Friday, August 7, 2015

Worlds Collide at the Hearts of Reality Event in Orlando #BB17

Every year around this time, a cavalcade of reality stars converge on Orlando, Florida for a weekend of charity events and parties.

And photo ops, of course.  Let's take a spin and see who's there.

Rachel isn't playing around in her pictures.  Here she is with Janelle, her sister Elissa Slater, and Porsche.  Porsche looks different, right?

And look who's joined the group in this picture...Audrey Midddleton.  This was taken at some sort of costume party, so I assume that would account for Audrey's garb.  And Elissa's Minnie Mouse look.

It usually rains late every afternoon in Orlando this time of year.  A good steady downfall around 3:00 pm.  There is a torrent, then it stops and steam starts coming up from the highway as the sun comes back out.

Then it's on with your day.  Brendon is the the  picture this time with Rachel, Elissa and Porsche.

Oh yeah, that is Zach Rance over there on the left.

Zach was everywhere for awhile after BB16 came to a close, but now he's pulling back a little, which is probably a good idea.

Zach's bod look pretty good to me.  A lot of people are whispering about Zach.  But I think he likes it that way.

One of the big pieces of news coming out of Orlando this week is Zach's alleged feud with Evel Dick. Supposedly Zach was a guest this week on Evel Dick's sad pay-per-view podcast and Evel Dick didn't like Zach's attitude.

That's rich, right?  Evel Dick thinking someone else is nasty?  I didn't watch that show, but I did see this video of Evel Dick getting upset with Zach when they ran into each other later at one of the fan events.

***Spoiler Alert***  Evel Dick smashes Zach's phone.

Was Evel Dick nice to Donny during last summer's Big Brother season?  Does it matter?

I guess not.

Nicole and Victoria were there.  This isn't the first time Nicole has been down to Florida in the past year to see Victoria.

 Here's a big group squished together from a mishmash of BB seasons.   I see Cody, Adam Poch (BB13), Victoria, Casey from BB11, Amanda Zuckerman, Nicole, Derrick, and Jessie Godderz from BB10 and BB11.

Strange choice of clothing for Jessie, right?  He looks like he's about to bus their table.

Jace was there with Jessie in the weight room.

And here is Jace with fellow evictees Jeff and Audrey at the costume party (I hope.).

Jeff squeezing into a shot with the big dogs---Cody, Zach and Derrick, along with a few fans.

That may or may not be Russel Hantz on the far right. Or is that my imagination?

Because they do let Survivors attend the Hearts of Reality event, you know.  As proof, here is the famous Boston Rob Mariano, Courtney Yates, and Lex Van Der Burghe.

Yes, that is Lex....believe it or not.  He was one of the first heavily-tattooed people we saw on reality TV, but looking at him now you'd never even tell.  His tattoo level is probably just standard in comparison to today's crowd.  For example, I don't see any neck tattoos.

And here are Joe and Jenn from last season's Survivor San Juan Del Sur, really going all out for that costume party.

Joe and Jenn are an item, you know.   Joe's new season of Survivor All Stars - Second Chances will air the premiere right after the Big Brother season finale in September.


  1. I watched evel dicks show, and zach was a ahole. He couldn't take a joke, and he was being a whiny brat...oh and he had know idea who Shannon Elizabeth was. Dude is u haven't wanked it to her american pie role then ur not living. Maybe he was too young but he was insulting to all the guests bcuz of one little joke that he could have laughed at but instead acted like a spoiled brat. And it was real crappy of him to think he was the show and if he left then it wouldn't be interesting. Dude ur 15mins is up, get a job man, contribute to society and quit taking taking taking.

    1. What exactly did Zach say on ED's show that was so bad? We would appreciate the facts, please.

      And enjoy this blast from the past, when Evel Dick was too wasted to even be able to speak properly on his own podcast.

    2. And do u notice the 2 strike thing. ED gave zack 2 strikes before he broke his phone. ED was even complimenting him but his ego is so unnaturally big that he thought leaving the show would make the others butt hurt. I mean he acted like a lil child in this video and then he expected ED to just be fake as hell when he sees him at a BB party, idk in my world that's disrespectful and acts like that doesn't garner respect from ur other peers. I mean come on dude u gotta have thicker skin then that, hell people give ED crap everyday. Idk just kind of shows zachs true colors, and it doesn't suprise me he didn't win or even get close in his season.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. My fault getting the link deleted it blatalantly says no posting links. I didn't read directions!!!! It amazing that I graduated lol....sorry!!!

    6. Look asshole, I said:


      Those are my rules and if you don't like it, please go "lol" on another website.

      There is something called "terms of service" that I have to adhere to, and I'm not giving up my hard-earned advertising dollars because of linkage to pirated or inappropriate comments.

      PS Proof reading and editing are your friends.

    7. Well my link keeps getting deleted but if anyone wants to watch the vid of Zack on dick at night just go to google and search zack range on dick at night. Pretty simple,He just needs to become mature and he will be ok, maybe that's why he had to have reconstructive surgery on his face, he probably smarted off to the wrong person. I still love ur summaries tho!!!

    8. I also deleted the comment where you called me a Nazi, and both of the comments that you apparently thought were clever about Becky and blow jobs.

      And FYI...I will hit 3,000,000 page views soon so not every reader feels the need to share their every thought every five seconds, but thank you for being concerned about my success.

  2. Lol and evel dick even warned him. Dude zach is bipolar or something, he must have forgot what an ass he was to evel dick on EDs show. Well evel dick isn't fake and zack wanted him to be and evel dick was not playing. Zack or however u spell his name deserved his phone being broken and had it coming. That's why he lost BB, he lacks social understanding or social skills. When u act like an ahole on evel dicks show then see him at a party and act like nothing happened then u have something wrong man. And that's exactly what happened. ED was not about to be fake and be buddy buddy when zack act like a brat on his show. Touche my friend touche

  3. you'd think that someone who comments so much would know your rules!!!! Thanks as always, that was cool because I had no idea that they got together, Good to see Audrey looking well. XooX

  4. Evil Dick didn’t break Zach's phone. He tossed it. Zach picked it back up and filmed himself walking away.
    Evil Dick is notorious for being an ass. I find it amazing that he feels he has the right to climb up on a high horse and shame someone else for their bad behavior.

    1. ED and his rants are always full of double standards. I doubt being "real" involves hypocrisy.


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