Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Armor Might be Shiny, But The Kingdom is Not Safe From Banners, Apparently. #BB17

There was a lot of excitement in the house last night when Jackie came out in her suit of armor, that she needs to wear all week.  But the whole situation is amped up due to Vanessa's "Squire" punishment, which starts at the same time but only runs for 24 hours.

Vanessa is basically Jackie's slave and has to shine Jackie's armor continuously for 24 hours.  If Jackie goes to sleep Vanessa can rest until awoken by a nasty, shrill voice saying the following:


Imagine one of those Disney villains yelling at you, and then you will know what it sounds like.

They sat around the living room and entertained everyone with the buffing of Jackie's armor, and also a story Vanessa made up about how Jacqueline the Great became such a great knight, complete with a Scottish accent.

Vanessa must trail behind Jackie when she walks, buffing and polishing.  I predict this will get VERY old, but in the early hours of the punishment everyone is excited about it.  The Twins get in on the act by putting on a crown and a headress from the competition uniforms and holding Jackie's cape as she walks towards the kitchen.

Julia is using a long candy stick as a sword and pokes Meg with it, saying she's way too close to Jacqueline the Great.  It was funny.

Vanessa eats a bowl of cereal and polishes, a dutiful Squire.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, out in the backyard Shelli decided to nap for a few minutes.  She is well into her punishment that she "won" in the PoV competition, but is exhausted from staying up all night.

Shelli is not allowed to even go in the house until she reaches her goal of 2,400 Knight moves (or whatever) other than going in the living room and ringing a cow bell.  She has to use the Port-a-Potty in the backyard, and depend on others to bring her things she needs, or food.

BB put a little tent over the round lounge chair to give her some protection from the sun.  But is Clay allowed to sleep out there in the backyard?  I don't think so, technically, but I'm sure it makes for a better story.

Last night the audience of the PoV competition enjoyed wine and turkey legs.  Jackie decided she wanted to gnaw on a turkey leg now, even though the platter had been sitting around uncovered in the kitchen.

Vanessa:  Are you sure? Because if you need to go to the bathroom a lot....

They sat outside and supported Shelli's efforts in her quest to protect the Kingdom.

I think Becky could have used a punishment, too, to get a little camera time.  But she probably has no idea that she hasn't appeared very much in the CBS episodes, although she has commented on never getting asked to go in the DR.

She's dipping bananas in melted chocolate, with plans to freeze them for a snack.

Jackie says getting in and out of the costume in order to pee is a major ordeal.  She asked Vanessa to help her zip up, and when Vanessa was standing behind her Clay walked in and thought for a moment that Jackie might be undressed.  But she wasn't.

Jackie had to retrieve her armor from the WC so Clay could go in there.

Vanessa feels like they found a loophole by polishing Jackie's shield, instead of having to have hands on Jackie all of the time.  But I assure you that Production is no longer accepting that as Acceptable Squire Behavior.

This morning Shelli started her little Knight routine again and is determined to finish.  She is taking breaks every 100-200 rotations, and says her feet are really hurting her now.  The gloves she is wearing aren't part of her official costume, but she says they have been a real lifesaver and she would have blisters if it weren't for those gloves.

Clay walked alongside Shelli to keep her company, crunching loudly from a box of Froot Loops as he walked.   Shelli nagged him about his diet, asking him 1,000 questions about what he's eaten and what he plans to eat today.

It was really hot in the backyard today.  Every house guest who went in the backyard came back in talking about how miserable Shelli must be out there.

She took a break with Clay, who seems to think that everyone will honor his request to vote him out instead of Shelli. Shelli protests a little, but Clay says he really thinks she has a better chance to win than he does.

Shelli started making comments about how people will be "lined up for Clay out there".  Clay apparently thought she said they would be waiting with bated breath because they had a weird conversation about that expression.

Shelli said he will change the way he feels after not seeing her for two months, but he denies that.

Clay:  What is meant to happen outside of this house is meant to be.  And I haven't gotten sick of you yet, after being around you so much.  And that's a good sign, because if I was I'd be avoiding you right now.

And here is proof that the Squire is already shirking her duties. She is pretending to buff Jackie's armor, but you can see she is actually several inches away from Jackie's body.  Jackie is not exactly Miss Congeniality in the mornings, and I'm sure Vanessa is trying to avoid making her mad, even though this punishment is not Vanessa's fault.

That red lipstick doesn't put itself on, in case you were wondering.

And then, out of nowhere, something interesting happened about 5:24 pm BBT.  Liz was laying out next to Austin, and she looked up at the sky and was startled, and started reading something. I think she actually jumped up to get a better look.

Liz:  Oh, look at that!

Austin:  Don't draw too much attention to it.

Liz:  It says, "I love" with a heart...SHELLI OH MY GOD!

Shelli and Clay stop and look up, and then the feeds go to FISH.  Just before the feeds vanish, Austin asks Clay if he ordered that banner, but of course that would be impossible.

About five minutes later, the feeds return as Clay says that "it could have been Clelli" and Shelli says "yeah" and then we get FISH again.

Thanks a lot, Clay.

When the feeds return Liz thanks the live feeders, and Shelli chimes in on that.  Within moments, the Poole family issued a statement denying responsibility.  But are they passing blame to the dog?

BB continues to scold Vanessa for her lackluster armor-shining skills.  Luckily Vanessa has other job skills to fall back on.


  1. Jackie could use this time with Vanessa to point out how Shelli pointed all the blame of Jason's eviction on Vanessa. Maybe she could get her to switch allegiances. Maybe....
    Do you think people will vote Clay out? I do. I think the lack of sight for the endgame is startling with this cast. Shelli would never choose anyone over Clay as a final two. And probably would accept a twin as a f2 in his absence. Everyone else that votes to keep her is accepting, at best, third place.
    Do you think the banner will actually have any affect on the votes? I hope not.

  2. P.S....what's up with Austin and the twins getting to crash in the living room. Clay gets to sleep outside too? I thought BB was pretty strict about that stuff.


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