Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ready, Set, Whoa Begins..... #BB17

This is a new HoH competition and is kind of exciting.  It calls for focus and patience, but also speed in getting across the field when it's time to go, and quick reflexes wouldn't hurt, either.

There will be seven separate heats or races.  Each house guest must hold down three buttons until they see the word "Go" on the screen, and then run across the field and press a buzzer.  One of the three buttons they must hold down is at their feet, on the starting block. Julie reminds Vanessa to keep her foot on the button, along with the two on the ground under each hand.

The last house guest to press the button will be eliminated.  There will be decoy words that sound like the word go, and Julie says that it might be a half hour or so before they see the word "go".

Like and finally "go". Meg is out first.

Meg, laughing:  What a shocker!

The second heat is about to begin as the live show ends.  Liz's bright lipstick is kind of jarring after seeing her au naturale for most of her time on the live feeds.  I would say that Johnny Mac probably has a good chance at this, since he is fast and is a runner, and is good at watching and waiting. Julia might have a good shot, too.  She did track and field in high school, so she is used to standing in the starting blocks and using them to push off.

Not sure about James and Vanessa.  Or Austin, who might be easily distracted. Vanessa was the last to buzz in, I think for the first heat, which doesn't bode well for her unless the others get worn down by the monotony of just staring at something, waiting.

While we wait for the live feeds to return....lots of filler on the live show tonight.  You know there is not much strategy or game talk to cover when we see footage of pranks yet AGAIN (particularly in darkened rooms...), banal questions for some of the house guests, and then EXTENDED footage of the Zingbot.  All that plus a family segment and a Jury segment---we usually don't see the Jury house until there are three or more Jurors, so they are really scrambling to find footage.

(Not a good sign...)

It's been 15 minutes, so I will go ahead and post and update when the live feeds are back.  They might be having a problem with the buttons or shouldn't take this long for the feeds to return.

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