Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vanessa Gets Down to Brass Tacks, and The Script Gets Flipped. #BB17

After 1:00 am BBT, the Twins were in the HoH room and Meg went up there and immediately started bitching about Vanessa.  Meg was upset that Vanessa had the nerve to try and comfort her when she was crying in the shower.

Meg:  It had nothing to do with her....I just needed a moment!

The Twins:  Oh my god-ah. Of course.

They turned on the Spy Screen and saw Vanessa sitting in the living room.  They knew that she was waiting for Austin to come out of the DR and they were enraged by this.

The Twins: Oh my god-ah...look at her!  She's trying to talk to Austin.

(The fucking NERVE of Vanessa!)

Then they saw Austin come out of the DR and Vanessa took him into the bedroom with her.  They thought this was just unbelievable, that Vanessa would do that.  Steve, Johnny Mac and James visited the HoH room at some point and heard the same story, about Vanessa brazenly approaching Austin for a private chat.

(Obviously the Twins are the only ones not worried about getting put up on the block if Vanessa uses her PoV, but they are trying to relate to the others and hear what they have to say.)

Meanwhile, Vanessa gets down to brass tacks with Austin.  She says she strongly suspects that she was the backdoor target this week, and says she overheard Johnny and Steve earlier when they were playing chess.

Vanessa:  All they did was whisper up there.

Austin says that he did tell Meg that Vanessa was the target this week, but he was lying to her and Vanessa says she understands.

Austin:  I knew in my gut that I couldn't put you on the block.  I got paranoid about you but I realized you have always been my girl in this game.

Vanessa: I know...I was like that about you, too.  I wish that you would tell me things that concern you...I wanted to win that Veto so you wouldn't have to get more blood on your hands.

Steve burst in and they both looked at him.

Steve: I interrupting something?

Vanessa:  Yeah..kind of.

Steve turned around and left and they continued their discussion.  Austin thinks Johnny has been lying to him about Vanessa, and says he now trusts her, and not Johnny.

Austin:  Johnny does not like you, Vanessa.  He told me that whatever deal he made with you, he'd come after you, and I'm telling you everything now.

Vanessa:  Look, people wonder why I'd want to go to the end with the three of you.  If we all get there and I lose because of a comp, then that's okay.  I'm okay financially....more than I'll be okay.  But I like you Austin...and I like the Twins.  We've been working together this whole time..

Austin: I think I've been trusting Steve too much.

Vanessa:  Me too....but he's very calculating....he can't be trusted.  He just lied to me about me being a target.  He's a two-faced phony fucker!

Then Johnny Mac opened the door and wondered if he could come in.  Vanessa told him to please give them a few more minutes, and he left, too.

Vanessa and Austin think that Steve has something going with James, because James wouldn't tell Austin who his target would be if he won HoH, and Vanessa saw the two of them whispering before the double eviction.

Vanessa:  I think he told him he had nothing to worry about....but why wouldn't he nominate him when he had the chance?

Austin:  Yeah...something doesn't make sense.

Vanessa says she understands why Austin lost his trust in her, and it was partly her fault...she should have been totally honest with him.

Austin:  There was just too much paranoia.  I'm glad we cleared the air yesterday, and I feel like I felt about you at the beginning of the game, and I hope you feel the same.

Vanessa:  Well, I did until I saw Meg crying!  Do you know what it feels like when you win something and no one is happy about it?

They talked it out, and Vanessa finally realizes that maybe all of the others had a plan for Vanessa to get backdoored, because they are all working together.

(I think Vanessa knows Austin was in on that, but she is giving him an out here, and is successfully planting the seed that the AusTwins are about to be outnumbered in the game.)

Liz came in and tried to act casual, like she had been looking for Austin, when the truth is that everyone in the HoH room was totally paranoid that Vanessa was planning to use the PoV.

Austin:  Vanessa figured it out...they are all working together, and are against us.

Vanessa:  That's why they wanted Austin to get me out this week....Steve, Johnny, Meg and James are working together, and when Becky or Jackie comes back it will be the five of them against the three of you!  That's why they were so upset that I won the PoV!

Liz:  Oh my god-ah.  I feel sick to my stomach.  But why can't we talk about it up in the HoH room?

Vanessa:  Because you had Meg up there with you.  And now everybody else.

Austin:  Let's go up there and kick everybody out, and make them all nervous.

The go upstairs and Steve seems to be the only one still loitering up there with Juila.  As if they rehearsed it, Vanessa goes into the bathroom and Austin starts getting ready for bed, snuggling in with Liz.

Liz:  Well?

Steve:  Well.

Liz:  You had something you wanted to say?

Steve:  No...I just wanted to come up here to hang out.  Because everyone is scampering, and I wanted to avoid said scampering.

Julia wanted to listen to Austin's music and Vanessa walked back into the bedroom.  There was an awkward silence, and Steve finally stood up and wished them a nice evening before leaving the room.

Steve left and Vanessa immediately started talking about what a phone little sneak Steve is.  They are worried that Steve is coming back up there, so Julia turns off the light.

Julia:  Let's let them think we're asleep.

Vanessa, giggling:  Oh...WE'RE asleep?  They know I'm up here.

They watched the Spy Screen and made sure the coast was clear before they turned the lights back on.

Vanessa started filling Julia and Liz on everything that was discussed.   Vanessa says that when Meg saw the necklace around Vanessa's neck, she burst into tears and wouldn't even look at her.

Julia: But she said she was upset about being a loser, and was worried for James.

Vanessa:  That is bullshit!  Total ca ca!  She didn't even know that I would use the PoV, she was just upset that I lost because it ruined her plan!

