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We Interrupt This Fake Drama With a Word From Our Fake Sponsors. #BB17

Last night after the PoV competition things slowly settled down in the BB house.  Steve won the PoV and as a result, most of the house guests know exactly what will happen this week.

Vanessa will be evicted, most likely.  There are only 8 people voting, so for Vanessa to win, she needs five votes, because Becky will not break a tie in Vanessa's favor.  The only way I could see Vanessa surviving this week is if Steve doesn't use the PoV to save himself.

And I don't think he'd do that, since I have heard him recite the statistics of players who did not use a PoV to save themselves (i.e. Marcellas Reynolds in BB3).  We know Steve sees the world in a very strange way, but I don't think it is strange enough for Steve to put himself at risk like that.

Vanessa knows she's in trouble.  At least, I hope she does.

Later in the evening, Johnny Mac and Vanessa laid in the bedroom, mostly silent, but with a little conversation here and there.  Vanessa talked about Las Vegas, and told John that it is a good "single guy town", since there are so many things to do and ways to have fun.

John says he hasn't felt like himself for the last few days, and admits he is feeling gassy.  Vanessa says there are Tums on the kitchen counter, or even Gas-X in the storage room.  I left the conversation at that point, having heard enough of that, but when I return they have moved into a more interesting conversation.

Vanessa:  I don't know if it's because I'm older, but it's just hard for me to spend so much time in these big groups.  I think both of us are a little more introverted.

John:  Yes.  And it's hard to have to spend all that time with the same people in the same two or three rooms, trapped....

Vanessa:  I can do the group thing for a little while, but only for so long before I need to spend some time alone.

John:  Yeah, if someone asks me to talk, just talk out loud to someone, I can do that for hours, but not if I have to talk to others.

In the kitchen the Twins were having Taco Night, and planned to use a small leftover piece of steak, and also some grilled tuna.  Austin wants to have a taco salad, and likes that they are going all out with the toppings and fixings.

Liz mentions the topic that she discussed during the 5 hour wait for the PoV competition to end.  Steve told her earlier that there might be some footage used for the CBS episodes of each "isolation room" as the people inside waited for the competition to end, but that the footage would be short and would not included detailed conversations.

Liz says now that James was sworn to secrecy about what was discussed, because it was not a topic that she wanted aired on the live feeds.

Julia jokes that she talked about her crush on Steve during the PoV competition.

Julia:  He's so handsome...and he's a winner now.

Everyone laughs but Liz says Julia really said he was cute without his glasses.

Julia:  Yeah...he's super cute.

This led to a whole discussion about how Austin was a loser today, and they told him to get lost.  (Joking, of course.)

Liz:  It sucks to suck!

Vanessa chuckled over that: to suck..ha ha. But that competition was really hard.

Austin chimes in that it was really hard.

The Twins start complaining about the poor job that was done with the grocery shopping this week.  BB US doesn't really talk about the weekly shopping list like they do on BB UK, but the house guests get a weekly supply of basic foods, and I think they can request special items to supplement that, as long as they aren't considered luxurious or extraordinary.

Apparently whoever shopped forgot to buy body wash, and the Twins are so pissed-ah.

Liz:  Whoever did the grocery shopping sucks!

Austin:  You know why...because Irish Spring is such a big sponsor for us...we keep pushing it on our show. (i.e. their weekly "podcast")

James agrees, and is excited about the ideas they got from Heath (@HeathLuman) for a new podcast theme---Taboo Tuesdays.  Austin says "anything goes" on Taboo Tuesdays, and says they also got the idea to play Twister.

James: I feel like Tresomme shampoo is about to sign on with us. I'm excited to bring them in.  And Mundo is going to sign, too, due to all of the bilingual viewers.

Julia: Oh I love Telemundo!

Austin:  Well, that's who's watching, and they're buying the products.

Austin and James are discussing this like they are having a boardroom meeting, and Julia keeps laughing and saying the guys are too much.

Shelli so bored that she has started a project to separate the mixed nuts so that the peanuts are totally separate.  Vanessa started helping her, and commented that it was nice to have something to do.

Vanessa:  So you don't like peanuts then?  Or you do like them?

Shelli:   I was just spending time moving them around this will help.

Yes, they are very bored.  When they finished Shelli even said that gave them five minutes worth of work to do, and it was nice to get a handful of nuts she was happy with for a change.

James wants to bring on a bread sponsor for the show, and would like Austin's feedback on which brand would fit their viewer profile best.  He tossed a package to Austin for his review.

Austin:  Whew...cracked wheat....and it has protein....this is strong...this is strong.

James and Austin continued to discuss the merits of the various buns and rolls, the pros and the cons.

Austin:  It's a tough call, but I have to go with Sara Lee.  I jut think it offers more options, and it's a big name.

Julia:  You guys are too much-ah.

Austin read the wording on the Sara Lee package of buns in his "commercial voice" and it was funny.

I guess Vanessa must be thinking this group shit is too much right now, so she works on her nut separation project and doesn't join in too much.

