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PoV Aftermath - Punishments & Prizes, Tortures & Treats #BB17

Well, any learned scholar would tell you that history repeats itself.  So why would Production tamper with a tried-and-true PoV format that leaves some house guests with cash and prizes, and others with humiliating punishments?  It's a real crowd pleaser, every year.

The theme was Game of Thrones.  But I'm sure they can't call it that, of course.  Julia was the host, and the spectators got to enjoy wine while they watched the proceedings.  There was a Crown, probably the PoV Crown.

(Apparently both Meg and Johnny Mac got very, very drunk.)

But rarely does the PoV go to the person who really needs it.  Because it is one of those competitions where whoever goes next knows what you have, and can take it.

Prizes & Treats

James won the PoV.
Clay won a trip to Ireland.
Becky won $5,000.

Punishments & Tortures

Shelli has to do a knight's routine, waving a sword 2,400 times in 24 hours
Vanessa is chained to Jackie for 24 hours, and may or may not have to "pet" Jackie.
Jackie will be wearing some sort of costume.  (A dragon, perhaps?)

(***Update***: I guessed wrong about Vanessa and Jackie's punishments.  But how could I have guessed this?)

That is Shelli wearing her knight's costume in the picture above.  And in the pictures below.  Shelli and Clay have been grieving since their nominations yesterday.  I don't think they have a lot of tears left.  And Clay has been begging everyone to please vote him out, to let Shelli stay in the game.

Such a noble, stupid, short-sighted gesture.  He just met Shelli, and they don't even know if this relationship has a chance outside the BB house.  They live thousands of miles apart. And it's not that Shelli is ten years older than Clay, it is that the particular 10 year difference that they have is gargantuan, when you consider Clay is just 23, fresh out of school and in the midst of so many crucial life decisions.

Granted, Clay is not your typical 23-year-old guy.  He's incredibly grounded and mature, and obviously has a great family background.  But even if he does plan on pledging himself to Shelli, at least for a few years, that $500,000 would come in handy.  He has at least the same chance to win as Shelli if he stays in the game, or as many fans think, a much higher chance to win.

Shelli primps for their planned relocation to the Hammock Room, with it's pervasive camera coverage. Vanessa is finishing up her shower routine, and pledges vengeance on Shelli's behalf next week, for "that asshole". Shelli just kind of laughed and said she'd like to see that.

Shelli and Clay are resigned to their fate.  But do they know what their fate is?  Clay is begging people to vote him out so Shelli can stay, but James and his crew want Shelli to leave.  And they think Clay is nuts to sacrifice his game for Shelli, and James wants to pound that into Clay's head and set him straight.

Vanessa would rather Shelli stay to better her own chances in the game. But can she convince Austin, the Twins, and one other person to vote for Shelli to stay? Because they need five votes for Shelli.  Clay flat out lied to Meg last week, and is still bitter about it.  So maybe that is a lever they can pull to get Meg's vote.

Earlier today, an interesting exchange occurred as Vanessa primped before the PoV comp.  Austin visited James in the HoH earlier today, and Vanessa asked Austin about it.    Austin claimed it was a short conversation, with James asking what Clay has been up to, and what the chatter downstairs is about.

Vanessa isn't buying it, and let him know.

Vanessa, in a low, scary voice:  Don't you fuck me Austin.

Julia stood nearby, concerned.

Austin immediately started blabbering in that mile-a-minute way he has when he's nervous.  In one sense it seems really guilty, but watching Austin as much as I have, I think he's scared.

Austin is scared of Vanessa.  And I think she knows it and knows he needs a good scare now and then.  Austin needs discipline, and he knows it.  And probably enjoys it, too.

Vanessa:  If you think he's your friend now, you are delusional!  There are only four of them, so they may be in power this week, but if you think you can do better with them then you are sadly mistaken!  Shelli and Clay are in there and she is CRYING at the suggestion that she was plotting against The Twins. After all of the work we've done to build this, do you really think they would plot against The Twins at this point?  USE YOUR GUT, dude.

Austin:  **mumble mumble mumble***

Vanessa:  Look, they are trying to send someone home from our group!  Don't let it happen!  Don't let it happen!

(For the record, when I saw Austin in the HoH with James, I heard him complaining about Clay begging him for help. He certainly seems amenable to James, but there was no scheming or betrayal that I could see.)

You can see Vanessa was using a curling iron, which seems so old-fashioned to me.

Before the PoV Clay and Shelli rested. They know they are getting split up one way or another.  But they wanted to win that PoV. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good nap.

Julia was excited about hosting the PoV, and started getting ready hours ahead of time.  While she was doing her makeup using a camera window as a mirror, she suddenly screamed and said she saw a "purple dot-ah right in front of her face".  She said  it moved from side-to-side.

Then a few minutes later it happened again.

Julia, shreiking: Stop-ah that, beefcakes!  Stop-ah!

No one else saw it, or seemed very concerned, to be honest.  They thought it was funny though.

Clay and Shelli intertwined while they speak with Jackie, who wants them out, by the way. You'd think they'd try to tone it down so they could work on getting someone else who would go home nominated, but maybe that doesn't fit into the storyline right now.


Enjoy this moment from BB16, when Brittany Martinez had to kick 2,400 soccer goals within 24 hours, and ended up in crutches.

And that is the week Brittany was evicted, right before the Jury.   Will Shelli draw the reference?  Will Steve tell her?


  1. By the way, did you know James used to be a guard at Turbeville Correctional Institution, just a ways down the road from here in South Carolina. It's no wonder he doesn't back down and has the courage to stay with his, erm, convictions.

    1. He has stated that when he said he would not back down. "he has stared prisoners in their faces and won".
      I remember him saying that just after someone left after having a convo with him.

  2. Thank you very much and so right about what happened to Brittney, and she honored, and wanted to show she would be there for others. Will Shelli show the same integrity?

  3. Oh Ma Gawd Ah.. I know Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!? ( I hear them in my thoughts..Oh Mylanta! lol ) Thanks as always XooX


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