Now Liz says that last week they came to her and wanted her to backdoor Vanessa, too.  She says she did hear Steve tell James during the double eviction that he was not his target.  Austin wonders why Meg and James never came up to talk to him before the PoV.

Austin:  Meg's game is shit.

Julia:  Listen, Johnny Mac just came up here and I couldn't understand a word he said.  He's so weird.

Austin:  Something about him bothers me...something is off.

Julia: I know.  Me too.

Vanessa asks Austin if Johnny has ever talked game to him.

Austin:  Yeah, when he came up here and said he was against you, and he wanted you out, and he said he had no team at all.

Liz:  His main reason is the fight you two had before Clay got evicted.

Vanessa:  I've never met someone who couldn't just get over something.  He told me last week that we were cool, but I guess we're not.

Vanessa thinks that the whole plan was orchestrated by Steve, and turning the AusTwins against Vanessa was everything to them, because it isolated the AusTwins and got them to do their dirty work by evicting Vanessa.

(It's the "Liz Hands".)

They are going to try to get Johnny Mac to squeal on Steve, and they plan to tell him that Shelli and Clay told them some dirt about him, because they know that Johnny told Clay everything because he trusted him.

Austin:  Maybe we can try to tell James that Steve has been talking, and try to get them to squeal on each other before the PoV ceremony.

Vanessa:  Oh, we have all the power right now, because I can't be your backdoor pawn now.  And they're all worried about what we're talking about up here.

Liz:  They all came up here and told me that you were talking to Austin downstairs....even Meg!

They all laugh as they start to plan what they will say to each of them, to draw out the truth.  Austin wants to ask each one of them to visit the HoH individually, so that they are separated.

Vanessa:  I think we need to figure out what we want to learn, is it who they trust?  Or who they want out?

(The funny thing is that Steve and Johnny, and Meg and James, really aren't working together, although they certainly should be....)


  1. The Austwins are starting to infuriate me, partiularly the girls. Popular click. It's high school all over again. While they want to talk about manicures and exfoliating cream, I want to talk about Star Wars and video games. Of coure that didn't last long, beng scoffed at. Once I found ''my gang'' I had those two girls and we still hang out and are friends today. But the popular clicks always bugged me. Thinking tey are better than everyone else. They are saying that people are jelous of them. They are dumb and jealous of the Steve's intelligence. The way they talk about him behind his back infuriates me. Someone needs to put those girls up and tell them in their speech that lack of respect won't make you win the game.

    1. They novelty is wearing thin. I thought they were funny earlier, but as they get through the weeks in the game, they have gotten very cocky about their position and judgement of others. I'm getting tired of them too.

    2. Of course, those kind of girls always peak in high school. lol It's a shame. No substance to them. lol

    3. Wouldn't being on a television show be a "peak"?

  2. I cannot STAND Vanessa...she has GOT TO GO!

    1. Well, whomever comes into the game as a returning player, better be GUNNING for her ass!

  3. These people are going to let Vanessa win this game hands down. When it's all over and they go back and watch the season they are going to feel so stupid.

    1. Absolutely! I can't believe Austin let her convince him to trust her again! The man has no back bone apparently because he was gunning for her when he first won Hoh. And the twins just seem to flip flop back and forth w.whatever, as long as they're safe. It's so disappointing to watch. Vanessa is quite the master manipulator though. I wonder if it's just her fame play, or how she is in her everyday life?

  4. Vanessa isn't lying...she's projecting. She is figuring out the smartest move for every single person in the house and playing as though that's going to be their move - even if it's not. She's essentially playing against herself and if she continues to be the smartest person in the house then she'll win.

  5. I didn't even watch it last night got home and had it on my DVR playlist and sat down to watch and just couldn't bring myself to watch it anymore! I'm very tired of Vanessa and the austwins! It is the same old thing each week and no fun ! Jams and Becky stirreditup so e but failed to follow through...I've lost interest in this season and frankly I don't care anymore what happens, it doesn't take an einstien to figure out what is coming the next few weeks. It's the same old ,same old. I no longer want to watch. I really hope next season. Is a good one because I can't take another season like this.

    1. At this point I agree. As of yesterday, I've realized that it's almost a done deal that the final four will be Vanessa and the Austwins. The four people I hate the most on the show. And the people I do like, apparently didn't come to play until they were on the block and it was too late. And honestly I was a fan of Vanessa's prior to her showing up on BB, so I was VERY excited when I saw her on the first episode! At this point now though, I think she's a complete wackadoodle, and the twins are a pair of mean spirited little airheads. Austin's just an insecure douche imo. For the first time ever, I'm disappointed in BB's casting, and am quickly losing interest.

  6. I guess you love it or hate it this season. personally i love it. watching vanessa so brilliantly and strategically interpret facts, speculate, analyze and then confuse, manipulate and conquer is a master class in psychology and logic. i get tired of watching simpletons, beach boys and 'mean girls' play this game. it's so nice that they include some smart and great players (dr. will, derrick, vanessa) so there is some intelligent playing too...not just who you like best, but who can get you to the end.

  7. You must know that in her real life, Vanessa is a professional poker player in Vegas. She has ALOT of money she has won. She knows the pschcology of other people. She is a master of reading people.

  8. where did they get this last bunch from under a bridge no one can make up there mind this to me is disgusting and the worst bb i have watched in along time shame on you big brother the good players are gone and were stuck with austin a tattoo man from a carnival johnny a rock star from who knows where a vanessa who is off her rocker a set of twins liz and julia that don't know which end of them is up and meg who has won zilch and james who thinks he a court jester then steve who mind wonders away from him from time to time omg feeder are enraged at these antics and now they want to send someone home playing rock paper sissors wheres the big brother rules.


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