Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There's Three Stories: Your Story, My Story, and The Truth. #BB17

Last night Julia continued her cooking efforts.  She's been really into it ever since she was a Have Not last week, and is using red kale to make kale chips.  At this point it had been hours since the PoV ceremony where Steve used the PoV to save himself and Becky nominated Vanessa for eviction.

Austin walked in the bedroom, where Vanessa has apparently been stewing in her own bitter juices, alone for hours.  I missed the first part of the conversation, but I think I heard what I needed to hear to get the gist of the situation.

Vanessa:  Everyone is treating me like I'm fucking Audrey!  I thought I had friends in here but my friends suck!  I've been in here for hours and you'd think someone would come in to check on me!

Austin: I thought you were sleeping...I'm sorry.

Vanessa:  I'm like, does anyone even give a shit about me at all?

No man likes to face a crying, hysterical woman and Austin is no different.  He says he peeked in earlier, after visiting her with the Twins after the ceremony, and thought she was sleeping.

Austin:  And you came outside a little while ago...I thought you just wanted to come back to bed.

Vanessa makes exasperated noises, because I think he was referring to her doomed conversation with Becky on the backyard couch.

Austin:  I'm sorry.  I'm just going to take a shower now but I'll come back later.

Vanessa:  Whatever.  This just sucks.

Vanessa has been reading the Bible today.  Not sure if that is helping matters.

Austin came out and told the Twins that Vanessa was sobbing in there, and is upset that everyone has abandoned her.  Julia plans to go in and visit her, and told Jackie about Vanessa being upset while they washed a few dishes.  It was hard to hear over the rushing water, but I think Jackie told Julia that she had no plans to target the Twins, and didn't want them to think that.

Jackie also said "she needs to shut up" and I think she was referring to Becky, who has been doing a lot of talking to everyone about her exciting day.

(Becky really isn't an official member of The Goblins, and is probably thought of as the 4th wheel by Jackie, James and Meg.)

Steve also heard Austin talk about Vanessa feeling abandoned, and said he'd give it a few minutes and go in to see her, too.

Julia went in to visit Vanessa, and listened as Vanessa exploded in tears, saying not one person cared enough to even hug her, and that she felt so alone all day.

Julia:  I am so sorry Vanessa.  I never wanted you to feel that way.  I thought you were sleeping.  We poked our heads in here before we worked out and it looked like you were sleeping.

Steve came in and said he thought Vanessa wanted to be alone.

Steve:  I came in here with Shelli earlier, and I thought you wanted me to leave.

(She did...she was very terse with Steve earlier, because she knew Steve knew...)

Julia:  Becky has been sleeping all day upstairs.

Steve:  She's been as invisible as you've been.

Vanessa made him repeat that again to be sure she heard it correctly.  Then she started asking him about knowing she was going to be nominated.

Steve: I had a suspicion...because why would she put Johnny Mac on the block...he's her friend.

Vanessa thinks Steve had more than a suspicion, and he says he is sorry she sees it that way.

Julia: When Becky talked to us afterwards, she said she didn't tell us because she knew we would come and tell you.

Vanessa:  But she didn't think Steve would, and he didn't tell me...did you Steve?

Steve kind of hemmed and hawed and he and Julia left the room, saying they would come back later and check on her.  Steve may be fooling everyone else, but he knows he can't fool Vanessa.  She knows.

After Julia and Steve left, Vanessa pulled the covers over her head and started sobbing and cursing.

I don't think she knew that Johnny Mac and his back hair were in the room.

(Did you know he had back hair?  I wish I didn't.)

Vanessa, a little muffled:  I hate people!  Fake motherfuckers!

Johnny Mac seems oblivious, and puts on a shirt (thanks) and then checks his hair before leaving the room.

Outside everyone is talking about their guesses about the competition schedule.  Becky informs everyone about the luxury comps last year and when they happened.  Meg says the "Scorpian" TV show prize was won after the "counting" competition and they also discussed the group that got to leave the house for the NFL practice session.

Shelli says that until someone from Production came to her hotel room to show her how to use the mic pack, she never noticed the house guests wearing them.  But after that visit, she went back to watching the previous seasons on DVD, and says Jeff's mic pack was always visible and hanging here and there.

Production doesn't like the topic of this discussion, so we go back to the bedroom.

Steve is telling James that he wishes he could help Vanessa.  He doesn't want her to feel so bad about things, and there is no reason why she should be made to feel this way.

James:  I agree with you.  Yep.  Now where is my hoodie?  I can't find my hoodie.

(Was Steve trying to start a conversation about the vote this week?)

Then Johnny Mac went back in the bedroom and Vanessa was sitting sorting through her makeup bag.