Austin brings up the whole Beard Tail controversy.  Liz has indicated that she isn't crazy about Austin's beard, and told James,who gleefully told Austin this.  Austin wondered what the ladies really think about his facial hair.

Becky said his tattoos and beard tail are what make him unique and that he should keep it.  She wanted to see the beard without the elastic in it, but Austin says it's really not styled for that look.

Becky:'s not really nice like Donny's.

(I. Almost. Threw. Up. Just. Now.)

Austin asked Shelli for her opinion on this topic.  Shelli says that Austin's whole look with the tattoos and the beard is part of his look, and it makes him distinctive for business purposes.

Shelli:  But for dating and kissing, I'd have to say no.  But for business it is okay.

Someone peeked out at the backyard, and they discovered that they had access to it, and might have had access for some time without knowing it.  John says the pool water is green, and calls out that their little rubber duckie that contains the pool chemicals needs to be filled.

Becky tells him that he needs to tell them in the DR about that. Her family has a pool that is 12 feet deep, and it takes a long time to clean manually.  It is an old pool but the lining is new so it looks nicer than the BB pool.  John's mom has a pool that is only 8 foot deep, but they have to clean theirs manually as well.

Johnny and Becky began having a game talk that they interrupted each time someone else came in the backyard.  Becky says she told Jackie and Meg that as soon as Vanessa is put on the block on Monday, she will start dragging Becky's name in the mud, and they shold be prepared for that.

Becky:  When I was on the block, I heard all sorts of things.  And when you're on the block you just have to shut your mouth and take it.  You're at the mercy of everyone else, so you just have to go along with it.  Being HoH is easier. You have big decisions to make, but you're on the offense, not the defense, so you have choices.  I told Meg and Jackie to just lay back and let this be my show.

(Yes, this is "Becky's show" now. Life According to Becky.)

Becky doesn't know how Steve feels, but John assures her that he wants Vanessa out, too. 

John:  He's not too sure about you, since he feels that you can pull me away from him in the game, but I'm trying to work on him.

John thinks they need to target Austin next, and that Austin is closer to Vanessa than anyone might think.  He points out that in moments of chaos, Vanessa immediately goes into a room alone with Austin.

Becky: And she has an effect on Shelli, too. The other day Shelli was in the Hammock Room with Vanessa for a long time, and she came out and started crying, asking me if I thought Clay might be the wrong guy for her.  Then she said that Vanessa just got in her head and made her question things.

Meg came out and they told her they were talking about the Property Brothers on HGTV.

John:  Meg, which one do you lke?

Becky: I like both Property Brothers...

Austin came out and started whining about Liz not liking his beard tail.  He says he's angry about her putting conditions on him, because when you like someone you are supposed to accept them as they are.  He's trying to be funny about it, and make it a joke, but there is a grain of truth in what he says.

Becky:  I was thinking about this the other day. Women want men to change, and they don't change.  But men want women to stay the same, and they don't...women change.

John:  That's deep.

Austin decides to channel his anger into his work out. James and Johnny Mac spot him as he lifts, and James starts to rile Austin up, telling him that he shouldn't even consider making changes to his facial hair if Liz  isn't going to give something up, too.

James also tells Austin that if he shaved his beard off for her, Liz would be so impressed and flattered that she would have to give in to him.  Austin says he would just grow his beard back after the summer is over because he wants to get back into wrestling, so he doesn't know if it's worth it.

A whole ridiculous exchange happened, where Shelli would go out to Austin and the guys in the backyard and ask for a statement, which she would then go back and report to LIz, taking her statement back to Austin and asking for a response.  And so on.

And all of the effort is all about how LIz feels about Austin's beard and beard tail, and how she would respond if he did or didn't change.  Of course, she is not interested in him, and tells the girls that she is not attracted to guys with excessive tattoos and the long beard.  It's just a showmance for her and she can't even say for sure if she would even go out with him in the outside world.

Julia: She does like tall dark and handsome, but more of the clean cut type.

Liz:  Yes-ah.

Shelli knows the cameras are all over this back-and-forth exchange, so of course she loves her starring role as negotiater. She also knows that getting the AusTwins' votes to stay over Vanessa might just put her over the top, and even if she doesn't need their votes, she will need to work with them in the future, so building these bridges won't hurt.

The Twins are just laughing off the whole incident.

Liz: We're bored, so this is our entertainment.

Julia:  It's the entertainment for the entire house-ah!

One interesting highlight is that at one point Liz wanted to know if "Jenn, Austin's girlfriend or ex-girlfriend" liked the beard, so Shelli went outside to ask Austin that.  The question seemed so explosive that James had to walk off and let Austin handle it on his own.

Austin: No, my ex-girlfriend didn't like it.  But she knew that I would do what I want anyway.  If anything, it should mean more to Liz that I would even consider changing it for her.

Shelli:  That was a good answer!

She trekked back inside to report that exchange word-for-word with the Twins, who enjoyed every second of it.

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