Friday, August 14, 2015

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 17 The Saga: Episode 7 #BB17

I don't know how I missed this earlier in the week, but this week's episode is one I will gladly watch twice.  It's a very special episode that features the following:

*  An emotional live speech by Shelli.
*  A riveting argument between The Twins over who is a bigger bitch.
*  A special cameo appearance by none other than Elissa Reilly. (the original "Oh My God-ah" house guest).
*  A tender goodbye between Clay and Shelli.
*  More #BBScandal from our favorite New Yorker, Meg.
*  And a kicking dance number, with all of the house guests getting down.

Enjoy friends, and thank you Wil.

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