John:  Can I have a hug?

It was a good ice breaker and Vanessa stood up and hugged him.

John:  If we were all in a house where someone didn't have to leave every week, we'd be good!

Vanessa, chuckling:  Yeah.

John:  I was mopey all week, thinking about it (do you mean "him", Johnny? you were thinking about Clay?)...we've really put ourselves in a shitty situation here.

Vanessa:  Yeah.  What the fuck have we done?  You're a good guy, John.

John, as he leaves the room:  Cry it out, okay?

Outside the group talks about Vanessa being so upset.  Meg also told Johnny Mac that she lives about two blocks from Central Park, right near the Museum of Natural History, on the Upper West Side.

John has stayed with a friend who lives right in that area, too.  Meg started to give her address and the feeds went to FISH.

Jackie thinks it is ridiculous that Vanessa would hold a grudge after going to the Jury.

Meg:  She'll get over it by then..she will.

Johnny Mac came out and reported that he just told Vanessa that they all signed up for this, and that everyone would end up feeling this way, and that's the game.  He said Vanessa is in the "crying stage" now.

John:  And then I hugged her and left.

(Well, that is sort of what he said.)

Becky:  Vanessa is always playing the victim, even when she's the HoH.

Meg: Yeah! She says she didn't want to win HoH, so why did she?  Why even play the game if you don't want to win?

Jackie:  And she said she wanted to talk to me...I don't have anything to say to her that she can't say in front of my friends, so go ahead.

Shelli: She said that...that she wants to talk to you?

Meg:  She already talked to us, right after she talked to Becky.

Shelli:  When was that?  How long was she in there?  What did she say?  What did you say?

Meg explained that this was the time they all had on sunglasses while they were napping.  And Vanessa was saying that she just tried to talk to Becky but Becky yelled at her.

Shelli:  Oh,you did tell me that... and you think that will be on the show..

(Yes, it will.  Wednesday night.)

Becky then launched into her story of what happened earlier with her conversation with Vanessa.  In her retelling of the story, she was calm and cordial the entire time, while Vanessa fired questions at her.

Becky:  I was not mean to her, but from now on I will only speak with her if there is another person present as a witness.

Shelli asked a number of questions to clarify the details, wanting to know exactly what was said, and by whom.

Becky:  And the fairies are dying laughing about all of this...they just laugh and laugh when I tell them what she says about the promises she made....they are just loving this whole thing!

It's kind of telling that Julia is on the outskirts of the conversation, just perched and listening.  She announces that the kale chips are taking longer than usual, and described her simple recipe.  Then she brought up being surprised that someone thought "Brass Tacks" was spelled "Brass Tacs".

Johnny:  Yeah, I just can't even believed the word was misconstrued.

They asked Jackie how to spell "tacks".

Jackie:  Um...T...A...X?

Meg, Julia and Johnny erupt over that.

Meg:  You're going to charge a tax on brass?

Shelli says she had never heard the phrase before, and Becky stepped in to give everyone the entire timeline of the use of that phrase in the house.

Johnny Mac:  Well, if we both agree that the sky is blue, I don't even stop to think that someone doesn't know what blue is.


  1. Becky is babbling and does not realise that her alliance is not with her. They are just using her. And thy will let her go without a second thought to it. As for Jackie, he get on my nerves so much. Just what she said earlier makes no sense. She talks in ways that make me want to slap Weird Al's Word Crimes in her ears! lol Vanessa needs to tone down a bit and she might be ok. And Steve needs to win that DE HoH, solidify someting with Austwins for now and with JM.

  2. I know that most chicks don't like things like chest or back hair on guys, but as a guy who does, I was just wondering why I haven't seen chest hair on John. If he has back hair, then he most certainly has chest hair, and if he doesn't get his back shaved, why bother shaving his chest? Or maybe he does display chest hair and I have not been diligent enough to notice. Sadly, male eye candy is in a sorry state of affairs on BB17.

    1. lol I've noticed mild hair on his chest. Like sporadic bits. My husband has very little chest hair, it's sexy for him to keep it there. Friends who have a lot, usually have back hair too. So I find that JM having more back hair than chest hair a little strange. Then again, strange is Johnny Mac.

  3. No, I didn't know JMac had back hair. And I kind of wish that I didn't know about it now, but it's a little late for that. Thanks, FW.
    I am currently team Goblin, so I don't really care who goes this week. But either way, Thursday should be fireworks.

  4. Some girls like body hair. Maybe John shaves his chest but can't reach his back. Who knows.

    I know he just discussed how red his beard is getting with Vanessa. She told him his Irish was coming out.

    I'm enjoying The Goblin's banter...they are having fun being miserable.


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