Saturday, August 8, 2015

Scenes From Last Night - Thanks For the Recipes. #BB17

Yesterday afternoon Liz was getting ready, and it looked like she would have a wardrobe malfunction any second.  Accordingly, the cameras were stalking her from every angle.

She even looked up at the camera and said "creeper" at one point, but shrugged it off and kept working on her makeup.  But from a certain angle, you could see that she did have a bandeau bra on, even though it doesn't look like it.

Vanessa knows she's a backdoor target this weekend.  She stayed in bed a long, long time and skipped most of the morning chatter.

They had a brief morning lockdown in the HoH room---the backyard is closed down while the PoV set is being constructed---and when they came downstairs they found this week's Have Not foods:  Sloppy Joes.

They gather round to gawk at the food displayed on the dining table.

Shelli:  Sloppy Joes!  That's like a meal!

Liz and Julia are pissed-ah, because all they had was lollipops last week.

Then they realized that the Sloppy Joe's were actually slop, not meat, but I think the potential Have Nots were excited anyway.

Jackie:  We can make slop sandwiches with lots of condiments.

Becky read the HoH card which said she needed to nominate three Have Nots, but they already volunteered---Jackie, James and Meg.

Every week the volunteers have come forward willingly, based on a rotation schedule, but this does take some of the fun out of the process for the viewers.

For example, it was sad last year when Nicole kept getting picked, but hey that is Big Brother.  By the way that linked post is pretty fun to read now, because it includes Frankie being a dick.  Which just goes to show that every bad thing that happen ends up being a good story later.  Because Tragedy + Time = Comedy.

Shelli thought the buns were moldy, but Liz inspected one of them and reported that some of the buns were studded with jalapenos.


The Have Nots went into the Dentist's Office to set the stage for their naps.  Before she went in the room Meg waved to everyone and said "see you next week".

She went right to the bed in the corner while they all complained about all of the mess in there, and all of the things all over the dentist chairs.

Meg:  Why is there a towel here?

Meg pulls and yanks on it:  It's stuck!  What is this?

Uh, Meg...that was Austin's bed....and that is where he liked to lean over and maul Liz while she tried to sleep.  So I don't know that I would handle that towel without wearing the oven mitts.

James says there were wet towels in the room, too.

Meg says walking in the house the first few days, she would never guess that the three of them would have become a little team.

Jackie:   We're like the leftovers.

Meg: And with Becky too?  Oh my gosh.

Becky came in looking for compliments on her choice of clothing. (For someone who works in retail fashion, Becky is very insecure regarding her own clothes and makeup.)

Becky: This is my shirt from the Smells Like Team Spirit comp.

She also has on black hightop Converse shoes, also from a competition, that she says she would never wear in her everyday life.  James says he sees people who fold the high top part down, but thankfully Becky doesn't take this fashion tip seriously.

In the other bedroom Vanessa stares a hole in the wall while her wheels turn under that green beanie.

Across the room Austin is spooning Liz and massaging her sore back.  He is explaining different nerve issues that can come out of a tense back and using a lot of long, technical terms.  He might be making it all up but it sounds real to me.  She turned toward him and I think they went to sleep.

In the Have Not room everyone was getting ready for their naps, too. James found an ice pack in his bed and held it up for the cameras.  Once again, I'd probably use an oven mitt to handle that----it is likely that it was stuck down someone's pants or worse, since we all heard Austin complain about groin pain.

Later in the evening, the Twins cooked dinner with Austin hovering nearby.  They cooked a pan of chicken, and also vegetables and salad.  Julia said that after being a Have Not, she is really enjoying cooking three good meals each day.  Austin agrees that even the simplest foods like sliced turkey taste delicious now.

I heard Liz tell Shelli yesterday that seeing Clay cook so much really inspired Julia to try and make an effort more.  Julia snacks on Triscuits and has some news for us.

Julia: Did you hear that Vanessa was eating Triscuits and found out there were ants in the box?

Liz:  Ew-ah.  Gross-ah.

Shelli says she has no where else to go in the house, so she says she will tag along with the three of them if they don't mind.

They don't.

Shelli sits and stares at the memory wall.

Don't say it, Shelli.  You can think it, but you need to keep Clay's name out of your mouth now.

She does, for now.  Shelli is smarter than most casual fans think she is. She just needs to shake off that whole Clay situation and get her head back in the game.

Liz says her plate is so good-ah.  Austin is glad that they are "back on track with the vegetables".  Shelli would like to eat more vegetables, but she gets lazy and just wants to make a sandwich..

Liz: But we could put tomato on the sandwich though.

Julia says "tomato" in Spanish as she walks around the kitchen.  Liz reports that she cooked zucchini, mushrooms and onions along with the tomatoes and Shelli says it looks great.

