Thank you for another season of excellent BB coverage. Even when the show was hard to watch, your blog was always easy to read.

    I think I remember you saying at the beginning that you might put together a list of all the big changes that have happened in the world since the houseguests were put in sequester. If you had time to do it, I would love to see it!

    1. OMG Daniel. I thought about that damn list of news events last week and the guilt has been haunting me. There is actually a link in the sidebar with "News They Missed" but clearly I failed my mission.

      Here is the list, such as it is. I don't even remember writing most of it. It clearly reflects my OBSESSION with the NY prison any given time I could have told you exactly what was going on with that story.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I should have thanked you on each post. I've been watching the show for a few years but was just introduced to your feed recaps this season. It's an entirely different show and so much more interesting than what they can play out in just over two hours a week on TV (excluding commercials).

    I know this takes TONS of time and you're so kind to share it with us and work so hard on recapping and screencapping. Now that this season is over I'm going to go back to 2010 (my first season with the show) and start learning all the trivia I can! I don't think I'll ever try to be in the house but you've definitely made me a better watcher, because you're so good at pointing out things they maybe shouldn't have said and how they might be cluing others into their master plan.

    Thank you thank you!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      I am a great backseat BB driver...I know it is much more difficult if you are in the house, particularly since you don't know all of the information that the viewers know...

  3. Big thanks from me as well! I'm also a long time show watcher but first time blog reader. Your commentary is so fun I'm reading the archives too.

    I'm going to be greedy and hope you cover this season of Survivor too.


  4. you the best! thanks for a great season!

  5. As always, I have enjoyed your blog and will miss reading your witty take on things. If you ever decide to write about anything else, let me know. I'll be the first in line to read it.
    Take care, Feed Watcher. See/read you next year! :)

  6. I'll join the chorus. Thank you for all your time and energy on this awesome blog. It has to be exhausting for you (and Vanessa) to keep up with this level of detail. I appreciate that you humanize these people, unlike many sites that are solely snark. It has been amazing reading and following with you!

  7. I really enjoyed this season of Big Brother. Thanks again for your great blog, enjoyed visiting here and reading with my morning cup of coffee. See you next summer.


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