Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Weight of the Kingdom is on Shelli's Shoulders. #BB17

Shelli has been up all night in the backyard, completing the punishment she "won" during yesterday's PoV competition.  She has to complete a series of movements that are apparently supposed to replicate a knight's challenge.  Or something like that.

Her costume is a little flimsy-looking, like something you'd buy in a plastic bag for your kid at Halloween.  She's not allowed to go inside to sleep---I think she can only sleep outside if she needs to rest.  Clay is sitting out there keeping her company, as they try and talk through a deal they are trying to make with James to save one of them with the PoV he won.

OK, so the "Knight's Ritual", or whatever they are going to call it.  Shelli has to use her sword to knock down a pole.

And then she has to put the pole back up.  No one is allowed to help her with this, which is similar to Brittany's soccer kick challenge last one was allowed to help her retrieve soccer balls after she kicked them (often missing the goal, too).

Apparently either the sword or this stick has already broken once, and had to be replaced by Production.

And Shelli has to touch the tip of her sword to the bullseye on the target.  Note that the bullseye is already messed up, pushed in and probably hanging by a thread.

Then Shelli has to hit a hanging bag with her sword so it smacks into another target.

The cameras show us Shelli's progress.  As she reaches 1,400, she tells Clay she only has 1,000 more to go, in a sarcastic voice.

Clay:  The first 1,400 wasn't too bad.  You're doing great.

Shelli:  The thing is, you start to get tired.  My legs are getting tired.

They discuss the possibility of getting some ice cream during their next break.

After Shelli reaches 1,400, there is another part of the ritual that must be performed, probably after every 100 rituals, or maybe before she is allowed to take breaks.

Shelli puts on her crown and grabs a cowbell and walks through the living room, calling out what I'm sure is the required announcement.

Shelli the Knight:  Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The Kingdom is safe, the Kingdom is safe!  All is well in your Kingdom! Only 1,000 more to go!

This ritual is surprisingly elaborate, right?  The bell is very loud and clangy, which I'm sure is the point.  Shelli is being a good sport about this, and has a good attitude.  She and Clay cracked up a number of times outside, laughing about how stupid this all is.

As Shelli comes outside she tells Clay she heard someone cheer for her from the bedrooms.

Shelli stops for a cookie break.  They both are getting weird feelings about Vanessa now, and realize she is getting paranoid about them, too.  They have a plan to approach Meg to try and put something together with her for the rest of the game.  They may use a threat, and Clay says they will sit next to each other, and Clay will tap Shelli's leg twice if he wants to make the threat, and Shelli will tap back twice if she doesn't think that is a good idea.

They discuss different things to say to James, and might use the money they can make being on the Jury as a way to appeal to James on a friend level.  (They get paid a stipend of about $1,000 per week for every week they are in the house or sequestered in the Jury.)

(But something tells me James will be thinking of Jason, who could have really used that stipend...)

Shelli:  I can't believe he is able to get this whole house wanting to backdoor one of us...


Last night, after the PoV, the air in the house was crackly with tension. The girls made small talk about how handsome Clay looked standing up there in his costume.  I was hoping that Clay would be wearing tights, but alas that costume includes shorts, not tights.

Clay:  Watch me have to get a job at DisneyLand, walking around dressed like this.

(But Disney would require tights, right?)

Becky Burgess, looking $5,000 richer than she did this morning.

And I have to say that I went back and listened to what Shelli and James discussed at the end of the HoH competition.  When you watch a live competition like that on the live feeds, the video is kind of choppy and slow as so many people tune in to watch.  And when someone falls, it gets extra choppy because I think people are filming it and making gifs.

So anyway, when I listened back, I could clearly hear Shelli mention keeping both her and Clay safe from both nominations and backdoors.  I only heard the backdoor part when I watched it live, but she did request safety from nominations as well.

So, was it clumsy and ill-advised to say that right in front of the entire cast?  Yes, but at least she did ask for more than I thought she did.  So there's that.

