Saturday, August 29, 2015

PoV Aftermath - Sh*t Got Messy Tonight. And The House is a Wreck, Too. #BB17

The PoV competition lasted over 4 hours, and when the feeds returned, the house was a mess.  Oh, and get this:

James won PoV.


John was the host, and he is helping clean up the bedroom, where clothes, shoes and apparently pretzels are strewn all over.

I think the competition was similar to an old one, where each competitor has to hide something and try to keep the others from finding it. If it's like the others, they each got turns running in the house to look for someone else's hidden object, which would eliminate them from the competition.

I don't know if you can see, but Austin is holding a handful of pretzel sticks.  Someone asks where those came from, and Steve says he got them in his HoH basket.

They're just filling up garbage bags with crap. Steve is apparently trying to clean up the kitchen, and calls out a clarifying question to the group.

Steve:  So any food that's on the floor....that's gone now?

Everyone told him to throw the food away.


Meg's clothes are everywhere, and she keeps complaining about one of her shoes being across the room. You can see that even the mattresses were ripped off the beds.

James got that basket for Meg and tried to help her gather everything.

This isn't mine, Meg says.  (the bikini top)

The girls figured out later that it probably belonged to Shelli, and that she probably has the bottoms with her in Jury.

We did see Vanessa for a few minutes, up in the HoH room, mad as a...well, mad as a hatter.  She's in the shit now, because she will have to nominate someone else to go on the block.   And now she has a big enemy in James.

The Twins are livid.

Liz:  I saw my stuff had been thrown all over, so I went in and threw Meg's clothes all over.

Julia:  Liz!  How did you know it was her?

Liz:  Well, I'm only cleaning up our stuff.  No one else's.

Apparently James hid his item under the rug, and no one found it.   One of the Twins hid her's inside a pizza box, so when she ran in the house to search and saw the pizza box on the floor, she already knew she was out of the game.

It sounds like Austin unzipped one of the duvets and hid his item inside.

Ultimately the ants won, too, when you think about it.  Austin said the kitchen stunk and thinks it is the bacon that smells.

Austin:  All that food.....gone.  I refuse to clean up all of that cereal.

Austin says once all of the obvious hiding places had been searched, people had to get more creative, and they were all in a hurry so that explains the mess.

Steve:  I used to have an underwear drawer, but I don't anymore.

A Twin:  Oh, the Hanes?  They're all out there, in the hall.  I'd be so pissed if my stuff got messed up and I didn't even participate.

(Steve didn't play, nor host.)

Austin tries to put the Hammock Room back in order.

Vanessa found Austin's item, and is upset about it.  She tells Julia that she knew James hid his under a rug, and she looked under every rug.  I think she found one, but didn't actually "find" it because she thought it was Julia's, and she wanted her to win.

Julia:  Meg will still go home.

Vanessa: How?

Julia:  You can put up John. If we all vote for her, she'll leave. (i.e. the AusTwins)

Vanessa:  You guys will really do that....all three of you will vote her out and not him?  Are you sure?

Julia:  Well, who else?  James is downstairs so happy that he won...I want him out so bad.

Vanessa:  They must really  be pulling for him, to give him a physical endurance comp that I should have never fucking won, and now this one.

James put a huge yellow sectional piece of furniture over the rug where he hid his item, and no one thought to look under it.

Vanessa:  This was perfect for him...with all the times he hides from us in here.  He's so sneaky.  This was his comp.

Julia:  I really don't care whether Meg or John goes...whichever you want.

Vanessa:  Well, now that James and John are so close...maybe I don't know anymore.  And now Meg and James are coming after me...great.

Julia: I want him gone so bad. You don't understand.

Vanessa:  I don't know what to do now.  I can't tell you guys to vote out Meg over John, because John is after you guys, and Meg sucks.  She never wins anything. This game is all about incentives...there is no incentive for you to send Meg home unless she's on the block next to James.

Julia:  I want Meg gone, but Austin and Liz want John out, I think.

Vanessa: Might as well go downstairs and help clean up.  I'm so frustrated.  I gave it everything I had...I've got bruises everywhere from lifting up stuff.  And I found Austin's!  There was just no way to know...

Julia: And I found yours, too.

Vanessa:  It just shows we think alike.  Well, James won it fair and square.  Good for him, but it sucks for us.

Austin is the one who threw cereal everywhere and refused to clean it up, and Julia is pissed.

Julia:  Oh, I hate him.  I hate both of them.  I want them both gone.  But I want Meg gone, too, before she floats her way to the end.


  1. Yeah Julia, its a damn shame about people who float their way to the end, especially the ones consumed by talking about who they hate. Please Big Brother, surprise me , surprise the hell outta me compared to what the past several weeks seem to be leading up to.....

    1. Steve is going after Austwins during DE - if he wins again; and then Vanessa. James is going after Vanessa. JMac is going after Austwins, and then Vanessa and that leaves Meg/Julia to float to the end. Simple as that. My estimation is that the three left in the house will be James, JMac/Steve, or Meg/Julia. If they get Meg to stay this week, James, Steve and JMac would have to work hard against the opposition of Van and Austin during DE. So this is a good time to get them out - they just don't know it yet.

  2. Vanessa: They must really be pulling for him, to give him a physical endurance comp that I should have never fucking won, and now this one.

    Yes Vanessa, the producer's are trying to screw you out of the prize money you so desperately need and are doing everything they can to rig the games against you.

    And of course that will be the basis of your lawsuit should you lose, establishing cause early and repeatedly in a public forum can prove beneficial to any case; but of course it helps if you can cry and speak like a mewling kitten first.

    1. But you have to acknowledge that if the PoV was the "Hold and Fold" competition and Vanessa won, then all of the Vanessa Haters would be saying that Production rigged the comp for her to win.

      Just like they are all saying that the HoH was rigged to eliminate everyone else....

    2. Production has an advantage at all times! they are listening and in anticipation have games waiting for people. It's done as a means to get good TV. Undermining that weeks HOH plan, which is made before even getting there with most of the cast, is what causes people havoc and drama.

      You have to strategize between the options at that moment. The show is setup for drama at all times, you are there to be entertaining, and lastly winning a game. So yes, the team of production have discussions days ahead of what comps you'd play.

  3. Yay James!! I'm so sick of the same script the last 4 weeks. At least James makes moves and has a great social game. I'm rooting for him!!

    1. Me too, at least with him he does play the game socially and physically - Vanessa's social game is weak, a lot of people are on to her and get annoyed with her whinny I'm good talks. She blindsided people multiple times this season.

  4. I think people sense that Vanessa is a huge threat, but can't act on it, because the two or three dimwits that act as a bodyshield. I did note that Julia and Liz were smack talking about Van because of that suggested Pawn move with Julia. They are totally fed up with her, but because everyone is looking for an angle to take someone out - they can't break up the group yet. And won't. And Van NEEDS the remaining guests outside of Austwins to at least SUGGEST that they work with her. This is the problem NONE of the opposition in the house is coordinating together to take them down. It's become a problem for the bigger moves.

  5. I can't believe Vanessa didn't help clean up at all. What a tool. And I'm, for the most part, Team Vanessa. But that was crappy. She's a sore loser.


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