Monday, August 3, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 6 #BB17

This is Wil's ode to Drunk History for this year.  At least, I hope he only does this once a year, for his liver's sake as well as our's.

It's creative and all, but the sound was so bad I found it hard to hear some parts, and then blasted out my eardrums in other parts.

We didn't even see the house guests until the 1:50 mark, but you do see them if you hold out long enough.

I do like the Wig Wall, so that's something.  And I look forward to the next episode, so that's something else.


  1. wasn't such a fan of this one :(

  2. This one is funny imo. Drunk History is the funniest show on comedy central imo. Watching high profile celebs lip sync explanations of stories from people that are wasted is very funny and entertaining stuff. If u get a chance watch an episode of drunk history and u will be hooked.


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