Now, Shelli must have been in the DR while all this happened.  Meg finally got Clay alone in the bathroom and tried to talk some sense into him, after hearing him beg everyone to vote him out instead of Shelli.  (Previously, Clay was saying he would use the PoV to save Shelli if he won, but that is a moot point now.)

Now, the tone of this conversation is friendly, but if you just watched the video or saw these pictures you might think differently.

Meg was almost whispering, trying to keep this conversation private.  She implored him to fight, saying that he has friends in this game, he has people he can work with.

Meg:  Clay, you know how I feel about you. You picked the wrong girl if you expect me to cheer you on for just giving up like this!

She started crying, saying she wanted to come into the game like a tough New Yorker, and look at her now.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want Meg standing between my boyfriend's legs like that.  Especially when you know how Meg likes to lean over and leverage that cleavage in most of her conversations.

I was very uncomfortable, watching this, waiting for Shelli to come around that corner and get a load of this conversation.  Because remember they are whispering....and Meg is kind of crying and is very passionate about what she's saying.

She's smashing them right into his face, practically.  Probably hitting his chin.

Meg: came into this game alone.  And you can win alone!

The cameras are all over this.  Kind of like Meg being all over Clay, right?

Now, Meg didn't move her hand, because I was definitely watching for that, but she left it there, making it easy for me to snap this picture.


Enjoy this memory from BB16, as Brittany is in those deadly morning hours, when her goal to kick 2,400 soccer goals seems impossible.  And Cody wasn't happy about those penalty kicks-in-the-butt, either.

And here is another post, when Brittany was in the early hours of her soccer challenge.  And Nicole is still enjoying wearing her Germantard.

And from BB15, let's not forget how Amanada had to spray tan in the backyard, over and over and over.  That punishment got old fast, too, and everyone stopped being supportive so Amanda had to tan alone in the wee hours of the night.


  1. LOL, Meg is a lot hoter than Shellie imo, so shelli leaving would be great for clay. Dude don't give up ur game for a girl u have known 5weeks. Ur parents would whoop ur ass, ur friends would give u shit too. I'm from Texas!!!! They would be pissed, I gave up my baseball career for a girl, but I digress!!!!!

  2. This is funny, imo. Remember when shelli was talking to Jason about going home. That "we all go home, and u will have a great time seeing all ur bitches, and family" , remember when shelli said that to him? I was thinking when she said that "easy for u to say shelli ur not going home"? It doesn't feel very good when the shoes on the other foot huh shelli?

  3. Clay got more sugar from Meg in that short conversation than Shelli has rationed out to him in this whole game.

    1. Sugar rations..ha ha ha.

      If Clay stays, I think Becky might make a run for him, too. But she's going to have a hard time getting Meg off his jock.

  4. lol about the bell, it's a Town Crier bell, like in the Fable games haha

    But Clay is 23. At 23, you're not looking to settle down. Shelli is around my age, looking to settle down. I've been with younger men and was sorely disappointment by the lack of commitment. It's not that Clay is immature, but he's at a different stage in his life. Right now, he may be infatuated with Shelli, but he's got something on his mind that in the BB house, you don't really get fulfilled. Brenchel were both older and were kissing in the house at least. Brendon and Rachel had not committed to each other the way Shelli assumed Clay is committed to her. They committed AFTER BB12. So in BB13, of course Brendon was chivalrous to his fiancé, duah.

    A 32 year old woman can't expect from a 23 year old man what she would get from a man her age or an older man. Not at 23.

    Clay is 23. His hormones are still changing. Until he hits 25, 26, 27, he might not be ready for what Shelli wants from him. Maybe he will be, but if he was, he would NOT have let Meg be all over him like that. Brendon in BB12 would not let ANY other chick be close to him the way Rachel was, because he was serous about her. Clay is letting Meg touch him. If he was committed to only Shelli, he would have subtly removed her hand, or crossed his legs or arms, moved about to keep a certain level of distance. And then told Shelli that Meg was trying to be all over him. I see no disconfort in Clay's face and secrets between a couple means someone is not a committed as the other.


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