Saturday, August 1, 2015

Scenes From Last Night - The Survivors Carry On #BB17

On Friday night, there were really two types of house guests....two that were nominated that afternoon, and everybody else.  I'm sure you know Shelli and Clay were nominated by James, and are not demonstrating a lot of grace under pressure, to say the least. Both of them had outbursts after learning they were nominated, causing a disturbance during the nomination ceremony for the first time this year.

Meg said that it was really awkward for James to end the ceremony after that.  Can't wait to see that on Sunday night's CBS show....

OK.  So while Shelli and Clay are isolating themselves in a dark bedroom, whispering and whining, the rest of the house guests did what they could to make time fly.  They're locked in the house tonight, so they're hanging around, talking.

Steve bounced his beach ball up and down and around while a group talked about various reality show topics, as follows:

*  Steve heard that many contestants on reality and game shows forfeit their prizes because they can't pay the taxes, citing The Price is Right as a specific example.  Vanessa is very surprised at this, and wonders they wouldn't just immediately sell the car and use part of the proceeds to pay the taxes.
*  They discuss the trip to Germany that Zach won last year and also Meg's Gronk Party Cruise.

(I have actually heard that the BB contestants will also be taxed on the fair market value of competition costume items like new sports shoes, etc,---they get a 1099 for those dollars at tax time.)

*  Steve describes how when he was standing on the cliff last night, that he did a lot of smack talk with production, asking them if that was all the rain they had, to bring it on, etc.  He points out that this may not have been the best uses of his energy, since he was one of the first to fall.

*  Vanessa says it was strange to watch Steve up on the cliff, since he never likes to stand still and is usually moving around or fidgeting.

*  Someone made some sort of sex joke about slapping noises that Johnny Mac attributed to James.  Then Steve said that he wouldn't know anything about that, and then said he didn't think Vanessa did, either.

Vanessa:  Excuse me?  I was married to a man!  I've had sex before.  I'm not a gold star lesbian....I'm not even close...

*  This led into a discussion of what a gold star lesbian is, and Vanessa's estimate that it is a much smaller population of women, since most people experiment and try different things out as they discover themselves.  She mentions Jason having sex with a girl, saying it's the same thing.

*  Steve brings up Vanessa applying for TAR with her ex-husband.  Vanessa says they got really close to making it (they were an alternate team) but ultimately got sent home and she says she never applied for TAR again.  Steve asks if she was too bitter to apply again, but Vanessa told him that her husband "got really sick" after that.  Steve didn't process this information, and made  her repeat it, which is a common occurrence with Steve.

*  Vanessa applied for both Survivor and Big Brother after that, and says she will probably still keep applying for Survivor, and maybe even try TAR again after this.   The year after the TAR situation, she says she also came "really close" to being on Survivor, but her husband was very ill at that point (implying she might not have actually traveled to play).

Steve:  So, you just really want to be on a TV show?

Vanessa:  No, I'm very big into games and competitions that are on TV.

She has to repeat this for Steve twice, actually, before he accepts it as an acceptable response.

Vanessa:  So I'm big into Suvivor, but I'm not really that into bugs, so maybe....

John:  On Survivor, the bugs get into you, though, right?

They discuss how contestants have had to eat bugs on the show.

*  Steve said he would never do Survivor, because the competitions are too hard, and the living situation makes the Have Not room seem luxurious.  Vanessa says Survivor is stressful, but it seems pretty fair because people usually get voted out based on what they contribute or don't contribute to the team's camp life or competitions, at least up until the merge.

*  Vanessa learned to drive a stick shift, she says, but only did it once because she wanted to learn how for TAR.  Steve tells them that on Jackie's season a team got eliminated because they couldn't drive the standard gear car.  (Bergin and Kurt, the gay blind date team)

*  Julia told them that she was so irritated that Jason always talked about BB5 being his favorite season, because it made her nervous. Steve said Jason was a big Diane Henry fan, and told them all about how Nakomis influenced the game with her six finger plan.  Julia says she wasn't a big Nakomis fan, but Steve says he doesn't want to hear anyone talk smack about Nakomis.

Steve:  Nakomis is the reason why we have to pull players randomly for PoV.  She had a huge impact on this game.

*  Steve then mentioned Drew Daniel, and his arrest for domestic violence.

Julia:  What?  With his partner?

Steve: I think so.

(You can read about that here, of course.)

*  Julia asked Steve a lot of questions about the BB5 twins, but he couldn't remember the exact eviction order, nor who voted who out.  She asked Johnny Mac again about how he noticed her tooth, and when he realized that she was a twin.  Johnny says he noticed her tooth, but didn't know she was a twin until Jason told him.  (That is Liz in the picture below...Julia is sitting across the room in a yellow T-shirt.)

Austin and Liz went in to the Hammock Room to strategize, and Austin wanted to sit like this.  She didn't like it, and said she was uncomfortable.

So she moved to this position.

Meg came in and they had some laughs about how painfully horrible the HoH competition was.

Liz:  I was so happy when you were up there and you started saying "I'm gonna go...I'm gonna go", because I couldn't take it anymore!

Meg:  I was like, clearly I will not be winning this competition!

Jackie had to have a medic look at that spot on her chest that was bright red from the birds attacking her.

Jackie:  I had an angry bird.


  1. Hahaha, Shelli and Clay already disrupt live voting time with their "love y'all, miss y'all" shout-outs, so the nomination ceremony outburst fits right in with their disrespect of the game. I am really tired of Shelli's crocodile tears, but it is fun to compare her behavior to those of the people she put on the block. The three most entertaining houseguests didn't even make it to Jury, but the shift in power this week is a step in the right direction for this season. Great job, James!

  2. Boy did steve come to Nakomis's defense it is funny to watch clellie or whatever they are called throw everyone under the bus. Shelli is eager to take it out on someone. Even Vanessa had to explain to her that what she was perceiving wasn't the truth, james in no way was bullying's just salty!!!

  3. Personally, I would like to see Clay in the game without Shelli as his shadow, partly for the continued eye candy, partly to see if he would be a more enjoyable player to watch minus the aforementioned shadow. Plus, he appears to flip a mean omelet!


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