I just watched Austin stand in the kitchen and eat right off the tray of chicken, sticking his fork in there at least two times.  He blew on the fork, too, until the chicken was cool enough to eat, so surely that spreads some additional germs all over everything.

Julia has salad on her plate, and almost as soon as she sat down she stood back up to get another piece of chicken, probably fresh from a blast of Austin's breath.

She told a little story about slipping up earlier in the season and saying her own name, so then she covered it up by saying "Julie Chen".  Shelli asked a lot of questions about their casting process, so Julia tells her that Production gave them the choice about which Twin would be the official cast member at the beginning of the season.

Julia:  I thought it would be a challenge, and I was up for it.

Shelli tells them that Jeff is the one who told her about the Twins, but says she had already noticed that the picture on the wall looked different.

(No, no, no, no.  That is NOT what happened.  Da'Vonne told Jason, and Jason told Meg, and then Da'Vonne, Jason and Meg told Jeff.  Only a few minutes later they all ran into the house to look at the Memory Wall and Shelli and Clay came down from the HoH to see what the fuss was about.  By the way, the entire Twin unveiling process was so sloppy on Da'Vonne and Jason's part that Steve and James were brought in on it also, without even a passing thought about strategy.)

Julia thinks the BB5 Twins were not as social as they are, so it is hard to keep a secret for that long.  She says that Da'Vonne was so negative all of the time that she just couldn't trust her when she approached her with a deal.

Julia says the chicken was "so good and soft" and she thanks Clay for teaching her the recipe.

Shelli:  Oh, you learned it from him!  No wonder it was so good!


Shelli:  I already know how to cook, but I didn't even have time to get hungry before he would say, here is the gourmet meal I made for you.

Liz brings up how after their Have Not week Clay slaved in the kitchen to make so much great food, but when the Chinese food was delivered everyone just ran to eat that.

Liz: I was like, NO...and I ate one of his turkey burgers and it was delicious!

Shelli is incensed just thinking about this and starts raising her voice, at a low screech level.

Shelli:  What are you talking about that no one ate his food?  Everyone had a HUGE plate of Clay's food, and THEN the Chinese food!

(We don't need to imagine what happened though, because you know I have the facts right here.)

They hate that Production let Clay and Becky "slave away" in the kitchen without telling them Chinese food was being delivered.  Shelli starts reciting every dish that Clay made and her voice gets louder and louder, describing the sliced potatoes with the cheese and says it looks like the spread you'd see at a wedding.

Shelli: It looked like a spread you'd see at a wedding.

Liz: That was when I feel in love with his turkey burgers.  And remember he made the halibut with all of the tomatoes and everything?  It was all bite-sized and so good-ah..

Julia:  Where did he learn to do that?

Shelli:  His dad.

Liz:  His dad-uh.

Shelli:  I know my mom has been watching this and is wondering how I keep doing this. My last two boyfriends were great ex-husband was Italian and he could cook like he went to culinary school, but he didn't.

Liz:  No-ah!

Shelli:  His degree was in like, food management and he worked in restaurants and his mom was Italian.  And my last boyfriend, who I lived with, he...


Shelli:  But I like Clay's cooking best of all of them.


  1. Lol the twins were busted in the first week. And doesn't austin remind u of a fly that attaches itself to cows and the cow is always trying to swat at it with its tail. Lol poor guy, nope I don't feel sorry for him. Idk for a guy that has a degree in "mediaevil literature" (which I don't understand how u would use that in the modern times) he seems not very intelligent, like he doesn't see the signs that liz is not interested in him. And there is something wrong with steve, I mean like something is really weird about that kid. I mean he seems like the type of person that would be a serial killer, yea? Not that he is one or will be one but he just lacks social skills and basic conversational skills. He might be an interesting person but he doesn't know how to convey that. I mean his personality is like his food BLAND. IMO, but this has been an entertaining season.

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    2. And ur summaries are awesome Feed Watcher!!!!! I wish I would have found them 5 years ago!!

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  3. I posted earlier and now there's a wait time before it will post. I suppose I know who to thank for that. *side-eye*
    Plus, when I went to leave, a pop-up came up saying that if I stayed on the page there would be some great offer or deal or something. That has never happened before. I left anyways, so I don't even know if my comment even registered.
    I just wanted you to know. You can delete this after you read it, if you want.

    1. Well, that offer was not from me!

      I hope it doesn't keep happening. I don't know how long I will moderate the comments...I would rather not but, you know....

      ***side stink eye***

  4. Austin and Steve are nice guys. Not everyone can be a suave, savvy alpha male. The world would be pretty boring if everyone was the same IMO...
    "Mediaevil" lol... so hard. I've literally never seen it spelled that way.


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